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> > > > Bay Watch, The Resort

Bay Watch, The Resort

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  


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Mango Mania Fest 2015 May 09 - Jun 14

  • With the onset of Summer, The Resort welcomes the ‘king of fruits’ in its unique style by presenting a month long Mango Fest which includes wide range of exotic mango delights at their property. Chef Pawan Kumar Lal twinkles with ingenuity as he creates scrumptious treats with the king of fruits and a choice of ingredients. Get exotic dishes with the taste of mango. So join in and feast on yummy offerings prepared with the choicest varieties of mangoes along with a stunning view of the tranquil beach.

    Treat your taste-buds with range of tongue tickling drinks and dishes featuring Vermicelli Stuff Mango Chicken, Quick Mango Delight Roll, Khatta-Meetha Murg, Mango Salsa Pizza, Chicken Wings with Barbecue Mango, Mango Chicken Tikka Pizza, Yummy Choice, Mango Salsa Pizza, Mango Chicken Tikka Pizza, Mango Quesadillas, Yummy Choice, Madhur Millan, Chow Patty Aam Chat, Resort’s Mango Cooler & Dil Khush Hapoos Lassi. Foodies with a sweet tooth have all the reasons to rejoice too. Desserts including Mango Snow Pudding and Mango Cheese Pastry will make you groove.
    Cost: Price ranges from Rs. 200 to Rs. 400 per person (all inclusive)
    Time: 9am to 11:30pm

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Bay Watch, The Resort Reviews