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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

March 31,2015

South Indian Special...

Anand Bhavan serves excellent home-style upma, variety set of number of dosas, Mysore onion rava dosa is tasty, sambhar bhath is well made with all mixures, bisi bele bhath is also good, pesarattu and coffee were also ordered. Ask for the molaga podi to add a kick to your meal.Its ambience is ordinary, you will see more local crowd. prices are c very low.and less hygienic.
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vijay_itz - Burrp User


March 17,2015

Best Bisi bele bhath!!!!

The bisi bele bhat at Anand Bhavan is undoubtedly the best I have ever tasted. In fact I love it so much that my day feels incomplete if I don't get my daily quota of this deliciously good khichdi. It's a perfect mix of lentils, rice, vegetables, cashew nuts and their closely guarded mix of spices. I am basically a rice lover so I gorge on rice preparations including lemon rice and Puliyodharai rice which Anand bhavan serves on specific days of the week.
One must also try their daily special freshly made HALWAS. Anand bhavan dishes out a different halwa every day of the week. My favourites are Mohan halwa (Mondays) and Beetroot halwas (Fridays) also the Badaam halwa is fantastic.
Food: Very good.
Ambiance: Simple old world.
Price: Value for money.
Service: Efficient and quick.
A place one can and surely will love to eat at everyday!
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sneha_k - Burrp User


June 12,2014

Matunga's jewel.

One of my favorite and most frequented veg.places. Being a hardcore non-veg, l find eating out veg joints a waste of money....however with Anand bhavan it's different, quite literally. Whether it's the food, service, staff or the sheer energy of this eatery, never fails me never disappoints me!!!
Like pretty much everything on the menu.
To begin with, IDLIS are always fresh steaming hot. So also MEDUvadas crispy n yummmy drenched in authentic sambhar. The SUKHA CHATNI although charged extra is totally paisa vasool n like none other!!!
Neer dosa n Mysore masala are a must hav's if ur here.
DO NOT MISS their after meal deserts if u have a sweet tooth. Pineapple sheera n banana sheera dripping in ghee are yummmyyylicous, n so is the Mohan halwa ( Mondays only). They actually serve varied halwas daily. I always end my meals here with the authentic strong filter KAAPI.... Again the best in the vicinity.
On your way out, try their home made snacks, yellow banana chips are the best, so are KARELA chips( not a big karela fan myself but the chips are highly addictive munchies) .
Tasty food
Quick service
Hygienic place
Reasonably priced, that makes it PAISA VASOOL!!!!
Try it n bet u will keep goin back again n again :-D
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rashmi_kmehra - Burrp User


June 03,2014


Started visiting this restaurant as a teenager while studying BMM in Khalsa.Tried most places in matunga including Classic, Idli house, Garnish, Madras cafe etc. But none as good as Anand Bhavan.
My favorites include Rasam idlis, pineapple sheera, Ulundu dosa n mysore rava!!! Not to forget their COFFEE, the bestest.
Adore gentleman with long moustache always dressed in whites(on the counter) ,would always greet us lovingly n treat us to free pans after meals ;-) ....
There's something about this place, keeps calling u back!!
Dunno if it's just the food or the reminiscence ( good times wit friends). Definitely my favorite ADDA.
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shreya_gupta31 - Burrp User


June 01,2014

Awesome spread.

Expect the unexpected at this old world charm udipi joint!!! To begin with their idlis are toooo good, try it with chatni or sambhar or coimbottur butter n gunpowder chatni or spicy tangy rasam....all tastes gd. Medu vadas are crispy golden brown fried to perfection ( made at intervals so catch it hot). They also serve various types off dosas and uttappams. My favorite is however TUPPA Dosa ( do ask for extra white butter n pudi) also tastes good with a unique sweet chatni made from coconut n jaggery. I also recommend SEVAI (only available mornings) again served in different ways depending on day of the week ( lemon sevai / dal sevai/ coconut sevai etc. ) My meals incomplete without sweet dish n I love the KASHI halwa ( made from pumpkin). I was really surprised to see MISAL pav and BATATA vada on their menu n I was pleasantly surprised as it was nice n spicy with right mix of ginger garlic ( like typical marathi joints serve. Mango lassi is also worth a try. END RESULT : u walk out few kilos heavier after all the indulgence. Oh!!! Do have a strong coffee if u lethargic, surely will charge u up :-)
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raman5560 - Burrp User


May 30,2014


My first visit to ANAND BHAVAN, n i must admit truely impressed. I have been a regular at Cafe madras n quite a loyalist for sometime now, BUT idlis at Anand bhavan are way way better, infact the BEST!!!!! Went with 2 other friends n we ate loads literally...... 4 plates idli 1 Mysore onion rawa (superr crispy done to perfection) 2 Ghee Set dosas 1 banana sheera n 3 coffees. N guess what!!!???? Bill came to only 465!!! Delightful experience.... Quite riddled that street vendors also charge more than good restaurants in matunga. BOTTOMLINE : High on taste. Super fast service. Hygienic place EASY ON POCKET!!!! A definite THUMBS UP!!! must try.
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preeti_laxman - Burrp User


May 29,2014

VFM south-indian place!!!

I have been eating here since mid 70's, and have never got bored of their idli sambhar. Idlis are sumptuous pipping hot and just melt in your mouth( especially rasam idli combo) . I swear by the chatni served here, none of the other places in matunga can match the SUKHA CHATNI served here. Also their MYSORE dosa variety is distinctly good. Only downside is since the place is small, you might have to share tables. However place is strongly recommended as its VFM, tasty n authentic, nothing fancy n super quick service.
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tancan2  - Burrp User


May 28,2014

The Best KAAPI ever!

My search for the. Authentic Indian filter KAPPI ended here. Another must try is their speciality ONION PESERETTE dosa made of moong dal. In Mumbai's feast awaits for the south Indian food lover.
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amod_82 - Burrp User


May 24,2014

home away from home!!!

I think enuff has been said abt this small quaint udipi food eatery, located bang on the kings circle matunga. Hence all m gonna say... U have to visit the place, to find out what goodies yummmyyylicous authentic south indian food u v hv missed out on... My search for typical southy SAMBHAR ends here( jst like my grandma made, at times even better) ...Lol sorry amma ;-) N the SUKKA CHATNI as well as Malgapdi (lipsmackin goooddd)....charged extra but trust me guys worth every penny. Do not leave without having the filter coffee #strong caffeine dose# love it.WISH they dint charge extra for chatni n were open on tuesdays too 0:)
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rahul_pai32 - Burrp User


May 23,2014

Anand Bhavan Rocks!!

I have to say that this is one of the few and best places to have a wide range of tasty delicacies. I absolutely love Rasam idli, Pineapple sheera, tuppa dosa, puliodrai bhath, filter coffee..Mysorepak & Kerala banana halva are my fav sweets served here. Also, try their in-house and freshly made packed snacks. This place is amazing and in real sense DIFFERENT..Authentic GSB style food being served since many years and the variety is there for everybody to see....Highly recommended!!
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abhish786 - Burrp User


May 23,2014

lil south canara in mumbai!!!

Being a kannadiga...far away from home, ANAND BHAVAN has been my saviour n source of daily bread. Everything from idlis, medu vades, mysore bondos, n dosas are super hit wit my colleagues. Addicted to their bisibele rice N dahivadas ( only place that serves typically southindian salted dahivadas). My visit is incomplete witout the ghee laden badaam halva n pineapple pudding. Also the ginger lemon is absolutely refreshing. Only complaint!!! Please get air conditioners guys.... Place gets stuffy n hot in Mumbai summer. Be patient to wait, especially weekends is chaotic because entire Mumbai comes here. good food at good prices... eat all u can for 100 bucks.
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amit_ranjana - Burrp User


May 23,2014

Authentic simple south indian joint.

No frills place,courteous staff n most importantly healthy homely n hygienic food!!!! The best coffee in whole wide world. Their filter kaapi will give starbucks, costa coffees n all other fancy exhorbitantly priced cafes a run for their money. What it lacks in quantity more than compensates in quality n taste!!! Big fan of their Rasam,spicy n tangy....N sambhar masala rice...N madras pakodas.... Good goin guys!!! All the best.
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amit_ranjana - Burrp User


May 20,2014

the best coffee ever.

simply the best filter coffee!!! Every thing about it ..from the aroma ,the consistency,the strength and sweetness just perfect. They serve a wide variety of dosas including their speciality Mysore masala , set dosa and Neer dosa (must try). Also a variety of halwas ranging from gajar, kashi, mohan and my personal favourite BEETROOT halwa( never even heard of this one before)....was surprisingly amazing and even my four yr-old totally loves it. The yellow banana chips (#coconut oil#groundnut oil ) and the bittergourd chips ( very spicy) are to die for!!! ALSO MST TRY ,their very own take on malpoas ( very crunchy crispy and dry )...usually sold out by evenings.
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Master_of_Taste - Burrp User


April 11,2014

Only place that serves authentic GSB food!!!

Have been frequenting AB for the last 7 years and the only reason is because this is the only place in the whole of Mumbai that serves true GSB (Gaud Saraswat Brahmin) veg fare and also tastes very close (sometimes even better) than what you get in restaurants of South Kanara/Udupi/North Kanara districts of Karnataka. To begin with their sambar is something you can have everyday and you will not get bored. Idli, vada, dosas, bisibelebath are all great and I will not waste further time on these items. Their specialties are something that must be tried and worth mentioning in detail. Here are some of my favourites:

1) Biscuit Rotti: A true GSB snack, which I have not found in any other restaurant in Mumbai. This is available only on Sundays (Gets over pretty fast so don’t be late). This is a like a kachori and tastes very good. Goes well with sukka chatni and in between coffee sips.
2) Buns (Bun Puri): A couple of other restaurants do sell it but nowhere close to the ones at AB. You can have it plain or with sambar/coffee/dal (whenever available).
3) Dal Sevai: Rice noodles dipped in dal. Not regular on the menu but worth trying whenever it is available.
4) Rava Adai: Another classic which should not be missed whenever available. Goes well with mulgapudi.
5) Poha: Not the poha that people are used to in Mumbai but dry puffed rice mixed with grated coconut and special masala that they source. Goes well with dahi, upma or channa.

Other must try items are mysore pak and banana chips. Last but not the least don’t miss their filter coffee which is definitely amongst the best.

The ambiance, feel and service are like any typical south Indian restaurant and all the items are very reasonable. A good meal for 2 should not cost more than 250 bucks.

Finally there is no hard sell-marketing like the other restaurants in Matunga (owner eats in this restaurant or our top ten items or awards received etc).
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Disha Ent - Burrp User

Disha Ent

April 06,2014

The good food joint!

The title says it all. We've been to joints in that area, but trust me, this is much better than the others around. Try the sambhar-rice and with idli or vada or dosa or any of the South Indian snack ask for their sukka chutni charged extra, but worth it. Asked for the chutni at other joints around, but couldn't find any to match the one available here! To end your meal/snack do not forget to have a FILTER COFFEE! The taste lingers even after you are out on your way... The hotel has the old feel that is really nice and wish they do not renovate and do not change their style for some more time to come. Keep it up guys & keep serving good food!
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airjordan80 - Burrp User


January 27,2014

Awesome place to have south indian early morning breakfast

Strategically located on king's circle, this place is a must for breakfast, especially for early morning people. Although I have tried a variety of cuisine on their menu which by far are great, I do strongly recommend the pineapple sheera and the karela chips. The place is renowned for its top quality items and has consistently maintained it over the years. Totally love it and strongly recommended.
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January 23,2014

Taste + Variety + Value for Money !!!

Been frequenting Anand Bhavan for a year and a half now and totally hooked onto this place. Their filter coffee needs a special mention, it is something to kill for. The variations of dosas, be it Tuppa dosa, Ulundu dosa, Set dosa, Neer dosa...the sheer variety is a delight for a south indian food lover. Rasam Idli/vada, Pineapple sheera (perfect sweetness), Buns (a big hit at my work place), bisibele bhath, puliodrai bhath are all my favourites. Its a must try !! I have been wanting to try Biscuit Roti which they serve only on Sundays, hopefully sometime soon.

It is not a typically fancy restaurant but the simplicity, variety, taste and value for money they offer put it high up on a foodie's list. Try the place once and you shall definitely keep coming back for more :)
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