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> > > Bake's House

Bake's House

Mahim West  

  • 02265219004, 02265173923, 02265239899, 09820734355
  • Gala No. 1 & 9, Hiren Industrial Estate, Mogul Lane, Mahim West, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 400

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Bake's House Reviews

Leroi - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 19,2014






I just love bakeries

Cozy little place situated right near Jumbo Breads. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! brilliant variety of stuff. I used to go to Birdy's(Mahim) earlier but this place beats them hands down. The Chicken Chilly Rolls and the Chicken Seekh Kebab rolls are awesome. They also have a decent Junglee Sandwiches. Coolest thing about them is they have these daily lunch packs that include biriyani, fried rice etc. and is simply amazing. Thumbs up!!!


Good, VFM cakes

Bake's House is our regular shop for getting birthday cakes from. They are really quick and are able to prepare cakes of choice at a short notice.

Among the various cakes available here, Choco mousse and Choco hazelnut cakes are my favourites. The hazelnut one, I feel, uses just the flavour and not real hazelnuts, but is still well executed and delicious.

Among the snacks I would recommend the veg quiche which has a perfectly baked pastry filled with creamy paneer, onion and cheese sauce.

Their croissants here are nice, buttery, crisp and flaky. However, they really need to improve upon the quantity of the stuffing in the croissants.

I would any day recommend the place for the great cakes they make.


VFM. Definitely worth repeat tries

I first heard about this place barely a month ago but now it has become almost my top 3 default place to call in to for a quick snack/lunch when I'm busy.

I'm not much of a sweets person so I can't say much about their cakes/pastries. I did try their walnut and something cupcake. It was dry. Meh.

I like their sandwiches and I believe I've tried quite a few of them but their Junglee Chicken sandwich (ask for it grilled) is the best. The name doesn't quite describe it. It's more a chicken salad sandwich with cole slaw mixed into the sandwich mix. Grilling it gives it a very interesting dimension. Grilled chicken sandwich is a similar mix with bell pepper and onion in the salad mix.
They make a good chicken burger too (definitely prefer it to the crap McD turns out!). The manager suggested I try that grilled as well. Took him up on the suggestion and I think it tastes better than the same burger not grilled. Go figure!

Tried the pahadi chicken wrap. Was OK. In the future, I'd stick with their sandwiches and burger(s).

Not very expensive either. Most sandwiches range 50-70 bucks (ditto the wraps and burgers). 20 bucks more for the grilled ver. Hence VFM.


A Winner

Located in a quiet corner in Mahim, next to Bimbo bakery, Bakes House is a gem of a place. If great food and modest prices is what you're looking for, this is the place for you.

I've been a regular at the place and it has never once disappointed me. Lunch options usually have 3 or 4 dishes which change on a daily basis. These include veg and non veg dishes such as biryani, pulav, schezwan fried rice, kheema, dal, butter chicken/jeera rice, parathas etc. Apart from these, you get sandwiches, rolls, puffs and refreshing beverages too.

My personal favorites here are chicken schezwan fried rice, chicken puff, pineapple turnover and choco lava cake. The pastries are worth a try too.

The amiable service, yummy food and modest rates make this place a winner every single time. And whats more, you can have a complete lunch in about 150 bucks, dessert included.


Brilliant food, easy on the pocket

Discovered this family-run Bakery on Burrp and is a 15 minute walk from work. As you approach this place from around the corner, the smell of freshly baked bread overwhelms you.

About 3 tables outside the bake shop to seat around 10 people. The items on display are absolutely Y.U.M! One section is purely for their desserts and the other one is for their quick bites like rolls/puffs, etc. There are more desserts on top of the dessert counter and is full of muffins, cookies, home made chocolates and brownies.
A huge whiteboard menu confuses you on what to get. They have daily special lunches ranging from Biryanis to Paratha-Sabzi to Daal Chawal to Butter Chicken. I'd recommend going for the daily lunch special, followed by desserts

Quick! The really nice lady behind the counter helps you decide if you cannot. And seldom does she go wrong. They make fresh sandwiches right after you place your order and the service is really good. You ask for any dip (from ketchup to Mustard to Mayo), and there is no fuss about it.

I haven't come across any item on the menu that I've had which is even average. I'd highly recommend their Roast Chicken Roll, Chicken Junglee Sandwich and their Butter Chicken-Jeera Rice combo. They had Kheema-Pav which was presented in an unusual manner. The really spicy kheema was inside the huge grilled pav (as opposed to on the side). The Chicken in their biryani is good, but maybe a little dry to my liking. They serve their Biryanis in disposable bowls with a side of fresh raita.

The desserts deserve a separate mention. We've devoured their Chocolate Mousse with Brownie bottom and their Choco-Strawberry pastry and it was Oh-Dear-God-That's-Heaven good! The Apple pie we had was good, but a little on the dry side. The dark chocolate pastries somehow were not bitter enough for me, but good nonetheless.

Expect to pay about 150 bucks per head if you have not had anything in the last 24 hours. Maybe about 200 per head with desserts.

If you are hungry and you cannot decide what you want to eat, go here and let the lady help you out in ordering.

1. Chicken Roast Roll
2. Chicken Mayo Sandwich
3. Butter Chicken with Jeera Rice or Parathas
4. Kheema Pao
5. Veg Junglee Sandwich
6. Veg biryani

1. Chocolate Mousse with Brownie
2. Chocolate/Blueberry Muffin

p.s. It just so happened that I wrote a review and a bunch of colleagues recommended going here for lunch. So yes, again, it was excellent. Paneer and Palak stuffed parathas with uber excellent aloo-gobi. Finished off with Blueberry cheesecake (which was essentially Blueberry Mousse with bread crumbs) in a plastic wine glass


Bake's House for the BEST Cakes...

Bake's house is an excellent place for cakes and pastries... I bought a mango cake from them, for my parent's anniversary, which was also customized by them by putting a picture of them on d cake... The cake was absolutely yummy... It was really soft and creamy and had a very tuch taste... I have also had their mousse which is also highly delectable..!! It is located slightly obscurely but its highly recommended and totally a place to go again and again....!!!!


anandnata - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 13,2010


Great place to order fastfood from

We order food from bake's house all the time. Great food at affordable prices. Their lunch options are great too!