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> > > > Kookie Jar

Kookie Jar

AliporeSouth Kolkata    & IN 4 MORE LOCATIONS


9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Kookie Jar Reviews

The Best Bakery in Town

Kookie Jar, as all knows is certainly the best cake shop in town. Its varieties, taste and quality is something that is a class apart. The chocolate eclairs are one of my personal favourites and is so light and fresh. Its brown bread sandwiches and chicken envelope are filling and taste best when served warm. The price has increased over the years but that does not stop its patrons to visit the shop now and then.



The Joyous Ride!

The Best of Confectioneries in town and the best of cakes to make your Sunday, a Fun day! Who cares of calories when you are exposed to a world of grace, with kids running around in joy, it's a NEW life altogether once into step into the store!



Come to me kookie

Ah the black forest , ah that red cherry , ah that chocolate chips ....everything about the place is just ah and ooh .... It's damn good. Anyone who hasn't yet tasted the flavours of kookie jar , is losing out on a treat ! Go there , fast , and despite the slight pocket pinch , you'd love whatever you are having !



What do I say about my favorite cake shop in this world. I have travelled to so many countries and cities in India, but nothing beats Kookie Jar. Its superly delicious and is comparatively less expensive than any other confectionery. My favorite is Chocolate Boat and Naugatine


Anuja27 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

August 17,2012


Too good

I love eating Kookie Jar's pastries and my favourite is lemon tart. Whenever I travel outstation I take a parcel of Kookie Jar goodies with me for friends and relatives.
When we have office parties we make sure that the pastries are from kookie jar.



Terrible experience for some average tea!

We had the worst experience here. Very rude behaviour. Basically a friend and I were there at 4:30 p.m. mid-week, for an hour, and were asked to leave (and told so very rudely) because we had only ordered 2 teas. The entire place was empty and yet, the guy (who looked like the chef) just asked us to get out. It was too horrible an experience for some average tea, available anywhere. If you're looking for a cafe nearby, I'd recommend the Barista in New Alipore, where the staff is super nice, and the tea/coffee better!


best pastries ever eaten

stunning pastries. laden with taste, inexpensive and cheap. crusty when needed, met when necessary. perfect. next time i go there, i'll name the innumerable items i ate when i raided kookie jar.
i'm feeling hungry just thinking of kj.


feedback on bangalorema's review

bangalorema , I read your review on the KJ experience. At one point I sympathize with your ordeal, at the other hand I find the whole situation so and so absurd. I hope you get your extra paid charges back asap and I hope KJ mgt., sees to that this 'decline-sham' bug is sorted once for all... for the decent paying folks.
Really absurd 'n' thx. for letting us know.



Same Great Kookie Jar Food with lots of attitude

This restaurant has all the great Kookie Jar food plus a dining area so its a great place to grab a bite or dine but I would caution people from using debit/credit cards here. For my daughters birthday cake when we payed by debit card the pesonnel claimed the card was declined but I recevied an SMS from the bank lettting me know the amount was withdrawn. No amount of speaking to the personnel helped. They were very rude and kept telling us it was not their problem and we need to speak to our bank to reverse the transaction. Despite getting bank statements showing the amount had been indeed paid to Kookie Jar the personnel continued to be very rude and nasty so much so that they other diners at the restaurant commented that it seemed like a scam to get more money else why were the personnel at the store so rude when all they needed to do was to check their accounts and get back to us if they have indeed been paid the money through the debit card. Finally being my daughters birthday we also paid by cash. As of today we have paid twice for the same cake. What was worse than losing this money was the bizarre behaviour by the shop personnel. If the owner of Kookie Jar reads this I would ask her to check her accounts at this store carefully I dont know how many more unsuspecting people these store personnel would have got to pay twice for products for before.