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> > > Bagelwala


Turner Road  

  • 02265655051
  • Crowne Palace, 23rd Road, Near Queens Market, Turner Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Tea and Coffee

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Bagelwala Reviews

Bagels Galore

Set in a small under-lit Bandra bylane, this place is a small hole in the wall eating joint.

They claim to have a large variety, but not all of the items are available.
I think they are still settling in. The food is decent, its a refreshing change from the generic cafe menu.
The Bagels are really good but the accompaniments are average.
They have a space crunch.
Really uncomfortable seating arrangement, especially when you're in a big group.


Anjum  - Burrp User


123 Reviews

February 11,2013


Good place, Good food

I'd heard about Bagelwala from my friends and after reading so many positive reviews for this place in burrp, I decided to finally try out the place. The experience definitely satisfied my curiosity as well as my stomach. :D
The place isn't difficult to find if you know your way around Bandra. Plus they have huge sign on the road outside the place, which you can easily spot in case you are lost.
The entrance is a little crowded; the place is kinda small and with two tables for four near the counter. Hence we decided to check out the mezzanine floor seating option. The steps (or rather ladder) is quite risky but the top section is far more comfortable.
We tried the egg white and cheese bagel that was served with some tomato's and bell peppers. It was delicious. It was a perfect balance of egg and cheese with none overpowering the other. The bagel was fresh and chewy. We also tried the barbeque chicken salad. We loved the fact that it had a lot of chicken and comparatively less vegetables. The cold coffee was to die for! Since I love the combination of strawberries and banana, I really liked their smoothie too. The iced tea was nice but not excellent.
We didn't manage to try any desserts, we were stuffed already. And we decided to come back some other day for them. But maybe that was just an excuse to come back.
Apart from the guys in the kitchen, there was just one guy who took our orders (it's a self service place so you place your order at the counter) and he politely climbed up the ladder with trays of food to serve us at out table too.
The whole atmosphere was nice and polite. Very cosy too.
They had some really good books too, some classics and photography books.
The best part is about the place is that even if the bagles cost around 120 to 150 bucks, they give you quality stuff. So it's worth it! And you don't mind spending that money once in a while.
I'll definitely go back to Bagelwala soon!


tanyapatel - Burrp User


11 Reviews

November 13,2012


dog friendly bagel shop !

I was actually came across this place by mistake...tiny yet cosy it is located off turner road , near tava restaurant...we ordered teh nutella cinnamon bagel, which was to die for ! the sun dried tomato bagel with jalapeno cream cheese was delicious ....even the mushroom bagel was excellent...for drinks we ordered a cold coffee pitcher , yes you heard right COLD COFFEE pitcher which was decent...All in all a great experience and i would definitely be goin back there...A nice place to go with a large group of friends and just hang out ...



Best bagels in town.

Yummy bagels. Very quaint place serving fantastic bagels. My personal favourites are the egg and cheese bagel and the elvis bagel.


Sue  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

September 17,2012


Happy to eat great bagels in Bombay at last!

Okay - so this place isn't easy to find, but once you do I am sure you will be hooked! Have taken away many of their bagels (favourites are the 'everything', the onion and the poppyseed) and their cream cheese which beats anything you can get in a packet hands-down (and is also an excellent price). Favourite for eat-in is their mushroom melt. Will definitely keep going back if they keep up the quality. Also lovely to see a new cafe in Bandra where the owners and the people who work there are clearly passionate about the food they are serving (so many new places seem interested in decor and not much else!) and responsive to the suggestions of their clientele. Keep up the good work!



Best Bagels in town

I was never fond of bagels but Bagelwala has made me a fan. A visit to Bagelwala is like playing a treasure hunt. This quaint little place is tucked away in Bandra and is slightly difficult to find, but once you find're in for a treat. The decor of the place is cozy and inviting inspite of the fact that there is a serious space crunch. Books and board games adorn the shelves. The Bagels are freshly made and the options are abundant. The corn and spinach bagel as well as as the cream jalapeno bagel were delicious. Though i would prefer maybe a salad/sauce on the side instead of the cut bananas. The bagelwala facebook page is very active and asks the followers what flavour of bagels would they like to have. My experience with Bagelwala was lovely. Hope they continue the wonderful job.



Just like heaven

Bagelwala is the perfect place to go to if you want to spend an afternoon with your friends. The ambiance is perfect, the food is fresh, delicious and value for money. The Cream cheese and jalapeno bagel was absolutely yum!
Quaint, little eatery which plays some really nice music and has a guitar and board games which you can actually play! Absolutely loved the place. Can't wait to go back!



Mediocre at best

The ambience looks quite interesting from outide with their wooden door and a board which reads 'Pull' and a bell attached to the door. But inside the place is really cramped. The spread is quite ok. I had ordered the Lemon Pepper Chicken Bagel and the Lemon Iced tea. It took almost 10-12 minutes to serve my order.

Three things which I would like to mention:

1. The chicken was good. But the cream was not spread properly in the bagel. The bagel was average.
2. Lemon Iced tea - excellent
3. I think the price is very much on the higher side. Frankly I did not see value shelling out 220 bucks for the bagel that I had and more than a 100 bucks for the Iced tea.

Overall I would rate the place as average. Good to try out once. But a repeat visit am not too sure



Fresh Bagels , Quaint Eatery

If you want to eat freshly baked bagels new york style, this is the closest you can come to the experience. Located in a quiet lane off turner road, this is a small quaint eatery which believes in making everything you order fresh and with quality ingredients.

It just started a few days before we visited and hence the service was lacking and they had some teething issues. But that aside, the bagels were good to eat and easy on the pocket

We went for a egg and cheese one, which was a simple but thoroughly enjoyable bagel. We followed that with spinach and corn bagel and a lemon chicken one, both of which , again, were great.

The bagels are doughy and chewy, just the way they should be. Great place for breakfast.


Good bagels, mediocre cream cheese!

If you are not familiar with Bandra, this place can be a bit of a challenge to find. Most of the bagels were great. The sesame and the everything bagels were the winners. The cinnamon was fine and needed a little bit of work on the texture and bite. The cream cheeses need a lot of work. They taste more like the cheese spread available at local stores. They need to be creamier and the fillings like jalapenos and tomatoes need to be well mixed into the cheese rather than at the bottom. If you are expecting the NYC Deli/Bakery experience, this is the closest you will get to it in Mumbai. Definitely recommended for bagel lovers



Fresh Bagels..lotsa flavored cream cheese options

So got to this place a day before they officially opened up for business (12th Aug).....
We were informed that they would accommodate us, although they not officially open.

We tried the Sesame Bagel with Jalapeño Cream cheese and the Herb Bagel with the Mushroom Corn Cheese sandwich option.
Along with this we ordered the Caesar salad and a lemonade.

Both the bagel's were fresh. We were told that they bake their bagel's inhouse itself.
All the things we tried....bagels and salad were delicious. The Jalapeño Cream cheese is a must try.

Its a place that id go to to hang out with friends or just grab a quick bite and head out.

We ordered a coffee, which was served to us along with a Brownie. ( i guess since we were one of their first few customers)

The brownie that they served, perfectly complimented the coffee. not too sweet ... not the gooie kind, but the one that u can munch on with ur tea/coffee.

Overall, it was a great of the finest bagels that u can have in the city and hands down, better and fresher ingredients as compared to The Bagel Shop in the vicinity.