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> > > > Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori Manna

BallygungeSouth Kolkata    & IN 8 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 03324663941, 09836304332
  • 18/1 A, Hindustan Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata
  • Bengali

11 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Bhojohori Manna Reviews





Ekdum Bengali

I am from Mumbai visiting Kolkata. Even though I am a Bengali haven't eaten our Bengali cuisine everyday. So Bhojo Hari Manna came highly recommended.

I was not disappointed. The servers are well aware of their food. The managers make recommendations as well.

We ordered many things. One thing I liked about Kolkata was that most items came in small portions, perfect as you could order some more if felt like of the same thing without being overly priced.

We enjoyed the fish recommendations as well as the vegetarian dishes.

Loved the mishti doi and choice of sweets for the day. We went here twice and had a lot of fun eating.


Nice Bengali Food

Really one can enjoy the best Bengali food out here. I went to this ballygunge branch and I liked the place very much. Although the place is not very big but they have utilized the space in the right way. Service was also quit decent. We ordered hilsa and rice and it was just awesome. Rates are also reasonable. Looking forward to going back soon.


Decent Bong fare with scope for improvement

Went there with family for a Thursday dinner. Food was good, especially the Bhetki Paturi and Mutton Kobiraji. They should increase options of starters for the Veggies surely- we could only order stuffed potato at it was not up to the mark i must say. Pricing was decent and so was the ambiance until a group of unprofessional friends(seemingly on a office party) arrived and started being extremely loud in their conversations paying no heed to the privacy of those around them. I did expect the restaurant manager to intervene and tell them to maintain some decorum but it was not to happen. Nevertheless, the food is what might make this place worth a revisit. Overall an average experience.



Bengali delights

I'm not one who believed in eating Bengali food outside , that too after paying a hefty sum . But my stance got broken after I tasted the delightful cuisines on offer at bhojohori manna. Who would have thought that a simple thing called dal , would keep me drooling over it? Add to it , specialities like the bhetki fry, prawn in green coconut , chitol machh , and chicken dakbungalow. I've realised that I'd committed grave mistake in denying the calls of the place uphill now , and I look forward to going back soon!



Bong connection

The special "chitol macher peti" and "bhetki macher paturi" are the two main dishes for which I prefer to visit this food joint again and again.....located in a very convenient place and the price range is towards the higher end. ambiance is nice and a great place to celebrate your special Bengali days when you thrive for Bangali food but do not feel like going up to the kitchen.... :)


Happy! :)

Really nice bengali food, especially when you go out with family. Economical, yet satisfying food, good service - even elders were amazed. Chicken dakbangalow and Dab Chingri are must-eats. Ambience is ok, but dim lights can cause a bit of inconvenience.


Great food

I was there yesterday with a couple of collegues. wanting to bengali food , we landed at this place. Th ambeince is ok i would not say anything great

We ordered betki fry as the starter, it wa nicely flavoured crusted pieces of fish . after that we had the A puri kind of dish called luchi or someting and some dal.. That was also awesome .

Lastly we have the hilsa and rice it was awesome . need to start doing some serious reviewing ... but the place is awesome , must try


mazumdarb - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 24,2010


Good place for lunch/dinner/family party

A cozy place to dine; though small, but nice arrangements.
This is on Hindustan Road, opposite Mamata Shankars dance school. Problem is car parking, though valet service is available.
-Bhaskar Mazumdar


b2e4l - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 22,2010


Not worth the dough!!

You see the owner of this place had meant it for tollywood celebs, and thus, the place serves anything for any price, bad service is like a character of this place, sorshe ilish is more sour than sorshe, and the prices are obviously higher than the other joints/branches of course because it is for Celebs you see anyway, overall not better than the other branches even if it has some items only made for the 'celebs'.

My pick would be the saltlake one!!


Jai Baba Bhojohari

I had heard a lot about this restaurant from Hyderabad itself. I believe the original Topshe and Gautam Ghosh are among the owners of this place. Bhojohori has multiple restaurants in Kolkata and I was advised by a friend to visit the Hindustan Park outlet. And I was not disappointed.

The restaurant has a nice no-nonsense ambience. The menu is elaborate and the days special items are written on a white board. We tried out Tel Koi, Chingri Malaikari and Chicken Dak Bungalow. All of them tasted great. . Dessert was Aam doi, sweet curd with distinctive mango flavor.

Enjoyed the meal. Also ogled (sic!) at the next table, where guys were tasting luchi, chholar dal and begun bhaja etc. Pity one can only eat so little at each meal. Felt like tasting all the items there.

The total bill for two persons came to Rs 550. Pretty economical for a great meal.Will be back there when I visit Kolkata next.


Bhojo's up-market version at Gariahat

This Bhojohori is at Hindustan Road and not in Sarat Bose Road.

A ground floor residential apartment converted into a restaurant. Seating arrangement is much better than the Ekdalia joint. This one runs an attached kitchen. Food is usually good, with their flagship item like Mutton Dukbangla and Degama Saheber Kankra. Not to mention the usual choice of Illish, Pabda, Chingri (Golda & Bagda both), Chicken and Mutton.

Usually I also go for Sukto (though it's not like my Mom's recipe), Mocha'r ghonto and Jhinge Posto.

Since I went out of Kolkata for the last 5 years, I visit this place whenever I come back to the city.

Of late, I observed the service is getting poorer, and the most annoying thing is not showing courtesy and care to "non-bong" customers.

Last time, a non-bong family of three (Husband, wife and a kid) next to me ordered for Loochi, Daal and some torkari. They also ordered Borishali Illish. They wanted the Illish to be served along with the meal, but the Illish came at least after half an hour once they are finished their Loochi. May be the selection of menu was not right, but in that case they should be guided with Bengali menu.

Bhojohori, if they want to become trend setter need to improve in service.