Sometimes, being a single girl is the best thing you can do for yourself. Priyanka Ganwani gives you five ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day.

Dinner, roses, chocolate, candy, cards and someone you love. It will be Valentine’s Day soon and clichés are everywhere. Instead of letting it get you down, we say get out and do something fun.

New Bees

singles partyPlan a ‘singles only’ party either at home or at a pub. Call as many of your friends and acquaintances. Ask them to bring along a single member of the opposite sex for someone else at the party.

Slap on your hottest (not sluttish) best, because your chances of hooking up with a hottie just doubled. Meeting new people, exchanging numbers and having fun was never so easy. Plus, if all works out well, you have a fun story to tell.

Caution: Stay away from talking about your ex, getting weepy or needy and loosen up instead. You never know what the night might bring your way, if you give it a chance.

Twisted tokens

gifts-for-gifts-shopThere is no denying that we love playing Secret Santa. Here’s an idea, try it out on the 14th of February too. Plan to meet a bunch of your single girlies for a drink, and pick a name. All the rules of Secret Santa apply. Make the gift giving interesting by announcing a bottle of wine as the prize for the wackiest gift of the night.

No reservations

old-recipe-bookChances are that your BFF may not be around on the day and you’d have to manage on your own this Valentine’s day. For all of you who are inspired by Nigella Lawson, your mum’s dusty old recipe book and the food channels, here the chance to cook up a storm for just ‘you’.

Pick a favourite recipe, or try something new, just remember you play judge and jury. Add a glass of wine and your favourite comedy (not romantic comedy) to sweeten the deal and we think it will be a day to remember.

PS: I love you

basket of chocolates by sweetdesignsEveryone can use a little love and admiration, so while you might now have that special someone to buy you stuff, we think it’s just opportunity knocking. Pick your favourite oldie from the locality, a teacher who made a difference to your life or even just an orphanage. Pack a basket full of chocolates, candy, crisps and small things they would like to have and take it to them.

If you really want to make it personal, add a hand-made greeting card and spend some time with them. Leave with a happy heart and tons of blessings in return.

Click happy

Photoshoot with your girlsFew other things are as fun as planning an ‘only single girls’ photo shoot with a fabulous theme. Bring out the clothes and make up and get inspired by your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood divas from the 70’s and 80’s? Pick your favourites and get ready to roll.

PS: If you can invite a cute single photographer, you just upped the oomph quotient considerably.

So, this 14th of February, just remind yourself that you are single and sexy and not missing out on anything. Break open that bottle of your favourite wine and break into your happy dance as you try any or most of these fun ideas with your besties.