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> > > Barista Lavazza Espresso Bar

Barista Lavazza Espresso Bar

Chembur East    & IN 8 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02225201198
  • Shop No. 1, Garden Apartments, Sion-Trombay Road, Opposite Diamond Garden, Chembur East, Mumbai
  • Snacks, Tea and Coffee
  • Meal for 2 - 500

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Barista Lavazza Espresso Bar Reviews






warm and relaxing

this barista is located right opposite diamond garden. I come here often since having hot chocolate has become a habit. I think the service is really slow specially when u r sitting outside. The outside area is a bit crammed too making it difficult for long legged ppl like me fit in. The indoors are great and it has very warm and relaxing atmosphere which you would find in a typical coffee shop. I have had a few meetings inside and those were all great experiences.



Evergreen..oops orange Baristaaa...!

I have fond memories of this Barista outlet that I have been visiting for more than a decade. Recently they have had a renovation to come up with a better looking space. Everything else remains the same. And I particularly like the orange ambiance.

Service is impeccable, especially from the slightly stout lady. She's a delight! Food is great too. My picks are Classic Paneer Tikka (which comes with brown bread), Smoked Chicken and Spicy Creamy Chicken. I don't quite like the wraps and Chicken Tikka. The Chilli Chicken Calzone is good too. Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Mud Pie and Apple Pie make for good coffee accompaniments. In coffees, I'd recommend Brrrista, Iced Latté and Barista Cookie Crunch.

Quite moderately priced for the experience. You'll never be asked to leave once you are done. Plus there are a couple of board-games that one could pick from to add fun to conversations.


standard coffee shop but I like it

Barista in Chembur is no different from other Baristas. But, I like them and which is why I like this one. The four star rating is because of the ambience, yummy coffee and sandwiches. The place seems small at first but is a nice place to work on your laptop sipping coffee real slow or meeting friends for a chit-chat evening. The good thing about this Barista is shortage of staff. So, the guy comes pretty late to take my order each time or maybe he knows me by face so he does that intentionally. The place is done up well after Lavazza refurnished it, I visit regularly. If I am looking for quick food then I visit the food court in K-star Mall bang opposite to Barista. All those who are done with CCD and Le cafe should start frequenting Barista Lavazza, as they now call it.


Goddamn place shut down for a month

The only regular coffeeshop in Bombay which doesn't play loud 90s pop and chikni chameli, actually makes good coffee and has a clean bathroom for the morning/noon bowel movement has shut down for a month to "renovate" the place. Why it needs renovation defies all logic- they're probably competing with the newly opened Costa Coffee across the street. Fuck Costa Coffee, it is the devil. I'll be damned if I'm ever going there. All the brand brown-nosing morons and showoffs of Chembur instantly gravitated there the day it opened, finally exorcizing Barista of their loud, inane, boorish behavior and disgusting accents- making it a fine refuge for grouchy old (young really) grumps like me to scowl at the laptop screen all day and peacefully mix whiskey in my americano without some idiot 16 year old pointing and ogling at the act. Hell, I was hoping that eventually I could start doing lines right on the table instead of sneaking into the bathroom!

But, wasn't meant to be. Man I'm so pissed off today. I've got a meeting today and have no idea where to conduct it. Like half the literate population of this city, I mooch off coffeeshops for office space (although my "business" is slightly say the least). Might have to go all the way to Bandra/Juhu to some 5 star now...


Good coffee, friendly staff

When I am in the area visiting my parents I come here pretty much everyday. Superb espresso coffee (I have it black). The cafe mocha is decent as well. I am not a big fan of the food they stock (it's airline food...supplied by Taj). The "chocolate excess" is good though.

Friendly staff who don't change too often.

Toilet is good if you are passing through the area and need to use it urgently. Toilet paper and liquid hand soap are always stocked.

Smokers aren't bothered if they sit outside near the steps and smoke along with their coffee.

The crowd is usually too engaged with people at their own table to socialize, but I wouldn't call them uptight.

There is a TV which usually plays News channels.

They don't have wifi but this is a good place to hang out for extended periods of time with a laptop and a wireless internet card.

It's air conditioned.

The best part is that it's open from 8AM to 1AM.


Quick Bite

My son (7 years) enjoys the place for the great looking outdoor view and the range of snacks and cakes and the coffee (he calls it cold coffee!). Prices are a little on the higher side - but OK. Most of the stuff priced between 50-100 but they are decent in quantity to fill you. Coffee is a bit too less in quantity ;-)

Generally too crowded and finding a place to sit is tough;-( and parking is a problem but coming from Vashi one can park a little ahead of Barista and walk the small distance ;-(



Love the Capachino being served in a mug

I love this place.. every evening i am spending time here!! Post swimming, post gym or just post the hectic wrk day!! this is a great place too unwind...

there are no nosy waiter or servers!!