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Farah Shroff - Burrp User

Farah Shroff

February 24,2016

If you want your car damaged give it to the valet at Alfredo's on Link Road, Andheri West

Who would've thought that a Saturday night meal at Alfredo's would turn into a nightmare due to the callousness of an unskilled valet & the nonchalant attitude of the management. This is precisely what happened to me this Saturday evening. And the entire act was covered up so well by everyone that I was made to look like a fool the next morning.

The sequence of events.......

At about 9.15 pm I hand over my SX4 car to the valet there. At 10.30 pm I ask for my car keys. It takes them 10 min to get the culprit, Mr. Satveer, to hand over the car keys to me. The car was parked right outside the restaurant. On close scrutiny I see the front bumper was on the footpath. When I demanded to know who had parked my car in this manner they were completely tongue-tied passing the buck from one to the other. The Manager too came out & started yelling at them for the way in which my car was parked. In the meantime, there were 4-5 valets huddled near the back bumper of my car refusing to budge. Before I could help my 86-year old mother into the back seat they literally forced her in so as to prevent me from getting anywhere near the rear bumper of my car just in case I see the damage. After 10 min Satveer comes out from the main entrance of the restaurant profusely apologising for his shoddy parking.

At that point too I didn't realise the extent of the damage to the back bumper, firstly because it was pretty dark out there & secondly because of the valets standing in the way almost trying to block me from taking a look at the rear end of the car.

The next morning when I see the damage I go back to them. The Manager tells us to return in the evening so he can check with the evening staff. When we go back late evening they are all prepared to shirk responsibility. Another senior Manager has the audacity to ask me, "Peechhe se kaise thok sakta hai?" I asked the fool, "What do you mean by this statement?" To which he had no reply.

We came away utterly disgusted, as there was no point arguing with fools. But I was determined to teach them a lesson so that they don't get away with this behaviour the next time they bash up someone else's car. Hence this post.

This entire incident has left a bitter taste in the mouth as the management & staff were blindly supporting & shamelessly covering up for a careless staff member instead of taking him to task. One doesn't expect this treatment from a restaurant that one has regularly patronised. Instead of my SX4 this could have happened to a Jaguar, Porsche or any other expensive car. Who would bear the brunt then?

Alfredo's at Link Road, Andheri (West) has definitely lost one valuable customer for good.
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Gdsouza - Burrp User


October 11,2015


Very disappointing experience !!! SHAME having such a lovely venue and menu but the manager behavior was worst then a road side Dhaba !! I am regular at your venue at Andheri since its below my building I have all my day meetings plus family and friends gathering there ,Being in the same society I get discount on every bill ,Last night I was there with my family and friends firstly ordered for round of drinks and my son wanted to have oreo milk shake the waiter served us in a whiskey glass spilling all on table .We then 5 of us orderd for sizzlers which had no sizzle before we could finish our meal the bill was on our table .I later told the mgr that we get disc he said now its not possible I said you can still do it .He lead to argument with us .I told him give me your senior number he said he just left and he didn't want to disturb him .I told him I know Shashi .He said if you know him you call him I cant give his number .He was so rude ..while this was happening I paid the entire bill I again told him now the bill is paid can I have Shashi number he said he cant give and he called all his staff including bouncers who surrounded us which looked very odd to me ..the waiters there apologized to us said "I know you are regular but they cant do anything because of this manager who had instructed him not to do so " I asked the manager for his name and I told I am going to complain He wrote in bold letters his name on my bill and told me I can do whatever I want ....I did not argue further and just walked out but for sure I am not coming back to this venue anymore nor I will allow or recommend my circle of friends to this venue .
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

April 29,2015

Lovely Italian cuisine

Nice decor for going with family or even a date and has some really awesome italian food and some very unique dishes! Do try Baba Ganoush, penne vodka,pesto pasta, chargrilled cottage cheese, Meat Potpourri Pizza, Baked cheesecake-every dish is enough for 1 person and is priced appropriately, it is all fresh and tasty and you can make it spicier or milder according to your tastes too! Staff is very courteous and helpful.
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Rahul Giri - Burrp User

Rahul Giri

November 14,2014

Love it

Whenever I visit this place I truly believe that heaven does exist
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dipakranawat - Burrp User


November 01,2014


To know why I say this - pls keep reading.
As per IT rules, a restaurant can charge service charge on food bill.
Also the service tax and VAT are chargeable on the actual food bill and not cumulative amount of foob bill +service Charge.
they keep adding all these amounts cumulatively which results in much more bill than actual.
When I confronted about this the idiotic waiter/manager has the audacity to tell me that if I don't want to pay service charge then I should go to a lower class restaurant.
they force me to pay an incorrect bill!
I'm planning to take this up at consumer Court for such improper behaviour and fraudulent way of calculating the bill.
I swear I'm not visiting this place every again. It spoilt my date night!
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pranaly_g - Burrp User


May 20,2014

alfredo love!!

mind blowing nachos,pepper and olive bruchettas and crumb fried chicken basket!great food...love the interiors!
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gr8bhavin - Burrp User


March 17,2014

good place

it is a very good place to chill...
decent pricing for food,
a little expensive for alcohol
but it is fun
the staff is decent, the food tastes good
what else does one want !
The perfect place for a lazy afternoon with beer and food. The only problem is it has too few tables and sometimes you might have to wait.
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Nirali Naik - Burrp User

Nirali Naik

February 28,2014

Best Lasagna I've ever had

Alfredos is someplace where I have tried everything on the menu and have been visiting it for as long as I can remember. The Lasagna is the best here, with the best kind of cheese and stuffing. The place is quaint and quiet, especially around lunch. The staff is hospitable and nice.

The perfect place for a lazy afternoon with beer and food. The only problem is it has too few tables and sometimes you might have to wait.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

February 13,2014

Try once

Went there on a Saturday at around 8ish. Was surprised to see their neighboring chocolate place having more people than this. Maybe we went a little to early! Anyways, so this has both types of seating, and we sat inside.

We were attended by waiter after 5 minutes after being seated, and upon asking we were given the menu (now that was strange!)

After thinking for a while, we ordered the following things. One thing which was good was that we ordered the whole menu together, but they bought the food accordingly. Like first the salad, then the appetizer and then the main course. Not everything together!

1. Veg Ceaser salad: Good quantity, and good amount of dressing. This was fresh and wholesome. If you are a salad fan, I think they score on this.
2. Veg bruschetta: Why in the God's name did I try this? Please avoid this at any cost.
3. Enchilladas: Oh lovely! it was melt in the mouth.
4. Chocolate milkshake: I think they added more water than chocolate. Enough said.

Visit this for their Salads and Enchilladas. Would want to go here again for their Pastas and Pizzas.
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achintaurora - Burrp User


January 06,2014

Intend to file a complaint to FDI

Alfredo being a hub of mosquitoes and flies (strangely we dont see any in Sammy Sosa / ORG who also have outside seating) I intend to file a complaint against Alfredo, as this is not the first time when we have food minus mosquitoes and flies accompanying us. This restaurant needs to be shut down on immediate basis for extremely bad hygiene.

Instance of today: Mosquito falls in my wine.(Please note I was having the lunch inside) I tell the waiter to change it. Mosquito feels in my wine for the second time, I tell the waiter that I would be complaining the FDI and not paying for this wine.

Extremely shameless people that they have, actually bill me for that wine, and state 'Mam, Badal ke toh diya tha na wine!' WOW! He actually expected me to have it with mosquito and thinks he should not even be ashamed for charging me for an extremely badly kept environment they have.

Need helpo of BURRP and anyone who could to help me complain to FDI for Management of Alfredo having an audacity to even run such a place.
I have pictures and proofs.Pls connect with me if anyone can help.
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Venkatesh Chetlur - Burrp User

Venkatesh Chetlur

December 31,2013

Value fare

Dropped in here with some friends for a small get-together.
The place is laid back and comfy. The general ambience is good. Staff courteous and helpful, service prompt.
Food was excellent - tasty and good sized portions. The pizza was a bit of a let down though. Overall, a good place to go for a laid back evening with friends.
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Sudhaa - Burrp User


December 08,2013

Good italian food and cozy ambiance

Nice Italian pastas,pizzas and sizzlers you get there...Good choice of drinks as well...You can eat and have a conversation also,yummy desserts but little expensive...Its priced same as the main course dish...Overall an nice experience...
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

October 12,2013


Went there on a whim, as my friend & I wanted to enjoy some good food & some drinks in a quiet setting. The ambiance is amazing, though we were right on the main road we were totally cut off from the sounds resonating from the main road. As it was happy hour we got the usual one for one free which is great as one can always use another drink! They are also one of the very few restaurants that still give peanuts with ones drinks complimentary!!!

For food we ordered the Chicken Pizza which was awesome & the Chicken Sizzler which was divine!!! The portion sizes were so large that two grown men could not finish the food!!!

Great food, reasonable prices, good service will definitely be going back there for more!!!
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rushabh - Burrp User


September 30,2013

Horrible service for the price

Me and a friend went to Alfredos near Infinity mall yesterday, Sunday, Sep 29. We went there as we wanted to "talk" and that's why chose Alfredos over a Rude lounge or an On Toes which are great places if you want to have a drink and chill, but too loud to carry on a conversation. Well, we were ushered to a corner table for two. I ordered a cappuccino and my friend ordered a Mocha. And we also called for a Pesto sauce pasta. The Cappuccino was a tad too milky for my taste so I left it and moved on to the pasta. Just then, they turned up the volume on the speaker so loud that we could barely hear each other. We requested them to turn it down, the waiter took the request and disappeared. There was no change in the levels. We called one of the senior guys (in a black coat) and he said, it's a weekend, so the music shall remain loud. "If we turn it down, you will hear other people talk as people are talking very loudly!" Can you imagine how ridiculous that was? We requested to be shifted to another table, away from the speakers, they said there wasn't any table for 2 available. The pasta was good so we ordered another one and emphasized we want it just like the way you served the current one. The next one came with a darker pesto (which was still OK) but had no mushroom at all. The earlier one was replete with mushroom. We had made up our mind never to go back to Alfredos because of
their snobbish attitude at not letting the volume down to the level it was at when we entered. We didn't complain but, just then, this wannabe kinda manager walked up to us with a wide grin, "so how's the food?" So I said the earlier pasta was great and we ordered a repeat, however this one has no mushroom unlike the earlier one. He was dumbfounded and didn't have an answer. He fumbled and then managed to say, "I'll just check with the chef", gave me a thumbs up sign and went inside. He never came back, not even to say, sorry, we messed up. They charge a 5% service charge for this atrocious service. I'm never going back, neither is my friend. Neither should you, if you expect a restaurant staff to at least have a minimal customer service orientation.
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dipeshsonawat - Burrp User


July 30,2013


The restaurant seems hidden among many eateries among this area. However once you have found it, it doesn't disappoint you. The pizzas and pastas are delicious. We had ordered risotto too which was one of the best in the suburbs. A thumps up to this restaurant. Can Be visited too often. Cheers!!
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sarvotam Pai - Burrp User

sarvotam Pai

July 12,2013

Needs to really cope up

Had been there for a recent dinner on a weekday, the ambiance here is soft and relaxed with comfortable seating and layout,was seated outside although they offer a option of indoor dining.
Had tried the veg bruschetta, chicken shush touk,and penne with white sauce,
Food was average honestly the pasta was not at all upto the mark the sauce was really poor and pastas were undone and raw, although the chicken touk was decent with a large chunk, the bruschetta was not upto the mark at all tasted like pizzas served in Indian restaurants.
Also had a glass of wine and a large rum, had coke as a mixture and was charged extra.
All in all was not that great experience ended up paying a bill of INR 1850.
Not sure if I may walk in again.
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Natasha Pimple - Burrp User

Natasha Pimple

June 17,2013

service tax wrongly been charged

frequent visitor of alfredos , love the food out here be it .. i visited last on 15th june 2013 for lunch with my sister , we ordered for peri peri basa sizzler , garlic bread , roasted chicken , Cappuccino.. the food was as usual mind blowing .

The only thing will like to point out it during the billing , may be this practice is followed in other restaurants also, which as a customer we should be aware of . my bill came around Rs 2000 inclusive of service charge , vat and service tax.

they wrongly charged me the service tax . a basic definition for vat and service tax will be that vat is chargeable on food items and service tax is charged on the service provided by the staff. but all the places , restaurant owners are charging service tax on food + service charge , so we are actually taxed twice.

this time they charged me service tax of rs 62 but actually service tax was only Rs 3 , i made the manage explain the problem so he said they will take 2-3 days time to change the setting and this time i need to pay the given bill only , i have told him i m regular at this place so will see if the change is made or no. the matter is not about Rs 60 or Rs 3 , its y we pay extra to the restaurant owner , rather i pay same amount to some needy person.

one can go through the below link to thoroughly understand the wrong practiced of the restuarnts

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krishna mehta - Burrp User

krishna mehta

April 04,2013

wow wow wow

wow wow wow !

Must say it is one of the best bars in Mumbai. Great place to to be with friends of hours and yet affordable !! Don't forget to try this place if you are in Andheri ! You and your friends will truly enjoy :)
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Chotu Vohra - Burrp User

Chotu Vohra

March 24,2013

Awesome Food

Been going here a lot nowdays. None of the dishes will fail you. Very good place to try out good continental food. Huge portions which make it awesome value for money.
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Arpita Vyas - Burrp User

Arpita Vyas

March 04,2013

Lazy Afternoon Place

Looking for a lazy afternoon, just sitting with some of your closest frnds, sipping beer, eating good food and having a hearty time??? Alfredos is the place to go...

Well I visited this place on a weekend with my husband. Since I went there post lunch, we were looking for some place where we could just relax, listen to some music, have a conversation...

We visited Alfredos during happy hours (12.00pm - 7.00pm) and ordered a pitcher of beer. Since it was one on one free, our waiter suggested that he will get us the beer in a tower (1 beer tower = 2 pitchers). We also ordered some dessert.

What I really like about this place is the ambience. It is informal and comfortable. They play classic english songs, which sets the perfect mood for a lazy weekend.

For dessert, we had a chocolate mud pie with ice-cream. It was heavenly. The mud pie was warm and soft and baked to perfection.

I have eaten at Alfredos a couple of times before as well, and I really vouch for this place. The food is nice, service is good. I rate it at 3.5 only due to lack of creativity in food. The dishes availabe here are not exclusive. But consistency in quality makes it a winner.
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H. Sanghvi  - Burrp User

H. Sanghvi

February 14,2013

Happy Hours

A great place just go chill and drink with your friends! The manager is very sweet and helpful :) Must take advantage of the Happy Hours from 12 to 7pm
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Prabhjot Singh - Burrp User

Prabhjot Singh

February 14,2013

Best food

I loved the food the place their service n quality is simply amazing yummy
Best place for pizza lovers :)
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krishi24 - Burrp User


February 13,2013

Great interior

The new branch looks more mature. No fuss-free formica tables and cane chairs, but polished wood furniture, turquoise couches, exposed brickwork, framed black-and-white photos on rough concrete walls and warm, focussed lighting instead of a uniform, shadow-less illumination – the kind of distressed look that so many cafes have adopted.
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Readytoeat - Burrp User


February 04,2013

Good place

Had been yesterday for lunch there.Ambiance was good.Food was awesome.hospitality good.We were also given a black current scoop on the house.....:)...Overall experience was so welcoming and warm.
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Aditya Thakkar - Burrp User

Aditya Thakkar

February 01,2013

great place!!!

its a lovely place
the ambiance, both inside and outside is awesum
decent choice of food nd beverages too and the food tastes gr8
friendly staff and good music and it is surprisingly inexpensive too

all in all a gr8 hangout place
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hkhkhkhkhk - Burrp User


January 22,2013

Great service

Awesome ambiance! Amazing pizzas and pastas....The manager and the waiter are kind as well...
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krishi24 - Burrp User


January 21,2013

Anytime anyday

It's one place where i would want to go anytime and anyday. Go with your friends and chill till you want. Enjoy the beer and great food and the ambience. Yes this place does have great ambience.
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H. Sanghvi  - Burrp User

H. Sanghvi

December 05,2012

Happy Hours!!!

Lovely Ambiance.... Seems like the juhu alfredos has got a make over for good! The food is great! But i love the Happy Hours!!
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krishi24 - Burrp User


December 04,2012

alfredos andheri

ts an amazing place with top class service ! Great food too .. with a better ambience than juhu one !
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MinolAjekar - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Sorry State

After a movie one night waked upto the Alfredos on Link Road for a meal. The mojito was well mixed and the smoked salmon and lettuce salad were well placed. So hoped went up but everything went down hill after that.
All the three chicken dishes tasted the same with BBQ sauce out of a bottle, The braised lamb was severely undercooked and was sent back and the pasta was floating on a plate of sauce. Did not get a chance to re-live college day fun times we had in the earlier Alfredos at Juhu. Very diappointed! Oh and sitting outside it was the Invasion of the Mosquitoes.
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Saloni Shah - Burrp User

Saloni Shah

October 22,2012

Great place

This place is great to chill with friends, good beer rates & great service. If you've not been here, you're missing out on a great deal of fun.
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simisinghania - Burrp User


October 22,2012


What a place.. simply amazing.. had n awesome time.. with all my Friends :) nice music too.. its was funn :D
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foodhog - Burrp User


September 13,2012

Only go if you want a massive headache

I have been to Alfredos a few times and the music just gets louder and louder. I think they were harbouring secret desires to open a nighclub, obviously failed and decided to open a restaurant.. The last thing I want when I go out with family and friends is not being able to talk and there really is no point even trying to talk in this restaurant - the music just kills every chance of conversation. So if you want a headache/earache or a place where you really don't want to make an effort to talk then Alfredos is the place to go!
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guneetsaini - Burrp User


September 10,2012

Great Chill Out Place

I went this friday with my frnds .. It is an awsome place to chillout .. good ambience .. music is not too loud not too low ..just perfect.. food was also yummmy ....

Loved the place will go again :)
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lagna.das - Burrp User


August 17,2012

stinky attitude ...

Alfredo lovers, this is a great place. I love the juhu outlet. however this one time experience put me off completely for the andheri one
Ordered the regular starters and cocktails they were great, well made. nice ambiance, great service et all. main course- pasta, rissotto affair- i found a fly well marinated in my rissotto almost towards the end of the meal. now i know these are common casualties and not absolutely in everyone's control but the manager's attitude was stinky. he merely brushed off the incident muttering some 'such-things -happen' mumbo jumbo . i was offered some complimentary alternatives which i highly appreciate but one cant take away the bad taste of the experience and non chalant attitude. guys pls be little more considerate towards such instances.
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Reply from restaurant management

Really sorry to know that found a foreign particle in the food and apologise for the bad experience you had.

Please give us a chance to serve you and we'll definitely take care of you!

Rohiniwajpai - Burrp User


August 17,2012


a perfect place for beer and chiiling with friends good music food kan b still better but otherwise great
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Food_Freak123 - Burrp User


July 26,2012

Good Ambiance and Excellent Food

Alfredo's Andheri has a lovely Sea Green ambiance with pretty lamps hanging from the ceiling. The frames on the walls just add on to the whole thing! The food is yummm..love the pizza and cheese garlic bread at Alfredos!!
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Shreeda  Kirtikar - Burrp User

Shreeda Kirtikar

July 02,2012


Burrp should change the pricing for this one from moderate to expensive firstly...its better than the Juhu alfredos....atleast it has what we call a good AMBIENCE....the food is yummyyy but the service atrocious....music makes things bearable and hence the service can be ignored as they have classy numbers playing...its a good try out but not a place i would go every now and then...
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mmankani86 - Burrp User


June 17,2012


finally next to my home. good food.... nice ambiance but a bit pricey... so can go here everyday :(..... place can be a bit brighter
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