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> > > > Orko'ss Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Orko'ss Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Salt LakeEast Kolkata  

  • 03323584317, 03323584274, 03330990285
  • E-306 & 307, 3rd Floor,City Centre Mall,Block - DC ,Salt Lake, Kolkata
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 2000 Get minimum 15%* off on using Axis Bank Card

7 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Orko'ss Restaurant & Lounge Bar Reviews



nice experience almost every time.. music is mostly good except wen the dj is missing..! nd they treat you quite well which helps me visit the place again nd again.



being fooled by this restaurant

On the night of Panchami we went to Orkos at City Centre Saltlake(Kolkata)....they gave us the menu cards, we ordered our food. When we were done we asked for the bill,to our surprise we found they had changed the prices exorbitantly for most of the dishes we ordered except for one order. That too did not match the prices mentioned on the menu card!! When we queried about this,they said since we had asked them to suggest specials, they had given us "special puja dishes" which were all specially made by the head chef. However, there was nothing mentioned on the menu
card about Chef's Specials..neither did they mention this while we placed our order!! This made us feel bad and when one of us spoke out,they apologized for what they did and for compensation wanted to invite us for a so called buffet dinner!! big robbers!Do never visit this place,since there are many other good restaurants in Kolkata. If you do, decide to dine here be very careful.


Nice decor only.... (Awful food)

I visited Orko's 1st time with my office colleauges for team lunch and we went for a-la-carte the starters are very good, but they take toomuch time for preparing the food and when the main course come it is totally awfull it is hard to chew. At that time the ilisa festival is going on there so we order ilish biryani but there is no test of ilis in that biryani, we also order chicken and mutton item but those are hard to chew it feels like the wont cook the meats and present it with some decor only, the rice are also not cooked well.
We asked them for some vinager Onion but after asking again again more then 10 times the haven't provided it, we think the dont have it, but we see it is there.
So, I an not going there any more and not recomend to anyone to go there


Good food with a nice decor

I visited Orko's 1st time around 2 years ago and we went for a-la-carte that time and it was not that impressive. Anyways I went for a 2nd visit today with my colleauges for a team lunch. This time we opted for buffet. The spread was huge specially the main course. Starters consist soups, veg cutlet, stuffed aloo, chicken tandoori and 5/6 kinds of salads. Maincourse contains steamed rice/chicken biriyani, 1 items each for chicken, mutton and prawn. 4/5 kinds of veg items. Desserts section is somehow less impressive and consists of fruits, 1 mouse, 1 souplay, malpowa and ice-cream. Starters and the biriyani were very good where as rest items are okay types. The ambiance is nice as the decor is lavish and seats are very comfortable. Service is fine too. Overall it's not a competitor to BBQ Nation but surely a pleasant experience.


Radhika76 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 23,2009


Great Food & hospitality

wonderfull experience on my birthday, excellent food & hospitality by all team members. Best as of my choice. i suggest one try it out. all the best to all team members.


More for decor than for palate

The decor makes a bigger splash than the food. Best to stick to the beer and the kebabs.



Corporate dining space!

Orkos' treat u with splendid dishes....but its very very expensive and the quantity is too less....personally i did'nt find it that worthy.

Ya u get good food...good service...good interiors...but u get that in lots of places and they r better than Orkos'. Although its quite a hit among corporate people...u get corporate discounts too, but i would say that its not for college goin crowds at all and not even if u wanna give a party or treat to big group coz it would dig a big hole in ur pocket.