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> > > 11 Echoes

11 Echoes


  • 26177524, 26177525
  • Juhu Tara Road, Next to Mocha, Juhu Beach, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
  • European

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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11 Echoes Reviews

sammy2008 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 11,2008


pretty good

not bad...nice food, friendly breeze. btw, management told me, same place 11 echoes, just renamed the lounge



Has Closed Down

11 Echoes no longer exists! And its absolutely no wonder. Hope the new Italian joint in its place does better!


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

July 19,2007


Not da place to unwind with a drink

The space is separated in three areas with a small dance floor and dining area on the ground floor and another dining on the first floor. Since it's right on the beach, expected a good view but you have to lean over to really see anything.

Ambience and seating is strictly OK. Could have been much better with the location they have. The music is from a totally different decade so definitely not the place to party.

Spent around Rs 1000 per person for about 3 drinks and a couple of appetizers. The drinks had with no consistency and badly made. I ordered two mojitos and both were very different one being much stronger. The waiters were also quite uninformed about the drinks available.

Had taken some friends who had come down and was very disappointed. On the whole this place can be given a miss.


raxter1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 22,2006


11 echoes - tad overpriced!

With a fancy name like 11 Echoes, my mind conjured up images of a restaurant with mystique, dining under stars, overlooking a valley ( that's a bit exaggerated). Be prepared for nothing of that sort when you actually hit the place. Located just off Juhu beach, bang opposite Ramada Palm Grove, it has nothing of a beach view worth mentioning. Unless you are prepared to lean precariously over the edge of the terrace. We sat upstairs on the terrace at a table overlooking the beach, as the hostess most graciously pointed out to us. What we really ended up viewing were the Bhelpuri & Pani Puri stalls, obscured by some trees(thank god for that). The options were either this or sitting across for a lovely view of the Palm Grove and the rather statesque looking statue of Shivaji with a cannon. The decor is nothing to write about. Stained glass lampshades and candleabra's on tables. No table cloths, only runners. Cheap sandstone flooring. A ghastly looking, off white side-station, streaked and chipped, completes the picture. No music, either live or piped. Waiters uniforms are a bit grubby and toilets could be better maintained. It could be transformed into a lovely deck like platform complete with wooden flooring and some nice shimmery curtains with clever lighting. The faux flowers at the landing leading to the first floor is especially gross and in bad taste. The service is good, efficient (a bit too much for my taste. You will see why) and quick and the two hours that we spent there, we were pretty much left to our own devices.

The menu does offer a substantial selection of continental and asian cuisine. I noticed far too many typos though. (Its lentil soup and not Lenthil soup, Chef Jude). A bit of a turn off for me as it emphasizes lack of detail. The wine selection is rather small for the kind of establishment. We decided to order a Risotto Fruits de la Mer (mix seafood) and a Smoked Chicken Risotto. When the waiter heard of this, he appeared shell shocked (unintentional pun there). Very solemnly he advised us not to order the seafood risotto, as in his informed opinion 'it sucked'!! Well...Well...what do you know? Informed review straight from the horse's mouth. When we asked him to suggest another risotto, he very disapprovingly shook his head and suggested some Singapore Laska (spaghetti with mix seafood on a coconut curry based gravy) as two risotto's on one table is 'quite simply a waste of money'. We decided to trust his instincts and give in. We were not disappointed in the least. The smoked chicken risotto had just the right consistency and the Laska was very good. Although I would have preferred a little bit extra seasoning atleast on the spaghetti. NO complaints about the food. Its the ambience, which was a problem for me. Two glasses of Indian white wine and two main courses set me back by Rs 1500 including tips and VAT). Clearly VFM is at a low here.

In short, the kind of place to get that foreign client in, but not the spouse/partner. The waiter does a swell job of suggesting what's good on the menu, though I am unsure whether he will be a strong contender for 'Employee of the Month'.