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> > > Ayyappan Dosa Stall

Ayyappan Dosa Stall

Matunga East  

  • 09892343326, 08655552212
  • 384, Dadhabawala Sadan, Telang Road, Opposite Bhajana Samaj Temple, Matunga East, Matunga, Mumbai
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 100

11 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Ayyappan Dosa Stall Reviews

Worst eatary in Matunga

Do not eat here. !! There are plenty of better and more hygenic options in Matunga



authentic south indian

Ayappan dosa stall is one of the places where u will get authentic south indian fast foods, namely idlis, wadas, dosas. Must try are the mysore masala dosa, masala dosa. The chutneys are yumilicious, and with the price tag so cheap, one will go almost every week if one stays in Matunga area. It is super simple and tasty food.



My daily snack

I come here everyday after my tuitions.. It serves some really god variety of dosas must try to all


Awesum place -South Indian dishes....

WOW........was the expression when i did eat the PALAK IDLI & Medu Vada at this Tiny Road side stall having variety of South India Dishes.........for the 1st time about 7 years back....
Even after so many years i frequenty visit the place on weekends......Just to give my TASTE BUDS a g8 treat of South :)

MUST TRY......Medu Vada, Pongal,Palak Idli, Mysore masala Dosa,Pav bhaji Dosa.....
SO wat if i have to stand carrying my plate so thy dont have the sitting area....but the taste of their mouth watering prepartions takes all ODDs Away :).


Breakfast feast

Believe me, this is not any other breakfast outlet. It’s a dhaba with its forte in irresistible South Indian Nashtas. The authenticity of the food is way better than any sophisticated restaurant. My advice to you is don’t go by the looks of this roadside eatery, I vouch you the food is matchless. Since it’s a roadside eatery, there is no sitting area; you just take your plate and stand & eat. People also drive down to this place from different areas of the city who sit in their cars and eat.
Breakfast at Ayyapan is the best way to start your day. Though it’s named as idli stall, it serves all types of south Indian nashtas. Around 5-6 people are busy cooking and 1 guy stands outside taking orders, serving them and is also the cashier. So you gotto collect your plate from this guy and make your payment to him. Their service time is less than 5 minutes.
Begin the first morsel with the Pongal Rs.20 which is divine in taste, served along with spicy red tomato chutney. The aromatic flavors that rise till your nostrils as you chew the steaming hot Pongal will surely please your palate. Next is the Upma Rs.18 which is the second best item on the menu. I remember the taste of the Upma served to me on my Air India flight to Andhra Pradesh is as good as the quality of Upma at Ayyapan. If your appetite is craving for more then you can feed on to Mysore dosa Rs.35, Meduwada (2 each) Rs.20, Idli (2 each) Rs.18, Dalwada (2 each) Rs.20 and Onion Uttapa Rs.30. The red chutney, sambar and coconut chutney is an accompaniment with all the nashtas.
Hang on! You cannot leave without eating their pineapple Sheera Rs.18, it is simply amazing! Though Ayyapan serves breakfast at a very nominal price the quality is not compromised upon. Ayyapan is one of the best breakfast zones I’ve been to so far.
My rating for Ayyapan:
Ambience 3/10
Value for money 9/10
Service 8/10
Taste 9/10


Affordable on the valet and great food

All their food is really amazing and except the part where you have to stand and eat ,it is good.But i think this is a experience in itself.


Good south indian fare... better than cafe madras!

Another plce for amzng south indian fare! u cn gorge n gorge on those idli's, vada's & dosas... without ever hurting ur pocket!! taste absolutely fantastic! its chutnies are better than wt u get at cafe madras (m not condemning cafe madras.. its my fav plce for idlis... but this one tends to be better than them in chutnies & dosas)... dosas r jus amzng.. almost the same u wud get in b'lore!! i was reminded of b'lore whle hvng d dosas here... vada's r crunchy frm outside but very very soft frm inside!! the best of the lot der (i felt) was the pineapple sheera!! amzng soft & very very hot! d plce is nt dat unhygenic too (considering it to be more of a road stall than a restaurant)! no seating areas too! so jus stand & eat... relish d food & pay & move on types!! but recommendable to everyone to try out their dishes! anthr point i noted here was that u wont have the harassment of waiting in a long que for ur order to come unlike in cafe madras, where u ve 2 wait outside for a real real long tym b4 u end up eating there!!!


Best Sount Indian food

My friend took me here to try its pineapple sera and after having just 1 bite of it i became a fan of this place. It has big menu and whatever i try turns out to be yummyyyy. They also give 3 chutneys n a sambar to go with everything which makes everything more yummy :) . The best part about this place is dat its damnnnnnn cheap, even though i live in kandivali i had taken my mom, dad & bro to this place for dinner, meal for 4 cost us just Rs.128/- lolz. The only drawback about this place is that its a roadside place so no place to sit n eat, u have to eat standing only.


Never went there for years

We had the office in the same building as them but never bothered going there for the 9 years that we were there. Went there after we moved to another place:-) Tried them off and on post that. You have inexpensive food made right in front of you. Don't expect too many frills.... Cheap south Indian food but modernised to suit the palette of the present generation (Schezwan dosas and the ilk).



TOO GOOD South Indian Snacks

This place its really good to have typical southindian snacks such as Dosa, Idli, Dal Wada, Upma & also Batata Vada & Sabudana Wada.

Whenever I visited this area I always make sure to have some of the above mention snacks without fail?.


The most authentic sambar and chutney

Started as a road side stall and now happens to a glorified version of the same.

This place serves amazing Idlis and wadas. The pongal (Usually served only in the mornings) is same as you would get in any eating place down south.

The sambar and chutney are as authentic as they can get.

Items to try: Masala Idli, butter idlis, Mysore sada, Pongal!