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> > > A Chocolate Affair

A Chocolate Affair

Pali Naka  


57 Reviews / 57 Ratings

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A Chocolate Affair Reviews


they've moved

Just saw em open @ warden road nr precious salon


September 4, 2011response from management at farsac93:

Hi there,

Yes,unfortunately we have shut Pali Naka. We were not 100% happy with the location. But we have moved to Warden Rd in Kemps Corner, and expect to be back in Bandra by mid October.



Is this place shut??

I went there on a nice sunday afternoon & found it was shut :(


September 4, 2011response from management at farsac93:

Hi there,

Yes,unfortunately we have shut Pali Naka. We were not 100% happy with the location. But we have moved to Warden Rd in Kemps Corner, and expect to be back in Bandra by mid October.

September 4, 2011response from management at nehafreespirit:

Hi farhana, thanks :)
If you can update the exact address that would be great :)

Looking forward to going there soon.

November 9, 2011response from management at nehafreespirit:

Went there.. loved the waffles, loved the milkshake :)

Death By Chocolate

I've been here once, and, after a gap of several months, now feel ready to visit again. :) Eating a full meal here is a powerful experience, and, while I definitely recommend it, I don't think it's possible to do it more than two or three times a year. I liked everything we tried from the "Something Sweet" menu -- the churros, the Belgian waffle, the chocolate fondue, and, best of all, the fondant. The only thing we didn't enjoy (although it certainly had novelty value) was the crunchy dessert pizza, although I imagine it would be quite a hit with kids.


Ok Experience...even if you are a Chocolate Lover

Really this place is kinda overhyped,,,,been here once though in the initial days with a bunch of friends .....and we were disappointed having travelled from town especially for this so called treat for chocolate lovers,,,,,,,hot chocolate was ok and the waffles were also nice, the aromas....are nice but whats missing is that something that should make this place unique,(no im not talking of unimaginative menu options like choc pizza or choc sandwhich ..that woudl be a given in a place like this),,otherwise its just another dessert joint ....a pretty expensive one at that ....personally i prefer churros



This place won an award ??????? Thats strange, considering I called them sometime ago to order a box of assorted chocolates (assuming they'd have them, going by the name of the store) But apparently, "A Chocolate Affair" doesn't keep chocolates !!!!!!
Strange.... So much for awards


mixed feelings

I did not enjoy waiting endlessly for someone to take my order or then climb up to order when your seated in the basement, its also a little suffocating. Other than that, the staff is good.

Churros are always awesome

Chocolate pizza is something that I loved but my friends didn't, its not for everyone

Fondue is something I did not enjoy coz certain things were not in season or out of stock but can't blame them for that

Ice cream on a sit with wafer crumbs, butter scotch and chocolate dip is something that sounds good, tastes good but doesn't work too well, reminded me of the times when I was small and my ice candy slid off the stick but nothing a spoon couldn't solve

Hot chocolate and earl grey tea are two things that bring me joy every time I go there


Been here 2wice..... HEAVEN FO CHOCO LOVERS....!!!


3. FONDUE FO 2(1 F MA FAV)....





Sinful bliss

'My Lost Childhood chocolate burger', name says it all.this is one of the items on there menu which no1 should miss.Chocolate shots, belgian chocolate waffle, Chocolate Pizza, i can go over & over again to this place...............already done 5 times a month.Kudos to there imaginative & well executed desserts.


silveroses - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 28,2011


Hot and Dangerous!

This review is based on my visit last year (9th Sept at 9pm) may not be that relevant..and it's a tad bit late...but i've to give credit where it's due!

Was having a crappy birthday...till I reached this place with my friend. As a chocolate lover and self proclaimed connoisseur , I get so cranky when I taste crappy-wannabe-chocolate dishes:( So with somewhat low expectations we walked in...back then the lounge was kinda crappy with like 4 chairs and 2 tables...but we didnt give a crap! The chocolate fountain at the entrance had us salivating like hungry dogs!! So, we ordered a chocolate fudge like cake and those yummy Belgian hot chocolate with vanilla scented waffles. It was absolutely!! Its like drinking hot coffee in the rains..warms you to your toes!

The staff was friendly...and a bit awkward... :/ though they gave us some free quiches to taste and offer feedback so yay!! :D

Price for 2 : around 500rs.

Wish I was in town...i could reaaally do with that hot chocolate again!! Cheers~



Chocolate affair sucks....!

Was a regular guest in chocolate affair since the last time on 14th feb. I had gone with my frnds the place was pack, but there was a table.I asked the guy behind the counter who was in casuals i asked him a table for 5 then he shouts nd says it will take 45 to 1hour nd if u wanna wait then wait or u can go.And the main thing was that i went again on 23rd i had a Belgian waffle nd a gooey chocolate from both of them i could get a strong aroma of egg nd the waffle was hard..... this is to the management plz don't cheat people especially when most of your guest are vegetarian u guys suck.......!!!


February 27, 2011response from management at farsac93:

Dear Bhavin,
Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback about your experience with our cafe.

I would first of all like to apologise for the negative experiences you have had of late. I am not quite sure why this is, but be rest assured, that the staff member involved in the above mentioned scenario,will be spoken to and the matter will be followed through.

With regards to your comments about the strong aroma of egg coming through the Belgian Waffle and Gooey Chocolate Cake, we can guarantee, with 100% assurity th

sheens76 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 24,2011



Amazing Ambiance, sweet n smiling staff. A must try is the gooey chocolate can't better than this!


February 27, 2011response from management at farsac93:

Hi sheens,
Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments. Its greatly appreciated and hope to see you back at the cafe soon!

yash1229 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 15,2011



This place is AMAZING!
i have gone to this place a lot of times & it never ceases to amaze me!The desserts are made really well & the quality of the chocolate used is impeccable!

The small setback is that the basement is slightly hot..installing an AC there would solve the problem! =)


February 17, 2011response from management at farsac93:

Dear Yash,
Thanks for your kind comments...we value all the feedback that we can get.

We are sorry about the ac in the basement, will ensure this is not the case the next time you visit.






February 17, 2011response from management at farsac93:

Thank you....hope to see you again sometime soon!


A True Gem

I have to say I have often frequented this site to read reviews and keep an eye out on happening places and must visit joints, though never really felt the need to leave reviews myself.

However, having said that, I was definitely compelled to create an account and leave a message after my visit to this almost missable gem in the hustle and bustle of Pali Naka.

I had heard a lot about this place through friends, because I live in South Mumbai, I never really made the effort to check it out, then I would get reminded of this again when on occasion I would log onto Burrp and see a fresh review of this place. Although, impressed by the majority of great reviews, I still did not make the effort to go. ACA (as my friends call it!) introduced itself to me again at a friends wedding function where they were responsible for catering for the desserts - which I have been told was there first event! I was quite impressed by the professionalism, fun and lighthearted attitude displayed by the staff and the utmost humbleness by the owner, Farhana. However, even after this encounter, I did not make the effort to go to Pali Naka.

Another encounter was at KC College where they had a stall and were selling waffles! I was truly impressed by the crowd hovering around the stall and giving rave word of mouth reviews!

Needless to say, it took me another month to make it to Pali, and that too from the insistence of a friend. Im so glad that I did. This cafe is definitely of international standard. What impressed me again is the fun, light hearted and professional attitude of the staff, who actually look like they want to be there, but also to find the owners Farhana and Adnan not only working, which is very rare to find in a city like Mumbai, but interacting wit the guests with genuine interest!

I was also impressed to see the cafe packed to capacity, we waited for around 20 mins for a table but it was definitely worth the wait.

The cappuccino I ordered would have to be the best that I have had in India, the waffle was even better than what I had at KC College, with the accompaniments they served it just made the waffle even better and the fondant was amazing, iv had a few in Mumbai, but this by far, was the best.

This place has definitely left me wanting more, and I will definitely be making the commute on a more regular basis. Its high time that Mumbai gets quality at what I think is a reasonable price.

Thanks guys at ACA for making me fall in love with this place. I wish you all the success that you deserve. Farhana and Adnan, thank you for being so humble, a quality I hope remains through all your success.

Like I said, im not much of a reviewer but this place has left me compelled to say something. I do have one complaint though and that is the fruit skewers!! They are nowhere to be found on your menu!!



ACA rocks...

Went there 1st time last week, awesome place love the interior and the ambiance.... but the best thing was Spanish churros it was awesome never had any dessert like that and the dark chocolate thick and full of chocolate...
only thing is location its bit crowded otherwise it worth 5 out of 5.



Carbon happy :)

After visiting this place many times i must say i have managed to acquire a good taste for this place.
farhana- thank u for bringing this fairly popular concept to bandra. day by day i like this place even more.
the chocolates are made so innovatively n the kind of dedication n enthusiasm exuded by the staff while describing the process of chocolate making has left me super impressed.
must visit for people who are also not much into chocolates. there are enough options in terms of salads and coffees that will keep u carbon happy:)



I happened to come across this place whilst buying a cake for a friends birthday and was totally taken aback by the aroma of chocolate that lingers around the cafe.

It's truly and affair that started ever since then because their fondue is a turn on...and so are their beautiful cakes...and their chocolates....and their choco fudge sundae,... and i could go on!

It's difficult to choose between the various desserts as you almost feel like you're cheating on the other.

A MUST-DO for every sweet tooth round the block and even if you aren't round the block, move your ass and get to it!

PS: The Manager / Owner is simply the sweetest... on us pondering on how chocolates get that little paint on them, he explained all of that and gave us a free sampler! Extra brownie points to him ;)


ntarle9 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 13,2011


Awesome best cafe in town for coffee and dessert

Hi all absolutely love the place good interior cozy place, we ordered coffee hot chocolate and fondant was absolutely awesome..
The coffee was perfect nice and strong and creamy it was not watery the hot chocolate and fondant was best we ever had the hot chocolate was thick and beautifully made...

every time i am in bandra i am visiting the place keep up the good work guys…




If you like chocolate remotely, this is a heaven, you must definitely pay a visit to... The ambience is more tempting ... Food is good but too chocolaty to consume!



Worst 15kg Engagement Cake Ever

I had ordered an 15 kg engagement cake for my sister which was on the 1st January and due to the mis-communication of the people working at Chocolate Affairs, they send me a bad cake. I had emailed them 3 designs and also met the chef in person to explain him the minor changes I wanted in the cake; but it seemed like a deaf ear as I received a pathetic cake.

I was so so so upset, as my sister wanted a particular cake on her big day and they sent me a different design. They wanted me to pay 25% of the payment in advance, but I thought that as they have a good name, I made full payment and was shocked to see the cake that was delivered.

One suggestion I would like to give to all, please do no make full payments, also verify with them 100 times before they actually start preparing the cake. They do not have the decency to even apologize from their end unless confronted.


January 5, 2011response from management at farsac93:

Dear Prachi,

We are very sorry for the negative experience you have had with us with regards to your sisters engagement cake.

We have successfully satisfied many customers with their cake orders and an incident such as yours was a first for us.

The confusion resulted due to the fact that there were many means of communication used and you had interacted with more than one person for the one requirement. Being a new business, large orders such as yours, is ideally handled by me and the preferred mode of communication u

riteshk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 27,2010


Amazeing Place

Been at this place couple of weeks back....
BOY I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chocloate Shots and Philadelphia Cheese cake....

I am in love with this place....


An Interesting proposition

Today being one of those finding good places to sip lattes day, a friend and I ended up here.
First impressions, the place felt atmospheric and cosy. Not loud. I was reasonably impressed. I'd pick this over Theo
(where hitherto iIve been a regular). Loved the free wifi.
Also speculated about the big pipe on the upper wall. Good stuff.
As for the epicurean delights, we went for decadent waffles and spanish churros. I also had a cup of vanilla latte.

Well, decadent waffles. Fantastic. Totally hit the spot. My friend complained that the quantity was too little but I didn't mind so much given how good it tasted, given that I'm not usually a big fan of waffles.

Spanish Churros. Tried it with separately with dark and milk chocolate. It's an interesting idea but I wouldn't order it again because it doesn't seem to have gripping power. Again. strictly my opinion.

Vanilla latte. Too mild/bland for me. This pandering to terrible taste buds is something that annoys me about most places that serve multiple variants of coffee, including dedicated coffee houses. I've been looking for a regular coffee place for a long time and this is another establishment that doesn't cut it. Sigh. My search continues.

Also the service was a little underwhelming because the serve didn't under what a vanilla latte was. I had to point it out in the menu, then reconfirm that it was, in fact, a hot coffee and not a cold one.

In essence, I'll be back.
/pop culture reference


raneanita25 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 07,2010


• Best Hot Chocolate and Chocolate dessert in Town

Rightly as they have named it,its a heaven The desserts are just amazing very different from all oher place . The recipe of each, which I am sure has been crafted very well. The brownies, chocolates, cakes , are heavenly, enough to give you a sugar rush and make you gain heaps of calories,but if you are ready to forgo the 'calorie-licious' aspect of it,then you should treat yourself to a Amazing brownie & Chocolate fondant and enjoy it guilt free. One might find it a tad bit sweet, but if you have a sweet tooth , then nothing like it. I can vouchsafe for it being one of my favorite dessert places in Mumbai, not only their desserts,they have a limited but a wonderful range of .

I particularly love the Churros and Mexican Hot chocolate with dark chocolate feeing awesome. Three cheers to ACA


party_q - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 06,2010


Pathetic service

I read a lot about this joint and decided to check it out last evening.Went all the way from Andheri to Bandra to have some desserts.Reached outside the place and asked valet for the menu.He told us that we can place the order over the phone and same will be delivered in the car.We called up on the given contact number and someone by name of Ashish picked up the phone and i ordered for 2 pasteries to be delivered just exactly outside the shop.The guy confirmed that pasteries will be delivered within 5 minutes.Waited for 15 minutes and called back to check on the order and to my shock this guy replies that he didnt get the order and please place order again( He didnt had courtesy to call back again and i was waiting like a fool).Anyways i placed the order again and he said 5 minutes to handover.Waited ,waited and waited and called back after 15 minutes.I was shocked again and surprised when this guy Ashish tells me that he cant give me the pasteries as he is busy.On top of it he is telling us that, if u want pasteries,come and collect yourself.We waited for half an hour just to know that this person is not willing to come to the doorstep to handover our order to us.This is the kind of service given at this place.It is high time that these places should know that they are not doing favor on the customers by serving them.We all as a customer should stand up and stop going to such places where customers are not respected and ill treated.

For a place called Chocolate affair service should have been little sweeter.

Totally disgusted by attitude of Ashish and evening was totally spoilt.I wish there was a option for negative marking so that i could have given to this place(Have to forcefully give rating of 1 as the review could not be posted otherwise)

PS : The menu was very disappointing and limited for a supposedly exclusively dessert place.


December 6, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Dear Party_q

I am very disappointed to hear of the experience you had at our joint. There is no excuse for it and I have spoken to Ashish about this. All I can do is apologize humbly and wholeheartedly. We pride ourselves on our customer service and I have to say this was a rare exception which should never have occurred in the first place.

If you could please email me your number on so that I can personally speak with you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

bits70 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 30,2010



stuff , nice cozy place, a good spread to choose from and d place visit if u crazy about chocolate desserts



una relación amorosa para recordar

Before i start I must confess that this was not my first choice to stop for desserts post dinner this Monday and I just happened to visit it coz Theos had closed for the day...however, i sincerely thank God that it happened...
The place is just too awesome... ordered the spanish churros..and it was nothing like what i have had before... the chocolate was heavenly!! had a chat with the owner, who was extremely friendly and humble..the whole experience was quite memorable..would definitely visit the place more often..i have already decided what i want to try next :)
thank you guys!


November 23, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hey there Ashish,
Thanks so much for your kind comments. We are humbled by it. And as much as we dont mind being seconded by Theo's, we're glad you found us!
Do check us out again soon as we are launching some new dessert items and also due to huge customer demand, some savoury items too.
See you again soon and endeavour to live up to your expectations.
Warm Regards,

Nehal Tolia  - Burrp User

Nehal Tolia

9 Reviews

November 16,2010



It was Monday and was dying to eat nice warm waffles to beat away Monday blues...So after office... dragged my guy to this place all the way from Worli and through all that traffic …he too agreed it was totally worth the effort!

Ordered nice warm Belgium choc waffles and he opted for chocolate shake… both were great but the waffles were divine with vanilla ice-cream and bananas to go with…. just didn’t like the sugar granules in them...but being a chocolate fanatic it will truly will help me get through the week ? We managed to get a quiet table in the seating downstairs. Good chocolate waffles and great conversations with my tall, dark and handsome fellow…What an evening!

My opinion: Overpriced but worth a visit for all chocolate lovers!
Next time I am going to try the Spanish Churros.
Bill: Rs.405 for 2 ppl


November 18, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hey there Neha,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments. Thanks for making the effort to come check us out, I remember chatting with you too, and we always love our customers leaving us feedback, definitely helps to keep us on our toes AND improve on our products! So thank you.

As for the sugar granules, otherwise known as 'pearl sugar' in the waffle, this has been a bit of a hit and miss with our customers here, but is what is asked for in our original recipe- which is a traditional Belgian recipe. We are definitely

November 19, 2010response from management at nehal5:

Hey Farhana,
Thanks for the quick response! And I would say it is definately a good decision regarding lowering your prices... On my next trip its surely going to be the waffles with maple syrup and churros for me!

Nehal Tolia

kiwichick - Burrp User


11 Reviews

November 14,2010


A Nice Surprise!

Visited this joint after dinner at 5 Spice and there is simply only one word to describe this place and thats "WOW"

Great job guys, keep up the fantastic work!

Excellent desserts, excellent hot chocolates, hell, excellent EVERYTHING! Something VERY much of an international standard right here in Mumbai.


November 18, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hey there fellow kiwi!
Thanks for the kind was great to hear that accent again, definitely reminded us of home! Look forward to seeing you again soon....our guys know your order too...skinny cap to go!
Kind Regards,

Amit Shah - Burrp User

Amit Shah

2 Reviews

November 13,2010


As Good As It Gets!

I'm not sure what to write of first... Our blissful experiences or my shock at reading some of the reviews...

Let's start with the experiences... We hit the place for the first time late at night after eating at our favorite Taco Fresco!

The staff was very friendly (even at 12 am) and we were having a rol-'licking' time at the seating downstairs. This was till we ordered... then it was simply a tongue-'licking' time for us all! From the finely designed cups for the hot chocolate to the fondant all the way to the churros with that rich, delicious milk chocolate! It was just wonderful!

We have been there twice after that and each time have been surprised to see that not only have they improved on the same items over the last time but also managed to wow us with something new! (New as in not tried by us there...)

Two times we have had the chance to talk in detail with the folks there... Once with the main server and the second time with the owner and I can tell you that not only are they knowledgeable about the subject but are truly passionate about the place!

Now for the reviews... Guys and Gals! You all have rights to your views and I am sure in your perspective you are right but...

1) The place is new... give it some time. I know for a fact that they are improving every time. (Type of chocolate, % of chocolate, a new churros machine!)
2) This is India (even if you guys are globe trotters!) and there are some limitations in terms of ingredients, quality of local water, weather, etc. all of which affects quality.

All in all, I think that Mumbai (and I love you Kainaz and Theo will always rock!) has yet to see a pure chocolate place that is this good! Everything else pales in comparison...

Well.. that's just me! Not wanting to spark debates but just wanting to tell people... Visit and RELISH!! Ciao


November 14, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Dear Amit,

Wow, thank you so very much for your kind words. We are definitely humbled by your review.

Im always VERY happy to hear that my guests were received well by my in my opinion, service is just as important as the food. And my guys love to hear the great feedback too!

You're right. We are new and we're still experimenting - as much as we didnt think we would have to! But thats simply down to the fact that, as you say, the quality of ingredients, water, weather etc, are affecting our original recipe

November 14, 2010response from management at connaisseur:

Hey Farhana!

First of all... Hope you are feeling better!

Secondly, you are most welcome... Gotta call it the way it is.... And its great! You'll surely be seeing a lot more of us and our friends there... Keep it up!

Looking forward to the new menu! Cheers!



far from an affair

a lazy sunday evening and we decide to drop by this place that looks like it may give us reason enough to lick our fingers.

sadly though that was far from the case. ordered 3 items on the menu (one we wanted wasn't even available). waffles were S.A.D. cold, minuscule quantity and we couldn't even have them with the said strawberries (again out of stock)
the churros too were a lament. cold again and nothing close to the real deal ....

the chocolate was also ok . . . no amazing texture or the likes ... could well do with a melting a bar of something available localy

i'm sorry but i don't think another visit to this joint is one i'll make considering the sad quality ... poor quantity ... and last but not least the price paid for both the aforesaid ...


November 8, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Dear Pervez,
Thanks for taking the time to come on and leave a comment about your experience, we feel any feedback is great feedback! We also remember speaking with you and serving you when you came in so thanks for taking the time to relay your comments again.
We are quite sorry we did not meet your finger licking expectations at 'a chocolate affair'. We would like to defend ourselves on a few points you have raised however.
1. We agree that one of the items, being the chocolate pizza, was unavailble, this was due to experiencing a

November 8, 2010response from management at farsac93:

we do not think it is the best compliment to the products which we serve. Which I know you mentioned you would much rather have over our own chocolate, the likes of Morde are compound chocolate, not pure chocolate, and if we did serve this, we would be doing chocolate lovers an injustice.
Thanks once again for taking the time in posting your comments, it definitely helps us to keep us on our toes!

Kind Regards,
Farhana Sacha



We decided to munch on some desserts out here as we had been for dinner to a nearby restaurant....
We were greeted well by the manager of this place....
He explained the entire concept,the idea n stuff about the place as we visited this place for the first time...
We ordered some dish...fuh gt the was some ice cream(french vanilla) with a brownie and some sauce...
It was a very innovative dessert...The french vanilla out here is a must try for the ice cream lovers....
The place is excellent,the ambience perfect and its d best place for a date....
We are surely going back to try their choco pizza....


November 6, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hi Samit,
I am pleased to here that you were received well by our staff and were explained our menu, especially if this was your first time!
Thanks for your kind comments and we definitely do hope to be seeing you again so very soon! Oh and by the way, come back in a couple of weeks as we will be introducing a few more dessert items and adding some savoury items too!

November 6, 2010response from management at samitgandhi:

ya surely....wanna try d choco pizza and d gooey pastry....u'll r doing an excellent job....keep it up!!!



no variety and no taste...the chocolate fondue doesnt have rum balls....wat hey have is cake sponge....


November 6, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hi Amrita,
Sorry to not have met your expectations. As for serving banana with our fondue, we believe its a great accompaniement for chocolate, and although we do not have cake sponge, we do have chocolate brownie. As for rum balls, this is not a request we get often, even back home in Australia. We do however have turkish delights, marshmallows, dates, apple - all which we think go GREAT with chocolate and are enjoyed by the public at large.
Next time, bring your own rum balls! Im sure my staff would be happy for you to dip those in ou

November 11, 2010response from management at amrita.mistry:

sucha rude reply.....i hope u never satisfy your client nextime..neway the place was total crapp..go and check rocks....

November 11, 2010response from management at amrita.mistry:

and neway dnt give such shitty replies to ur clients.....

November 11, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Sorry to have come across as rude. That was definitely not our intention at all, we meant what we said about bringing your own rum balls....our staff would not mind, but its not something that we make as there simply isnt enough of a demand for it.
As for Theobroma, we agree, it's a great bakery. We, however, specialize in chocolate, and our concept is completely different to that of Theobroma's.
Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments and our apologies again for coming across as rude.
Thanks and Regards,
Farhana Sacha


Quaint, but beautiful

Post lunch at '5 Spice' which was just around the corner, my friends and I decided to give 'A Chocolate Affair' a try. We went in expecting a large variety of pastries and other desserts, but there were about 6-7 types of desserts (including pastries, tiramisu, cheesecake). We settled for a gooey chocolate pastry, a KitKat pastry, and one Oreo cheesecake (which come with a dollop of vanilla ice cream each). The cakes were amazing! Moist and sweet, but not to sweet. They were just right. Blown away!

The service here is impeccable! The servers are always eager to please, which is rare. They made ample suggestions to help us pick. Although the order took a while, we didn't really mind because the food and the service made up for it.

A wonderful place to go to on a date. It's quaint, and not the easiest to spot unless you're looking for it. But once you discover it, you'll be floored.


November 14, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hey there,
Thanks so very much for your kind comments! Its definitely very much appreciated.

You should definitely come and check us out next week as we are re-doing the whole menu! Adding a few more dessert items and including some savoury too!

Hope to see you again soon.

Kind Regards,


first experience : okayish

heard about this place on burpp............been wantin to try it out since then bein a chocoholic.
went last nite post dinner..........had a bad throat so just ordered for a hot chocolate with double cream or some such name.........i'm the milk chocolate kinda person (not dark) so had ordered it with milk chocolate obviously.....was a lil disappointed since it turned out to be REALLY REALLY sweet. plus it wasn't hot enuff ............waiter justified sayin that since they use pure chocolate makin it hot wud just ruin the taste.......fair enuff..............but wot abt the SWEETNESS???? ordered for a chocolate mousse after that..........which was good......wud rate that as 3.5/5 since it was somethin extraordinary which i wud probably expect from this place..............but the hot chocolate deserves nothin more than 1/5.
will i go again??? well the chocoholic that i am & the other reviews that i've read soo far .............YES i will go again n experiment somethin diff next time..........mebbe i just didn't order the right thing. lookin fwd to my next visit............hopefully it satisfies my taste buds the next time.


October 9, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hi there,
We're quite disappointed to have not met your expectations and do hope that you give us another chance. By reading your review, im guessing you ordered the Creamy Italian Hot Chocolate? If that's the case, then you're quite right in saying that its sweet, as we not only mix the pure melted chocolate with pouring cream, we also garnish the hot chocolate with whipped cream! So definitely for those who are sweet toothed! :-) Next time, I would recommend you go for the classic hot chocolate! Or, just speak to our staff about what you

October 10, 2010response from management at mumbaikar_4:

i think i'm gonna try somethin cold the next time.......any recommendations?? am sweet toothed.........that's y i like milk chocolate n not dark :) but then creamy italian i guess was too sweet bcoz of the additional whipped cream.
well...........there r lots of thngs in the menu which i still wanna try but one at a the fondue.......the churros.........the waffles............the shakes........but lil scared abt my waistline ;)


This place is ideal for chocoholics.

A quality menu with some very interesting items on it.

Cool place 2 hang-out ... great service too.



October 5, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Thanks so much Farhaad. We hope to see you again soon!

wonderwoman - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 27,2010


Don't miss the yummy hot chocolate!

I've been to the Chocolate affair a couple of times, and must say its not a step, but a whole 'flight of stairs' up from the Open Bake, which it replaced. A must order is the hot chocolates which come in two main varieties, Milk and Dark. For INR 135 a pop, you can relish Orange, Mexican, Italian or Mint flavoured hot chocolate drinks. Bit on the pricey side I think, which is why I only gave 3 stars, when 4 would be my first choice.


September 27, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hey there wonderwoman,
Thanks so much for appreciating our hot chocolates. With regards to the pricing, we do take your comments on board, and to be really quite honest with you, our profit margins are quite low, unlike, most other cafes around Mumbai who use either chocolate syrups or chocolate flavoured powders to make their hot chocolats, we use ONLY pure melted chocolates imported from Belgium. We hope to see you again soon and be sure to know that when buying our hot chocolates, you're buying quality!
Warm Regards,

chocolate bar...woh ...what a great place

I have beed to chocolate bar in New york Max brenner and NYC Chocolate bar.. I have to say when i walked into this place with my friends its was same feeling...
Great service friendly staff well groomed and awesome desserts..
The menu is small just NYC but everything is worth trying.. we ordered Churros Waffle and Chocolate Fondant to share..
And later we ordered the Coffee and Hot chocolate
I had churro before in New york... this was abouselty replica of what you get in new york.. waffle it was awesome just like you get in New york Max Brenner..we had chocolate fondant it was personally my favourite...
My GF she had Hot Chocolate was again devine something you find overseas nice and thick and chocolatey..
I am big coffee fan... trust me i have coffee in lot place when i am away overseas specially in starbucks ... its finally good to have coffee in Mumbai which is of international standarad..the coffee was nice and strong and cream... the barista was very good.. keep up the quality you will find me every week ...


September 26, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hi Dipesh,
We are so pleased you enjoyed yourself so much! As for the fondant, like, it is indeed our signature dish, and you will have to come back and try our newly introduced mochacino fondant...its heavenly!
And we are so pleased you enjoyed your hot chocolates and coffee...the fact that you think it is of international standard, couldnt please us more! As for quality, it is the LAST thing we at a chocolate affair will ever compromise on, we strongly believe in serving customers fantastic quality products, that is my promise to you!


Truly Sin Sational

Went to this amazing place to celebrate my bro's b'day......It did not disappoint us at all......An excellent place for all chocolate lovers.....A must try is their sin-sational chocolate fondant.....Totally goey.......Loved my affair wid this place.....


September 26, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Thanks for your kind comments! And we're glad you enjoyed the is after all our signature dish! Next time you should try our mochacino fondant!

September 28, 2010response from management at rockstone1984:

I definitely will.....The only obstacle is the time to come there.........


My love affair with chocolate has lasted all of 25 years and my review woudnt be so scathing if it wasnt for the name of the cafe.This place was a disaster from the outsetBut somehow i do feel that i did not try the beverages so this review can be considered lets start from the decor...the red jazzy interiors didnt go with the feel of the place at all....a very depressing feeling dawns upon you specially in the cellar like basement seating area...i was finally handed over the menu which was dissapointing in itself...ive been to a chocolate cafe in miami and it is outta this world....the menu wasnt planned well coz no where does it mention types of chocolates the percentage of cocoa the sweetness farhana belgian chocolate is a generic term...plz read up on chocolates!!! so anyways i didnt want to "not" hav sumthing so tht laters sum 1 cud say ohh u didnt have this or u didnt have tht so i ordered probably everything....the churritos...the waffle.....the pizza....and the turkish doughnuts......the waffle was cuss word for anything chocolate....a dry dead peice of bread with a piss off dressing of chocolate.....outta frustration i ordered a bowl of the so called "belgian" chocolate for which i was charged 65 rupees for like 2 teas spoon and bananas served instead of strawberries since they where outta stock!! came the churritos.....i mean wht the hell was that? for people who dont knw wht tht is...its a mexican spanish origin sweet dish but once again i think its good enough for the dum dums who have not eaten it before....for me it was a fried peice of crap...sorry for my language but i call it like it is....and third up was the pizza....distasteful bitter and not worth talking now i was already prepared to cancel the turkish doughnuts but there where already served....the 2 stars are for the doughnuts....they where nice and delectable and the only saving grace but not worth 225 bucks plus taxes i mean ull get better dough nuts at MOD so all you chocolate lovers stay far away unless ur fan of the hot chocolate tht i didnt try or lets jus say i didnt have the audacity to try after this experience next time u want to satiate tht chocolate craving ill recommend you a qadbury than chocolate affair...coz although qadbury tastes as bad as the stuff at the chocolate doesnt cost tht much...until my next review signing off....stay sweet stay safe and stay outta here :)


September 22, 2010response from management at farsac93:

To whomsoever this may be,

Wow, we are quite sorry for the anger bubbled up inside of you after visiting our joint! Lets hope you find a place that mellows your mood! Ciao!

September 24, 2010response from management at karansdhawan:

wheres the humility in the world gone? instead of getting ur act together ur more bothered abt the anger....its obvious i guess when u dont get value for money and are cheated of ur evening ....and next time u reply to people remember that they have a name and ur a part of the serrvice industry? unbelievable!

September 24, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Look mate, all your comments have been taken on board. You say you are a straight shooter, and quite frankly speaking, so am I.
So I will address a few of the above mentioned comments:
1. The red jazzy decor in in fact orange

2. As for our unplanned menu, it really is a matter of opinion. It is a menu that is working well for us in Australia and we have brought the same concept to India. If anyone does ask about the cocoa content of the chocolate, we do endeavour to tell. However, on the most part, this is a very rare question

September 24, 2010response from management at farsac93:

me to say such a thing.

I genuinely hope that you do find a place in Mumbai which meets your expectations. We all love a good night out and you shouldnt have to feel cheated by a restaurant or cafe by any means!

As for reminding me that I am part of the service industry, thank you. However, having said that, I will ALWAYS stand behind my cafe, my food and my staff. For someone to attack this in the manner in which you have, led me to respond to you in the manner in which I did. As much as I am part of the service industry, jus

September 26, 2010response from management at karansdhawan:

thats a better reply....i appreciate it ....thank you for taking time out ...ur points are noted...maybe ill try again sum day... :) and ur right im hard to please coz i come from a background of travelling the world ..eating sum of the best food i have a right to be....and u have a right to back ur restaurant but if it wasnt good it wasnt simple as that ....and i did say that the turkish doughnuts where delicious ....try introducing fondants and fondues

September 26, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Glad to have satisfied you in one aspect! With regards to your comment about adding fondants and fondues...these are already part of our menu. With regards to your travelling the world and eating the best food, awesome, you should consider yourself so lucky!
I will leave you with a review by a fellow Burrper who commented on our fondant and coffee...

"Coffee... Hot Chocolate... Just Like Home (Paris)
I am from France... trust me i know my coffee living in mumbai for last 6 months love the city but miss my coffee in mumbai..fin

sonal.varan - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 11,2010


LOVE THIS PLACE... Bandra... this place is awesome

Heard lot about this place from friends... also saw some good reviews guess what this place is the downstair level nice interior... we ordered nutty overload milkshake and milk hot chocolate the hot chocolate was amazing nice and thick.. It was the best hot chocolate i had.

The milkshake was nice and thick was just amazing... even better that Mocha..




We were vey eager to come here since i had read such great reviews about it on burrp, but we found the place only average .Being a huge chocolate lover myself i wasnt that impressed. The belgian waffles(rs 200) which we had ordered should have definitely been more choclaty, even the brownie(rs 169) was just ok.
The good thing about the place is the Excellent service,the person who served us was extremely helpful and knew the menu well.So,a thumbs up to the service.
The ambience was nice with the decor complementing the chocolate theme.
The food is ok and the pricing is surely on the higher side.Considering there are so many good places to eat around bandra it hard not to compare this place to them.



Ever since I read about this place on Burrp - I was looking forward for a visit. There was a choco lounge sometime back in Bandra - but after that was closed - there was no den for choco lovers like us... and here comes chocolate affair.

The Location of the place is good. On the main junction at Pali Naka. The place has a few tables inside. There was a staircase to go downstairs - which I assume is for additional tables. However the AC was not functioning too well. May be they were saving POWER on a weekday and saving it for the weekend? Otherwise - thumbs up for the ambience.

The service was good. The person who came to take our order - I guess Ashish - had a good knowledge of the menu. He also looked happy to be serving us with a nice smile and enthusiasm in the voice - LIKE THIS. Its important to serve the customers with the complimentary smile. Even the guys in the main counter briefed me about the various varieties of tea they sell.

Now - the main stuff. Chocolates!!! It looked as they make their own chocolates - they had some machine at the entrance. My friend ordered for a Mint Supreme shake which she loved. We also ordered for Chocolate Foundue Sin Sensational (something like this - cant recall the name) which was a cupcake looking brownie filled with chocolate. It was just mind blowing. Should try. The prices are a little steep and one will think twice before making a visit to this place.

Well - if u enjoy chocolate and dont mind spending for it.. go for it!!!


nidhu31 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 05,2010


Super Amazing & Choco-litious Experience......!!!

I had been to this place wen it was under construction thru an acquaintance & the whole idea & concept of a pure Chocolate Lounge was completely intriguing to me....And i was so waiting for dis place 2 open up.....n it finally did......i went thr wid a couple of my frnds yest & it was jus an awesome experience........!!!
Bein a chocolate lover, specially d Belgium Chocolate, i luved everythin v ordered.......!!! The best was d Hot Chocolate (best Hot Choc i had evr had til date), served in a vry attractive & unique shaped cup, which jus added 2 d gudness of it.......!!! The waffles were extraordinarily yummy.....!!! We also ordered the center Choc filled cake & it was gr8 as wel.....!!! The whole ambience, specially d downstairs sittin space, is very elegant & classy....!!! The place is hygienic & the staff is vry warm & welcomin....!!! The USP of d place is d Chocolate Machine, situated rt at d entrance, wid pipe outlets at d Bar counter.....!!! Its vry innovative & unique in itself...!!!
I & my frnds had a gr8 tym & wud nvr miss goin thr wenevr v wud b in Bandra....!!!
A place of Complete Chocolate Indulgence & highly recommended by me for al d Chocolate Lovers....!!!
All my Best wishes to A Chocolate Affair Team....!!! Keep up d gud work......!!! =)


September 5, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hi Nidhu,
Gosh, we are so excited that you came back, especially after visiting us whilst we were under construction! The place, back then, appeared nothing short of a bomb site! So for you to comment on the ambience of our cafe is a true and welcomed compliment which we are more than happy to take....especially as it was the ideal feel that we were going for!
And thank you for appreciating our efforts in bringing something new to the table with our crockery, as at A Chocolate Affair, its not just about ordering a hot chocolate, its sav

silkair - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 05,2010


Coffee... Hot Chocolate... Just Like Home (Paris)

I am from France... trust me i know my coffee living in mumbai for last 6 months love the city but miss my coffee in mumbai..finally i found a cafe which serve just like home.. they really nice coffee love the capacino i had and the chocolate fondant cake was just amazing i will give 10 out of 10 something i would except in cafe's of friend had hot Chocolate it was amazing made with pure chocolate nice hot and thick..iam in love mumbai more since i have found my favourite cafe at pali naka


September 5, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Wow, what can we say....that is the ultimate compliment! So very kind of you and we are just so excited to have met your expectations to such a high standard....especially considering France is one of the most elite culinary destinations in the world!
We definitely hope to see you more often...we also sell our beans, so if you have a grinder, you can brew your own coffee at home! :-)


Excellent Brownie and love the Hot chocolate

Went there yesterday afternoon with my freinds... Love the interior very warm and cozyy..there is chocolate pipe running acros the shop wit big chocolate machine makes u feel ur in chocolate factory...

i had the classis hotchocolate it was just yumy best HC i ever had.and best thing is the cup its awesome... i also shared the brownie it was yummm with warm belgium chocolate its best dessert ever had... just divine..
My friends she had capacino it was just perfect love the barista was awesome ... i also bought a packet of organic lemon grass tea had it this morning its was just perfect to start my day.... Love the place will go agian and agian


September 5, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hi Janell,
Glad you are loving our products! Actually, the lemon grass tea is proving to be our most best selling tea! Thanks once again for all your kind comments and hope to see you again soon! :-)

avani1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 05,2010


Simply Awesome !!!!

I just love a good chai latte! and its just awesome!!! Its beautiful place and nice Chai with Chocolatessssssssssss yum.....


September 5, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Glad to know that you enjoyed our chai latte! And the best thing is its all organic!


Great Coffee and hot chocolate

Went there last night after reading the review in newspaper... amazing cafe serve great australian capacino.. and girlfiend she had hot chocolate it was just amazing... i think i found the best hangout place in bandra... and also highly suguest the chocolate foundue its divine...


September 5, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Thanks for your comments! Glad to know that you both enjoyed yourselves!


Amazing shake and good hot Chocolate

Good Shakes and hot chocolate made with Belgiam chocolate
I liked the place, its pretty warm and cozy but thts only in the afternoons when all the corporate crowd is there.
In the evening it is packed and buzzing, with kids runnig all over the place.
Even after all this, i love this place.
The mexican hot chocolate is really good. I also had the classic milkshake it's to die for...
Do try the Spanish churros really good...


September 5, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Hi Manish, be sure to try our chocolate fondant next time...I am sure you will enjoy it immensley!

martinray777 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 01,2010


finally Mumbai have international Standarad cafe

On the way to 5 spice for dinner last night, we saw this place chocolate affair, After dinner at 5 spice it was great we went to this new place opened in pali naka for coffee..
Have to tell you all it was worth every penny... we spent..
there was 4 of us we ordered .... waffle it was amazing with the melted chocolate...the fondant dark chocolate cake was absutely best chocolate dessert i ever had... my friend had hot chocolate it was amazing like realy rich and chocolty worth every penny..i had organic cafe was better than coffee beans tea leaf and gloria jean in bandra...Totaly Loved IT....little heavy on pocket but truly amazing...


September 1, 2010response from management at farsac93:

We are glad that you enjoyed your experience so much! We appreciate the comments that you have made about price, and we will be looking into it. As it is, at A Chocolate Affair, our profit margins are quite low. We try to source the best quality ingredients and do the least possible with it....we are all about giving high quality organic products, whether that be our chocolate, our teas and even our coffees...

lagna.das - Burrp User


120 Reviews

September 01,2010


something was missing...

After reading so many reviews i was quite excited to visit this place.
honestly speaking this place kind of dissapointed me a little. no doubt the pastries were quite amazingly made however we have other brands also that offer the good ones in bandra(deliciae and theobroma).im not a big fan of choco overdose(pizza). we were satisfied with apple pies,mud cake,dutch truffle etc.( we were quite nt keen to pick up a half kilo apple pie however we were askd to buy the whole half kilo apple pie..i thnk they shud have options of buying in pieces for the fairly popular names)
racked up a bill of Rs 850/- (inclusive of 2 brownies,2pastries,1/2 kg apple pie and coffee)
the service part- the bunch were really nice,extremely attentive and we were basically well attended.


September 1, 2010response from management at farsac93:

We are sorry for the negative experience you encountered with A Chocolate Affair. I guess, where we differ with our pastries is that we use organic Belgian chocolate in our cakes and pastries, that is how we like to differentiate ourselves from the market.
I will look into the issue of you being asked to purchase 1/2kg apple pie, as we do sell apple pie by the slice.

Disappointed :(

Well as a chocolate lover had high expectations, However no extravagant choice for Dark Chocolates recipes.....
They should define the Chocolates in the Menu & categorise it for different types of chocolate lovers.....
The menu doesn't even categorise Egg/Eggless which I beleive they should mention for Vegetarians.
I had to ultimately head to Amore to satiate my desire for Dark Chocolate with The Dark Chocolate Sorbetto....Hope they will consider the inputs


September 1, 2010response from management at farsac93:

We are looking at expanding our menu to include eggless and vegetarian options. Being an Australian based chocolate lounge, I guess we just didnt realise the huge demand for such items. Hopefully the next time you will not need to venture elsewhere to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

An Affair To Remember!

This place was so worth everything...the money, the experience, the chocolate...wait, but I'm getting ahead of me. Let's take this slowly so that we can savour it! Set in between one of the many lifelines of Bandra, at the start of Pali, A Chocolate Affair becomes a new haunt for the chocolate-needy. Now, I don't know the owner's name but she was totally sweet, very polite and welcoming without being in your face too much. She came over with our menus and told us about the chain which used to be based in Australia and they have all their chocolate imported fresh from Belgium! Bellasimo! :)

There's a huge Chocolate Vat on one corner of the store that churns and melts the chocolate and it has two huge pipes connecting it to further chocolate-vending counters! Yup, straight to the Chocolate Factory, we were transported (just like Charlie)! When I asked some of the guys to explain how it worked, they did so gladly. Also, what was nice about them was that they didn't seem to mind that we were acting like a bunch of tourists wanting to explore and click everything! They totally gave us our space.

Coming to the interiors, it's dark, dreamy and lovely...great for friends or a fun date! :) We had the Decadent Belgian Waffle that was served with banana slices and a scoop of Vanilla.....Mm-mmmm! The other dish we had was Spanish Churros. They are an interesting variety of the waffle/pancake family shaped like huge long Twizzlers. You gotta dip those in a pot of chocolate and feast on them! The chocolate sauce we had it with was Milk but I'd have preferred Dark Chocolate since that's my favorite.

Oooh, another important thing, the owner said that the chocolate is absolutely pure, no chocolate powders are used to make the dishes or drinks, they use 100% drinking chocolate! I am gonna keep going there....I love the place. It is, indeed an affair to remember. :)


September 1, 2010response from management at farsac93:

Thanks so much for your kind comments. Hope to see you again soon! :-)

September 2, 2010response from management at Krypton15:


From a choclate lover....

I think “A chocolate Affair” is trying to fill in the gap our city needs to inject some sort of fashionable interest in food, but it somehow does not fit into that or its not yet there.
On reading the previous reviews, I thought of trying this place for my birthday, and here’s my experience:
We were not that impressed with the layout or the décor but the staff was warm enough to greet me and take me to my table.
When it came to ordering, I was wary at first - drinking a cup full of chocolate? The thought of pure, delicious sugar sounds pretty freakin' awesome, and so we ordered dark chocolate- and we were disappointed. Next came in line – Nuttie Delight (if I have got it right) and a drink with mint flavor- both were apt. Exploring further we ordered chocolate fondue which honestly did not make a strong impact neither did the waffle. To sum up, it was a “not bad” experience instead of a good one.
Assuming the joint is at a nascent stage, all efforts appreciated but there is definitely a scope for improvement
Looking forward to a good experience on my next visit. All the Best


August 23, 2010response from management at farsac93:

From one chocolate lover to another, we are sorry that you came away from your experience at our joint disappointed.
If you do decide to visit us again, which we hope you do, we recommend you go for either a milk or white hot chocolate, if you are looking for something sugary. Our dark chocolate contains 80% cocoa so is naturally bitter in taste. As for the nutty is quite literally loaded with nuts, hence it gives a slightly bitter taste, if that is not suited to your palette then we would recommend a classic milkshake.

August 24, 2010response from management at amibhatia:

Hi, thanks for your reply. As I mentioned earlier, the nutty overload was perfectly fine. As for your other suggestions, will try all of them the next time.


Chocoholics rejoice....

It was a sunday and I was supposed to go for a office picnic to Lonavala and as it happens to most of the best plans, it didn't work out for me. Having worked nites for the whole week an idea about lazing around in my bed got better of me than getting up and traveling on an off day.. But as soon as the morning hours passed and I my quota of sleep was over I was wondering why I was at home on a weekend and missing all the action I would have had in Lonavala...
Out of nowhere I got a call from my friend Majid who told me about this place in Bandra that we had to go to for its opening ceremony and throughout the road he was telling me about the concept and how this is a one of kind concept in India, etc etc... He was talking about some store our friend Adnan had opened in Bandra which as per his words was some kind of chocolate bar and I was wondering what all one can do with chocolates.. We picked up a couple of friends on our way and dear Majid was going on and on with things he had heard about... Finally we reached that place.. I quite liked the name "A Chocolate Affair" and I liked the way the board was done... We moved in as Adnan greeted us.. The place initially felt a little small although it smelt great.. I saw a few occupied seats and the first thing that struck me was a glass bottle with a cork on one of the tables which looked more like an exotic wine bottles... I was wondering what drink it was as I was not expecting any alcoholic drinks...
Adnan lead us to the lower level which I never noticed existed and it appeared to be a nice and cozy place.. One of the staffers came and handed the menu to us and Majid started reading it loud to us while we were looking at the way the place was done... He inquired if we would prefer bottled water or regular and I asked him to get regular.. He came with one of those bottles I had seen and to my amusement it turned out to be regular water served in these great looking bottles.. Nice touch I thought..
Now coming to the main thing... We were offered hot chocolate and I never thought it could taste so great.. There came Adnan and introduced the items in the menu to us... We started off with Spanish Churos and then came Turkish Donuts and Waffles.. All of these served with molten Belgian chocolate.. I liked Churos the most and as per Tonu donuts were the best... Majid was his own self appreciating every dish that was served... We were also served a nice chocolate drink flavored with a mix of Indian spices and a nice cup of Australian green tea in between to clean out pallet.... I am not sure if others liked the Green tea but I did helf myself to a second cup as this is how I like my tea to be...
All in all it was a great experience and I was no longer missing my Lonavala trip...



Thats all the noise you are gonna make once you taste their desert.. tried one of their cakes with a liquid center with ice-cream and it was simply amazing...

I know there are a lot of places around like theobroma, pastries from five spice etc but this one offers an experience by itself with fondue, waffles and pancakes...

Worth a try!!!



Chocoholics Rejoice !!!

Having passed by this place on more than a few occasions, thought its high time i tried it out...n i wasn't to be disappointed.
A Chocolate Affair seems almost out of place considering its located at Pali naka...but the interiors will more than settle you down. My 1st impression was that this is a place that really takes itself seriously and the menu on offer is an extension of that idea...With almost 10 different varieties of Hot Chocolate (Belgian tht 2) to choose from and other delectable stuff, my friends and I settled for Waffle Hot Choc, Mexican Hot Choc. and a Hot Choc. With Moroccan Mint...Their quality of ingredients claimed did live up to their billing as the stuff was quite awesome. The Waffles in the Hot Choc. were soft and bursting with flavour while the Mexican version had terrific bite with the aftertaste of nutmeg n chilli !! I'd give this place a 5 but for the Moroccan version which lacked enough mint, considering the stuff isn't exactly cheap. The premium pricing seems justified considering its not ur usual hangout kinda place and their ingredient quality IS That Good !! Hope this one stays put.




This place has lot to offer. So far i can recommend that this is the best chocolate lounge in Mumbai. very high quality product , high level of attention to detail, very attentive staff it almost seemed like that they all are so passionate about chocolate. This place has set benchmark in providing the best chocolate along with best experience. As soon as you walk in there is the factory size chocolate machine which we dont see in day to day life, pipe running from ceiling and ending at the bar counter is a WOW.. Hygiene is maintained at its best unlike other restaurant and cafes. I totally loved hot chocolates as they use pure belgium chocolate in their hot chocolate instead of chocolate powder giving it nice texture and perfect taste not too sweet but just perfect.
Another attraction was belgium waffles i havent seen such nice and moist waffles anywhere in Mumbai before and i tried chocolate liquid centered cake and it was awesum ...

Value for money and if you plan to have dessert i would recommend to go to a chocolate affair as instead of anywhere else.

Completely Satisfied;)