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Asia 7

Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  

  • 02243473901, 02243473902, 07738999255
  • T-15/16, 3rd Floor,Palladium Mall,Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • Pan-Asian

37 Reviews / 39 Ratings

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Asia 7 Reviews

Aar Ess - Burrp User

Aar Ess

6 Reviews

February 10,2014






Cockroaches in the food & kitchen @ Asia7, Parel

I went to Asia 7 for lunch over the weekend and ordered for some veg. Tom Yum soup and Sushi. The sushi was just about okay (nothing great) while the veg. Tom Yum soup seemed to have Chicken stalk within it. I thought of asking the guy who took our order but said to myself, "Forget it. These guys should be good and may not have done a blunder of mixing the non-veg. stalk within the veg. soup and I'm just probably not feeling right." Not that the service was any great ; the guy couldn't explain or recommend what we must try at the restaurant, anyways ! The ambiance was very good and the place was expensive. I was awaiting the Yellow Thai Curry with rice and as soon as it arrives, I see 2 small cockroaches moving around the serving bowl of the curry. I shout out saying, "What the hell is this?" The guy immediately, without saying a word, takes the bowl of the curry away. He comes back within a minute saying he will change it and there is nothing to worry. My friend and I had lost our appetite and said please get us the bill till now and we'd not like to eat more here. He simply said, 'okay ma'am." with a smile, strangely. He comes back with the bill and I said to him, "Don't you feel apologetic about what happened ? Is that how you treat customers?" He replied, "I'm sorry Madam. There are many cockroaches in the kitchen, infact its full of it. We are planning to do a pest control very soon to take care of them so that customers like you don't have problems." Wonder what he meant by 'customers like me'. Do other customers like eating cockroachful-meals ? He said this and left with our credit card we gave him with the bill he had left. He would have just about reached his credit machine station when I called him back. I told him that I refuse to pay the bill after I heard that the whole kitchen is full of cockroaches. How can a restaurant of this stature behave that badly. Is that what he gave us in soup and sushi ? I was shocked with his smile again when he said, "okay fine Madam. As you say." I asked him to get his owner's contact and number but he got his Sr.Manager. I asked the Sr.Manager for the owner's contact and he only kept apologizing for the mistake and said he wants one more chance. I told him he will get the chance only if I repeat the visit right, which I will never ever ! I kept asking for the owner's contact so that the owner Mr.Amit Burman knows the facts but he gave me only his senior's number who sits in Delhi. The owner also has franchises of Zambar, Streat Foods, Baker Street, Naashto, KFC, CCD, Subway & Pizza Hut. Guess what all are we eating, guys and gals !







ok food with a lazy service

We pre booked a 7 course fixed menu with a gouremt service .. Starting with soup ..lemon coriander..felt more like a clear soup flavours at were salads starters and sushi..I'm not a sushi lover I could absolutely avoid this one..dimsums were just about ok..the goda goda salad was nice.. The trio of veggies was not served to us and the waiter directly asked for the main can you avoid a dish completely in fixed menu and fool the guest like we were alert we demanded for it..the dish din't have the select mushrooms and were replaced with other variety as notified by the steward..which restaurant duoesn't have a check on the stock I wonder...moving on to main course we stuck to thai green curry..because atleast something would b nice ..because the above 5 dishes were just about average..and thankfully the curry was nice..last come the dessert..they din't have any of the fixed menu dessert and offered us ice cream instead this even a settlement.. We had to argue to serve a proper dessert ..which they did at last .. And which was decent enough..on a whole I don't think I might go here again..I feel the service was lazy..and not very happy to serve..anyway it was serving only 2 tables






I've been here once now.

Love their sushi. Have also tried the set dinner - quite decent. The variety of kdimsums in the spread was great. Some people might find the decor a little gloomy but I personally loved the combo of gold and brown. Overall, a nice experience.






Truly Asian

Have tasted the best Burmese khowsuey at this place. Never been disappointed every-time I went be it starters or main course. A very pleasant ambiance to enjoy your food.






Expensive !!

Okayish food and expensive at the same time. Staff is good with a good ambiance



Wholesome Asian food

Asia 7 is different from most asian places that offer "tandoori, chinese and multi cuisine" as the flavours are definitely more true to taste and authentic. The kitchen at Asia 7 has attempted to develop a menu that is true to Asian flavours as much as possible.

One of the highlights of our dinner here was the Steamed fish. One might wonder what is so great about plain steamed fish but the basa fillet was so beautifully cooked that the flesh was literally melt in the mouth. We also had the lotus root stir fried with veggies which was another interesting option on the menu. The chicken soup was refreshing and had mild flavors.

We loved the ambience and decor. The service was good and something you would expect of a restaurant at this price bracket. The prices are quite high but that is a value attached to quality fine dining these days. Would love to see more healthy choices on the menu though. And am definitely trying the Japanese menu next time because that definitely looked interesting!



Asia 7 has nice ambiance. The dark wooden furniture with dim lights gives it a warm and cozy feel and the seating arrangement adds to the effect. I visited the place with my friends and tried a few dishes.
Assorted Vegetarian Basket of Dimsums-- Though they were perfect in texture but were totally tasteless, we could'nt even finish them albeit we were 6 in total.
Pepper Garlic Chicken--It lived upto our expectations. Chicken was nicely done.
Chicken Satay-- It was no where close to the authentic Satay and lacked badly in taste.
Bulgogi--It was very tasteful and the meat was tender and well done.
Beijing Lamb Chop--This tasted the best among the lot. Every one liked the taste and also the meat was very tender.
The last dish we tried was Thai Vegetable Curry(Red)-- It was a huge disappointment. It lacked both in Texture as well as Taste.
The spread of the menu is good though it is skewed towards Chinese and Thai. At the end I am still confused regarding my view about this place.


Decent experience

Visited Asia 7 at Palladium, Phoenix today. Ordered for Garlic Pepper Prawns and Chicken Fried Rice.
The order was served in good amount of time and the food was awesome. Nice ambience and polite staff makes this a good place for a decent meal to eat at leisure. Though the tables can be a little distant to avoid overhearing next table's conversations.



Its all about Khow Suey

I visited Asia 7 (with 2 friends) specially to try their Khow Suey, a Burmese Speciality. I have to tell you its the best dish on the menu and one has to try it. The quantity easily suffices two people. Although, I'm still puzzled why the waiter suggested that the quantity is ideal for two and a half (Men). Lols...

We ordered 1 Vietnamese Spring Roll, 1 Khow Suey, 1 Chicken with Blasted Redchilli, 1 Ice Tea, 1 Herbal Tea Pot (Jasmine flavour). The Vietnamese Rolls were a big disappointment, but the excellent spicy chicken starter rescued us. Our bill was Rs2141, around Rs700 per head.

I feel the place is on the expensive side and should be tried out once, just for the Khow Suey. Although, the ambiance adds an extra star. I would rate it one star less, as it found the place a bit overpriced.


USED to love this place - not anymore

I used to love this place but the standards have gone down and was very dissapointed with the food last week when I went.

Not fine dining in ANY WAY though the prices are such !


r3vmm - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 03,2011


hairy servings!

I have just had lunch there. the starters were tasty & authentic. But hygiene is a real issue! The main course arrived, the noodles were served on to my plate with hair in it!!! While we were there this afternoon, no less that 3 tables complained of unacceptable additions to their food!!!!! And that's just one meal sitting!!!!
Address this issue Management if you care to continue in the business!!



Good Food Pathetic Service & Ambience,Overpriced

Went to Asia 7 on a Friday evening for Dinner( 3 adults and 1 Toddler). We had made reservations which was a good thing as the restaurant was almost packed. The Tables are cramped up together and we got one right next to the billing counter where all the dirty dishes were kept . The table was definately not big enough to accomodate 4 people and the dishes could not be left on the table . we were handed menus and the gimmicy "wet tissues" which look like lil mints and then "grow "when you pour water on them. However no one came by to do the ritual even when we were throught with the soup and appetisers. we finally had to bring it to the notice of 2 staff memebers to pour some water over the tissues as my toddler wanted to see them "grow .Thus began our "not so fine dining" experience. We were offered a choice of still or sparkling water, but when we opted for plain old regulare water to be served , it was served after a long time. We had to ask a couple of times before someone came to take our order ( and when we placed the order, we were told the soup would take 15 mins and the appetiser 25 mins and were encouraged to place the order for the mains inmmediately as well as that waould take time !!) The waiter taking our order was impatient , vague and not all all knowledgable or helpful in recommending dishes or portion sizes. All throughtout the meal we had to repeatedly keep asking for water to be refilled, finally my husband got up and went to the bar to ask for water. ( seemd like a ploy to get us to purchase mineral water from them, which with taxes would have worked out to INR 100+ per bottle). We had ordered a Korean dish (Bulgogoi) which came with a side of lettuce leaves, raw Garlic wedges and korean chili paste. No effort was made to explain how this should be incorporated with the main dish , which was like a beef curry. We ordered 2 soups(seafood ) I starter (assorted non veg dimsum), I rice , I fish gravy dish ( we were told it would be gravy but was more like a paste) and 1 bulgogi and paid INR 4300 between 3 people. This did not include any alcohol, soft drinks , mineral water or desserts .We paid almost a 1000 rs in taxes and various charges including a steep 10% service charge, for the "disservice" .
We were expecting to pay a steep price , but then we were also expecting a fine dining experience which was sorely lacking. I totally resent the service charge as i had to pay for something non existent!!

Also for a Pan Asian restaurant they do not serve any pork dishes ( which is a pretty popular pan asian ingredient ) and only 1 dish with tenderloin....all other non veg choices are restricted mainly to chicken and seafood with a couple of lamb dishes thrown in. Indianising Pan Asian?

All in all the food was reasonably tasty, but the ambience and esp the service has ensured that i would think twice before visiting this place again!! The management really need to train their staff well if they want to compete with some of the better Chinese restaurants in the city, because their food will not be able to draw in customers if the service is so shoddy and laidback.


Nice Cozy Place

Exactly Opposite Manchester United Club. This place serves good Chinese food.

Its a quiet place to relax and have a beer or two. Ambiance is great and staff is polite.


Impressive and Extravagant!

Asia 7 probably does well because there's lack of competition when it comes to Chinese restaurants @ Phoenix..But it sure has its own reasons for success..Dropped in for lunch on a Friday afternoon..We were offered a really cramped up table where we could literally overhear conversations on the tables besides us..But when we requested a shift, they were happy to oblige..They have quite an extensive menu spanning Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Indonesian fare..Entree was Chicken Yakitori (roasted chicken marinated in a spicy sauce) paired with Mojitos, which we really enjoyed..Main course was fried rice and Hunan chicken..The rice was cooked and seasoned to perfection but the Hunan left me wanting more..I wished it had more gravy because it almost felt like a semi-dry appetizer!
Leaving the cramped space issue and lack of gravy, I quite enjoyed my experience here and will definitely be visiting again..
Meal for 2 - INR 1900 approx (with taxes)


Too Expensive...

I had went for lunch.

Ambience is good but Tables are placed very close to each other.

Ordered for 1 Kingfisher Beer (Pint), 1 Mineral Water (Himalayan) & 1 Vietnamese Spring Roll. Total bill came to Rs. 882.50 /-. Shocked to see the bill. Invoice print was too light to view.

1. Kingfisher Pint = Rs. 200+ Service charge 10% (Rs.20) + VAT Spl. Beverage 25% (Rs.50) = Net. Total (Rs.270.00)

2. Vietnamese Spring Roll = Rs. 375.00

3. Himalayan Mineral Water = Rs. 125.00

Food Sub-Total = 500.00 + VAT 12.5% (Rs. 62.50) + Service Charge 10% (Rs. 50.00) = Net Total (Rs. 612.50)

Grand Total = Rs. 882.50 + Tip

Thank god I did'nt ordered for much & skipped my lunch.

I am not going to visit again for sure.


MIG85 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

March 17,2011


Love this place

I have been to this place twice. Both times I had the Burmese Khow Suey and other starters, soups and sushi. I was very happy with the quality and the taste of food every single time.

The reason I am giving it a 3 and not a 4 is because the quality of the sushi is not the best. The sushi is cheap here but that doesn't mean they serve lower quality of fish. But, still it is better than nothing at all as India still does not have many quality sushi places.


Taneel - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 07,2011


Good foods, Good place but wrong billing

Have been to this place couple of times.
Like the food, the service and ambience.
However, was always disappointed with wrong billing and the quality of paper used as Invoice.
It is just a Fax Roll print. A restaurant like this having place of business like Phoenix Mills should not do cost cutting on the Invoice paper. They can very well get the Invoice books printed., I guess they can afford to bear the cost of printing.
After some days you will figurs out that the print on the Fax roll paper has disappeared and it will be hard to figureout the figure number on it when your staff prepares cash expense statement after a month.
It will be better to pay by credit card than to pay by cash at this restaurant.


piccolina - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 14,2011


They've lost the plot!

When Asia 7 first opened, I was a frequent visitor and a big fan of the Khao Suey. But my last two visits there have been marred by appalling customer service, a decline in the quality of food and their increased prices don't really offer value for money.

My last visit there was on 12/02, a Saturday evening and the restaurant was crowded - I don't think that the staff are equipped to handle a situation when all tables are filled - we had to place an order THREE times for a bottle of water before it arrived.

One of my biggest grouses with this place is that the captain tries to sell stuff to you even after you have told him quite politely that you don't want a mocktail/dessert/whatever it is that he is pushing you to order. And the other issue is that the service is so slow - we actually waited over 50 minutes from the time we ordered our main course, until the time we got the food. A soup that we ordered arrived after 45 minutes, very lukewarm and unsatisfying so we sent it back. We were there for a good 2 hours and 15 minutes - on a Saturday night you'd think they'd want to increase their table turnover rather than keep it occupied for such a long time.

The food was patchy at best - some good stuff, some very ordinary. The Thai fish steamed with ginger and lemongrass was excellent, the Thai green curry was decent. The steamed rice is not really the sticky jasmine rice you would expect in an authentic Pan Asian restaurant. But the biggest disappointment was the Khao Suey which for me was one of the reasons to keep revisiting this restaurant. It was very average and they've shrunk the portion, while increasing the price.

They've also stopped pouring the jasmine tea that they offered earlier.

Given that we ended up paying 1200 per head without alcohol or dessert this was a fairly disappointing experience - I don't see myself going back here for a long time to come.


odin2404 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

December 14,2010


Well Panned Out

Went to this place last night. Was surprisingly packed for a Monday night, good omen!

I really liked the decor, its not trying to be something its not, neo modern - in a good way. I agree with a previous reviewer, the tables are rather close together.

We had a tiring day so a drink was required to let it out. My wife tried to order a Semillon, but the Captain kept insisting its the same as Sauvignon. We lost the battle, opted for a tequila instead.

Not wanting to wade through the menu, we opted for a Burmese prawn Khao suey and a Mi Goreng.

The food was served fast, nice big portions, fresh prawns, adequately spicy and matched our palettes nicely. We honestly has nothing to complain about except for the fact that the service, despite being told to handle the runny fried egg with the Mi Goreng carefully, promptly broke the yolk - A Major Irritant with my wife.

Somewhere down the dinner we managed to have 9 tequila shots and were feeling extremely happy about the state of things.

The bill - 5k! Ouch, maybe they need to understand that while at the Palladium, they are still a free standing outlet, and prices that high are rarely justified.

Visit again, yes, but not in a hurry and certainly not for a casual post shopping dinner.


NOT Pan-Asian, in any way

My visit to this place was a very big disappointment.

First of all, the place is all cramped up. The tables are placed very close to each other.

Ordered a Dry Martini - which turned out to be the most horrible drink I ever had in my life (never seen an orange colored martini with cherries floating in it).

For starters, went for a Squid Rings (which came in an ultra-salted state), but the restaurant staff was polite enough to take it off the table and offered replacement, which I immediately rejected (they didn't charge me for it though).

For main course, ordered a KungPao Chicken and Chicken Thai Curry (Yellow). Never had KungPao chicken floating in gravy - it was more like a cantonesse chicken curry with some ground nuts sprinkled over it. The Thai curry tasted more like Lobster Bisque than Yellow Curry.

If you don't understand "Pan Aisan" food, and what you have on your mind is to have "chinese food", you can go up to this place, but if you understand and relish the different tastes of Pan-Asia, this definitely is NOT the place you would want to go.

Its pricey, considering the stuff they dish out to fool people.

I am still on the look-out for a good "pan-asian" restaurant in Mumabi and will post my updates once I find any. In the meantime, if you have any knowledge, do let me know.



Was here for my Birthday, Great food, the guy who served us was so warm & friendly, BUT one needs to be selective with what one would like as a drink, The best part about the Place i liked was the menu had just enough dishes to decide from so dint have to waste a lot of time on it, BUT it definitely requires more options for DESSERTS.
Oh Yes the place is Expensive but worth it for ur special occasion : )
FOOD - 4/5


rshankar - Burrp User


32 Reviews

September 08,2010


Decent food; avoid the dessert

Had the following:

1. The coconut milk base soup
VERY GOOD - Well done !

2. Grilled Tofu chunks with peanut sauce
BELOW AVERAGE - This dish was a mess up; the grilling was very poor; so was the spice-ing and flavoring; a let-down !!

3. Green Thai Curry / fried rice
VERY GOOD - This was the highlight of the meal

4. Date Rolls on a scoop of vanilla ice-cream;
RIP-OFF - A very high price for this very ordinary dessert.. a disappointment..

They levy 12.5 pc VAT and a 10 pc Service Charge..

Stick to items 1 and 3 only.

The total damage came to 1700 bucks for the above items..

That waiter "Sahadeo" is good !!




the place was packed...wane for my birthday dinner...orderd for a was awesome,...and pan fried noodles was preety small but food was great..and the service too...table plate arrangements..and the best chopsticks were placed..without asking as many resturants dnt get tme on time...overall...a must visit....


Second visit, again loved it

Went there last week for the second time. Had a kafir lime drink which was great and a korean thing in a bowl ....forgottten the name but starts with B ....its like sticky rice and veggies in a bowl and you pour hot miso soup on top of it ......excellent....I loved it...especially in the monsoons its great !!....

One gripe is that they bought this dish almost cold the first time, I returned it and they replaced it with a hot one. Make sure you have it piping hot !!

I am surprised at the negative reviews below .....I liked both the times I have been here.



A total dissapointment

Instead of Punjab Grill we chose Asia 7 looking at the interiors ,crowd and mood.Table was very crowded with lots of cutlery.The service was bad and we had to wait a lot to place order.
Ordered chicken kothe(dimsums) it was very very bad.The cover was thick and the content's stinked.The taipei chicken was very bad too.We thought the thai red curry will be good..but it was watery and nothing great.Best thing was the steam rice hehe.Well the damage for two was 1500 and the quality of food and service was third grade.We got fooled thinking since its in palladium it will be great.I have had 10 times better food at mainland china,chinagate,aromas of china etc.Very dissapointed with this place.


Very Poor Attempt

Saddened that we chose this restaurant for a family eving out! staff is warm at times, rude at sometime and confused most of the time.
Didnt like the ambience which is very run of the mill. the seating is also weird. outdated piped music didnt do anything much to make it enjoyable.
Food is highly priced for the quantity they are dishing out. we felt as though we were paying for their high rentals!
Drinks too were very average. Guess we went with a lot of expectations to this eatery - have had better food and service at local smaller eateries.
We were coolly denied our 5 rupees change (bill was 1795) and they returned 5 rupees less. when asked, the steward informed thay dont have change! 5 bucks from each table and see how much they make...never going back...sad sad place...wish someone from them replies to my feedback i sent them this morning.


Enjoyable Meal

Ambience is nice and chilled out.

Ordered the Melon slush and a Thai cooler drink - both were very good !

Main course - Our order was a tofu and shitake mushroom dish and sticky rice. I thought both were very good , though the portion size of the vegetable should be a bit bigger.

Management - PLEASE take notice and get rid of the flies which kept coming and sitting on my glass of slush ! Not expected from a restaurant as this.

Bill came to around Rs 1000, so rs 500 per head. The service charge at 10 % is included.

All in all, I loved the food and would be going back



Awsome Food

Just went there last week. The food was absoluetly brilliant. The sushi, dimsums and the khow suey were great...For the amount we ordered I think the place was reasonable. Could work to Rs.1500 per person. The service was a lil slow but definately worth the wait :) I am definately goin back there... its a must try !!!!

Id give this place 4 and a half stars.


5 Spice + 2 = Asia 7

Deciding to take a long lunch break from work, the four of us (3 guys and a girl) headed towards the Palladium to satiate our hunger . While the initial decision would see us lunching at TGIF, the rave reviews by the couple led us to Asia 7.

We didn't have reservations, but that didn't stop us from getting a table as soon as we entered. The restaurant has table for twos, and a dozen or so loungy sofa areas, with comfortable seating arrangements and rotating table-plates. While the piped music was more American soft porn than anything Asian, the atmosphere is best suited for large groups, casual conversation, laughs, and chat.

With 1:1 veg:non-veg ratios, our orders were pretty to the point. A dimsum platter each, followed by veg spring rolls, pad thai chicken, Beijing lamb chops, veg. khow suey and burnt garlic fried rice. The starters were quick to arrive, and polished off easily. Not the best that i've tasted, but they were al dente, moist, with the perfect tinge of buttery saltiness that tingles on your tastebuds. The veg sping rolls on the other hand, were spot on. They're served in tiny shot glasses with a beautiful honey-chilli dip.

The main course took longer. 15 minutes went by in idle chatter, eyeing PYTs (one looked like Padma Lakshmi), and before our eyes could meet and love blossomed, our waiter Thang signaled the arrival of our food. The khow suey was brilliant, and the whole DIY-punk approach to it added to the experience. Lamb chops a tad rare, but i'm not complaining. Didn't taste much of the burnt rice, but the pad thai was satisfactory. Service was fine, inobtrusive, though a tad slow.

Well, to sum up, Asia 7 is like 5 Spice, but with added sophistication and a tad bit less Indianisation. At the same time, be prepared to fork out more money for a little less value.


raw chicken in dimsum!

The restaurant looked fancy and I liked it..stepped in at 9:30pm dinner for two but had to wait for 10mins although there was a table vacant. we were given the 2 seater table which was quite small and congested i felt, hardly any space to keep the dishes you order. The cutlery and the table was well laid. We ordered for chicken with garlic dimsum and Teppan fried rice-seafood.
The dimsums came and its such a disaster that the chicken inside a dimsum was raw!! how can anybody go wrong with something so simple?? Usually authentic Dimsums are served with soy sauce and finely sliced ginger, so when i asked them for ginger they had no clue of how it is served with such cuisine so they gave me chopped ginger. Starving with hunger after a wait of 20mins later came teppan fried rice which was ok. i wasn't totally satisfied with the food that they served nor the service.
I was very excited about eating there before entering and also after looking at the menu, but not at all satisfied with the meal.
not sure if i will return there. i have eaten better Pan Asian food in Bombay.


The best khow suey ever !!!!

Had heard quite a lot about this place so decided to check it out yesterday. Went there for lunch with a friend of mine. The restaurant is a bit small but the tables are arranged at a fair distance to enable relaxed conversations.

We orded the assorted veg dimsums which was fab!! The raw papaya salad (som tam) was also yum, but they could improve upon the portion size of the salad.

For main course we ordered the veg khowsuey which was simply out of this world. Its a must try dish here!!! Even the veg pan fried noodles were nice. The place isn't too pricey either and is definitely worth a visit!!!


A Good "Food Experience"

Yes, I know this place has received all sorts of reviews, but I would just like to add
-Yes, it's expensive, way too expansive for the amount they serve
-Yes, the service is slow, but staff were very polite about it :)
-Yes, I was frustrated, even after I'd made reservations, they hadn't reserved a table for me
-Yes, it's annoying when an Asian Cuisine Restaurant which flaunts "Dim Sum" at the top of the first page says that they DON"T have Dimsum!!! Very poor performance indeed
But, I feel it's a good effort put in by them to TRY and serve all sorts of Asian Cuisine even though it had an Indian Touch. It was about the experience of good food, in the end that left a smile on my face. I loved the Khow Suey, the taste and the need to Do-It-Yourself and I loved the Thai Green Curry and Rice. For the first time, in a restaurant, I was served a Green Curry that truly wasn't floating in Spice (Mirch)!



Expensive & Not Authentic

Pricing does not justify the portion sizing. The staff is very confused and don't know what they are doing.

Salty, gristly chicken dimsum, non-authentic flavours in tom yum soup, pad thai and thai green curry, uninspiring on-table sauces.

Had high expectations from the place.....



Yummy food .... Service amateurish

It is great to have a SE Asian joint in central Mumbai, easily accessible and reasonably priced. Has heard a lot about their Delhi joint, and the interesting concept. Landed up here today after watching a movie at PVR. Got there beyond standard lunch hours - around 2.30 pm, so am surprised by their poor service.

It took them 15 minutes to get us the menu - only after reminding them. I am a Khow Suey fan, and went for it. Our kiddo ordered for the Sabo Noodles. It took 45 minutes to get the food - but what a meal. The taste of both the dishes is truly awesome, and the Khow Suey is a must try.

The waiter kept irritating me wanting to serve more while I am still eating. And then they did not offer desserts, and then we had a to repeatedly ask for our check.

Cost of these 2 dishes - Rs. 800. The meal was suffiicient for the 3 of us considering 2 adults and a kid. Note that Service Charges are added in the check - so you can skip tipping.

Some suggestions for them, if they are reading:
1. Change those horrid table mats
2. Monitor the aircon more closely - it was cold in there today since the place was not on full capacity at 2.30 pm
3. Get in a Wok menu
4. Bring in some of the Indonesian curries
5. Expand the dessert range

I'm coming back here, bcos the food is damn good


jammy - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 22,2010


Awesome Khow Suey

We went to this place very late on a weekday. It was also the day that the Manchester United Cafe, which is just opposite, was opening, so this place had a forlorn look, and only one other table was occupied. I was a little apprehensive, but my friend said the khow suey was good, so we ordered that. Also called for some dimsums. Both the items were really good, but the khow suey was out of this world. the curry was really creamy and flavourful, the noodles were perfectly cooked, and the toppings were really fresh. I would go back again to this place just to have that.


Addy07 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 29,2010



Every time time you visit the swanky new palladium mall there is something new. This time around it was the new Asian restaurant Asia 7 and the next door Punjab Grill.
However was more tempted to try the asian flavours.
Being a weekday and early the place was barely filled. Also they dont have a operating liquor license and manage to serve it only on weekends on a special permit. But there is free pour of hot jasmine tea to soothe you.
The menu pricing and portion size are managable. Tried the basket of dim sum, and few mains was. Presentation or taste were average.
Overall its better than the existing options of asian food at Phenoix but not something i would call as a destination.
Well being a new place I am sure they would wait and change a few concepts over time. The upcoming tepanyaki sounds promising. Attentive service and helpful hostess made it a a good evening.