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> > > > Aura Restrobar

Aura Restrobar

PowaiCentral Suburbs  

  • 66936969, 40075555
  • Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Rodas, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, , Powai, Mumbai
  • Continental, Fusion, Indian

16 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Aura Restrobar Reviews


ENter at your own risk . rating - negative

Food - average
Customer service : worst.
ambiance - average
Location : good

Price : considering the awful service, it is expensive

This restobar has one of the most inconsiderate and insensitive security staff because they are like puppets without taking any action on perpetrators. Mumbai is supposedly a safe place for women and this restobar is in the prime location but i am highly disappointed with the security and service. they are arrogant and I completely agree with the reviews posted below. If you are looking for a safe & secured place where you can have a cozy dinner with your wife or girl friend then i would not recommend this place. I guess they should get a disclaimer signed from everyone "Enter at your own risk"


burrpburrp - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 25,2010


meant for drinks and music

Lovely place, great atmosphere, good crowd. if you want to impress your clients or have a date, i would recommend this place. its dark and quiet and has entertainment, so in case the date isnt going so well, the shows can be ur rescue. My friend said it has dance floor later at nite but I was there till 9:30 saturday nite and no dance :( food is mediocre, dont be impressed with the fancy titles and exotic ingredients. i will go again, this time to dance :P


Nice place to relax and unwind

Music is very good.
Food is bit on expensive side, regular drinks are reasonably priced. Screen at center is huge and brilliantly placed. Also they have some 5 minutes live entertainment (dance/ fashion show) on friday/ weekends.
Service is very good.Staff is very polite and friendly
Overall experience is v good.


Relax and chill out

This is really a nice place if you planning to have some drink with your friends. The drinks are not over priced at all. The happy hours are till 8 PM which gives you a lots of good options. If you planning to shake your legs then this is not the place to be however the music is good and the place is best to sit back and relax.


karma - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 19,2010


Enjoyed my visit

Lets Chill..
Be what you are. That's what I found Aura to be .
I was there on a Tuesday with my friends and Karaoke was on.
It was fun singing. The best part is the crowd joins in and cheers you up and you don't feel odd man out.
Service was good. Staff was polite and helpful in accommodating my weird requests as we all were in good spirits.
DJ played good groovy numbers and we did shake our legs even.
Took an experience home. It was an evening with fun



Relax & Unwind at no xtr cost

The place is picking up well... The crowd is still much much better and you can sit with a free mind.
Event s without any coverage is an added advantage. The giant screen and the humongous space is a WOW factor.
Staff is educated and presentable...... not like the one they have at other so called bars.
Bartender must say is an assets.... Grt place to chill and unwind




I think its a regular restaurant with loud music and that leaves is neither a restaurant or a bar or a disc.
The drinks and food is OK, though the bartender might make you drink anything he wishes to make


pirate23 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

October 04,2009



This place is boring and of no life.

If you want to spend time with friends and want some fun this is not the place.

This place looks like a corporate lounge :) at offices.


Quite boring and sad

This place rarely has good crowd, except on a weekday when those working in the nearby offices in Powai have nowhere else to go. The DJ and music there is really bad, bartender isn't qualified enough to make you a good drink and the food (everything) is way to oily! Their greek salad is more like an Udipi Salad!!

It's such a nice spot, I think this place should shut down to make room from a new idea.


Gastronaut - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 14,2009


Not a real bar... Very Bad Service

First of all this review will make sense to only those who know what's a real bar, and the difference between a bar and a disc. If you are a person who will go to a bar to dance and shout on loud music when you get high you might like it. But then why not go to a disc?
I think its a regular restaurant with loud music and that leaves is neither a restaurant or a bar or a disc.

The drinks and food is OK, though the bartender might make you drink anything he wishes to make (eg. A kiwifruit and apple mt might only have apple and he will say "It come like this only" wtf?). Expect lot of loser people shouting and headbanging and on BA's Six String (Go to a disc pls).

The worst thing about this place is the service. They've hired these fat asses (probably to make them look like bouncers of some disc) and they've never heard of 'good service'. In my particular case, after a few drinks and when we were just chatting and abt to leave I asked if they have decaf. And I got this reply "Its not a coffee shop!". What the Fuck?? I can understand you don't have decaf (which btw is such a normal thing) but what kind off a reply is that. Anyways, as a good mannered customer I didn't pay tip and wrote on the credit card pay slip "I know its not a coffee shop.", this fat ass tore that portion in front of me and threw it in trash. You know what? screw you! I would have given 1* but the food is not bad.

And why are all the dummies there?




Aura is a classy cigar bar in Hiranandani. It gets quite crowded by the PHIRANGS on evenings, but with happy hours throught the week , its a nice place to be. Atmosphere is perfect,cigar & Liqor are served with high quality....1-on-1 happy hour deal was great stuff between 5-8 watching IPL was fun
If you are looking to get away from the regulars...try this place out with PHIRANGS around.....


That don't impress me much...

Went there on a Sunday with a bunch of friends. I think the ambience is excellent but can someone please explain the mannequins to me?!

I ordered a Green Envy (an apple + kiwi mocktail) which was refreshing but a friend who ordered coke + rum said he couldn't taste the rum in his drink at all. :D We also ordered mushrooms with boursin and they were kinda soggy. (the corn chat on another table looked more tempting ;) )

All in all, I think its a good place for casual chats with friends over a couple of beers.


Classy Bar in Powai!

Aura is a classy watering hole and cigar bar located in the heart of the beautiful Hiranandani buildings. The general locale gets quite crowded on weekend evenings, but with Aura's price point, it becomes a nice retreat from the everyday hustle bustle outside. The Mediterranean themed restaurant has a nice atmosphere, wide selection of bar drinks, and a well-maintained cigar-bar/menu as well. I wasn't impressed with the menu, but we were not there for dinner anyways. They have 2-for-1 happy hour deal with Indian alcohol between some early evening hours - the Kingfisher drinkers with us took advantage of that.

All in all, if you are in Powai and are looking to get away from the bowling alley crowd, escape to Aura for a few drinks. You will be pleasantly surprised.


Awesome place!!

Aura is a awesome place...i been there for my birthday had loads of fun...the live music is amazin...


Amazing Place

The atmosphere they have created is too good and every day having some new events like Live DJ, belly dance, live singing etc and i enjoy there most. I love Aura



AWESOME PLACE!!! great interiors, great service.. sometimes there is a live band and they always have some rectreational things happening.. a excellent place to relax after work if you are employed in and around the area.. a bit heavy on the pockets though.. but have always enjoyed there!