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> > > > Someplace Else, The Park

Someplace Else, The Park

Park StreetCentral Kolkata  

  • 03340049000
  • Lower Ground Level, The Park, 17 , Park Street, Kolkata
  • Indian, Mughlai

5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Someplace Else, The Park Reviews

Still the best in town

My votes for the best pub in Kolkata. Nice place to hang out on Saturday nights with your buddies, especially if you like live rock alternative music. Hip Pocket, Crosswinds etc play regularly here. And after the band packs up and leaves you could always hop to Roxy or Tantra next door.


Pubbing at it's best

You're in Calcutta, you love Rock & Roll...Someplace Else is the place to be!
SPE is a Victorian style pub, which I would say is crammed and short of seating space but who cares when the best of the bands in the town are playing for you.
Each day, a different band plays and you get to listen to a whole array of music genres. On weekends gigs last well past 2 in the morning.
Booze is priced a bit on the higher side, but that'??s fine if you take in consideration the experience as a whole.
Go, bang your head m/



Seven years and counting...

One of the most respected pubs/lounges in Kolkata, this place boasts of live music and has been the breeding ground for bands like Skinney Alley, Span, Hip Pocket, Cassini's Division and Krosswindz. Crowds come in to drink a glass or two, and tap their feet to the music. The DJ is a lovely fellow, so is the bartender, and they welcome you to the fold.

A fantastic place to be acquainted with good music and booze.


No place else

I had heard so much about this place that it was time I paid it a overdue visit. Went on a Tuesday night not expecting much. After all, it was a weekday! But how wrong was I !! The place was packed with ardent music lovers who would travel miles for some great live music.

And thats exactly what I got! The band started at 10.30 and the place just burst with life! The music was excellent..the ambiance didn't give me a chance to complain and since I was alone..a friendly bartender made sure I was not bothered by single men. The alcohol is moderately charged and since the crowd was well behaved..and yes..I did go back the next day and the day after that as well! Now I don't need to mention that they play live music everyday of the week. I can very proudly proclaim that Someplace else is officially my favorite place is Kolkatta.



The loudest Kolkata can be....

Its a nice cozy place, very loud though. Live Bands changing everyday. In short its a great place short of space though so if u wanna spend a lot of time here come early.