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varunhr104 - Burrp User


March 31,2014

Pav Bhaji Treat

Appointment is a place every one in versova must have gone once in their life .. very famous for its south indian food as well as pav bhaji .. the cheese pav bhaji is something that i really enjoyed on my previous visit to the place with my friends .. the chaat is also very nice
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kunalishah16 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

nice decent dining

Tucked in the lane of 7 bunglows, its a nice decent place for casual dining...i like their chaats, pav bhajis and pizzas which are tasty but nothing exceptional..i specially love their grape juice which is a must have wach time i visit this place.. the ambiance is strictly decent... a clean and hygienic place... price wise also its quite cheap compared to shiv sagar and other places..like visiting this place once in a while specially when low on pockets
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jsuraj - Burrp User


June 19,2009

Shocking masala dosa

Unfortunately, I have had a bad experience at this outlet. They serve masala dosa which is anything but that dish. The so called masala is not the usual potato/onion gravy. Rather it is a cabbage/carrot/cauliflower/peas dry subji stuffed in a dosa. When i confronted the waiter, he insisted that the masala is indeed the way they prepare it. I wonder what a vada pav out there would be like - would it be a medu vada inside a paav?
i just paid up and left the dosa and subji and the restaurant for good.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

September 14,2008

Pani Puri and Pav Bhaji rocks

The first trip here was when the famed Chandru ran out of Panipuri and I walked up to this man to get me the Panipuri. I am a Delhiite, and hence I like it more the north indian style with lots of aloo filling and not bundi etc.

His puri was good, and he made the filling exactly the way I want it! I frequent the place for the panipuri, and the rest of the fare i have eaten here tastes good too. !!!
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 24,2008

Mumbaikar Shetty Stuff

High Point for 4 & 7 bungalows.Probably the oldest in the line of fast food joints of the famous shiv shopping centre. Serves standard but consistent stuff. Has become well known for the chaat (in spite of chandru next door) pav bhaji, pizzas. Remains open till around 11.30 pm
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