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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 20,2013

bansuri never dissapoints!

I am a resident of mulund since 20 years and bansuri has been my all time favorite since equal time!! Now it is upgraded and also has a banquet hall symphony.It has a great likeable ambience with prompt service which can be annoying sometimes! All chicken starters and veg starters are equally good! Chicken lollypop is yum! Butter chicken is just amazing here!! Bansuri special veg is a good dish here. Chicken schezwan gravy is my favorite!! Also try the biryani which is well made.The special icecream or gadbad icecream is very good! Highly recommended for dinner!!
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rohit85_mumbai - Burrp User


July 26,2012


Cramped up space.
No variety in Chinese menu.
Bad hygiene.
The waiters serve as if they are doing a big favour to you.
Table cloth often dirty.

Do avoid it all costs...
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roam_along - Burrp User


October 06,2011

WORST ever....

Well...an evening wasted...and witnessed the worst customer service (?) ever in my life till date. I had been to this restaurant a few times earlier and went there today with a couple of friends after a long time. The prices have doubled over the last year (pay about 160-180 for 8 pieces of tikka and 250 for bottle of fosters, more than what we pay at the 100 times superior Urban tadka) while the quality and quantity are same just-about-ok. The tomato soup was over watery and the papads so limp that they seemed like chapatis and had to send them back 3 times to get some decent ones the fourth time. The worst happened as the clock struck 11.30pm....a time when people in mumbai can easily walk into a restaurant for dinner. The waiter hovered over our heads for a last order and by 11.45 the ac was turned off! the waiters started cleaning up and we were shoved the bill in our hands... when we asked to put on the ac while we finished our drinks and food, they did put it on for exact 5 mins and then turned off again. That was when we asked for the manager who without any apologies or explanations just stood infront of us and kept justifying that the AC was put off because the floor was getting cleaned!!!!. We were so disgusted that we left our drinks and food and walked off. Unfortunately we had paid the bill already...! I have never seen a worse hotel manager... and even worse service levels ... its a blot on the entire hospitality industry. NEVER visit this restaurant...they simply are not worth it.
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Prashant Koli - Burrp User

Prashant Koli

September 28,2011

Revisited ....now it's the Best in Mulund

Please read my earlier review on this site.

We based our views on 1 or 2 experiences...how emotional and flashy we are!
I have visited this restaurant on several occasions after my last review and now can claim this to be one of the finest restaurants in the food category.

The owner is much more sympathetical and makes personal visit to each table but that is not special for that matter ...in all 'Shetty' restaurants they do that.

What I am reviewing is in the food category. For that matter I come here for personal visits with my family or friends and on social occasion of various club parties.

Food at some engagement parties was found to be very good and when I spoke to them I came to the same conclusion...you get what you pay. in some club parties, I have found that the food is not that good, taste-wise, few choices but what's more irritating is the serving is controlled by those boys. Later on I learnt that in many club party organisers ask for heavy discount and when such hoteliers accept it you know what is the result.....bad quality.

On personal occasion I have found the food very good.Servings are quite nice,fast and food is very very tasty whereas old order of Amantran,Atithi in Mulund is falling behind.

Murg musallam (Rs.320?-) can be more than enough for a family of 4. Perhaps you want to try starter...try Chicken Shanghai.

Rotis are of mix batter of maida and wheat...and so you can eat more.Chicken stew rice is now even better in taste...probably adding more of butter in the chicken stock. I found it has fewer vegetables now.

Ambience is good enough...given the space probably they can't do it better.

Oye, I realised this review was in a draft mode since July 2010. Now fast forward to end September 2011 and I stll like it as my fav resto in Mulund. What has changed now...obviously prices. So that is reflected now? Over the period 20-35% hike in rates and change in serving dishes...a small minute change in a dish affects a lot of volume..that's what we learnt in school. Add to that smaller portions than what was earlier. So effectively hike is 60 %.

Had organised a party here in Dec 2010, in their Banquet Hall upstairs.My personal experience may benefit you.The food was good. However, if you are having cocktails only peanuts are free for munching. If you ask them to serve starters at the bar counter they will not serve from dinner counter. That was made clear by them.So basically you have to order plate-wise...so it adds to your total expense. Many caterers oblige in this regard as they know that such guests will not eat much afterwards.

They do not charge for 'permit charges' as many halls do. However, they charge for many non-sense things and soon you realise that they have cleverly made up for 'free' things.

There are some other bad points regarding organising party here which I would not like to discuss here. One thing is sure I may not organise party here.

Resto wise it's THUMPS UP !
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patil_hs - Burrp User


June 22,2010

Bansuri review

Not so good...its like ok ok ...only one time visit... food taste is not so paisa vasool... try searching better place..if u dont..then only come here... mulund west has better options..
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tinas - Burrp User


June 01,2010

a fine family restaurant

out of all the restaurants in mulund east, this seems to be one of the better ones...not very great otherwise
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Rohan Kalyanpur - Burrp User

Rohan Kalyanpur

August 25,2009

Best Chinese

I love the chinese food here. Especially "Chicken Saiwoo", its heavenly. Their service is also good.
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Prashant Koli - Burrp User

Prashant Koli

May 17,2009

The only restaurant in Mulund East for families

I agree with few points of both the previous reviewers.

It is the only okayish restaurant where you can take your family out in Mulund East.

Food is good to very good.Can't pick out a particular dish that can be said outstanding. I must mention that we end our main course here with stew rice...particularly so after visiting many gr8 Chinese restaurants in this city...

Not much attention is given to table linen & cutlery.

There is no sense in ordering cocktails or wine here as they are unaware of finesse in mixing or serving them.

The restaurant manager /owner is totally indifferent. We have been there on many occasions for my club party ( would not like to go on my own) and hence I can tell you this.
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amitsawhney - Burrp User


April 12,2009

Total disappointment

* Food is very average.
* There were stains on table cloth and seats.
* Never ever order wine here. They sell 125 ml port wine glass for Rs. 120 and they serve it in dessert cups.
* Restaurant manager is indifferent to your reactions and feedback.
* I asked for the bill and was given a forged bill which was not of the accurate amount. After asking them twice, they gave me the original bill. I came to know later that they do not pay VAT/service tax to the government and there was a raid from the authorities just before we visited the place
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PeeKay  - Burrp User


January 21,2008

Only classy restaurant in Mulund East

This is in all probablitiy the only classy restaurant in the Mulund East locality. It's completely air conditioned ( the only one of its kind in mulund east). The ambience is quite smoothing and the serving is also quite standard.
the place has 2 banquet halls, of different sizes to suit your needs.

The food is also very good.
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