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> > > > Balwas Restaurant

Balwas Restaurant

Marine LinesSouth Mumbai  


13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Balwas Restaurant Reviews







balwas is a cool family restaurant

Lots of dishes to choose from and the taste are also really good.

Some of the waiters are not really trained in the art of delivering food.

On the overall, all this in a very reasonable budget



Good Food if you go by the cost

The staffs were co-operative, orders were taken promptly although there was certain delay in the initial phase to bring them. Good ambience and good food as the rates are pretty low compares to its counterparts in the same area....




Balwas restaurant is the best restaurant in south mumbai for mughlai and chinese cuisines at reasonable prices, worth it.
I am regular at balwas with family and friends, excellent food, good service and comfy ambience.
Recently i organised a party of 250 persons, arrangement, service and food were perfect.



Biryani ka Badshah!

The reviews below give enough reasons justifying that their Biryani is top class - And so it is! But so are the other items on their menu... Some I've tasted myself and some I've heard the others raving about.... Paneer Butter Masala, Chana Masala (which was a surprise), Chicken Lollipop, Butter Chicken and so on.. Their Rotis and Naans are good too. Thumbs up for this one!!!


THIS is where you get the best Biryani in town...

I've been visiting this place since I was an infant. For the first 10 years of my life I was vegetarian (because of my parents) so I'd eat only vegetarian dishes here & to this day have 2 favorites: Balti potato & Ginger lemon soup. They tend to mess up the Balti potato order because it's not on the menu and the newer waiters don't know how it's made; circular crisp potato discs are what you should ideally get.

The chicken & mutton biryanis are awesome. No contest, you won't find a better Biryani in Bombay. The masala & mutton is at the bottom and rice is white on top. Their yoghurt (tell them "curd") is thick & tasty as well, which makes it a good side for the Biryani. Papads are good too.

They have the usual Punjabi & Mughalai fare on the menu, and it's all very tasty. The Naans are good too.

Service is alright, sometimes it may take a while though so don't expect lightning fast delivery. A large portion of the patrons are Muslims so you'll get to see a lot of Burqa clad women in there. No alcohol served.



Food Magic of Mumbai

Awassum food with good ambience, service ,good will staff,people found a food joint and take a halt for awssum Biryani and Desert.
Ali from bangalore visit often to this place.
Plan for lunch,I had been to mumbai so lets try once again with new varieties.
The Manger Mr Aziz was to good symapthy with good Pro where u want the taste and quality theer it is.

so request to managment to take care more over promtion of food items,add few more varites of foods.



Excellent Butter chicken/Dum Biryani

Amazing food with good service by staff lead by Manager this is quit good price but parking facility to be provided.the starters ,maincourse ,biryani end desert was amazing (named Royal Sunday)

Restaurant which is good supportive staff.


Family place!!

Ambience is good, crowd is good, food is good and service is good.. what more could 1 ask for?

Must try biryani!!


A good lunch: A fair service

To start with first, the ambience is pleasant and the orders are taken instantly.

Lots of dishes to choose from and the taste are also really good.

Some of the waiters are not really trained in the art of delivering food.

On the overall, it will be a good experience at Balwas if you get a good waiter.


Office delivery.......

Be it a promotion party or a birthday celebration we order from this place because it never disappoints...Its Paneer dishes are mouth watering and score point with me even i am not a paneer-crazy person...
The bill comes to around 500-600 bucks for around 6-7 people...It is nicely delivered in foil containers which really keeps it warm..The delivery is prompt...Its always satisfying and makes us contented and happy........
I would recommend this for lunch...


Great Family Place...

balwas is a cool family restaurant ...with friends or has a nice ambience. great food.. good budget restaurant with good service and ample parking in the evenings...


noman9 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 16,2007


good joint

balwas is one restaurant i love to visit..with friends or family..its very accomodating. nice service, good ambience and great food..its a place to go when you're dying for some smacking food! their creamy italian soup and malai kebab are to die for. all this in a very reasonable budget..visit visit visit!


If you are on the go

If you are on the go and work around the area. This restaurant mostly for the white collar lunchbreakers is quick in service with good food .. an old timer..