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> > > > Veda Restaurant

Veda Restaurant

Park StreetCentral Kolkata  

  • 03322299999
  • 57-A, Park Street Mansion, Park Street, Kolkata
  • Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

2 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Veda Restaurant Reviews






Not Worth a second try...

Just back from a lunch here with my best friends! It's a tradition we follow every year on the 31st. Though Veda has been around for quite some time we hadn't got around to visiting it...
So I walked in at 1 pm, expecting it to be crowded and preparing myself to wait in line (as is the case in all Park Street outlets on the 31st), but surprisingly it wasn't! We would come to know a little later why…
So, I loved the décor, kind of looked rich and mysterious... The glass mirrors were too much though, and if they were a bit spaced out they would have added to the look, but they were just looking sore. The tables were beautiful and the seating just perfectly comfortable. As it was empty barring 1 occupied table, I looked around and seated myself comfortably, waiting for my friends…
The trouble starts here, my friend called me to enquire if there was a valet service available, so I asked the waiter in front of me, he looked a bit dazed, and I had to repeat my question whereupon he replied, “I’ll ask and get back to you Maám’’, so I said please do so immediately, when another waiter came along and told me confidently that, “We do have valet service Maám”, and I confirmed the same to my friend.
They got some lovely roasted papad with green chutney. I ordered for a Veg Kurkuri which was basically deep fired rumali roti with chili cheese stuffing. The dish came along with a chili cream cheese sauce. The fry was nice and crispy, not too oily but the dip did not go with it at all.
By the time my friends came I asked them to go down for the valet and they give me a shock saying we DON’T have Valet service!! Can you imagine?! Then they said we have parking behind the building so I asked one of them to go down and guide my friend and again I got a blank look from them. Finally, not trusting them I followed them down to find the waiter standing and chatting to the guard! Now on a crowded Park Street my poor friend was sitting inside her car all lost, so I had to personally guide her, so that she could reverse and enter the parking…
So, you can imagine by the time I went up, my mood was quite sour, and to add to my woes the starter had gone cold!! So 2 thumbs down for that episode.
Next we ordered the Mahi Machhi Tikka, this was good, not great but the fish was soft and definitely fresh. Surprisingly there were no accompaniments like chutneys or salad served along with it. The 2 main course items were Paneer Lababdar and Murg Makhanwala both of which were absolutely average to the tune of boring. The lachha paratha, pudina paratha and rumali roti were also as they usually are.
So here’s what my verdict is… Rohit Bal is a great designer and the décor speaks volumes but the food a strict no – no!! The menu is small and unimaginative. The 6 or 7 fusion foods were unavailable, the price too high, the company priceless!
Definitely not worth a second try…



Truly Amazing

Finally, Rohit Bal's signature restaurant opens its gates in the heart of city, on Park Street. There is no valet or a separate parking space. That's one of the biggest disadvantages Veda holds as of now. If you are lucky enough then you will get a parking space around the restaurant.

You push open the glass doors and walk into a dimly lit reception area where you are asked if you would like to sit in the restaurant or the lounge. I chose to check out the lounge. Another door flung open in front of me and I was led into a high ceiling room. Black metal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the black leather seats and the rustic mirror frames against purple walls give a Victorian feel the place.

We went through the menu. They have a separate menu for the Veda lounge. We called for rasna kiwi shisha and something to drink. Unfortunately, they haven't received the liquor license as yet. So, we had to stick to mocktails. I called for virgin Pinacolada and my friend called for 'Come to me'. The shisha came in a silver metal cone and was put in the shisha stand. I give 5stars for the way shisha was presented. At present, Veda charges the maximum for shisha. But, I say, for that kind of ambience and presentation, Rs700-800 for shisha is worth it. Our drinks were served. 'Come to me' was a mocktail of white aerated drink, kiwi, lemon and ginger. And, it tasted yummmm!! I loved my Pina Colada. It was simply delicious.

After going through the menu, we called for corn cakes, hare bhare kebab, paneer tikka, bruschetta and nachos. Long, crispy nachos with olives and cheese on them were served in mini silver bucket with salsa dip on the side. The nachos tasted excellent. Hare bhare kebab and paneer tikka were served with green chutney, potato wedges and a mixed vegetable salad tossed in balsamic dressing. The kebabs were soft and just melted in the mouth and the paneer couldn't have been better. What I loved the most was the veg bruschetta.

I will say, every penny spent was worth it. I'm looking forward to dining at the restaurant next time.