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Andheri West
A/4, Royal Classic Building, New Link Road, Next To Fame Adlabs, Andheri West,Mumbai
12:00 pm to 01:00 am

Price: Rs.1500 for two

Cuisine: Continental, Mediterranean, Italian

Known for: Chicken Nachos

Home delivery
Serves alcohol
Large Group Friendly
Happy hours
Air conditioned
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Farah Shroff - Burrp User

Farah Shroff

February 24,2016

If you want your car damaged give it to the valet at Alfredo's on Link Road, Andheri West

Who would've thought that a Saturday night meal at Alfredo's would turn into a nightmare due to the callousness of an unskilled valet & the nonchalant attitude of the management. This is precisely what happened to me this Saturday evening. And the entire act was covered up so well by everyone that I was made to look like a fool the next morning.

The sequence of events.......

At about 9.15 pm I hand over my SX4 car to the valet there. At 10.30 pm I ask for my car keys. It takes them 10 min to get the culprit, Mr. Satveer, to hand over the car keys to me. The car was parked right outside the restaurant. On close scrutiny I see the front bumper was on the footpath. When I demanded to know who had parked my car in this manner they were completely tongue-tied passing the buck from one to the other. The Manager too came out & started yelling at them for the way in which my car was parked. In the meantime, there were 4-5 valets huddled near the back bumper of my car refusing to budge. Before I could help my 86-year old mother into the back seat they literally forced her in so as to prevent me from getting anywhere near the rear bumper of my car just in case I see the damage. After 10 min Satveer comes out from the main entrance of the restaurant profusely apologising for his shoddy parking.

At that point too I didn't realise the extent of the damage to the back bumper, firstly because it was pretty dark out there & secondly because of the valets standing in the way almost trying to block me from taking a look at the rear end of the car.

The next morning when I see the damage I go back to them. The Manager tells us to return in the evening so he can check with the evening staff. When we go back late evening they are all prepared to shirk responsibility. Another senior Manager has the audacity to ask me, "Peechhe se kaise thok sakta hai?" I asked the fool, "What do you mean by this statement?" To which he had no reply.

We came away utterly disgusted, as there was no point arguing with fools. But I was determined to teach them a lesson so that they don't get away with this behaviour the next time they bash up someone else's car. Hence this post.

This entire incident has left a bitter taste in the mouth as the management & staff were blindly supporting & shamelessly covering up for a careless staff member instead of taking him to task. One doesn't expect this treatment from a restaurant that one has regularly patronised. Instead of my SX4 this could have happened to a Jaguar, Porsche or any other expensive car. Who would bear the brunt then?

Alfredo's at Link Road, Andheri (West) has definitely lost one valuable customer for good.
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Gdsouza - Burrp User


October 11,2015


Very disappointing experience !!! SHAME having such a lovely venue and menu but the manager behavior was worst then a road side Dhaba !! I am regular at your venue at Andheri since its below my building I have all my day meetings plus family and friends gathering there ,Being in the same society I get discount on every bill ,Last night I was there with my family and friends firstly ordered for round of drinks and my son wanted to have oreo milk shake the waiter served us in a whiskey glass spilling all on table .We then 5 of us orderd for sizzlers which had no sizzle before we could finish our meal the bill was on our table .I later told the mgr that we get disc he said now its not possible I said you can still do it .He lead to argument with us .I told him give me your senior number he said he just left and he didn't want to disturb him .I told him I know Shashi .He said if you know him you call him I cant give his number .He was so rude ..while this was happening I paid the entire bill I again told him now the bill is paid can I have Shashi number he said he cant give and he called all his staff including bouncers who surrounded us which looked very odd to me ..the waiters there apologized to us said "I know you are regular but they cant do anything because of this manager who had instructed him not to do so " I asked the manager for his name and I told I am going to complain He wrote in bold letters his name on my bill and told me I can do whatever I want ....I did not argue further and just walked out but for sure I am not coming back to this venue anymore nor I will allow or recommend my circle of friends to this venue .
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