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Aromas Cafe

Thane WestThane    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS


12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Aromas Cafe Reviews

Good design, poor execution

How I wish I could have rated this higher. It is a stone's throw from my home and a place (despite the average rating) I visit often, anticipating it will improve someday.

Pl note this only refers to the Thane outlet. The Powai is far better managed. The biggest problem with the place is its constantly changing staff, even before they get trained and well-settled. This establishment either does not have a Human resources department/function, or it needs to be completely revamped. This severely impacts the experience you can potentially get at this place.

Very well designed decor, good food and beverages selection and quality. All hampered by the staff who cannot even recognise a regular customer because they (the staff) don't last even a few months.


clgroves - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 17,2012


Good, near authentic Italian

I am a Western business traveler and accustomed to Italian food which has been both popular and cheap in the areas of the world I previously lived in.

Aroma's pizza and pasta I found to be quite authentic (and tasty,) some of the best in all of Mumbai.


cast123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 19,2011


Quality of Staff Drastically Come Down

We have been visiting this place since Aug 2010 and I would have rated it 5 stars back then. The beverage (incl alcoholic) menu is diverse and food quality very good! The ambiance is fantastic and seating quite comfortable! Sadly, the quality of serving by the staff, has drastically come down since the beginning of 2011and the downward slide continues. The staff a year back were much more friendly, polite and attentive. We still visit the place, but not as frequently as we did in the past.


December 29, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear Patron, Thank your feedback. The majority of our Thane staff us still with us but yes we have had an influx of new team members joining and their is a period of adjustment to get them to the same level as our senior team members. We appreciate your understanding and all team members endeavor to provide our guests excellent service on every visit.
Kind Regards

vikramsamal - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 30,2011


Nice place to be with anyone

A really nice place if you love to have a great time over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Nice food, great ambiance and above all well behaved staff. Food is good and caters to all the taste buds, may be little costlier than CCD, but far better . With some beautiful deals on weekdays, its a VFM place!


December 29, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear Patron, Thank you for your positive feedback and your loyal support. We look forward to seeing you again on your next visit.

Kind Regards
Aromas Cafe


Yum sandwiches and pizzas

Went on a Sunday, 10.30 pm, so no waiting. Wide dining area and nice ambiance.
The bread offered wth pasta and the side order of garlic bread were good.
The star of the entire order was the starter - Veg peri peri was awesome along with Jalapeno nuggets.
Being a vegeterian, I am always disappointed to not find good pastas at a Cafe offering a menu like what Aromas offer. The pasta we ordered were a bit dry and not baked that well. Pizza, a thin crust all veggie affair, was good.
The sandwich, submarine veggie, was very good. Nice bread, right amount of spices, real nice.
What I also loved abt Aromas was the way the dishes were plated, real good plating and some good chef stuff there.
Enjoyed the experience.
With starters, mocktails, wine and hot choclates, along with the food mentioned, the bill went upto 3k. But was worth it.


No more breakfast

I went here after several months and was disappointed to find the shutters downed. Sadly, they have changed the timings to start business only from noon onwards. I had to settle for a miserable muffin at the CCD nearby, which was open, but negated any health benefits I might have gained due to my morning workout.

This is a shame, as it was the only good breakfast restaurant in Thane.

I hope they go back to their previous business model.

They also seem to have got their AM & PMs mixed up in the timings printed on their shutters.


December 29, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear Patron, We apologize for the inconvenience but yes we are open from 4pm on weekdays and still open for breakfast on the weekends. We look forward to seeing you on you next visit. Kind Regards.

Sunday Brunch @ Aromas Cafe

My wife & i have been visiting Aromas in thane for 6 months now. Its the place we go to spend a lazy afternoon or a late late breakfast (today). The place is nice and cozy. Food and drinks are pretty good too. We just managed to hit the breakfast menu today after aspiring for nearly 6 months. Sausages & Chicken Salami are to die for. Choose from some of their exotic teas or just stick to coffee for the complete breakfast experience. My wife also had the masala omlette which was pretty filling too. A nice experience overall.



Great place..good food

Nice place to be.. great pizzas.. quick service.. frndly staff.. ambiance is nice with plenty of seating place, all this yet pocket friendly..!! Highly recommended :)


August 28, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear patron, thank you for the short and crisp feedback. Hope you keep patronizing, and have a great time at aromas. Warm regards.


Don't go here for breakfast

The butter was so hard we couldn't spread it. The pancakes were doughy and tastless, not light and fluffy. The scrambled eggs had so much cream that you couldn't taste the egg.The bread wasn't even bakery standard. Plus everything was served separately so my husband and I couldn't even have our meal together. We were in such a hurry to leave that we left a gigantic tip - didn't even want to stay there to wait for our change.
Disappointing because the ambience was lovely and service is great. Have been there before for dinner / pastas etc which were all excellent. Breakfast unfortunately can be improved, because there are no decent places for continental breakfast in Thane.


August 8, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear patron, thank you for your comments and pointing out deficiencies in our service. I am grateful, and am taking action to improve on the specifics highlighted by you. We will improve, and hope you get a pleasant experience the next time around. Warm regards.

geezi - Burrp User


9 Reviews

July 18,2011


Nice Chilled out place for Thane

I do not know how long back this place opened in Thane, but I hope it's here to stay. A bunch of us visited for Sunday Lunch & I have to say we loved it. The portions are not too large but the food quality was good. It's more appropriate for someone looking for a light meal or a chat with a friend and coffee.
We started with bruschettas & sandwiches. The topping on the bruschettas were colder than should be. But the sandwiches were great!... The risotto & the fries & stir fried veggies & paneer satay... all great. I wish they had some fancier deserts, maybe some cheesecake or chocolate souffle. We had to do with brownie with ice creams.
We did not get around to trying the pizza. Maybe next time.
All in all a good place..


July 18, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear patron, thank you for visiting aromas Thane, and for your comments. I shall take up your pertinent points with my team and look to smoothen off rough edges. Please keep patronizing and sending your comments. They are highly valuable for us. Warm regards.

Good for Thane

It's one of those places where you can just sit around all day with a laptop. They get most of their patrons after 8PM- not crowded like the Powai outlet.

It opens at 9AM and they do decent enough breakfast. Aromas breakfast is cereal, eggs, toast, hash brown, OJ & coffee for about Rs.250. This isn't enough for a really powerful breakfast so I order chicken sausages or salami anyway. They do pastas as well right from 9AM If you want to eat that.

Teas, coffee, beer & whiskey are also available throughout- and priced very reasonably for the ambiance. 60ml of vat 69 is Rs.250.

There is a TV screen & they usually play pop music. Staff is very friendly & courteous. Overall, a lot of potential... I'm surprised it doesn't get a lot more footfalls already.


May 9, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear patron, thank you for visiting our Thane outlet, and for your observations. We hope that we shall live up to your expectations, and also to our potential. Please do keep patronizing. Warm regards.

junrajesh - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 15,2010


Good food, Nice Taste

Had visited this place with an American friend. Am glad that he found the food good and matching to his taste (non spicy).
This place has a comfortable sitting and not crowded. The service is good and the staff is very polite and helpful. The food taste good and the ambiance is nice too.

- Rajesh J (9987258900)


May 9, 2011response from management at Aromas Cafe:

Dear patron, thank you for visiting our Thane outlet and posting your observations. We look forward to your continued patronage. Warm regards