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> > > > AT FAT CAT


Andheri WestWestern Suburbs  


9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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AT FAT CAT Reviews


The best

I have visited this joint on a week day and a weekend but never have i been let down. The ambience and decor does have a lot to be worked on but's brilliant it was empty since it was a week day, but i loved the feel of calm in the air as i munched on their delicacies and sipped on the spirits
But wen i stepped in on a Friday nite,man o man it was a different scenario. The place was buzzin with life, the music was crazy since it was a karaoke nite. once again as before the food and spirits were awesum, but wat made it different was the karaoke.
A bunch of young and mature adults were present singing their hearts out, and the person conducting it was crazyily insane. He just knew wat it took to keep the crowd on their feet and had them in splits the whole time with his one liners, cud have actually gone well for a stand up comedy show as well....but he knew his job and executed it to the T...kUDOS
The overall experience of the nite was fab andim sure gonna be a part of their events in time to come keep it up n cheers to the good times at fat cat.


spark17 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

December 24,2012


Not so good Cat

I think for any restro bar with such a unique name the menu forms their crux...But fat cat fails to do so. The ambiance is just like any other pub in Mumbai. Please do not try the tum yum soup.. The grilled chicken and pizzas are something that you could try if you are visiting it for the first time. To put into nutshell, fat cat can be tried once.. Value for money.. not really.


rahul_burrp - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 08,2012


Rocking Place

Had been there last Saturday with my friends.. They had a Bollywood Theme Night happening , the ambiance was very good.. The food and drinks are not very expensive and very good too.. Overall had a great time .. Will definitely come back !!


Horrible place

I had been to this place called fat cat at veera desai road. When I entered the place only one table was occupied and the whole restaurant was empty.Ambience is v good...We ordered for a chicken starter,i was so surprised to see that the waiter served it in a big bowl in a shape of a hat & there was a central slope which had such few pieces of chicken which was so funny. The quantity was so little & the price is very high. The taste was not so good, normal ordinary taste and compared to the quantity, its certainly overpriced.We were two of us & we ordered 3 starters & still felt v hardly had anything..evertym the waiter would run to the kitchen & try to get some more qty. I thought atleast the main course would be good , so we ordered but i tell u d food was v oily with no taste at all. I suggest the owner should first survey some restaurants and try out food in d vicinity joints before serving ordinary qualty , and less quantity food. Besides the ambience and the interiors i rate this place as a ZERO. No wonder its allways empty.



decent dining

ambiance: good and chilled out
food: v like their thin crust margarita pizza wich was very good]
d next v ordered was d penne pasta in arabiatta sauce which was good
however v did not like d crispy cheesey wantons which did not appeal to us
prices: decent and affordable
wi;ll soon go and try their cocktails ....



They treat Crazel coupon holders like crap!

We were a party of 3 who visited Fat Cat on 10th Aug '12 with Crazeal coupons. We were v. excited about visiting the outlet, however it was an absolutely humiliating experience! As we had 3 coupons, we were entitled to 3 starters, 3 soups, 3 main course dishes & 3 deserts. The manager there was very eager to take our order, however things went totally downhill from there. Only one soup arrived on our table after 30 mins, post which they bought the one of the main courses which was pasta. When we asked for the remaining soups & starters first, they took the pasta back and soon the other soups arrived, but they were half in quantity compared to the first soup. When we asked the mgr, he said that the crazeal coupon holders were entitled to only half bowls & the first bowl was a mistake of too much soup. I think since two of our soup orders were same and they were the ones delayed, they just split it into two. Anyways, post this one starter arrives, and we were kept waiting for 45 mins for the other two starters. They again served us the main course when we asked for the starters. We had to send the main course back again, and after pestering them for starters - they finally gave us the other two dishes after another 20 mins. Ohh, btw, that exotic japanese potato cakes with wasabi is nothing but aloo tiki with mayo.

After we were done with our starters, they finally got us the main course which they had cooked & assembled over an hour ago (it was all ready even before our soup). It was all stone cold. We cldn't take such shitty treatment anymore & walked out - leaving behind our main course & desserts. Since we had bought the Crazeal coupons online & paid for the food in advance, we were basically ripped off.

I hated my experience with Fat Cat & will never go back there. Also, none of the other tables were having problems like us, I suspect becoz they were ordering off the menu & not Crazeal coupon holders. I don't understand why they opted for such a scheme when they clearly just insult & treat those who come in with coupons like second grade citizens! We were paying customers & had bought a coupon whose price was determined by Fat Cat itself. Why offer such schemes when you will look down on customers. The scheme is a way for the pub to get a lot more first timers & they shd be providing an experience that converts these first timers into regular customers willing to come in without coupons also. Instead their behavior is the opposite, it is meant to repel.



Friday night karaoke

I went to Fat Cat last Friday with some friends and expected some crowd as it was the karaoke night. However, I was a little disappointed as the place was a little dull. We came by 10.30 or so and expected a good enough crowd till the place closed down but by then I think most people had left.
Although I must say it has a good ambiance and a good atmosphere.


July 26, 2012response from management at AT FAT CAT:

Dear Ashex08, we would like to invite you to the Karaoke World Championships (KWC) at Fat Cat on Friday nights. It will last for a month and contestants and groups have the opportunity to win a chance to go to Finland for the World Championships! We wish you the best of luck and look forward to serving you soon. Have a great weekend!


Out of the world!

Late Friday night saw this place alive! I drove down with friends, one of whom wanted to check this place out. It's bleak and shady from outside, and almost invisible if not for its bright purple lights! The inside was something else altogether! The place had people on the floor, hands thrown around shoulders, merrily singing the words the large screen that dominates the room flashed! It sure sees a lot of regulars, which I assume, going by the easy camaraderie the lead had with the customers. The food could use a good boost, but I doubt if that's what draws the crowd to this place. A definite 'must visit' hang out for me!


July 26, 2012response from management at AT FAT CAT:

Hi Vixen26, having you as our guest is an honor. We look forward to sharing many more memorable nights with you! Please check out our new menu being launched with more variety of exotic offerings. We look forward to serving you again soon! Cheers and have a great weekend!

Catt All the Way

Fri night KARAOKE night ....Good Food, Specially the starters and overall Ambiance.
Its a nice cozy stop, for people passing by.In case you stop by enjoy a drink or two.Cheers


July 26, 2012response from management at AT FAT CAT:

Hi Social Buddha, thanks for the review! Hope to see you at our Karaoke World Championships tomorrow night which will last for another month. Make sure to win your trip to Finland in December! Cheers!