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> > > Annapurna Caterers

Annapurna Caterers

Sion East  


9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Annapurna Caterers Reviews



Asked her some basic questions about cusines, style of preparation and she simply lost her mind. Apparently we are not "allowed" to ask such question. Muppet. Good luck to her.




Farshid can u just let mr know . I would like to have a party menu for my 4 yr kids party . So it's really good .


yummmy19 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 25,2013


lives to their claims!! tastes like home...

food is very tasty.. just like home made food! their service is also very prompt..the dabbas in which they send their food r also very nice without any spillage or any kinda mess. i wish the quantity of rice could be increased and the another usal wala sabji sometimes tastes watery as it did today!! rest is very nice. i love their dal especially!!! good job..



I hope burrp had more than 5stars :)

OK i read the review on burrp yesturday spoke to the lady on phone and fixed a trial tiffin for today,jst had my lunched nw and logged in burrp to write my review...

The food is just like home made..The lady commited me before 2pm but i got the dabba at 1pm very punctual i must say.The dal was not like water ,it was very nicely cooked ..Had 2 sabji's and both were really good homemade offcourse...The salt and oil used is less which i guess is gud...I have ordered for whole month now after the trial..

Really VFM ...If you miss homemade food this is a must...
Thank you Pratimaji for such a lovely and pure food....


November 4, 2011response from management at Annapurna Caterers :

Thank you kapish very much for your feedback and kind words. We will continue to meet your needs also in the future.



food is just amazing made as per the taste of the person. .we had a party of about 70 people and ordered pav bhaji and biryani which came with a gud packaging...different taste from restaurant wit no artificial colors..the price was economical n it fits all pockets '


March 25, 2011response from management at Annapurna Caterers :

Thank you very much for your feedback. We shall strive to meet your needs also in the future.


Mum don't worry!

Mum doesn't need to worry about what keeps me going at work... as i get the best of home made, healthy delicious food cooked by Annapoorna Caterers...... without having to wake up early and think on what is to be cooked.... and also doesn't need to do any preprep on the previous evening...Moreover she doesn't even need to think about preparing variety of dishes as its taken care ... of! 3 Cheers


March 25, 2011response from management at Annapurna Caterers :

Thanks for your feedback. We are always there to serve you and meet you needs.

Yummy Mummy!!

Home made healthy and delicious - complete Package way to go!! Nutrious, mouthful and filling food all at a reasonble and sensible price point.....available on the platter!


March 25, 2011response from management at Annapurna Caterers :

Yes. We indeed offer nutritive food at reasonable prices. Thank you for the compliments.

Worth Trying

I tried eating from this tiffin services when my parents were away for a month and I was left with eating on my own. when i got bored from the restaurants around my area, eventually I started missing food cooked by my mom. I ordered from Annapoorna, and I must it is just like the home food i missed. I trust their quality and hygiene as the owners themselves eat from the food they cook for orders. Sometimes though the dabbawala is not punctual. Overall, I recommend this if you are missing home cooked food !


March 25, 2011response from management at Annapurna Caterers :

Thank you for your feedback. We maintain high levels of hygiene in the kitchen. We would love to serve you in the future as well. We will assure you punctual delivery.


Fresh Food

The food is very fresh and the ingredients are of good quality. It is worth trying if you want to avoid junk food and restaurants. The food is definitely very hygienic.