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Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 26415599, 26415600, 67100625
  • 34, Manorama Chambers, Opp. Indian Bank, S. V. Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Fastfood

54 Reviews / 56 Ratings

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Bembos Reviews


God awful

The minute you enter you are greeted by the odor of stale oil.
The a/c does not work. The waiters are super slow.
The burger also stank of something inedible. This was topped with some unappetizing yellow colored bun and some wilted green leaves. The mayo was intolerable.
I was surprised other people were enjoying their food, because my friends and I left after getting a bite of the burger, only hoping that they wouldn t feed the rest to innocent dogs


Awesome Burgers

Dont have much to write here.... agree with most reviews here. In short Great Burgers not the same can be said about the service here.


awesome burgers but pathetic service levels!!!!

ave been there a couple of times and have liked the food.BUT the last time was horrible and the last.
Ordered two grilled burgers but forget the food !
We usually trust burger joints but that day we realized how wrong we were.My girlfriend by chance dropped her burger on our tray and what we saw was just UNACCEPTABLE.
The lettuce was so old that it had turned almost black.Please check what these guys give you before you bite in.The manager changed her burger.I had already finished mine by then and did not even care to apologize properly.





Pathetic service, Pathetic food

I walked into this joint on a rainy day expecting a good meal. But this place left me disappointed. The system of placing the order and recieving your meal after 10 minutes is irritating cause they call out your name on the mike loudly so you can pick up your meal from the counter. I ordered the classic chicken burger and my friend ordered a grilled chicken burger. The grilled chicken burger was chewy and bland, while the crispy chicken burger lacked freshness and was very rubbery and smelled processed. The french fries were nice and crispy and the ice tea was good and flavourful. I'd never return to this restaurant again



awesome burgers but pathetic service levels!!!!

i frequent bembos once in 2-3months for their awesome burgers which are any day better then mcdonalds and kfc. every time i go there they take ages to deliver burgers and also the place's ac seems to be on slow mode and it kinda gets really sweaty. it a must visit place for chicken and mutton burgers and the chicken grill is nice too. the best part is the free mayo one gets with ketchup. i am writing this review since i just went there last evening. it was the worst experience ever. after order for eat in was taken the burgers came after 20mins and the coke came after another 10mins upon requesting for the same. also the tissues were not there in the tray and again had to request for the same. the ac was off it seems or on low mode and i asked the service staff to lower the temp as it was quite muggy in there but to no avail. the burgers and fries we got yesterday were cold as the Antarctica.

to sum it up i would say that these guys need to buck up on the service since the burgers are simply delicious and you dont want to shy away customers because of the bad service. the management should do something about the service


Awful is the word

On my way back home, decided to pop into this place. And must say, it's been one of my most pathetic experience ever! Horrible is an understatement! The servers seem to have a hearing disability. We ordered for two mutton but were served only one! That too, eons later. Calling this place a hamburger joint is an insult to every authentic server!


Super Pathetic + Dancing with the Mosquitoes Combo

Being a fan of good food, i read some reviews at burrp & a few inputs from a couple to try and decide to eat at bembos. What followed was a horrific tale to recount.

Arrived on a fri nite where mumbai was playing an ipl match. So the place seemed empty which is understandable. So we chose the six seater to sit with just two of us. On analyzing various options, we just asked the attendant to suggest us one variant each in chicken & mutton. Thus the order was the grilled chicken & the argentina burger.

As we were seated the place was practically empty save another 2 tables. We couldnt help but notice mosquitoes flying all over the place & under the table. Ignoring the same, we waited for a good 15 mins in a fast food joint for the food to come. I wonder why when its that empty.

So here comes our burgers. The Argentina burger was alright. The meat was a bit pungent (not in a good sense, i know mutton has flavor) and the patty was HARD. It by no chance melted in your mouth as mutton burgers should. It was overdosed with mayonnaise which made it a very messy affair. Fries werent much to write home about as i have read in some reviews. I actually find mac fries ten times better, this i say when i hate mcdonalds as a burger place on a whole.

Next came the grilled chicken burger. I dont know how to put this. But it was an extra oily piece of rubber. Fried disappointingly with no added zing to it and with the same mayo overdose.

As we sat there to finish our meals, we see a couple walk in & the lady complained of the mosquitoes. So a personnel from bembos takes that mosquito racquet killer and started to swing. I kid you not, in one swing i could hear atleast a good 7-8 crackle sounds. This went on for 2 minutes in which he must have killed a good, well leme take a conservative guess, 30 mosquitoes. And all i saw as a remedial measure was one mosquito repellent plugged into the wall.

As we rounded up the meal with coke to fill our tummy, we saw a cockroach on the wall crawling. I guess that summed it up all. I dont know who tolerates this kind of hygiene standards, forget about the bad food. I read somewhere someone wrote unlimited mayo. Who wants unlimited mayo when its already dripping of mayo? And leme tell you, too much of anything isnt good in any food, even if free. To top it all we had some of the staff standing behind us watching the television set & cheering the ipl match & passing comments like they are in an evening park. Isnt one form of torture enough?

Clearly a lot of people havent yet eaten at Cafe churchill in colaba to know what the ingredients of a good burger is all about. For people who are foodaholics, take a dash to churchill and order their quarter pounder burger & then come here & try the meal & dancing with the mosquitoes combo. Gross!

Damages for A Large grilled chicken with large combo (fries & coke) & same combo above with a Large argentina burger - Rs. 450/- odd..Never ever again, not even if Rajnikant makes the mosquitoes apologize..



Can't get enough

Just stepped out of a Bembos after eating a delicious Veggie American Burger. That's been my favorite every since I first tried out this place.

May your tribe flourish.


Check your food !!

Have been there a couple of times and have liked the food.BUT the last time was horrible and the last.
Ordered two grilled burgers but forget the food !
We usually trust burger joints but that day we realized how wrong we were.My girlfriend by chance dropped her burger on our tray and what we saw was just UNACCEPTABLE.
The lettuce was so old that it had turned almost black.Please check what these guys give you before you bite in.The manager changed her burger.I had already finished mine by then and did not even care to apologize properly.
However nice the food may be, giving stale lettuce or any other vegetable for that matter is just not done.



Purrfect Pig Out Joint

I really do not think about those weighty issues when I plan to go to Bembos . They are the best burgers I have eaten . High on taste and quality , quick service and priced reasonably . If you think your're really hungry and order a large burger ..........then finishing it can be quite a task. , especially if your're someone like me who over estimates her appitite. Egg Cheese and a meaty patty topped with great sauce and fries....are you already feelin the calories :)...


GAUTAM999 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 25,2011





Ayebee Sees  - Burrp User

Ayebee Sees

1 Reviews

February 25,2011


Real Burgers

If uve tasted a real burger and are frustrated at its lack of availability/affordability, Bembos is the place. Layers above its global and more popular competitors, its gives you that juicy and meaty feeling that you would expect, nay, Demand!! from a burger.Its a pity there arent more outlets.

To be unbiased,I will add that service and operations have room for improvement and you must also not compare it with a juicy tenderloin from lands end, Agreed that the eating experience is the overall goal, but taste makes up about 60-70% of the experience. End of the day what matters with food is the taste, and thats where Bembos ... to put in mildly...KILLS IT!!!


aqeel - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 23,2011



I have been eating at Bembos with my family regularly. It is better than Mcdonalds. But, we have noticed that the hygiene standards in the kitchen and toilet are not being maintained.
Worse, during our last visit over the weekend. they had reused the oil to such an extent that the french fries had black soot(powder) on them

Request the franchise to improve hygiene and food quality.



Slowest Fast food....

didn’t realize a fast-food joint will take 30 min to serve...

Burger bread is very dry. Salad is good...
Foods - 3/5 - quite average, prefer Mc's anyday
Cleanliness - 2/5 - tables are bad , sticky,
Service - 3/5 - though self service , they are really really slow...
Ambience - 3/5

not sure i will visit again.



Awesomee Fresh Burgers

Bembos has the best burgers i have had till date...Their food is so fresh and well cooked compared to all the other burgers...Its a must visit in my view for all burger lovers.


Wholesome Burger Food

For those who are simply fed up with Mc'Donalds... Bembos is a savior! Really unique flavors in burgers, with a South American twist, Bembos caters to those who are looking at Burgers that satisfy!

The unlimited mayo with chips is like the cherry on the icing to give you a wholesome meal experience.

The Service however needs a little revamping so I would suggest visiting the place personally rather than calling for delivery.

Enjoy the change in the Mumbai Burger Culture!



Great Burgers, cant say the same about the service

Have been to Bembos 3-4 times in last month. For most part the experience was always the same:

* Burgers are great. The buns are fresh and good sized. The meat patty is wholesome and marinated and cookied just right.
* Place is clean and not too crowded - at least when we have gone for lunch.
* My boys - 8 & 4 have given it a two thumbs up with comment saying these are better burgers than McDonalds. That is saying a lot for a fast food joint that competes with McD marketing.

* For the bad, the service has been disappointing - it is not that staff is not helpful, which it is. Its just that their process are screwed up. It takes them incredibly long to process an order. Ask them to for a to-go order, and they are like deer under headlights. Last time i was there, they actually packed two kids drinks into one cup for it to fit into their drinks bag.

But continue to go there - as the food continues to deliver. If they make the service be a like a "fast" food restaurant, they will constantly get 5 stars here.



simply delicious

just love their Italian crispy chicken with egg and cheese .
pair it up with coke and french fries... its lip smacking good....
must say the mayonnaise is the best dip here



Now that's what I call Finger Lickin' Good!

Bembos is not your 20-rupee burger. It is expensive because it is big, loaded and absolutely amazing!

I Like!
* The crispiness and freshness of the burgers
* The Veggie With Cheese burger... full marks!
* The BEST french fries i've ever tasted in the world (better than New York Fries I tell ya!!!)
* unlimited mayonnaise

I Hate!
* the boring staff... come on this is a burger joint! cheer up and give us service with a smile ;)
* the big waiting time for even a small order
* the Veggie Masala burger.. not so great

But I guess the burgers and fries are so good that you tend to forgive the low lights. Go Bembos go!


Refreshing Change

Nice Change to Macdonalds....

Refreshing Burgers.....Nice and Crispy.....

Good place to sit inside....

They have got a LCD screen inside .....So can watch football matches....

Tidy place.....


Great place for good burgers..!!

Had been to Bembos last Friday for lunch and was pleasantly surprised !! Firstly though the decor and the menu is a bit like McDonalds, the variety of burgers on offer is much much better than the Golden Arch. I ordered a Crispy Veggie Masala combo meal. The Crispy Veggie Masala came loaded with plenty (unlike the McVeggie). Add to that the french fries and the soft drink and it really made for a full and satisfying lunch !! Looking forward to going there again...


keenan - Burrp User


9 Reviews

August 01,2010



Went there last night. Had a classic crispy chicken burger. Was good. I had ordered the large one and while the burger bun was large, the chicken patty in it wasn't and the taste was lost to an extent.
There were five of us and none of our fries were salted!
Love the idea of serving extra mayonnaise.


Excellent Burgers!

Four hungry stomachs, equivalent appetites and a penchant for trials led us to the burger place Bembos. This was one of those rare occasions where everyone agreed instantaneously. The South American (who knew??) burger place has two distinct seating areas – the inside part which is clearly for the afternoon hangouts and the outside part where a burger can be enjoyed whilst overlooking the bustling city traffic. So as we went there during lunch, we decided to grab a table inside before anyone else could!

The four hungry stomachs that I mentioned earlier, grabbed a different burger each with me trying the Grilled Chicken Burger. They generally have two sizes for almost every burger except for the Mutton Burger and the Grilled Chicken Breast (I guess chickens do not have different breasts sizes??). The large one I had was worth INR 99. Bigger than anything you get at Mac or at KFC but smaller than the ones at Gostana! My friend also ordered for a small pack of fries which according to her was more than what is served at KFC.

This burger outlet is the only place known to me which serves mayonnaise sauce along with ketchup and chilli sauce. Besides the mayonnaise another highlight is the fresh veggies used in the burger. The patty too was freshly made. The four hungry stomachs really enjoyed the burgers with some saying it was the best they have had till date! It took a not-so-well-known Peruvian fast food chain to bring out a statement like that!

I did like the burger a lot. Infact it was a lot better than the last time we tried em’ here! I hope they keep up the good work and keep churning awesome burgers!


reddevil - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 31,2010


i cannot get mutton haryali outa my head!

Guys.... please come to HYDERABAD!! There is a dearth of places one can get good burgers...infact there are NONE!!

I cannot tell you how much people over here would love Bembos!!


Better than Mcd

Guys this place has got good options for all burger lovers... I personally liked Argentina... Superb... Best part one can take mayonese as much as u want... Just go and enjoy varieties of burgers...


I still like Mama Mia's better!

I've been to this place a few times now and I agree their burgers are quite good but at the same time, I feel like it's vastly over-rated. I don't think the burgers are worthy of being called lip-smackable, they are more average-ish and okay-types. Also, once, the buns that they served the burgers in were stale! :S Anyway, they did replace the meal but I still, still, I'm sorry but don't agree that Bembo's is one of the best burger places in Bandra there is! See and I don't even remember the name of the burgers yeah, I rest my case.


QJays - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 26,2010


Caesar Salad Chicken Breast

OhI dont know how to describe the taste but all i can say is that its out of the world yummmmmmmmmmmmmm......well i am going to quote my description "take a bite of this burger and experience heaven the juiciest burger that is fresh and the most tender chicken with amazing flavors of oregano and other herbs" and its too hard to continue describing the taste coz i am already starting to salivate :) its a must try that's all i can say,


Large Varierty of Good Veg Burgers

Being a pure vegetarian, my hunt for good veg burgers is endlessly continuing, I find some relief when I come to bembos.
This place in a god foresaken place of Bandra serves a good variety of veg burgers , not forgetting the unlimited mayos that they serve. I have tried almost all types of veg burgers over here. All of them pretty decent. (The only problem with thier burgers, is that the bread of the burger is not of good quality, or else i would have mentioned excellent burgers).
Location is another plus point, u can have good time with your friends over here, since this place is not much crowded and has A/C and non A/C sittings..

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience and location : 4/5
Service: doesn't matter


abcdmm - Burrp User


21 Reviews

September 21,2009


Good burgers, but will take-away next time!

Visited on Sunday night, around 10ish... the place was buzzing, people coming and going all the time (multiple phone orders too). We chose to sit outside because the interior had an *overwhelming* smell of LPG (gas), and the A/C was either off or ridiculously low.

The burgers were good, with generous servings even for regular-size burgers: we tried the Hawaiian Chicken Breast, American Veggie, Argentinean, and one other whose name i forget. The french fries were good too... sadly, the iced tea was synthetic (but well, its a fast food/burger joint, so can't expect more!). A big plus point is the free/unlimited mayo, as mentioned by other posters :-)

Service was kinda slow, but always with a smile. The slowness was semi-forgiven because of the sheer number of orders. The washroom needs better maintenance though.

Conclusion: The LPG odour, the state of the washroom and the lack of A/C makes them miss 4 stars. No points taken off for the food though.



I always thought Mc D was d only place where u get good burgers. But Bembos proved me wrong.

Every burger is worth a try.
Just a lil expensive...but thats ok to have a variety.


Good burgers...

The burgers here have got different varieties....mexican, classic veg, american....
they taste very good....expensive compared to burger starts from around 50 and McD its just 22...

but the taste is amazing and if one wants to try something other than McD for a change....this joint is worth it...

They give you unlimited mayonese with the burgers...which is the best part...

a ambience is casual....goes with the type of joint...
a nice change from McD i must say....
do try this place out...


Jay  - Burrp User


51 Reviews

June 09,2009


mcD/kfc killer

this place serves the best burgers in india...
much much better thne mcd n kfc

priced a lill more thn mcd...but worth

must try........


Best when come free!

Had a Bembos burger yesterday. This was the first time i had a burger other than MacD and from other sidy stuff at candies etc.... And i must truly say that MacD has doodh kam, paani jyada kinda chai. This burger was fully loaded, cheesy, and yet very comfortable to eat. I loved every bit of it. I am not a great burger fan but this has made me one. Burger ka ek hi naam!. Bembos. of course i would wait for Burger King to come to Mumbai.

Some bullets:
- A bit too costly.
- Home delivery excellent
-Ask for lots of mayo whoever needs one.
- Keeps u full for next 3 to 4 hrs.
-Chicken burger is out of this world.

Hope u enjoy every bit of it with mayo all over your face.


It's time for Mac D to pack up!!!

I and my brother planned a visit on Sunday which turned out to be an amazing experience..

Firstly the location is nice considering that it is situated on S.V Road with no other hangouts around granting an ample chance to monopolise..

The ambience is not noisy and irritating like Mac's which is not far from following suit as and when more people will start frequenting this place.The outlet as such is small but I was glad to note that it had a loo which other fast food outlets don't have..

There are many varieties of burgers even in veg and as noted by fellow burrpers..they have mutton burgers too...

What I Ordered:
We went in for a tangy chicken burger and a mutton argentine burger which were simply delectable.The sauces and toppings were distinctly different.The mutton burger was quite a surprise especially the sauce just plays with your tastebuds leaving you craving for more.
The rest accompaniments are good.I would like to mention that the fries are properly seasoned and are not bland as served by the contemporary burger chain.

The service is slow and you have to worth a while but it is worth it.The hunger built up makes you relish your food even more.

The prices are reasonable and in the same bracket as you would end up paying in some other fast food chain.

All in all a place deserving 5 stars...


Good portions but lousy service

We eventually land here after a movie (if at G7 ). Nice portions and good food. Somehow find the bread to "Bready" - if you'll know what i mean and dry.

Very slow on service but worth the wait for the food.

Ambience : 3/5
Cost : 4/5 (quite good)
Service : 2/5
Food : 4/5
Value for money : 5/5


como bembos, no hay otra!!

(there is none other like Bembos!!) that saying is true as far as getting good Burgers in Mumbai is concerned. Bembos has by far the best tasting burgers at any fast food outlet in the city.
The first taste of Bembos Burger i ever had was in Lima when i was visiting my girlfriend in Peru. I was really impressed as these burgers were right up there with the most authentic burgers available right across the US.
It was extremely nice when i found out that they had not compromised on the quality and almost retained the original taste when they arrived here.
I've been a loyal patron at the Bandra and Mulund outlets from the time they opened 2 years back. I prefer the Nirmal Lifestyle, Mulund outlet cause its much bigger and the service there is better.
My personal favorite is the Grilled Chicken Breast Burger with Omlette and the works... DELICIOUS!!! or should i say DELICIOSO!!! ;)



Great Food - Poor Service

Hi ,

Been to Bembos about 5-6 times in the last 3 months and yeh the burgers are great. They offer a good variety in both Veg and Non veg. They are also very generous with unlimited mayo.

However service is very slow. Also the staff never seem to have change and will always say that the change will be handedover later but will not do so until you remind them. Had once taken a kiddy's meal for my nephew but the guys did not put in the toy. When I called them up they said they will send it but did not.

If they can improve their staff's attitude this place can be great.


Pradosh  - Burrp User


41 Reviews

October 15,2008


Welcome to Some Choice in Burgers

Recently shifted to Bandra - and search for places to eat in Bandra showed up this joint which has been rated rather highly by burrpers. So was looking for an opportunity to give it a try
Finally got a chance this weekend ...
First Impressions - Wo !!! So much choice :) ?
Brought up on a choice of McVeggie and McChicken or Maharaja Mac, having an option of 6 veggie burgers and some 15 chicken burgers and 4 mutton burgers was ... well ... GOOD :D
Ordered tangy chicken burger for myself while wifey ordered an Argentinian veg burger (Bembos is a South American burger brand, for those who didnt know). Both of them were excellent. Will go back more and try the other options as well ...

The bad stuff -
Unlike McD's, this place is QUITE slow. And somewhat expensive too. A Hawaiian chicken burger is 140 bucks !
The AC doesnt work too well - atleast it wasnt working this weekend. The staff muttered something about some repair work.
There arent too many side dishes apart from one veg and one non-veg salad. For those who want a little more than one burger (but two burgers are a bit too much) - a side dish like chicken wings or maybe a wrap or something would be good.

All in all, worth all the praise about their burgers - and they acknowledge burrp with lot of hoardings/certificates about their burrp reviews.


Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

244 Reviews

September 27,2008


Yumm burgers

Bembos kicks ass. While I am not a big fan of this burger shurger business, I stopped by Bembos this afternoon to pick up a burger. Had read too many good reviews on burrp!, so thought I'll try it out.

The Veg burger turned out to be quite a treat. Theirs is definitely better than McDonald's. I think I'll go back again :-)


abm28 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

August 17,2008


not bad..

a slightly different take on burgers .. is a good change when youve eaten too much of mcd's .. the grilled chicken hawaiin burger is my favourite .. although the service isnt upto the mark .. and staff are not very customer friendly .. is also pretty highly priced but is still worth a dekko ..


Perfect place for burger lovers!

I LOVE the burgers here! They have a pretty wide variety of burgers available. The tangy chicken burger is one of the best ones...I love it!!! :-) & oh, like everyone here has already mentioned...this place serves free mayo which is gr8 news for mayo lovers...makes no difference to me though cuz I'm not too fond of mayo. The fries are good as the Mc donalds fries. But hey...the stench here (of oil..i think) will make me think twice before I go there again!


Better Veggie than McDonalds

The burgers are definately better than McDonalds, maybe more expensive but the best thing is they serve 3 different sauces including Mayonese as much as you want! :) Yumm!!

The French Fries were really tempting as well. Loved it all the way!


Burgers Galore

Now before anyone thinks that this place has all the kinds of burgers one can hope to find, then they are mistaken, its the place you come to for a couple of really good reasons.

1. Its a fast-food burger joint, that serves MUTTON burgers (about freakin time!)

2. They accept (credit/debit) cards at the cash counter, when you are low on dough but feel tempted to try a little something more...

3. Unlimited ketchup and mayo!! (I love my condiments, and suffice it to say, this one point would be enough to get me to keep coming back here, which I have).

The times I had gone to Bembos, I couldn't find any problem with the hygiene, unless something has dramatically changed, which I surely hope is not the case, because I love this place, is refreshingly different from most of the other fast-food places, and usually there's plenty of place to sit here as well, which is a relief.

I have tried some of their other burgers, and they are all up to mark, the only thing is that, since I'm such a red-meat freak, its the mutton burger w/ fries, that makes me drool and wanna plan a trip to Khar....

Did I mention the unlimited mayo??


Fair enough

Something different, not very authentic though.


Back with a bang!!

I was passing by Bembo's after a meeting and was tempted to check this place once again in spite of my previous experience . So I ventured inside and thankfully the stink was absent.

Ordered a Large Veggie Delight with cheese and a small bottle of water. It cost me rupees 79. The food was superb. The patty was nice and crunchy and the soft bread was heated just to the right temperature.

Three things made it lose the 5 star rating. Only thing that was bothering was the kind of music they were playing. When we were almost finishing the meal, there was a sudden burst of Nasik Dhol which then was changed to a Himesh track at a loud volume. Also the waiter at the counter was continuously taking calls on his cell phone. And lastly though not very very important, their AC wasn't working which was alright as it was under maintenance.

All in all I am happy for Bembo's to be back on track with a refreshing aroma!

Bon Appetit



Went by last week and was expecting the excellent burgers which I love and had devoured on my 2 earlier visits. But this time, a dirty stench welcomed us! Didn't bother to eat there. They need to do something about hygiene and cleanliness and get back their standards asap!


    - Burrp User

9 Reviews

November 30,2007


Best burgers in the city so far

You go to KFC to eat genetically modified fried chicken... you go to McDonalds cos your sick friends drag you there or you have no other option but to eat overpriced garbage marketted to the gullible people as food.

If you want good burgers, you go to Bembos.

They have a funny menu.... rajma... wtf... rajma in burgers??
now i m not such a big fan of veg food but i have to try this out someday.... The only problem is whenever I go there I crave the grilled chicken breast with cheese and egg, so i ve never been able to try out any thing else....

trust me with the grilled chicken breasts droolllllllllll breasts....

get the fries and eat em with mayo instead of ketchup... they are crazy..... (btw mac serves mayonaise but charges Rs 10 per serving.... the serving is that lil plastic container they give for the ketchup.... bloody thieves).... mayo at bembos is free :) anything free is good.

hell just thinking about bembos has made me hungry....i m leaving office right now n going there...


Any Army - Burrp User

Any Army

10 Reviews

November 08,2007


Best Burgers Yet

It has been a while but I can't seem to forget the Bembos experience. They have great food, (Burgers to be precise) with a good amount of variety in the menu. There is an open air dining area with a bunch of tables laid outside and a cozy air conditioned part of the restaurant for those warm afternoon brunches.

I still remember the last time I was there with a friend. We sat outside in the atrium and I became the unofficial musician/performer to the unsuspecting dinner guests there. Being located on the main S.V. road in Bandra may have many advantages, but to the average guitar player, it's just a super noisy corridor. I'm thinking, quiet moments of serenity may not be it's strength but the burgers they serve definately make up for that. Bembo's burgers are better than any other I've had so far in Mumbai. (Mc Donalds, KFC are you listening?)

Conclusion: If you're a bunch of guys/girls out to have a good snacking experience for just under 100 bucks a head, Bembo's might be the place for you.

Oh by the way - My profile picture is from Bembos that nite


ooh, good stuff

my phone rang and i pulled over right outside this joint. since it was new i checked it out. cautiously, got a classic veggie burger with cheese and fries.

my o my, Mickey D is in trouble if these guys can expand quickly. the burgers are just great and they have about 4 options for vegetarians as wells.

didnt really think anyone would do burgers well in this town. glad to be proven wrong...


Best Burgers in Town!!

Had heard a lot about this place, and finally checked it out last week. My title says it all.

For the first time, a wide choice for vegetarians. Being a veggie, I was bored of the lack of variety at ol' Macs. Bembo's has brought in a huge variety. There are 2 patties in veg - normal veg and rajma patty. and along with them you have around 5 different choices of add ons. So that makes it 10 different burgers!! and also they have 2 different sizes. the side orders were good too. good choice of drinks- aerated, iced teas, coffees (hot and cold) and kinley ( 20 freakin rs. for 500ml--- who are the fooling). the bread they make the burgers make in are superb. feels like mcdonalds has been serving us dirt!!

and now comes the best part.. they have a free eggless mayo dispenser along with the normal chilly sauce and ketchup!!

it is around 20-30% more expensive than McDonalds, they have a huge potential. only thing is the poor locations. it is on SV road on bandra and at nirmal malls in mulund west. They also said they are planning to open up in andheri and matunga (near starcity!!)

i am going to this place many more times!!



Very good burgers

very good place, very friendly staff and ofcourse a bit more organized than McD

The portion size is good,

Food : 4 -
Ambience : 3 - ok. ..
Service : 4
Cost : 3


I rank this place better than McDonald's or KFC

technically, they're supposed to be a south american joint (they're based in peru), but i love the burgers here and i think their food is great vfm, not to mention filling. i find myself dropping in with friends very often (yes, i pimp the place to them) and i always like their burgers.

hell, even their veg burgers are good! now that's saying something. if u feel like bingeing on burgers, drop by at this me, it's totally worth it


not very spicy - great ice cream!

Yesterday I went to Bembos. The food is ok - not very spicy but the staff there is very good. Anything you ask them they will guide you well about their food.
The one thing I liked is their ice cream. It's great - I loved it! It's like a softy, but better than McDonalds. Inter-dec is also good.