Addicted to your phone, laptop, ipad and any other gadget that connects you to ‘ www’? Our writer, Siddharth Moghe, tells you where one could rest one's hindquarters for some good food with undisturbed Wi-Fi time

Before we “check-in” at restaurants, we read reviews online. We hang out with our social network while we wait to be served, and we “Instagram” our orders the minute we get it. All of this, while ALT-TAB-ing between the all-important presentation due post lunch, and checking out match scores to see who won. Click here, scan this, retweet that, “Like” us, and don’t forget to “Follow” before you swallow. In a nutshell, we consume more kilobytes in a second than kilocalories in a day. So does your favorite restaurant have Wi-Fi on the menu? If not, we tell you the cafes and restaurants you and your gadgets should be heading to.

1.    Mocha (Law Collage road & Koregaon Park )
Free Wi-Fi, but that’s all that’s free. It’s a tad bit expensive but make sure you try their hookahs and mochas.

2.    Cafe Peter Donuts -Aundh  | Free Wifi
Expensive when compared to MOD (mad over donuts), but for the ambiance and the ever so hospitable Koreans, this place is a favorite among expats and young alike. Besides the Wi-Fi is free.

3.    A Chocolate Affair - Dhole Patil Road | Free Wi-Fi
Known for its chocolate fondue, thirst quenching cold coffees and of course, the free Wi-Fi.

4.    Yolkshire - Karve Road
How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up or the Indian-style masala omlette? This egg specialty restaurant is a favourite breakfast joint for many Punekars. But pepper and salt is not the only thing added to your order of eggs. Enjoy some free Wi-Fi as well. After all Facebook is good company for breakfast.

5.    Cravings - Koregaon Park
a.    Enjoy some healthy and delicious flavours of frozen yoghurt by FroYo. You can even Google the best combinations before you choose your toppings because they offer free Wi-Fi.

6.    Linger On - Baner  
Known for its moussaka, delectable desserts and now also for the free Wi-Fi.

7.    11 East Street Cafe - Camp  
Famous for its shishas, the bar and the food; this café also offers free Wi-Fi to its patrons.

There you have it; all the places that believe in giving their customers that extra something. If you are on FC Road and need to use the internet in a life and death situation, you can try Barista. Wi-Fi is charged at approximately Rs 30 for 30 minutes. What’s on the menu? Well, the usual board full of coffees and teas as well as some sandwiches and wraps staring back at you from the counter. Otherwise head to the places we’ve listed and enjoy a few hours of login and hoggin’.