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> > > > Kasturi Restaurant

Kasturi Restaurant

Park StreetCentral Kolkata  

  • 22523493, 9831026916, 9748906025
  • 7A, Mushtaque Ahmed Street, Park Street, Kolkata
  • Bengali
  • Meal for 2 - 350

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Kasturi Restaurant Reviews

kazima17 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 10,2013







The food is surprisingly good. In some dishes there is an overdose of ingredients but still commands a lot of appreciation. The ambiance is terrible. The waiters are always rushing and one has to hold them in order to get food.


Authentic Cusine of Bangladesh

if you are foodie and like Bengali food... this is the place. i have been to various fine dine restaurants of Bengali cuisine, but this seems leaving the others far behind. it has its own style...
if you are a hardcore vegetarian, please avoid this place. Also if you do not like fish, you better try something else. As a matter of fact, fish and Bengalis are in-separable.
The restaurant has own (unique for those who only likes to go fine-dines) style of service. All the items will be disposed in front of you. Now you need to select what you want. Just pick them and those stay in your table, others are moved out. Here you can actually see take decision on the item & quantity, which sometimes difficult. Service is excellent.
Coming to food… starting from vetki paturi (and this fish is marinated in traditional style pest made of poppy seed, mastered seed and coconut), Kachu Patar Chingri (prawns cooked in thick pest of mastered seed and finely chopped colocasia leaves), chuno macher chochhori, mocha, kanta chochhori you can move on to Pabda macher jhol, rui macher kalia, chitol peti, eilish sores, chingri malikari…. and finally desert like chatni, misti doi (sweet card) and payes (rice pudding).


tanmoy1911 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 15,2012


Bangladeshi bengali food

I visited this place only once however my frineds and colleagues visited at least couple of times. The main drawback here is cleanliness and they do not accept cards, all cash.
However the dishes are excellent if you are looking for authentic bengali foods. They prepare certain items on certain days. I visites couple of year back when I returned to India and it cost me 450 for two. Although I was uncomfortable with the ambience but it was compensated by food but only try veg items like Mocha, Kochu Saag and fishes. After coming down I deleted the ambience part from my mind and felt on top of the moon with stomack full with good authentic bengali or Bangal items.
I am rating this restaurant only on food



Not so vegetarian

Had a vegetarian dish there and found a fish bone from the dish. Disgusting. They seem to respect only serving not beef, but other animals they are happy to kill.


Wow !!!

If you a bengali foodie, then this is a must visit place for you.... The appearance or decor may not chic.... But the food is heavenly and cheap..... We recently had Kochu shaak with Chingri, Daal-Alubhaja, Bhetki Paturi, Chingri Malaicurry and Chitol Muithya... Just awsome... Go for it.... This place can be reached from Free School St....


East Bengal food joint

Kasturi does not feature in the same league as most other restaurants reviewed in burrp! The main reason is cleanliness. The tables are not clean and the overall hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.

I had been recommended this place as a place for authentic opar Bangla (Bangladesh style) food. Must say that the food tasted really great. They have a practice where they get choice of each course (like vegatable, fish items etc) to the table and you can choose from them. I found this interesting. We started with chingri with kochu shak and mochar ghonto with rice. Graduated to Chital peti (a type of very popular Bengali fish), Chingrir malaikari (Prawns cooked in coconut milk) and alu diye mangshor jhol (Mutton and potato curry).

I must say that the taste of most of the items were really great. I thought the mocha was not cleaned properly though. But what keeps on putting you off is the cleanliness.

It is quite economical - meal for two persons with all the items above came to Rs 450. The place has a rush of customers - lot of people are seen waiting for a place. One only wishes that the management does something about the hygiene.

PS: I was recommended to try Morag pulao here, as it is their signature dish. I could not accommodate it in my menu. Others visiting may try it.