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Adlabs Imagica



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Adlabs Imagica Reviews

Fantastic time, worth it!

We were simply amazed at every point at Imagica.

Rides : Super fun and I know many more are to come. Rides looked well maintained and clean. The rumours of that accident was greatly exaggerated by the media. We found the rides were safe and exhilarating. The best part is that they have rides where everyone can be indulged. However please research the rides before going so you know what to expect. And since it is a big place always plan your day. Hot afternoons are best for indoor air conditioned rides etc.

Location : We loved it, it was an easy ride there. And serene surroundings was nice.

Food : Fantastic choices from African, American, Mexican, Indian and many more cuisines. The food was delicious and was amazingly reasonable. My family was amazed to see tiny details were taken care of to match the ambiance of the themed restaurants.

Staff : This i must say is a big plus in Imagica, i have never seen a more happy and so selfless staff ever. They would go out of the way to help if needed. Most importantly they made each ride more fun by their friendliness. The ride managers would try their best to make each ride a more welcoming and fun experience and take personal pride in their jobs. Keep it up guys.

Price : Though at first it feels a little steep but when you spend a day there, we felt it was worth it. But only if you plan to enjoy all the rides, then only its worth spending. If they could have a system where our elders could join us but since they are not going to use the ride facilities they could get a discount on entry fees it would be awesome. Maybe they could give a different coloured hand band or something.

Overall we loved the experience even when we went as a couple and now looking forward to going again with a larger crowd.



Awesome Trip !!!! Totally Wort it !!!!

I visited Imagica on 26th Jan. Took a package for 6 people + Ac Car + Rs.400 food voucher per person in Rs. 14,400. The car was at my place before time. Reached Imagica at 11. 26th Jan, 2014, I thought I made a mistake by booking for this day as it was "Republic Day + Sunday". Reading some of the reviews made me feel that the park will be overcrowded, I wont get to visit all the rides or I will have to spend extra bucks to upgrade for Express Tickets. But all my thoughts were totally wrong. As all the rides didnt open at 11, I visited I for India first. Only for I for India, I had to wait for 45 Minutes. For all the rest, I waited not more than 10 Minutes for any ride. Nitro, Scream, Dare Drop, Deep Space, Gold Rush, I for India, Rajasaurus, Curse of Salimgarh are amazing & must visit. Alibaba & Mr. India are also good. cinema 360 & Motion Box are avoidable. Food is decent. The park looks beautiful in the evening. The day was totally worth it. Fun, Exciting & Awesome


Expensive but Good !!!

I'd been to Adlabs Imagica a couple of weeks back. As known earlier the place is a bit expensive compared to other theme parks in Mumbai...but however the place is worth a visit.
It's just not a roller coaster based park...but it has various types of rides like roller coasters, interaction based ride, virtual simulation type rides, movie based, etc.
There are not many rides for small kids, however they are allowed in most of the rides (depending on the height contraint) if accompanied with adults.
I'd been there in November 2013, so they had an offer running that time...on purchase of 2 Adult tickets you get a food voucher free worth Rs 500. However I'd received a 600 Rs. voucher as I was a registered user on their FB page.
Initially the counter sales person did not know about the 600 Rs thing, but on confirming with other staff they were ready to give 600 Rs voucher. This was sufficient for a 2 time meal for 2 people.
Out of all the rides, my top favourites are Nitro, D2 & Deep Space (it would have been more fun had Deep Space been a longer ride). Even I for India & Wrath of the Gods are very good.
Overall even though it burns a big hole in your pocket, but I had a very good experience.

1. Try to go on weekdays, as the park would not be very crowded and you can enjoy all the rides (some even multiple times). On weekends & holidays the park is very crowded and you'll spend half your time waiting in the queue.
2. Don't forget to carry your caps & glares. There is very little shade in the park and it is very hot during the day.


Rhea Das - Burrp User

Rhea Das

2 Reviews

December 04,2013


Awesome place and every one must visit it........

A superb place to visit where in Mumbai I have seen such a destination.....If you like adventures then it's the perfect place for you. Food is good and decently priced.Very good technology used.The best thing about this destination was it makes you feel like a child.

Best Thrilling rides: Nitro,Scream machine,Deep Space,Dare 2 Drop.

Best Animation rides: Prince of Dark Waters, Mr.India,I for India,BMX motion theatre.

Best Fun Rides: Alibaba and the chaalis chorr, Curse of Salimgarh, Rajasaurus, Wrath Of Gods.

Yaaaa!! Do sit on the first row of the Nitro to experience Thrill, And visit Salimgarh in the evening to experience better Horror. Occupy the First row of I FOR India to have a good experience.

Staff is courteous and co-operating.....Park of International Standards. Do carry hats or caps as it's quite hot there.
Do Buy something antique like the Pirate cap or a shirt with IMAGICA written on it or there are many other things that you can buy from stalls as a memory.....It will remain always with you as the best memory.....don't think about money.


Sudhaa - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 08,2013


Kids ticket pricing policy -beware

We had visited the park on 12th of Oct 2013 (Saturday) We were a group of 9 adults , 2kids under 3years old and 1 kid who is above 3 years, we were told to buy 9 adult tickets and 1 kids ticket.
The park is of international Standards, well maintained and customer service from the staff was outstanding and all were friendly and guiding.
Food and other amenities were excellent!
Our only concern was that we were made to buy ticket for the kid who has completed 3 years but is not of the height mentioned in the chart outside all rides. Every ride requires the kid to be of minimum height of 42 inches or min of 36 inches so the kid was not allowed inside many rides, even those rides which they have mentioned in the website that if accompanied by someone the kid can take the ride, unfortunately the kid was denied entry into:(from mentioned list in the website)

Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr

Bandits of Robin Hood

Bump It Boats

Loch Ness Expplorers

Mr. India- The Ride

Splash Ahoy!

Tubbby Takes Off - Was not functional that day!

So the kid went on max of 3 rides like Mambo Chai Crazy tea cups, cinema 360 and Magic Carousel.

For which we were asked to pay 1600 Rs!, even the kids under 3 years old enjoyed these rides ... so whats the point in charging with age they should charge after seeing the height!!! This is highly unacceptable False promises.Kindly change the pricing policy as well so the others are not affected like us.

Besides, we saw ads of Nitro being launched,opened and functional, but sadly when we went there, they said trial run and its not open, we were totally disappointed. Would love to go on Nitro,but obviously none of us are ready to pay 1900 Rs again to go just on that ride. Again false promise there... we saw ads in the paper and got excited.


miniwow - Burrp User


11 Reviews

October 26,2013


magical place!!! *_*

i went to imagica on 25 sept for a picnic with friends since we are students we got discounts on our entry coupons which is quiet appreciable !! they also have couple of other packages for family which allows you to choose the best!! i thought it would be waste of money since i feared height and almost all rides are damn scarry !! i tried one which was a moderate one but then i was forced to try gold rush which seemed as scary as hell but the experience was too good and i cannot sum up in few words all other rides like scream machine ,d2 looks as scary as hell but trust me guys one time experience is a must and you would have a heck of a time!! over all its quite a wonderful place with lots of other 3d entertainment and joy that you would love to have in your busy scheduled life!



Adlabs imagica

Good place for a days hangout with kids,gr8 rides but a little costly.Go for a chill out
provided that you can spare that extra bucks.Concept is good and rides like alibaba,salimgarh,i for india are worth it.Ideal vacation spot to hangout with kids and family but a little tiring.Looks gr8 in the evening(night time)when the lights are on.You feel like ur in another world.



Don't compare and you'll like it..:)

Well having visited multiple theme parks outside our country, i was not only curious but also a wee bit apprehensive about adlabs imagica. I was pleasantly surprised. My family and i visited imagica on a weekday and therefore it was not all that crowded. Though 1200 is a lot of money to pay per head, but please do keep in mind how much you pay abroad as well for such theme parks.
The Indian element clearly stood out in rides like Mr. India and I for india . A word of praise for the polite and courteous staff present at all the rides and the shows. Also the place is immaculately clean and well maintained considering the size. There are clean washrooms which are available close to almost every ride. The food court has ample choices and is reasonably priced. Summing up, it is definitely one of its kind in the country so far and praise should go out to the owners and mangers, but it may not take long before it looses its sheen if we are not watchful for e.g i came across few people who were carelessly tossing away garbage e.t.c while it was cleared off by the staff present immediately, i think its time now that the masses mature at being responsible for cleanliness and hygiene while demanding world class services.



Not worth it AT ALL. we were a party of 11 who had gone to the park hoping for a good experiencr since the place is so hyped. However, its a big disappointment. The day we had gone thr water ride was said to be under maintainance when I had called thrm the previous day asking about the rides which would be functional the next day and they didnt bother to mention about it being under maintainance.
We waited in the queue for the ride I for india for about an hour whrn we were told that the ride has undergone some problem. According to them "the machinery couldnt tolerate the high temperatures caused due to the summer heat". They kept telling us itl be up and running but obviously it didnt function thereafter. Then crisis...there was a power failure in the whole none of the rides were functional and the power affected the food counters as well.
So half the day went and we had just been to a couple of rides. Though they refunded our money due to the horrible experience that we encountered it was still a huge management failure.
They have just started the park too early with nothing functioning in a proper manner.

Only ridr we enjoyed was Mr. India. Well that was the only half decent ride we could goto.

I HIGHLY suggest to stay away from the park for atleast another 7 to 8 months since more than half the rides dont function or are under maintainance. It was just a waste of a day to be honest. So please AVOID!


Terribly and overpriced

In 1 statement my review would be DON'T GO!!
Most rides were non functional (on the purchase counter it says only 2 rides!!) while others were closed for maintenance. The concept is good but very poorly executed. We waited in queues for 15 minutes after which the staff would just turn up and say closed for maintenance or closed for the day at 3pm. We were inside for 3 hours and could visit only 2 rides (Mr India and 360 degree). The food was pathetic...It was difficult to bite it...we were literally trying to pull it across.
The worst is yet to come..the electricity for the entire park went down..and they had no back-up. We could see people stuck in the rides for about half an hour in the scorching heat with no help..In one of the kids ride (pirate's ahoy) technician literally went in the pool and pushed the car to the exit point. This is just one example of poor execution.
All in was a waste of a Saturday..travelling expense


Not fully operational

1.Rides like scream machine, dare 2 drop, Mr. India, etc are good

1. Nitro-India's biggest roller coaster, Deep Space,Imagica Capital is under construction & will take atleast 2 montsh to complete
2. On the day I visited unfortunately Rajasauras was not working (Under maintainence)
3. Ticket is costly
4. Food is too costly. (Tea-50, pepsi-50/70, burger+fries+pepsi=250
5. Once you enter the park you cant even go out to eat the food you have brought in car.
6. Its very very hot
7. Effectively per person 3000 bucks So family of 4 will spent atleast 10,000

Verdict- Not worth the money spent. Its for rich people. Not for common man or school picnic.




Atlast something new for Mumbaikars and Puneites. An excellent attempt to create an amusement park of international standard. Some of the rides are very good like Gold Rush Express - a roller coaster ride, D2 Dare Drop but the best of all and for a life time thrilling experience do sit in the SCREM MACHINE ride - a spinning pendulam.
On the other side they have some unique theme shows like RAJASAURUS RIVER ADVENTURE, Cinema 360 - Prince of Dark Waters, I For India - a flying experience, Mr. India - The ride, Alibaba aur chalis chor - to test your shooting skills, Wrath of Gods.
For the kids they also have few rides.
As far as the food is concerned they have some theme restaurants like Red Bonnet American Diner, Zeze Bar + Grill ( african flavours), Robertos food coaster (chinese, italian, south indian, chaat etc), arrmada tapas bar. The food is very good.
Price: weekdays: 1200 for adult and 900 for child (excluding food)
weekends: 1500 for adult and 1200 for child (excluding food)

If your child is under 4' then they are not allowed in some shows and rides also and for them charging 1200 for them is too exhorbitant. Secondly the staff at robertos food coaster is too slow in taking orders and serving food (wont be albe to handle large crowd). Also some of the rides and some shows are yet to be operational.

Overall its a great place to visit for a thrilling and awesome experience.