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Park StreetCentral Kolkata  

  • 22811313
  • Block D, 5th Floor, 22 Camac Street, Park Street, Kolkata
  • Chinese

6 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Shisha Reviews






Mentality of Management funny+confusing+illogical...!!

Out of EIGHT times we have gone there, SIX times we have been told "Private Party" going on, so no entry. Funny as well as Irritating. Last time was on Monday, 23rd June 2014, around 6:15 pm, just wanted to enjoy nice white wine and music with my friend from Singapore. The place was DEAD-EMPTY, they even noted down our names on the register but we were 'suddenly' told - "Private Party". Now getting a bit confused if actually private party goes on most days, or is it that it is a closed-entry members-only club?? Or is it that the manager screens each prospective guest before allowing to enter? But even if they do screen, what was wrong with us? We looked decent, wore good clothes, are refined and educated, could have run up a bill of about Rs 6000 for the two of us having wine and food. The only thing we could not do was bring up and show our Mercedes S Class at their door on Fifth Floor -- practically not possible. It was parked in the basement parking. I did not feel like asking or reasoning that day, and we just walked down to the car and drove to ITC Sonar Bangla, where we had a nice time amongst HOSPITABLE PEOPLE!! SIX out of EIGHT times have had to come back from Shisha without entering, remember that. One suggestion: Even if you do allow private parties, why not just reserve a limited area for that and allow walk in customers also since they have also made an effort and come all the way!?! Have read some very bad comments on Shisha on sites like Burrp and Zomato on similar lines.



Shitty Shisha

I'm not a Hater, but this club has made me one.

I used to be the most regular client of shisha, but the moment I realized its a place for peep with no self respect, I stopped. This place is the shittest club in Calcutta. The staff here has no courtesy, what so ever. It is most popular to generate the worst pedigree of F&B manager who mistake themselves with 'Z' class security guard.

The have no respect or the sense of judgment for a client what so ever.

The alcohol served here is fake. Food is ok. Service is poor. They overcharge you every now and then.

If you really wanna spend your money to enjoy and not beg, look for a different place.



Fun Filled

Everytime I need to party I head towards Shisha. There are other choices too but my experinece with shisha has always been great and hence I keep coming back.
The cover charge for a couple is Rs.1000 on normal days, but you usually spend all the amount if spending a long time.
This is amonst the very few places in the city where you always have a packed house whenver you party. The music is great and also plays requests from the dance floor.
Thes a separate smoking room which also is huge. The best part is the open terrace whe they setve hookah. If the weather is pleasant, you will love it.
The entire lounge/disc is huge, even then there's always a crunch for space, which very well tells you how popular this place is.


Abhirup10 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 20,2010



I have always been apprehensive of the obnoxious attitude of lounges and pubs in Kolkata, especially after the life I have lived in Mumbai and having partied in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and even Chennai. Shisha takes the ridiculous to a different level. Yesterday night I went to Shisha Reincarnated with my good friend whom I was meeting after months. We both had a long day and went to Ivory for dinner and thought of checking out Shisha after that. It was Tuesday and it was 10 pm.

The first response: “Stags not allowed”. Expected from almost all Kolkata pubs except maybe Oly Pub. We asked, politely, if there is any day, barring Tuesdays, when stags are allowed, knowing the answer all to well. The reply: a curt nod of the head. In the meantime, I notice two bouncers, arms crossed, measuring us up and beginning to flank us as if sensing trouble. I can sense myself losing the temper, but I bear and we ask the acceptable gender mix if we do come in a group, as to whether a skewered ratio of boys to girls is acceptable. The manager looks at a loss. Probably he didn't understand English. I was about to rephrase in Bengali or Hindi, at which moment one of the bouncers answer "Only members allowed". I really did not imagine I’d have to have a conversation with a bouncer, but sensing an opportunity I asked, "Ok how do I become a member?” Bouncer 1 looks at Bouncer 2, who chews his lips for a while and says:
"Come between 6-9 for a year, then you can be member and then we will allow". I didn’t know whether to laugh at the policy or the man, but I laughed ‘cause I’d just heard the wackiest entry policy in my whole life. It was funny, it was original and it was the most nonsensical piece of bullshit, even by bouncer standards, that I have ever heard in my life. It was better than some of the legendary engineering viva answers I’ve heard over the ages. Fortunately for them, we were not the punks they’d thought us to be. We were two tired working professionals, from two reputed organizations, from the same reputed educational institutes. We were two happy friends meeting after a long time. We were two happy dudes who had a good dinner. We were two people who could afford the best in the city of Kolkata, even on the 20th of the month, without thinking twice. We left and went to Big Ben and had a fantastic time.

In hindsight, I don’t really wish to remember such an intelligent conversation with three illiterate individuals, employed by equally illiterate people at the helm of a lounge, who think they cater to Hollywood stars. I feel sad that such people are running a successful “hospitality” business in a city like Kolkata. What happened yesterday was a glaring example of what happens when the wrong people have the wrong perception of a customer. "Baap ka paisa" rules in the standalone pubs in this city, but not money earned by a working professional. That’s the major difference from Mumbai. The city doesn’t realize that it has a long way to go before it achieves a respectable nightlife. Nightlife is not necessarily defined by a liquor license till 3 am. Someone please note this. The reason, probably, could be the lack of quality places in the city, which is why the few that are there can afford to be snooty. But tell me then, whom, for the love of God, are you catering to?

Dear sir/madam, whoever is in charge of Shisha, please don’t be in the hospitality business if you cannot recognize a customer.


Good music

I'm American and was on holiday in India Dec 07 through Jan 08 and visited Shisha a couple of times. The first time (3AM on a Friday morning - we couldn't get in... I don't blame them). However when we tried again a few days later we went a little earlier and found it not a problem to get in.

I recommend Shisha for its music. It's a good mix of house, hip-hop, and bollywood. The crowd is young and there's quite a bit of smoke. I found myself actually craving the smoke-free atmosphere of US clubs when in India... I guess it's still cool to be a smoker here...?



Restricted place

I went here once. good place. they told me only couples allowed after 8:30. i sat there wid my friend till 9:30. Only 2 tables were filled up, all stags. Now only couples are allowed here on wednesday's, friday's n saturday's. so never got a chance to peek in again. what can i say...... a lounge with THE DIFFERENCE.