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> > > > Balaji Pure Veg

Balaji Pure Veg

Goregaon EastWestern Suburbs    & IN 6 MORE LOCATIONS


11 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Balaji Pure Veg Reviews







Upscale but with downscale habits

The most needling issues with some of the Udupi or local joints in Mumbai is that once they upgrade or try to move up the ladder they still keep some of their Udupi traits.

Balaji in Hub goregaon has a good ambience and good seating but it does not do justice to the food or its surrounding. We ordered a paneer dish and rotis and wanted to customize the dish. The servers were polite and the dish was decent . As i had mentioned in my previous posts that the biggest evil in budget restaurants in mumbai is standard gravies.The gravy served had the extra customization that i had requested but the base was the same.

The issue really at balaji is that they are overstaffed and in the extra narrow space between two tables they hover over your table with alarming frequency.This trait which is very Udupi like , where they just focus on table turnaround should not be present when you are projecting yourself as a notch higher.

Overall , in that entire mall it would be my last option to go as it does not give me either the ambience nor the taste to make it stand apart.






Very good food

This restaurant serves pure veg food. The price is very good and the food is delicious. Being located in hub mall on WEH, this is a very comfortable place to be in. I went in for birthday treat and they arranged for a cake and made the day a one to remember. The service is also courteous and you would definitely like to visit this place again and again.



Lovely Food

Whoa! What a choice here… a wide array of Indian, Chinese, sizzlers, Italian and much more all under one roof. In the mood for a simple dosa? More chatpata Cheese Pao Bhaji? Or just deep-fried Finger Chips? It's all here..
The Balajis have established themselves as a popular destination for families and all pure vegetarians who want to be assured of the purity of their food


kedarm - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 23,2013


Consistent, but nothing great..

Since we have a significantly large veg contingent in our office, this has become the default for team lunches.

The positives:
1) Location:
Being located on the ground floor of The Hub, it is easily accessible - especially after a long day at work or a movie. I prefer Balaji to all other restaurants in The Hub.

2) Service:
The service is always prompt. The waiter waiting my table has always been aware of the menu - that is a big plus in my opinion.

3) Excellent dal khichdi:
This is very subjective, but I find the dal-khichdi very good. It's not floating in ghee and the quantity is right about enough for two.

1) The food:
The food is nothing great. Despite being an Udipi joint, the menu is filled with Chinese and Punjabi dishes - which aren't really stand-out.

2) Ambience:
Again, nothing remarkable, and I don't think it's a fair reflection of the amounts charged for the dishes served.

If you are in the locality and want to finish of your meal without thinking too much, dal khichdi at Balaji is a good option. If you want an enjoyable meal where you are pampered a bit, I don't think Balaji is the best place to go..


Not great

Avg food.
Avg service.
Avg ambiance

Best part less price as compared to other.


Going down....

Am a regular at this joint - it is next to my office and offers a convenient choice. It used to be great value for money till a few months back.
The prices have gone up, portions have come down in quantity and the quality has also suffered a bit.
They need to buck up before it is too late.


Another udipi restaurant!

Ambiance is good, but expect the place to be noisy in the afternoon. Service was prompt, but the serving was very slow due to the crowd. Food was quite tasty: I recommend Paneer Bhuna & Veg Chili Mili here.

PS: I've been eaten veg quite often lately, and that's pretty sad!


Value for money

An "udipi" joint was sorely missed in this area. There are a number of offices around and other than the malls or McDonalds there was no choice available for a quick decent meal.

The food here is consistently good. The portions are adequate and the staff is friendly as well. The seating is a bit cramped though and could do with some adjustment.
Overall the place is goo value for money and if they maintain the quality of service and food, they should do well.


Nauzer  - Burrp User


54 Reviews

October 15,2009


Great VFM Veg Place....

I added this place to burrp the day it opened but never got to try it because it is always crowded.

But this weekday afternoon, it was practically empty at 12, so we went ahead and had Deluxe Thalis.

Great value for money veg food for 95 bucks.

Friendly management and staff too. We were comfortable even when our one year old son was slightly cranky :)

So this is the place to go.. if you bored of comparatively expensive places like China Ming / Golden Chariot on the upper floors and want to have good veg food at prices similar to McDonald's nearby....

Will try other stuff on the menu whenever its not crowded...



Great Place!

We vistited this place for Sunday breakfast! Its was great change from what what you normally eat once you go to hub! The ambience is great and the service was good as well. The menu is standard of Balaji and food is priced excellent for its location. Its a true value for money and a very very clean place to be in.

We ordered Suji rava masala dosa and puri bhaji! One place where the Sambhar tasted vary nice and not typical that we get at most places and the bhaji was delicious!

Would definately go in there again! (Location of washbasin could have been at a better place as one might see people washing hands while passing by! :))


Much Needed & Quite Good Jt

There was a real dearth of good places around Goreagon East. Sick of the chinese eateries and the McDonalds & to the relief came Balaji at the hub mall (was a $ store previously).
This is a pure veg restaurant in the lines of Rama Krishna, etc and thier main domain would obviously be South Indian food. Had thier Sada Dosa and it was quite good. The sambhar esp was well flavoured. Also tried thier chinese (veg triple schezewan) and it didnt disappoint either. They have a large spread on thier menu from punjabi to mexican. The one thing that impressed me the most that they have a 'Fasting' section in thier menu. Tried the sabudana wada and they were terrific.
And as with most fast food restaurants, the service is a fast and good and the pricing always fits all.