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> > > > Ashok Wada Pav

Ashok Wada Pav

PrabhadeviSouth Mumbai  

  • 02224369003, 09920555113
  • Off Cadel Road, Kirti College Lane, Prabhadevi,Mumbai
  • Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 100

21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Ashok Wada Pav Reviews





Awesome Garma Garam

The best thing about this place is the crispy chura they serve in the wada pav. The Wada Pavs are garma garam with chura served in sweet tamarind chutney alsong with the red sukkha masala.... The moment the wada's are removed from the frier....they vanish into the pavs and directly into the stomach of the consumer tantalising the taste taste buds...







super wada pavs

Ashok wada pav has become synonymous with good quality wada pav in mumbai. It might feel a bit heavy at first taking into consideration the size of it, but it is one wada pav your visit to mumbai is incomplete without. Surely one of the must haves in Mumbai. The wonders is in the chutneys , the spicy, the sweet and the dry... all blend together to give a salivating experience.


Was Good Back In Time

It was really good back in late nineties and early twenties, but from 2004 onwards, its a disaster. Ashok thinks he is out of the world when he starts commenting on anything. And the moment you have a female with you then he will start acting smart. He should retire now and let his son do the business. Plus the most weired part is that he used to have bhajiya pav during the late nineties but stopped it. The bhajiya was far more better than his aailly wadapav.


Wada Pow-Pow

This Wada Pav is undoubtedly the Best in my list, in Mumbai.

Have 2 of them at a go, top it with an Energee from the stall next door and you are sorted for the day.

The Wada is of a decent size, served with 3 different chutney's [Spicy Green, Tangy Sweet Brown and Dry Garlic] along with some "Chura" [fried crumbs].

The stall is crowded all throughout the day.

The Wada Pav is so famous that by the time every batch of the Wada are fried and ready, they are already sold off. In fact, you will find some customers having a Chura Pav [Pav stuffed with the Fried Crumbs] while waiting for the Wada Pav.

The popularity has been ratified by numerous newspaper articles and certificates on the stall.



Ankur Desai - Burrp User

Ankur Desai

1 Reviews

December 18,2012



I have been having Ashok Vada Pav since about 13 years now....
Absolutely greeat stuff...have got so many of my friends hooked to it.... Seen it priced at a modest 6 rupees to the current 15..but who minds it was such mind blowing stuff..and wen i am at the counter i always feel its worth the wait!!


Excellent wadapav;poor service by Ashok

The Wadapav, Chura Pav and evening Bhaji Pav is excellet and you cant compare to any other place.

But Ashok's treatement is equally bad to the customers...he is least bothered about them....also very moody...
"The above comments are not applicable for womens"

If you are lucky and his son is there on the counter (unable to recollect his name but he is usually found driving a YAMAHA R15) you get a good and prompt service.



It's different

I've heard of this vada pav for the last 15 odd years and I live reasonably close to it, but today was the first time I went there for the vada pav.
Simply as batata vadas go, I've eaten a lot better in the same general area - Shree Krishna (Dadar W), Prakash (Shivaji Park), but as vada pav goes this was really very good.
Here's the combo - he has a smallish vada + crumbs (chura) + 3 chutneys (green spicy + garlic + a brown tangy one). The first few bites are a lot more chura and chutney. The deeper bites takes you to the vada.

It's this amalgamation of flavors and textures that I enjoyed a lot. Docking them one star for the vada - to lay claim to the title of 'best' they do need a better vada.

Saturdays they have bhaji on offer, and hence, vada bhaji pav.


Best Wada Pav

As i am new to Mumbai one of my friend took me there for Wada Pav and their Chuda pav i just love it ..i believe it is one of the best in Mumbai ..i will suggest everyone should go once there and eat it...


The Best Vada Paav

He is not rude, he keeps in mind who came first and serve them first. I have seen this from last 4 years. Best tasty food, you will always get hot. Since he has orders of 100 to 200 sometimes you have to wait. But the wait is worth. He will take money from you only when there is vada pav to serve you. He uses Guniea oil and even his chuda paav is best. You can see mecredes to bikes all are his customers all wait for their turn.


I dont like being served rudely

Good vadapav and Chura Pav. In fact one of the best in Mumbai.
But would you like the food if its served rudely, and you have to yell umpteen times to get ur stuff.
Ashok is so rude, that I had cut down 2 stars from the rating. He just dont seem to listen and throws out rude language to his customers.
Good vada pav, only enjoyed during noon, when Ashok is not around.


The Wada Pav Rocks... But Ashok doesn't

Ashok's wada pav is a legend by itself. Truly delicious! Even the Bhajji Pav in the evenings is yummy. But if Ashok is himself standing to serve you, it will be a long long wait till you get your hands on the wada pav... but this is true only for us Males!!!! If you are in a crowd shouting at him to take your money for a bite... he will royally ignore you and you have to literally beg of him to take note of you and serve you. But if you are a female,,, you dont have to wait. Just call out to him and the wada pav will be immediately in your hand... like magic!



u got to pray to get u r change

yeah , u got to pray to get u r change , i waited for 15 freekin mins to get back my change back , plus its too oily , the owner tries to act cocky , the workers r dirty i mean its made under 100 % unhygienic conditions .


rshankar - Burrp User


32 Reviews

November 24,2010


Highly Over-rated.. Pure Hype

The guys are gruff and strethch themselves to levels short of "Rude".. They make you wait for a looooong time. Looks like they do it just for the heck of it.. or to convey the impression " you have to WAIT and buy our product".. these approaches dont stand the test of time.

And the vada-pav itself is not something earth-shattering.. The size/quantity is as much as the average vada-pav you would find across the city.. and yet you pay Rs.10 per piece.. Does not sound appealing..

The same Rs.10 fetches you a huge, buttered sumptuous vada-pav laden with sweet and savoury sauces at Anand Vada-Pav opp. Mithibai College.. Vile Parle West..

And yet you go to this (Kirti College) stall at around 7.30 - 8.00 pm, you are told that the vada-pavs are over... This happened to me the first time. My review of the vada-pav was after I went there for a second time.

Not really worth the effort..



yummiest of them all

as we all fondly call it "kirthi college vada pav"
its the best u can find in mumbai!the size is huge..fills u up!
the chuttneys and the chura that he puts are simply delicious!
if im in that area, its a must to eat there!


Good food served rudely

The first time i heard of the vada pav, I could not resist but chuckle at the idea of a "bonda" as we south indians call it stuffed in between a slice of PAV. Kirti college vadapav as we call it changed all that for me.
The 10rupee vadapav was probably the best i will ever get my hands on. and i loved it.

Despite this, i donot go there anymore. Frankly, I appreciate my food to be given to me atleast with a bit of respect. The guy who mans the stall is rather an impolite chap to put it gingerly.

Anyways, the chura and vada pav are excellent. But doesnt please my palette.



cant resist

if any time i happen 2 pass by tht lane.. i cant stop myself from havin this wada pav no matter my tummy is full or i m gettin late to sumwhr.... i hv 2 stop by n take the parcle



Very good but arrogant

Ashok has been consistently dishing out some great vada pavs for years, and the crowds keep growing. Try out the chillies as well, and even the chuda pav tastes great.

The negative part is that with the growth of his fame, so has the arrogance, which translates into rude responses. Wish he could be the simple guy that he was earlier.

Be prepared to wait to be served after begging as the crowds are huge.



The best vada pav in the city...

I'm not from Bombay so I always wondered what the big deal about vada pav is... I really enjoy eating it but didn't believe there was any such thing as 'the best vada pav', assuming it would taste the same pretty much anywhere. That, of course, was till i sunk my teeth into the vada pav from the guy at Kirti College. I seriously died and went to heaven! It was so good. The bread was soft and fresh, and the vada was a crispy and hot golden brown. What made the difference is the sweet and tangy tamarind chutney slapped onto the bread.

In my vada pav eating experience, however limited it is, I can easily say that Ashok is the best!


Ashok not good enough

i used to enjoy and relish the vada pav of ashok from 2002 to 2004 regularly.even though it used to be an expensive vada pav i really didnt mind spending...but lately after all publicity they have got ,there is a bit of lowering in their standards and quality instead on improvement..
just 2 weeks ago i got to eat ashok cha vada pav and i swear the wada was not properly fried...i could feel the raw hard potatoes and the covering was was a peak time when i bought it and service was a big dud! the guy was polite in a rude way..when a woman ask him to give her order quick ,he politely asked her to go somewhere else..

this is hard but i gotto rate this place 1 star ......maybe my message gets delivered to him and he brings his old high standards back soon


Carry on Ashok~~~

Been there since ages. Ashok opens it early morning & is open till late evening. The vada's are large with appropriate pav size, always served sizzling hot with his unique chura, making the stuffing extremely large & well worth the price of 8/- Always has the extra chutneys & mirchi~~ to help you; and there is the lovely adrak tea next door. A place worth visiting on a saturday afternoon, particularly if you are driving back from town! Or once in a way make a special visit.



This place certainly does dish out the best wada pav in town. It was voted as the Best Wada Pav stall in Mumbai last year in a review by Bombay Times with Rashmi Uday Singh.

How to Get There:

If you are driving from South Bombay, then drive on Cadel Road pass Siddhivinayak Temple and take the second left after the Vijay Sales Showroom.

If you are driving from Shivaji Park, take cadel road and take the right after Dadar Catering College.

It is situated near Kirti College and the VSNL office building.

What do you get?

Wada Pav, Chura Pav.

There is a small stall next to it for your beverages requirements. They have aarey products, cold drinks, mineral water and tea, coffee.

How Much?

Wada Pav- Rs. 8
Chura Pav- Rs. 8


They serve their wada pav with 3 chutneys on the pav- meetha, green and garlic. The size of the wada pav is pretty big. The best thing about this place is the crispy chura they serve in the wada pav. For a lighter meal, one can opt for the chura pav. They also serve mirchi

Although they are situated in a quaint little lane, they are normally crowded all day especially during lunch and evenings.

Do try this wonderful place and review it!

Bon Appetit