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abhadouria - Burrp User


July 14,2017

This is Regarding Barbeque Nation hopeless and pathetic service

This Is Amit Bhadouria
This is Regarding Barbeque Nation
Living in mumbai After sending you feedback I got a call from sabir from barbeque nation
He convinced me to come again and visit place for good service
so i did visit on my anniversary 8 july at bandra outlet .
I am still wondering service was even bad than last time.
There was No one to attend when we walked in at the entrance after 5 mins I went inside to see if some one i Could talk to.
After waiting inside for a while i got a guy His reply was weired when i Asked him want 2 seats for both of us.
He said waiting chal raha hai and then he vanished . I went back outside to see if someone could atleast register our names but there was no one
My wife said let it be we will leave its almost 15 mins we are here
suddenly I saw a family walking in without any intimation i went inside and saw they occupied a vacant place and waiter started attending them
I called up sabir and said same thing he called up manager of bandra BBQ he came from inside and started saying no sir i am here only i am here only
To confirm things again which sabir told me when he called me that he will give feedback to Rabiul islam, Deva sishdas bhibhas sarkar
and manager mandol so I went inside and found sarkar i asked him do you know sabir he said yes
i asked him did he give feedback to you or any 4 of you regarding previous day matter .
He said No Not till now I even found manager when i went back at entrance he was still talking to sabir
I asked him hey my name is amit bhadouria sabir is talking regarding me only did you get any feedback regarding previous matter to which he replied no
It Is seriously very very bad service and experience you guys have showed No words to express and not going there again to make fun of ourselves
Thank you so much to remind that few things never change At times Exclation also doesnt help if your intentions and goal is not clear
I still remember sabir said we are really sorry i will be there personally to attend you next time when you come to which i replied
i dont want special service i wont tell you when i am coming because i just want to be treated as regular customer nothing much
I even told him i might come on my Birthday But did not mention date I regret... I spoiled my day my mood This time they Treated Even Worst
Thanks again last msg to you all Wont come to Barbeque Nation again in my Life

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MilanTEST Suvarna - Burrp User

MilanTEST Suvarna

June 20,2017

Awesome experience

Best food and great ambiance.
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milanBurrp Suvarna - Burrp User

milanBurrp Suvarna

April 25,2017

Awesome Place....

Unlimited food, what else do you need.... Nice variety of starters and dessert.
Service was fast.
Ambience is nice.
They have live music which was great...
Will definitely go back soon...
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milanBurrp Suvarna - Burrp User

milanBurrp Suvarna

April 25,2017

Awesome place....

Unlimited food, what else do you need.... Nice variety of starters and dessert.
Service was fast.
Ambience is nice.
They have live music which was great...
Will definitely go back soon...
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Aartika - Burrp User


December 29,2015

Worth going experience

Nice veg food.. Good place to dine..
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 07,2015

Unlimited food

I have never eaten so much food in any restaurant. As soon as we entered, the food just kept coming and coming. The starters had no end. All kinds embraced our table from kebabs to cutlets to lollipops etc. It was very nice.

We hardly had any main course item and straight went to desserts. It is a must visit for everyone.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

April 28,2015

Amazing BBQ!

It is a very good place to dine in with the nicest atmosphere one can imagine, my family loves coming here and also the concept of BBQ on our table is so awesome! The taste is equally good. Prawns and fish are incredible especially.Even for veggies,the paneer starters are amazing and in fact one should get full eating the starters only since the main course is standard fare with pulao,naan,paneer or mix veg gravy,dal and so on. Desserts are also nice but the grilled starters is the king!
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 04,2015

Real barbeque experience

One thing about Barbeque nation that no other place can beat is their STARTERS.
The buffet spread was awesome, no words to describe.
The taste and consistency are amazing. Grilled kebabs at the table is their specialty.
The ambiance is very calm and the staff is well spoken.
They often have some food festivals going on and it's fun for sure. Another important point is they have a live singing.
Once you enter this place you feel special.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Best Buffet !

This place has been an all time favourite with my friends and me over the years. You are rendered spoilt for choice with the offerings of amazing and succulent chicken, mutton, fish and prawns kebabs, mouthwatering main courses ranging from mutton dum biryani and awesome dal makhni to . And the dessert spread is a manna from heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth - Phirni,Gulab Jamun, and Ice-cream served with a choice of chocolate / strawberry sauce. The menu coupled with the prompt service is why a visit to this restaurant won't leave you disappointed!
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July 29,2014

Iftaar Special at Barbeque Nation

Few places in the city keep Iftaar Special as a theme. BBQ Nation is one of it. They served Dates and other Fruits with Rooh Afza. This is the latest branch that has opened in the city. In their Non Veg Starters, the Chicken Tandoori was marinated to the core and given the right temperature made it one of the best. Coriander Fish was splendid and was really fresh. Always I ask for their signature dish Cajun Potatoes (Mashed with Sauce). Give me those Potatoes and I can even have them all for dinner. Haleem was mind blowing. Keep your stomach empty always before entering BBQ Nation because there is lot to eat. Desserts did upset me a lot for the first time. Sheer Kurma should have been served hot, Angoori Gulab Jamuns were too sweet, Fruits were fresh but Iftaar special Firni was a disaster. But overall it was worth it. I am and will be a regular visitor at Nerul Branch.
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kunalishah16 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

eat till u burrppp

Been there for their lunch buffet...jus for 500 witha drink..omg...a total paisa vasool meal...started with around 5-6 kind of veg starters which included barbequed paneer, vegetables, dahi kebabs, mushrooms tandoori, all very yummiee...d main course is also lavish which is an amalgamation of indian and chinese cuisine..d main course is decent though... but the best part of their buffets are the desserts...a mix of indian and western desserts all mouth watering ...gajar halwa, gulab jamun, brownies,pastries,cut fruits and 3 kind of icecreams with sauces.. its a steal...amazingg
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