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> > > > Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House

College StreetCentral Kolkata  


9 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Indian Coffee House Reviews






Indian Coffee House

Large wooden doors, a time-worn staircase opens into a big hall buzzing with voices in a haze of smoke - the Albert Hall, famously known as the Coffee House. Coffee House is located just opposite of the Presidency College on College Street. It’s crowded throughout the day & finding a place to sit will be a real challenge here. Now coming to the food ... I always went for Hot Coffee with Cream along with Chicken Sandwich or Tea with Onion Pakkora / Singara. You may also try Veg Cutlet but avoid Chicken Afghani, as it was just a Chicken Cutlet in tomato ketchup gravy. Chinese section was more horrible. Taste of the food will never satisfy you, but you are here not for the food, it’s the ambiance you are going to eat.


Culturally pleasing

The Indian Coffee House is a must visit to experience the "Adda" culture. The Intellectuals and "Not-So-Intellectuals" can always be found, any time of the day in a big circle engrossed in the famous "Adda" expressing themselves.

It retains its Originality & Character. However, do not expect great food or good coffee. It did not work at all for me. In fact the coffee was "horrid" and the food just about ok.

Having said that, go there for the Experience which certainly is amiss in the CCDs and the Baristas.



Coffee House and Adda!

The Rich culture, heritage and reputation marks your way as you head to the "top" of your emotions, through the faded lights of College Street, the ambiance that could enthrall you ANY DAY! The rich aroma of coffee and moglai as you enter the gigantic premises will relive the days of Old Calcutta when the congregation of famous peots used to make their way into the dim lighted elegance! Chat as much as you can, dream as much as you will and munch until you say "Waah Boss, mazaa aa gaya". In remembrance to our college days, Coffee house has made a permanent spot in our minds...what about you?



Could have been so much better

I could boast of this heritage Bengali intellectual hub, I could make huge statements about its legacy . But then , I wont be doing any sort of justice to this vintage place. The dirty corridors and the dull plates could easily make way for a much more sparkling appearance. Why they don't do it is beyond me , because the coffee house enjoys the patronage of so many of the famous college's students . I've often dined here with my friends and reflected upon the fact that this place could have become a spectacular free mixing zone , but without doing anything to renovate , they function everyday. A little bit more hygiene wouldn't have done them any harm, but that isn't happening anytime soon , or so it seems. The two floors are always choc-a-bloc with students , so , despite the many drawbacks , coffee house holds forte . Hope to see it become better.



Unmissable experience

The food is average (competent enough, and quite cheap, but nothing special), but the ambience is amazing, and unique, especially if you opt for the balcony seating, as we did. Be warned, though: This place is very popular, and the wait for a table can be long, no matter what time of day it is.


College Memories!!!

I love this Place. The coffee and the moghlai porotha is just lip smacking. Best place to hang out with frends.


great place

this is a great place of the best in india....evoles nostalgia of times when great intellects of kolkata used 2 gather and chicken sandwich are great combo...


Deirdrec - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 20,2009


and there's more....

The service here was less than great but that didn't matter. The buzz of people talking, debating, and arguing give this coffee house its ambience. The prices are cheap, the food is average but the experience is unique. Added bonus - you can smoke inside!!!


The living legend

I wonder why no one still posted a review on this place - the living legend of Kolkata. It's situated just behind college st. and very near to presidency college and Hindu school. It's basically a coffee shop that also offers some snacks. Food is ok. Ambiance and service is not up to the mark. If u compare it to the new shining food joints it will seem a dull place. But it's attraction lies else where...specially to the cultural people of Calcutta. It's a very old coffee shop and place for hang out which has been the time pass shelter for the creative people of Calcutta for periods of time. Many famous writers, painters, singers have spent time here. It's once called the creative hub or cultural junction of Calcutta.