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5 The Restaurant

Santacruz WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02226000367, 02266939919
  • 25/D, Willingdon Catholic Colony, Santacruz West, Mumbai
  • Continental, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

44 Reviews / 44 Ratings

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5 The Restaurant Reviews





Surprised and delighted!

Quite unsuspecting this place is from the outdoors.. we instantly liked the peaceful, candle-lit ambience here. The music was nice and so was the courteous and prompt staff.
Since we were vegetarian for the day, our options seemed limited, but we were delighted by the end of it, nonetheless.
The grilled cottage cheese and assorted greens salad with mildl lime vinaigrette dressing just seemed very light, yet delicious. For the main course, we opted for the sundried tomato and olive agnolotti, which was yummy. It was accompanied by an assorted bread basket with hummus and garlic butter and we loved it.
The illy cappuccino was strong and flavourful.

Overall, a lovely experience. Will visit next time to try their non-vegetarian fare.







Soo close to home but explored only now

Its a small nice place settled on S.V.Rd on santacruz. My husband planned a surprise for me here and i walked in reluctantly but im glad i did. The place was cosy yet packed and clearly with a lot of repeat customers. We started off with gnochhi and on insistence of the attendant tried the virgin mango caprioska and kiwi sorbet. It was mind boggling and something i haven't tried elsewhere. For main course, we tried the canneloni and it was out of the world. I am a fan of this place and will be a repeat face soon.






Not quite a high-5

A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result.

It was just the evening before while browsing Zomato that I stumbled upon a review of 5 that said it was one of the quietest dining establishments in Mumbai. Now I have been wanting to go to 5 for the longest time ever (believe me, I mean that) but since 5 struck me as a bit of a date night place I never really got around to visiting it (please don’t brand me as unromantic). Maybe I’m older and more foolish now, but something about all the reviews made me get around to actually visiting it yesterday evening.

You know what they say about never meeting your childhood heroes? Yeah, about that…

All pretensions of quietness were blown out the window the moment we stepped in as a gaggle of women were having their kitty party at the restaurant. The noise was inescapable and it really was very off-putting. I know fully well that I can’t hold that against 5 (and trust me, I don’t) but you have to admit it does take the edge off the beauty of a romantic evening, doesn’t it? Gritting my teeth and sitting through the insufferable noise levels, we mulled over the rather extensive menu and I decided to have the Blueberry Sorbet while the lady plumped for the Cranberry and Kiwi Daiquiri. We hailed the nearest staff we saw and started to rattle off our order only to be told that sorbet was not available, which was disappointing to hear since it sounded quite nice. I went for a lemon iced tea instead while the wife stuck with her daiquiri. For the main course I decided on the Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Chicken while the wife zeroed in on the Marinara.

Throughout this, the constant cackling of the kitty cats had not abated, although I could swear I heard crickets when I was told that the sorbet was not available. A bread basket was brought out to us with what seemed like some hummus and garlic butter, and it’s a good thing I took to the hummus while the wife quite liked the better, so we each got to dig into something the other didn’t like. It seems to be true when they say that opposites attract each other, and it’s a damn good thing to have when it comes to food choices!

Now mind you the table of women, loud as they were, got louder still when the time came to pay for the bill. Upon surreptitiously eavesdropping (don’t look at me like that, we all do it sometimes), I figured out that one of the women ordered a raw salad unbeknownst to her, which she claimed was “disgusting”. The remonstrations just didn’t stop despite the poor waiter or his manager explaining that they said it was a raw salad at the time of taking the order. Ironically, it seemed that their explanations were drowned out in the sea of noise the women produced. To make matters worse, the manager got them their bill in seconds, almost as if he wanted them out ASAP and this offended the bunch of banshees even more! They were even asked to pipe down at one point but were scoffed at since that was never going to happen. Such courtesy, it brings a tear to my eye.

You can imagine the schadenfreude I felt since it was glaringly obvious that the manager too wanted them out pronto. Unfortunately, our food did not come as quickly, and after a 45-50 minute wait, over which I grew increasingly hungry and irksome, we simply asked the staff to please hurry up lest I start chewing on the arm of the next staff that passes me by. The wifey soothed me and reminded me that cannibalism was not becoming of me, and I tended to agree with her. Luckily, our food came in the next 5-10 minutes and it was well worth the wait. My Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Chicken was simply superb, 4 pieces of chicken grilled to perfection. It was crisp on the outside, succulent and juicy on the inside and the stuffing too was delectable, all topped off by the slight juice it came served in. I only wish there were slightly more for me to have, but that’s possibly because my appetite had gone from reasonable to ravenous in the time it took to get my meal to me. Two thumbs up from me for the Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Chicken, it was superb.

The wife’s Marinara was as it normally is, a mess of Penne, seafood and tomato sauce that I cannot fathom why she loves more than life itself. It was as per usual and without fault. That is not the same as I can say for the drinks though. I discovered yesterday, to my alarm, that there is such a thing as sickly sweet iced tea. Perhaps in a rush, the bartender had poured in more of the lemon concentrate then required and the flavor was a few touches too strong for my liking. The wife’s Kiwi Cranberry Daiquiri too was too characterless, with the Cranberry only notable by its almost complete absence. What a disappointment. I’m sure the sorbet would have been so much better.

The quintessential question then; would I revisit 5? Yes, I would although I would be wary on two counts. First of all, I’d call ahead and check if there are any kitty cats prowling around the premises and raising the roof, for in such a small place even a small group raising a racket cannot be avoided. Second of all, the service was abysmally slow, which the manager put down to a lot of the staff being on leave. True as that might be, it served as a bit of a blot on my experience and I’d be hard pressed to recommend it to most of my friends unless they want to visit a place they might not have visited before. With so many rival restaurants offering a similar experience with quicker service levels than I experienced, 5 becomes a hard sell to make although it is not without its merits. Hopefully your experience is quieter and quicker than mine!








I Love This Place

I have been going to 5 for four years, and only once did I find something off (my cannelloni was over-seasoned). The food, in general, is fantastic. The waiters are friendly and thoughtful. The ambience is positively rustic Italian. And this is the only restaurant I've been to in Bombay which is QUIET. Unless you've been unfortunate enough to go on the same night as a large party. If you want a relaxing evening, with great food, good wine and dessert to die for, this is your place.







Great Place...a MUST TRY!!!

Having passed by this restaurant a couple of times, my best friend & I decided to try it one evening for dinner. We had not read any reviews & had not gone there with any preconceived notions, with regards to the primary aspects that define a restaurant; the food & beverages, service & ambiance. Once we entered we were transported to a different place, a place that only one can find in those small towns in Europe.

The ambiance is clean; when I say clean I mean minimal fancy decorations, just a few well selected pictures on the walls, the music is soft & soothing to the ears, acoustically the restaurant no matter how full does not get noisy & one can enjoy a conversation & a meal in peace.

To say the service is excellent; is an understatement! The waiter was very prompt & extremely helpful, catering to all our various verifications required in my Grilled Chicken & my friends Fish. He followed the service sequence to the tooth & did not any any moment falter or fumble in any of his actions nor did he raise an eyebrow in doubt for any questions we had.

The food, ahh the food is the piece de resistance of the place! First the warm bread they bought out, freshly baked & tender, just slather some butter on it & you are one happy camper! The chicken starter we had was succulent & perfectly cooked, & out customized main courses were simply delicious! We are not dessert people but the desserts on the opposite table were tempting!

To sum it up, its a great place, quaint & inconspicuous but they let their food & service do the talking for them!!!


Simply the best food this side of the city

A decent wine selection (although they were out of both the Australian and the Argentinian wine when I visited), the first place I ever saw wine cocktails which were surprisingly refreshing and a mood setter, and very simply one of the best places to go if you are in the mood for some food for the soul.

The ambiance is elegant, light, welcoming and quiet. The bread basket is is full of different flavours and definitely one to remember. The main courses were well cooked, full of flavour yet subtle and full of surprise. A must must try if you are anywhere near the area.


rohix - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 02,2013


nice food

Looking for a fine dine delicious Italian restaurant...then 5 is the best choice you could make....My must try on the list are mouth watering risotto which is a perfect balance of cheese and tomatoes and few veggies in it definitely delight your mood.. yum yum yum. Grilled chicken and herb is not just a salad on the menu but the lime vinegerrate dressing trickles your senses...Hunters Chicken?? Pls try it out with their specialty on Sangrias


A little gem tucked away in Santacruz

5 is truly a getaway! It scores excellent on each parameter. Beautiful candle lit ambiance, warm and prompt service and delicious food and wine. Inspite of turning up on 31st December without a reservation, they were kind enough to offer us a table for a limited time. They are eager to please; even if it means making something off the menu to fulfill your wishes. Perfect for dinner with a loved one. Do try the Baileys flan. Perfect end to a scrumptious dinner.
P.S: They have 'Date Nights on Thu' which is a set menu with live band (1350 for a couple). Would love to try it soon!


A S - Burrp User


49 Reviews

December 22,2012


Small is beautiful !

Let me quickly summarise :

Ambience: rustic white walls, dark in the night and shady calm in day time. Quite candle light dinner type romantic set up. Very small restaurant but quite well done up.

Service : Pretty good. Some senior staff understand the menu pretty well.

Food: out of the world. As good as it gets and better than many five star restaurant food. It's for the cheese lovers. We tried baked stuffed potatoes for starters, Tortellini
Ie Ratatouille with tortellini pasta and some rice flavoured with carrots and mushroom. awesome food and every dish was good.

Must try


spark17 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

December 19,2012


Bon Appetite

Looking for a fine dine delicious Italian restaurant...then 5 is the best choice you could make....My must try on the list are mouth watering risotto which is a perfect balance of cheese and tomatoes and few veggies in it definitely delight your mood.. yum yum yum. Grilled chicken and herb is not just a salad on the menu but the lime vinegerrate dressing trickles your senses...Hunters Chicken?? Pls try it out with their specialty on Sangrias




food 10/10 service 10/10 ambience 9/10 ..ive been here a few times!

one of THE best restaurants in mumbai! a must visit for any foodie!


Quaint place, nice food

Small facade and one may tend to miss this place unless you are specifically looking for it. Has a very warm and homely interior, would feel like you are having dinner in your living room, with a setting in warm, soft colours and a european coffee machine at one end and the kitchen at the other end of one long room.
The food here is quite good. The menu is fairly limited though. Its not a place for someone looking primarily for a variety of alcohol, as they serve only wine and wine based cocktails. The Kiwi sorbet (Kiwi with white wine) is a must-have! The food is majorly an italian spread. We were there recently and tried out a hazelnut creme-brulee that was a good but could have been better.
Good place for a nice quiet dinner in the midst of warm, home-like suroundings.


5/5 for food!!

Apart from the ordinary exteriors there is nothing ordinary about this restaurant. Serves one of the Tastiest food in Mumbai and the Menu is quite well chosen. I had
- Prawns wraped in Bacon, quite a brilliant fusion of tastes. Though prawns were not very fresh(personal observation)
- Beef Cake, it is more like a quiche and has a subtle taste to it.
- Pork Chops, had an Indian flavor to it, the mashed potato served with it was quite tasteful.
All in all it is a must try for all the hard core foodies.



Cozy Place & Good Food

Walked in on a weekday for lunch at 2pm. There were no other customers. They have outdoor and indoor seating. Its small but comfortable place. Service was quick. The bread basket was actually good stuff.
Food was good both in taste and portion size for what I am used to. Unfortunately they had only one type of coffee out of 6-7 on their menu .


Suprita  - Burrp User


52 Reviews

January 05,2012


Cute, cozy little place

5 The Restaurant happens to be a blink n miss kind of a place but you've really missed a lot if you havn't been here.
It was recommended to me by some of my friends and I decided to give it a try; and I kinda thank them for this recommendation ever since!

Food is superb. They serve you a bread basket at the start of the meal which has an assorment of breads and I have always liked all of them alongwith the different types of dips and butter/mayonnaise. Try their jalapeno poppers, Pasta Mamaroza and the Tomato-Potato cream soup which is out of this world! I just wanted to lick the soup bowl after I finished it :-P

Ambiance is very cozy and cute! Ideal for a special occasion or simply to have a good and relaxed time with you friends over a wonderful meal.

Service is great and very prompt so no complaints there. They try to make you comfortable enough by not lingering around too much.

I would recommend this place to all of you out there to go and have a good time at 5 The Restaurant just the way I did with my friends!

Food:- 5/5
Ambiance:- 5/5
Service:- 5/5
Pricing:- 4/5



One of the best kept secrets in Bombay suburbs

This place is truly amazing. I'v been to this cozy little bistro type restaurant several times over the years, and not a single time have i been disappointed. The food has always been excellent, the ambience perfect for a quiet, romantic dinner and the service is prompt. If you're not sure what you want to order, just ask the stewards, they'll usually do a good job of recommending you the right stuff.


Force fed

So we went to 5, thinking that we'd have a nice cosy Friday dinner. But it wasn't to be as happy as we'd expected to be. First of all, the place does not serve any alcohol other than wine. While this was a little disappointing, I can't hold this one fact against them, so I won't dwell on it.

But then we were "welcomed" by the menace of a waiter who just wouldn't let us order what we wanted!!!!! "Wasabi prawns and cajun chicken" is all he wanted everyone in the restaurant to have!! Eventually, we did try them both, thanks to his insistence. The chicken was pathetic, with absolutely no flavour. And both dishes had 6 (SIX!!!!! JUST SIX!!!!) pieces in the same stupid long serving plate.

But wait, that's not even my main bone of contention. I wanted, and thus ordered, a sula shiraz. Mr. Ram Naik (now u know the name, ask for him if u dare to go there), our beloved waiter insisted I go for the rasa shiraz. Now I know my wine a wee bit, and I do know that the difference in the taste of a sula shiraz (dindori variety) and a rasa is not worth an extra 100 bucks. But no, "sula is like rasa, rasa is like sula. They are both the same" is what I got to hear over and over again, even though both were listed in the menu separately. Eventually, I had to sternly ask for the "2nd last red wine in ur wine list" to get him to shut up and get me my sula shiraz. When my wine arrived in the hands of the serving waiter, he announced my drink as the rasa. When I told him that I had ordered the sula, he immediately said, "yes mam, yes, sula shiraz". I had my doubts about the wine, but I didn't make a big fuss about it, until the bill arrived with rasa printed on it.

We were both irritated with not only the thorough, and unasked for, insistence of Mr. Ram Naik in the food that we ordered, but also this unacceptable serving of items that we specifically had asked him not to get (the wine, in this case). When we contested, he got somebody else to talk to us, who insisted we pay for the rasa since we'd consumed it. We actually stood up and were ready to leave the place without paying, at which point, he changed our bill for us.

We left with a taste of absolutely average food and exceptionally bad service.


A perfect wedding Anniversary

I had been looking for a nice and quiet place to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary. I also wanted something moderately priced. well that's when came to my rescue and after a long list of restaurants I found 5. Reviews suggested that it's a nice place but I was a little skeptical. Still I booked a table.

As I saw the restaurant from outside I didn't know it could be so beautiful and cosy. The interiors are very tastefully done, small candles on each table set the perfect mood for a romantic eve, music is soothing and does not interrupt your conversation. and though it's on SV road it's pretty quiet inside. So full marks for the ambiance.

The food takes 10 on 10 as well. They had the best of Indian wines. For starters chicken Cajun is highly recommended. Their jalapeno and chicken kabab recipe is also unique. The bread basket they serve with wine along with several cheese dips was mindblowing. My husband is really fond of grills and wine and it went just perfect.
The most important thing what i think while eating is the presentation and they have scored in that area as well.

So 5 the restaurant takes full marks for everything. Beautiful ambiance, tasteful interiors, good wine, good food. Just go there once and experience it for yourself. as for me i'm surely gonna visit it again.


A Big Dissapointment

Read the reviews, was really looking forward to visiting the place, Good Ambiance, Good Staff, But the Food a serious turn off, Who calls this VFM, must have only visited five star places, The portions sizes are so miniscule, It makes TGI Friday seem VFM, Better go to Yoko and have portions of twice the size for the same price.

Ordered and Ice Tea and a Mocktail (Blueberry something) really nice. Ordered 1 starter and one salad, as we wanted to try and then place orders. The oven roasted chicken was boiled and then put on the charcoal for sometime to give it the look, Very Shettyish, Turn off, Ceasers Salad - Qty was so less, even the chicken cocktail in Yoko's is more filling and substantial. The salad tasted good. but got over before we could get started. The Bread basket was very nice.

We moved straight to Main course, ordered 3 for the 4 of us. Both the chicken main course were good in taste, the veggies were uncooked, and the quantities for this price is unacceptable, The Flame grilled Rawas was barely passable,Try similar dishes at Red Box Cafe, TGI Fridays, Sammy Sosa, They will all seem VFM, which normally they don't.

The waiter who took our orders did ask me about the food, and I mentioned the boiled chicken starter to him, He said he will check and come back, but never did, there seemed to be a Manager or Owner, but he was only concerned about the main door, which the guest left open all the time.

We stopped our meal abruptly and left, Will certainly not go back. I prefer the Buffet at Grillopolis much better, Really Value ,and the owner is really concerned about the guest.

We completed our meal with Sheekh Kabab and Baida Roti, just outside the Hotel, right next to their entrance, far better.

I hope they change for the better, Everyone is not looking only for ambiance alone, people do come to a restaurant to eat. Damages about 1900 for an incomplete meal.

Highly overpriced, Questionable quality.


snm1981 - Burrp User


69 Reviews

February 24,2011


Hidden Gem

I live in Santacruz have seen this place scores of times and yet never been there , because it never looks like much from the outside. However after a strong recommendation from my colleague I decided to treat someone there. They have both outside seating as well as indoors, im a sucker for the outdoors. The romantic candles on the table set the mood, the service is discreet and there is always someone at hand in the shadows. You can look inside the willingdon catholic colony and that is some old world charm. Coming to the food very nice Sangria just loved it, awesome starters bacon wrapped prawns and lamb. Main course was steak and chicken breasts stuffed with bacon. It was goooooood , we stuffed our face. I have heard theirs dessert is excellent , i was too stuffed to give it a go. If you want a lil romantic date , with a candleit table facing an old catholic colony, with very well made delicious food then head here.And yaeh pricing two cocktails, two starters , two main course (dont judge we were hungry) = Rs 2500


sunjaymalik - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 13,2010


I Pity the Fool

yes, I Pity the fool LIKE ME...i have stayed in Santacruz for most part of my life and this place has been around for a while...and i REGRET not visiting it earlier...its a beautiful place. i visited 5 last evening. They Say big things come in small packages and this place is a classic example of that. The place is no bigger than the men's first class compartment of our local trains. The Decor is very understated, the seating arrange is nice and cozy. I guess the intent behind this for guests to concentrate on the food. we reached early around 8.15 to avoid the crowd and midway through our dinner the place was packed, yet it was not noisy and didn't feel crowded at all. The service is upto the mark and much faster than expected. in fact the pasta was literally custom made for us. The service staff spoke much better and clear english/hindi than the staffs at many of the bigger restaurants around now. Their winter menu has Bacon wrapped around prawns and thts an absolute delight. perfectly cooked prawns and crispy yet succulent strips of bacon. its very easy to overcook the bacon strips in an effort to make them crispy but that was not the case here. although it was a little bland and a dip of some kind would make the dish perfect. it was done just right with no trace of oil on them. The main course order of Tenderloins was well done as requested with the best mashed potatoes i have had in a long time. So overall, a nice little place for a family dinner or a date as well. quantity was just rite and prices are well justified. Good job guys. Keep it up. :D


Spacedust - Burrp User


28 Reviews

December 11,2010


Tasty Food

Was there last afternoon with a colleague. The place was empty, being a friday afternoon and hence we were probably very high on the being attended to list.
Coming straight to the food, they laid out the bread basket as soon as we got there and that helped soothe some of the pangs that had by then become growls. Flavoured butter and a dip accompanied the incredibly fresh and flavoursome basket.
I had a main course - Fish Tilapia with Pesto sauce. Excellent stuff. My colleague had barbecued chicken (i think, top of the page on the menu) and however much a boneless chicken eater she was, the lady never looked up and was last seen licking her lips (as she held the bones, spreadeagled)
Two Fresh Lime juices + 2 Main Courses = 900bucks!!!
Now thats top VFM


Aakash  - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 10,2010


Highly Recommended!

Me and Vi went for lunch here on a wednesday afternoon.

we read the reviews on and were very

keen to try this place out. what we loved

about this place was the ambience - very quiet

and relaxing. amazing decor, lighting, fresh flowers on the table and playing soft lounge music.

the service was just as i like it to be. easy going, yet swift, without any disturbance (kudkud) from the staff.

the staff is very polite and give you your space.

the food was absolutely delicious and very well presented. clean and elegant china.

i will definately recommend 5 to people looking for a relaxing and quiet time together along with great food.

highly likely i will visit again soon...

thank you "5"


Bad Starter & Soup

So we arrive to 5 after i was so anticipating the fare here. Ambience was okay. Nothing much to ride upon as some burrpers had suggested. Since the place is small it was noisy like hell on a sunday. Well we ordered the pumpkin & fenugreek soup. The soup has so much cornflour that it ate into the taste of the soup. Soup had a good flavor to it but to be completely overwhelmed by the flour content. How difficult is it to get soups right? Try indigos soup to get a true comparison of how soups should be. The bread basket was delightful with the dips. Went on to try the Parmesan gnocchi as a starter. Firstly its not Parmesan as much as you would like to put that on the menu. This is what it tasted to me. Amul/Britannia cheese sprinkled with Parmesan powder (yes thats how its done from two-bits from friends in the restaurant line), Again the gnocchi skin was so thick again giving the distinct flour presence & taste again. It felt like i was eating flour with amul cheese. That was it for me. I couldn't go through with more of that experience. On asking for the bill, the captain asks what about the main course, on giving him my feedback, the look on his face was worth a million bucks as if to say, you kidding me..Paid the bill & ran from there. Please kill the flour in your food. Italian fare doesn't equal flour - Bottom Line!!!



Best place for lunch this side of town

Restaurant 5 has become quite popular these days, there used to be a time when you could walk in any day and find room with few people aware of this brilliant and cosy little restaurant. I am conflicted on how to react to its new found fame, on one side I miss telling people about this hidden jem and on the other I am glad to see this much deserved place finally get the recognition it deserves.
The place is quaint and if you sit next to the side windows in the monsoon, it can be quite romantic. The service is very attentive and they have done a great job of retaining staff (have seen the same bunch here for 5 years!), However, the highlight is the food! You wont be wow'ed by the names on the menu, dishes are basic but divine. Spinach and Bacon soup, Lamb stew, the jumbo prawns, rosemary chicken, i could go on. In fact I dont remember ever ordering something I havent liked. I absolutely hands down recommend this place to every one I know and it has never disappointed. Great job restaurant 5 and hope you keep this up for years to come...


Peachy Pleasant Pleasure

I would not recommend one goes to 5 unless one is in that sort of mushy, lovey-dovey, "butterflies in the belly" kinda mood. Two people in a non romantic relationship, might slowly be seduced into love and desire in this setting: candles, wine and sensuous food, it's like cupid's playground. As luck would have it, I went there on a date ......... and it ended well. *blush*

Avoid the salads, I've had better. Move on to Parmesan Gnocchi to whet the palate. The gnocchi are tenderly molded into gooey perfection, and the Parmesan cream sauce was so scrumptious that i felt like licking the bowl.

Moving on to the main course, we had Tenderloin steak, which was medium rare and just right, the mashed potatoes could have been creamier. But that steak was so incredibly good that anything in its company got immediate celebrity status. I have to say that steak is among the best I have eaten ever. (And might I add here that I belong to that category of carnivores that is relentlessly in search of a bloody good steak, pun on the word bloody )
We also had a Wild Mushroom pasta, which had exotic woody tasting mushrooms and was a very good accompaniment for the steak.

The dining experience was so good that we had desert at home, *if you know what I mean, that's always a good sign.




I'll keep this review short and crisp..

Ambiance: Nice...Could have been better sans the mosquitoes
Service: Brilliant..Professional and swift..Kudos to 5!!
Food: Aanh..Umm..Brilliant potato and tomato soup...Penne Olio was arite...Mousama (Spaghetti with brinjal, tomato, bla bla..placed layer on layer) was awful...Maybe its that way but it didnt appeal to the taste...Almost forgot, the complimentary bread and dips were neat...

Well, 3 stars and mostly praise for the place?? Am i Raja Sen in guise? Not really...Food is the most critical part of the evening..thats what really didnt appeal and made me feel like it was a careful what you order for and you should be fine!!



Comfort Food -- Classy Place

This place is difficult to be noticed. The place in itself cannot be called big but its quite roomy.
This place serves the best of Sangria's...though a little pricey but its value for money
We called for the Tomato-Potato soup which was awesome...One of a kind.
Main Course was similar to the kinds that you get in most Italian restaurants now-a-days...we had called for Grilled Fish and a Chicked in white Sauce dish.
The desert was a Banana based Pie ... must try...never knew a Banana desert can taste so good.
The ambience is great and cozy and you can spend time in here at your own leisure.


Perfect Dining Experience!

Restaurant 5 has been among my all time favourites... I have been there a couple of times and I totally love the place. I went there on the new year night, with a prior reservation. We had to wait for about 15-20 minutes but it's understandable. We got to sit in the outdoor section and since it was pleasant we didn't mind.

We placed our order for two starters and two pastas. The quantity of the starters is not great but taste wise, they are amazing! We always have the pasta arabiata and we totally love it but this time however it wasn't well cooked. They service is really good and quick. The bill came upto about 1k without drinks.

Its a superb place for a quiet dinner but make sure you have your table reserved!


A Special Place

I love this place. The food is different, the ambiance is brilliant. They've got everything right. Lovely dark candlelit tables, nice use of wood. A great example of how to fully utilize space, without crowding up the area.
Honestly this is a gem. It's for those special occasions. I proposed marriage to my wife here, and it was an excellent choice. The place has warmth.

Also,ask for off the menu stuff, they have, my favourite being the honey glazed chicken. They have never compromised on quality till today. Something that many other places have done. This place retains everything, and always never fails to surprise.


vegeluver - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 06,2009


'The Special One'

Love the place, even though I am a vegetarian! hehe... Although am fond of this place coz its (complementary) dips and stuffed shell pasta served at the start, the supper soft and sorta sweet bread, the limited but exquisite menu, the dim-lit and cozy ambience; i save this place for the 'Special' times. I resist from going there too often; just don't want to overdo the place, its that perfect. =)



Yet Another Hidden Gem

I agree with the previous burrpers..this one is the least heard of but deserves appreciation for this cosy & very quiet restaurant brings to you a delectable cuisine topped with comforting service.
Situated on the main road but once inside you almost feel detached to the city's noise pollution. Very well decored with red candles, soft music, cosy chairs and servers who give you enough time to unwind & not rush to you with the menus.
Based on previous reviews, we went in for the tomato and potato soup. I think this was the best soup i have ever had! The presentation too was great. We were served a bread basket along with this and all of it was fresh and warm. The dips provided were good too. When we completed our breads in no time, i was suprised when the server walked up & asked if we need some moree (not too many restaurants refill the entire bread basket - had almost 8 buns in it). He quickly got us some more of the pesto bread which we specifically liked.
We ordered a glass of red wine and a mocktail. Was a little disappointed when they served the red wine cold. Also they dont serve cocktails or beer. We werent too hungry so just ordered one entree - clay oven veg baked. It was terrific. Again, beautiful presentation. The server wasnt too skilled to explain us the dish. Veggies, such as zuchini, brocolli, etc sauteeed with soy sauce and then baked with pieces of boiled potatoes stuffed surrounding the pile. Must have for veggies.
All in all, a great place to dine out. The pricing is a little steep in comparison to various factors - cutlery for one, need a better talking or savvy server who knows the cuisine, and a little more education towards the wine temperatures (esp when all they serve is wine & no other liqour). Damage for 2 for a soup, an entree, a domestic glass wine and mocktail - 850/-


vivekk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 27,2009


Warm cosy place with good food

Its a small place not many people would know about. But its nice n cosy.The menu design is nice n in choices offered but thats not too much of problem.Good bread basket with nice dips. Do try the tomato & potato soup and the lamb with oregano soup.Desserts and wine list did sound nice though we din't taste either. Have heard that the banana flip torte is worth a try.Certainly worth a visit for good food and cosy ambience.


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shirin - Burrp User


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January 24,2009


Great French experience

I had been looking for a nice and quiet place to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary. I also wanted something moderately priced. well thats when came to my rescue and after a long list of restaurants i found 5. reviews suggested that its a nice place but i was a little skeptical. still i booked a table.

as i saw the restaurant from outside i dint know it could be so beautiful and cosy. the interiors are very tastefuly done, small candles on each table sets the perfect mood for a romantic eve, music is soothing and does not interrupt your conversation. and though its on sv road its pretty quiet inside. so full marks for the ambiance.

the food takes 10 on 10 as well. they had the best of indian wines. for starters chicken cajun is highly recommended. their jalapeno and chicken kabab recipe is also unique. on top of it the bread basket they serve with wine along with several cheese dips was mindblowing. as my husband is really fond of grills and wine, it went just perfect.
the most important thing what i think while eating is the presentation and they have scored in that area as well.

so 5 the restaurant takes full marks for everything.
subtely beautiful ambiance, tasteful interiors, good wine, good food.... what else do you want in life.
just go there once and experience it for yourself. as for me i'm surely gonna visit it again.



Good silent place for dining

I had one of my best experiences dining here. First of all when u see the name - 5 Restaurant, you would first think what kind of restaurant would it be. Well this restaurant is located in a place near Barista (Santacruz West) with many flower shops nearby.

Good Ambience with candles being litten up is one of the best facts about this restaurant. Take your Gal alongwith you & she will defintly get impressed.

About the Food, Tandoori Mushroms are one of the best, believe me the taste was so good that I ordered it twice. Potato & tomato soup is worth to try.

I coudn't have the main course since I was full with just 1 soup & 3 starters. Though will definitly try next time.

The Prices are inclusive of all taxes & they levy an 8% service tax on the bill.

Damages: 800 for 2 (excluding wine, main course & deserts)

Forget the price if you need Quality food, because its worth the price you pay.



Nice cosy place to go for dinner + wine

We've gone to this place 4-5 times. It suits the bill for a night out with Italian food and Wine. The service and food is good but not great but then that's livable. The ambiance is excellent and it really serves as a nice place for relaxed dinner and drinks with a few friends - places such as this are rare in Mumbai.



A relaxed dining experience

This small dining place located bang on SV Road, Santacruz is one of the hidden gems - which the locals have grown to love, or so I hear. Whenever we make eating-out-plans we either tend to go towards Bandra or the Link Road or Juhu, touching Santacruz only to come to Dynasty for a million calorie Indo-Chinese meal, when the craving hits is.

About a block away from the more famous Yoko Sizzlers and Barista is this tiny diner tucked away in the Wellington Society.
My girl pal and me wanted to dine someplace quite and relaxing, and for some reason this restaurant came to my mind. Since neither of us had been here before, we decided to give it a try, especially because all burrpers had given it the thumbs up.

5 the restaurant is a good example of how small places can be made to look beautiful. Fresh red flowers, red candles, dim lighting and jazz music is something that can make any stressed out soul instantly relaxed. And we were not even stressed out to start with, so you can imagine the impression , this whole set up, had on us. We were the first ones to arrive upon the scene at 8.45 pm.

The waiters gave us time to settle down and call upon them, before making an appearance on our table, which I quite appreciate. I hate being rushed into choosing my orders. They brought in the complementary bread basket with 2 sauces, one of which i assumed was garlic butter and the other a kind of aioli. They also served shell pastas stuffed with pickled zucchini in the sauce plate. The breads were fresh and soft, and for once I let go of my aversion to white bread and had quite some with the sauces and then with the soup.

There is a set menu (choose one each from the first course, the mains and dessert) for Rs.350 plus taxes - but this is for lunch only.

For dinner, their menu is listed under salads, appetizers, soups, mains, rice, grills and dessert.
Since the tomato potato soup was so highly recommended by burrpers - we went along with that, and stuffed mushrooms from the appetizers. The soup was an unusual mix of tangy and bland, which was a treat for the tastebuds. My friend and me simply loved it. (Thank you burrpers) The stuffed mushrooms came in once we were done with the soup. I couldn't figure out / nor remember from the menu what the stuffing was, but it was served with a spicy peanut sauce.

From the mains we selected one pasta dish (Mediterranea) which was fusilli with olives in a light tomato sauce. The pasta was perfectly done, and the sauce was flavourful without weighing a ton. I did notice that the cheese melted on the top was regular Amul-kinda cheddar and not parmesan.
The other main was the Pimento rice, which was long grained rice served with steamed beans and baby corn, along with a spinach-cream sauce. This was also extremely good and the vegetables fresh.
The server was attentive enough to give us more sauce, when he noticed that we had scraped it off the plate. All the pastas in their menu had the cream sauce except for the one we ordered, which i guess is a small negative.
There is also one risotto on the menu.

We were quite full on the above and hence skipped the dessert.

Everything we ordered was exquisite in taste, and this combined with good presentation and attentive service makes this restaurant a must-visit, if you live in the Western suburbs.

I'll give extra marks to the ambiance which the ladies especially are bound to appreciate.

Did I say that the place was empty when we walked in? Well, it was almost full on this Tuesday night by the time we walked out!

I would surely recommend this place for a quiet date - I cannot say if it gets noisy over the weekend, but choose a weekday and you wont regret it.

Damages: 1 appetizer, 1 soup, 2 mains came to Rs.800.
The prices on the menu are inclusive of VAT, and they levy extra 8% service charges, so in my opinion the tip is covered as well. Pricing is somewhat upscale, but given the quality of food, service and ambience, it is worthwhile.


My favourite in Mumbai

Outstanding! Came down from Delhi for 2 weeks, and out of that I think my father and I went there at least 8 times (twice in a day also). Absolutely love the breads they give out at the begining of the meal..while I did get adventurous with the menu for the first few days, by the end of it I had found the perfect dish for me....the norwegian salmon with spinach...healthy and divine. My father really enjoyed one of their mushroom with spinach appetizers. We found all the food amazing and just regret that we didn't find out about the place sooner! Highly recommended!


great food and ambience

amazing continental food...bacon prawns wrap, stuff bacon chicken...Served with assorted bread and some flavored butter...out of the world.

Chicken kababs are soft like butter...

average dish about 250 to 275...

Food : 5/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service :4/5
Cost : 4/5


Ballerina  - Burrp User


25 Reviews

November 14,2007


Good Life

Five is good life.
The food is awesome, waiters polite and ambience calm. The outside seating is much better though. Before your food arrives, you are served a generous basket of breads with three types of yummy dips!
The food is simply mouth-watering. Do try the potato and tomato soup with the yin-yang presentation. The blandness of potato blends supebly with tomato's tangy spirit.
Since I'm a vegetarian, Five is one of the few places I can say perhaps has their vegetarian fare as good as the non-vegetarian!


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

August 21,2007


Hidden Gem

Its easy to miss this restaurant unless you know where to find it. But don't go by the exterior or you will definately miss something.

When you enter you are transported to a different world that you'd have never guessed from the outside. The ambience is great with candle light and soothing music. There arent too many dishes but a lot of variety.

Service is quite good especially if there is an occasion. The got us a huge chunk of cheesecake for my dads birthday.

Food is good especially the mousaka and couscous though the grilled paneer in the starters can be avoided. Spent about Rs 500 for two for a starter, main course and bottled water.

Definately a must visit !


Romit Mitra - Burrp User

Romit Mitra

7 Reviews

December 19,2006


Good on the basics and on value

Go for classic dishes- the grilled meat/chicken is good. The sauces are excellent, the vegetables crisp.
It looks good inside, the service is a bit lacking..
One of my favourite restaurants.


ranxle  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 14,2006


Romantic ambience - perfect setting

Went there for dinner after a particluarly long & stressful day at work. the music, ambience & candle lights relaxes u instantly, good food.

For those of you who don't know the history behind the name, apparantly according to the waiter I spoke to, the owner's lucky number is 5 & hence!

if you notice everything on the menu is in groups of 5 - 5 types of soup, 5 types of veg pasta, 5 types of non-veg pasta & even 5 desserts!


Anu Gill - Burrp User

Anu Gill

16 Reviews

October 22,2006


Great Presentation

5 was a great dining experience and I'd definitley go back again. Each item was presented in a very classy manner and service was emaculate. The menu had an interesting selection of dishes and all were fairly good.


the potato tomato/spinach soup is to die for!!

the ambience is niiicee..very intimate n soothing...the food..hmm from the starters to the garlic butter to the soups to the moussaka to everything else, it rocks!!!the presentation is impeccable..jus one thing tho,it gets a lil too cold indoors sometimes