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> > > > Banjara Dhaba

Banjara Dhaba

Borivali WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02228908737, 02228913769, 02228944847, 02228950033
  • Holy Cross Road, Opposite Phillip Tower, Near Cafe Coffee Day, IC Colony, Borivali West,Mumbai
  • Indian, Punjabi, Tandoori
  • Meal for 2 - 800

16 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Banjara Dhaba Reviews







Overall Nice expirience.Overall Nice expirience.

Had went to this place with friends, total 3 of us.
While entering into it like a cave people welcomed with a warm smile and greeting.
Went to family section, which is having a decent look.
Atmosphere were very good and comfortable.
None of us ha planned to drink and so had feast over food.
One guy were vegetarian so Ordered Veg 65 for him and a chicken platter.
Chicken platter comes with a Sigri with variety of chicken over it.
Veg 65 was average and chicken platter was more than enough for two.
One thing is to note that Veg Pot Biryani which comes in a Mud pot is extremely yummy and must have it .
Staff were very good except the restaurant ( Was wearing Blazer) was much inpatient before we making ordered and a bit nosy in between.
One thing would like to add that food option should be much more enhanced as there are very less indian food options and Chinese menu is much.
So Overall it is worth going again this place and really a VFM.


rajivnfs - Burrp User


9 Reviews

December 07,2013




have been here thrice, the staffs are very friendly and cooperative, the price is very reasonable, the food is delicious..separate space for family seating and boozing..the only drawback is the is not located on the main road, so one have to search a little bit! the ambience is like a typical traditional dhada, with art on the walls..the home delivery service is also on time..



Awesome place with good service.

I have been here with my frnd just to chill out and pass my aftnun time. there was no mich crowd so the place was quite silence. since indias match was going on we enjoyed our lunch wid a chilled wine, the taste of the food was better and the service provided was average. I would recommend you to visit once if you wish to sit at some quite place.








What should I say.. This place has just kept getting better and better..
there was a time when this place was shabby and the furniture was almost gone..
for now this place is looking good.. well made up with excellent interiors..
crowd is good, very good staff and service is not bad either..
speaking about the food, its just Superb..
I would highly recommend this place to all the Tandoori lovers..
1 of the best tandoori's that i've had..
the ambiance is good, slow music, soothing to the ears...
You can take your friends and family here.. no problems with the crowd whatsoever..
a 4 out of 5 from me..



Pathetic service

This place is not the same 'dhaba' I used to go 14 years back. Yes, it's revamped and offers many more options now but what good is it when the staff can't even communicate. We were a group of 3 and walked in their 'music' section but were informed that the AC in our section are not working. When we asked for a table change, we were told it's a table for 6 and need to get more 3 people. Really??? If you think customers (and not the college going crowd) will tolerate such bullshit service, then ur wrong. Maybe, its time the authorities were informed about your shoddy service and other irregularities.


shalu.r.v - Burrp User


17 Reviews

December 27,2011


Love Food ? Then Must Visit !!

Forget the area,where it is and Forget the Smokers Zone.. The taste is awfully delicious, we have been there several times and recently again visited, we have always maintained to order different dishes to know the variety of food, they serve, and amazingly all dishes we have ordered have come out real tasty.. In Borivali, If you ar elooking for a place to go with your Love, with your Friends, with your family or with your colleagues, this is the only place you can opt out (Kindly Note : If looking in Borivali-West).

Uptil now we have tried veg and non veg both the dishes, including starters and Main Course, yeah out of 10 - 2times they were really late to serve and delayed our order for sure, but that doesnt prove that they have bad service at all, else there are loads of restaurants who let you keep waiting outside the restaurants and If you have no choice as you look forward to have their food.

The best thing the owner has done is separated the zones and left it to customers choice where they want to enjoy their meal. Must visit place and decide yourself whether you prefer to sit in a dhaba ambience or normal restaurant alike others,whether you wanna sit with family in a spacious place or wanna smoke in smokers zone.. :))

Certainly 4stars for this !! Enjoy your food guys..Its hygienic as well.. :))


Pooja  - Burrp User


18 Reviews

August 12,2011


Nothing great about it!!

Have been here with friends some 4-5 times...but the food options for vegetarians is limited!!!
The service here is damn takes ages for them to get one thing....
Please add more items on menu for veggies...and for heavens sake improve your service!!! cheers!!!


Borivali's Best Barbeque

Most of the food is just average, but the simple Tandoori specialities (especially the chicken kalimirch kebabs and the tandoori pomfret) are perfectly executed and the Barbeque menu is the star attraction. The best part: For a SoBoite, the prices are refreshingly low. :)



Having eaten Chinese in multiple places, I was eager to try out this place since it had good review. One evening we decided to go there. The place has moderate ambiance. The service is lousy. The food is comparison to other places which serve Chinese. I mean after hearing so much about this place my expectations were pretty high...but must say was disappointed. The prices were a bit to high when you compare with other factors like service & ambiance. The good thing though is that you have separate seating arrangements for non-smokers...which restaurants dont offer these days due to space shortage. All in all quite average!



bigda hua

Had been to this place with bunch of frnz.
Since we wanted to jus chill out we opted for this place and wanted to try out since long.

As u enter u will think u have entered a shabby place, looks like a dance bar. Waiter gives the menu and never comes back. I thought we have to go to the kitchen and order it ourselves. Its a pain for them to serve water also. They jus come and place the glass without filling it with water. They think everybody drinks beer since water is scarce on planet. Had plans of having hooka but since we heard sum1 shouting about hooka we dropped it and instead ordered some starters to begin the evening with. Starters looked tasty but it just looked like that and never tasted tasty. The evening started on a bad note. Waiter comes and stands on our head to take the main course order. We tell him to wait for sometime. They only seem to be punctual in doing this thing. He comes back and stands again. Ordered our main course. It was shaky wat to order after the bad experience with starters. Again to the disgrace of the taste the food was even worst then the starters.

I wonder why have they opened this place since they cannot do anything good except for standing on ur head every now and then.

In the end left this place with empty stomach. Absolute crap in every manner.


happy eating


Rauf fe - Burrp User

Rauf fe

68 Reviews

November 13,2010


Good service is the saving grace......

This place is bad in all aspects, except their service which is really good.....
First their location, its in some corner of Borivali which will take you some time to find and then the ambiance really I dont know what it is dhaba or restaurant......
Then for the worst their food, really no words for it, awful to say the least...........
But their service was outstanding prompt and quick but thats one half od a good experience and the other half was equally bad...................




Have been to this place quite a number of times. Whats with the AC???.......If you really like sweating while you eat go here. Food on the other hand is good. Service is good staff is friendly. But somehow the ambience aint comforting.

Would definately avoid the next time.


suhel97 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 23,2009


Perfect Dhaba

If u like the Dhaba style than u should try it, it is a modern dhaba.
thay even hav a seperate smoking zone.
Quite good & better service.
A place to b tried


purisidu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 01,2009


Decent Place..

Banjara is in the in u need to know the place well... the ambience is relally good... the best part is tat they have separate Smoking and non Smoking Zones.. the service is decent... Chinese food is good..they need to improve a looot on thier North India cuisines..
You can definately give Banjara a try...




After writing about Kong Poush, this should have been a decent review (which, it is Not), as I had chosen to oversee a few minor glitches. Unfortunately, for this place, its Glitches that is all I can see.

Firstly it is located in One extreme corner of Dahisar that finding it will itself be a headache, unless u know the place or have directions.

The good part is that the Restaurant (if it can be called so, Or Dhaba, whichever) is divided into 3 segments. Smoking (Hookah)/Non-Smoking and AC (non-Hookah).
However, that's where the niceties end.

As we were a bunch of friends short on cash, we decided to sit in the Non-Smoking & Non-AC section (rue the decision). We were happy to find a Dhaba style set up - Khatiyas n all. But, here's where the niceties end. After ordering the Menu, it toook reallllll long to get my order, which didn't look like what had been ordered. The Hot n Sour Soup was very very Watery, n for all it was, it didn't taste like a Hot n Sour Soup. After haggling over this, we decided to move over the starters. Not that you get a whole range of starters here. So we ordered for Veg Crispy & Spring Rolls.

The Starters came (late) and what amazed me was the way they were served. Half of the Greens that accompany the Starters were falling on the table while being served and when reprimanded, he was using his hands to leverage and avoid them falling down.

Rolls, too, were just average. Main Course, too, was just average with the Kulcha's didn't taste like they do n vegetables, too, bland. As it was evening time, we had company from who else But, Mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents were missing and when asked about the same, the Manager was quite bold enough to say that we have a regular pest control and there was nothing he could do about it. If this was the condition of the dining area, I wonder what the Kitchen must be like. I made up my mind to eat no further and paid the bill and left with a paltry tip (no guilt feelings) and with the resolution to never return to the place

However, because of the place of my residence, that is the only decent enough place to have a hookah, so I have had to make a few trips out there and to my utter surprise, the situation is the same in the AC and Non-Smoking sections, with a few lesser Mosquitoes than the Non-Smoking section, hounding you and poor service. Also, the quality of the crowd that comes there is way below dipping point. Don't ever think of taking your GIRL out there if you wish to avoid the constant Glares, Peeping Toms and Snooty comments

The only part that is good about this place is the Hookah (surprisingly you get a variety of flavors, and the service in the section, too, is decent. The 2 star is only for the Hookah) and the………Still thinking. So If you are planning for sumptuous meal and Value for your Money, its Worth a MISS.....


BANJARA ..think about it !!!

uhh wat to say u gotta hangout with friends then hooka over is not bad dats y i wuld give it 3 stars ...but when it comes to food i have been here with my family...the way they serve is awful specially when the served the soup it was all over the bowls...and when the soup we ordered was tom yum soup it was like pepper water....the main course wasnt dat bad though the kulchas didnt taste like kulchas and yeah have also tried singapore rice over wasnt much compared to uncle's corner a restaurant nearby.....but the ambience in the a/c section was good and the major plus point was the staff did try to put up a good have a go at this place..[:)]