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> > > Army Restaurant

Army Restaurant

Kala Ghoda  


5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Army Restaurant Reviews

Rock On Fame

The famous Rock On eatery where Khushir Chacha served Magik. A place where you will get a good Irani Fare. Dont forget the Chai Maska (Tea and Puff pastry). The Kheema Pao is also a good deal.

They have also started a Chinese counter running at certain times of the day. Not sure of how it tastes, but I still bank on the Irani Fare

Avg Meal - Rs 50-60


siddsg - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 23,2009


Featured in Rock On!

Guys, did you notice this is the same restaurant featured in the Rock On movie?
Check out the pictures!



The first thing I felt on reading the other reviews was - Shit, how unfair! For the record Army Restaurant gets its name cause its located a stone throw away from the Army Navy building.
About the place - as u kno by now the bun maska is fine but nothing really to write about. The usuals - pav bhaji, chinese (very indian chinese fyi) etc are not just okay - they are significantly better than most other joints. For a change this is a real value for money place.
If you really wanna get a feel of the aam janta minus the mulgis (very few if any) this is the place. A must try for someone who like to experiment.
Personally try the Keema or the chicken curry. Its better than a few up market places.



Okayish place

I discovered this restaurant this morning as I was heading to work. I agree with the previous reviewer, this place is just a run of the mill kind.

I paid Rs. 14 for my bun maska and chai for breakfast. Pretty damn cheap both in terms of the setup and the price ;)

Update at 3:05 PM
Infact, I went back there for my lunch. Although they don't have too many options for vegetarians, I tried their pav-bhaji and was pleasantly surprised.


A run of the mill place

I used to pass this place every day on my way to work. I don't know why it's called Army Restaurant (there is a Naval restaurant too near Gateway!).

A good place to pass time over a cup of tea on rickety chairs in noisy crowded surroundings.

If you happen to be around during lunchtime, try the Chole Parathas. Otherwise the bun-maska and chai is okay. As for the rest of the stuff, strictly run of the mill, but the place is always crowded and bustling.