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> > > > Big Sandwich Company

Big Sandwich Company

Andheri EastWestern Suburbs    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02232091956, 02232091958
  • Plot No. 3, Andheri Kurla Road, Opposite Hotel Kohinoor Continental, JB Nagar, Andheri East,Mumbai
  • Fastfood, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 350

16 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Big Sandwich Company Reviews


Big Sandwich - Great taste and Value for Money!!!

I have been going to the BIG CAFE right from the time it started (through a friend's recommendation) and I simply love their food. I am quite a foodie and BIG CAFE offers great taste through its unique and impressive menu. My personal favorites are the mexican sandwich, chocolate sandwich and schezwan maggi with cheese :) I have recommended BIG cafe to a lotta friends and relatives and they relished the food as well. Its very affordable and it comes along with a friendly staff, a cosy environment and the owner's secret recipes who is also a "trained" chef from New Zealand (which I figured on asking!). I hope to see a few outlets close to home in Bandra :)




went there yesterday with my frnds and we devoured 6 double decker sandwiches!!! The best was the GRILL CHOCOLATE was just awesome with the bread soaked in yummy chocolate sauce.....Will certainly return in the future for this one.
from the others i also liked the JUNGLEE Sandwich...the paneer ones were strictly okay while the italian one had loads of cabbage. Dont know but there was too much use of cabbage in a few sandwiches. Also they should maybe make a regular veg cheese grill which we is pretty famous at most sandwich specialist across Mumbai. The best part about the place was that the prices were pretty affordable and they have different sizes of sandwiches for different small , big and double decker....they also have maggi, pasta, wraps on the menu too at very affordable prices. maybe will try them in the future. one advice would be to increase the range of beverages like having 500ml of colddrinks as there was only nestle lemon ice tea and a few frappes available. they should also add milkshakes to their menu. overall i would say the sandwiches are a must try especially the chocolate one, also they have tied up with a few deals websites like snapdeal, deals and you etc where one can buy coupons and the make their fooding experience even more vfm then it already is.


June 11, 2012response from management at Big Sandwich Company:

Will improve on our paneer sandwiches and have also noted your other suggestions...
We have now come up with our new Eggitarrian menu... Suggest you to try....

Must visit

BSC is a must visit for anyone looking for quick food irrespective of the quantum. You can have a light snack, upto a decent complete meal here. I have tried several sandwiches including their Chocolate sandwich and have found all of them delicious and filling. They also serve Garlic bread and pasta and maggi. Have tried the garlic bread and it was as authentic as it can get. Have also tried their wraps and rolls; the roll in itself was a meal. Intend to try their maggi bowl the next time I visit them. And do try, you will like the place.


June 11, 2012response from management at Big Sandwich Company:

We have now come up with our new Eggitarrian menu... Suggest you to try....

Amazing Food

Had a most delicious lunch with my best friend, and the menu and pricing is just perfect.. The best what we enjoyed was the pasta and the hawain sandiwiches n garlic bread...and lots more to add on... A place you must visit for a bite..


June 11, 2012response from management at Big Sandwich Company:

We have now come up with our new Eggitarrian menu... Suggest you to try....


Amazing mayo corn Sanwich

They have very yummy sandwiches. Mayo corn sandwich is simple amazing. For all the sandwich lovers, they wont disappointing you.


October 20, 2011response from management at Big Sandwich Company:

Hi Aditi,
I would like to thank you for reviewing Big sandwich Company on burrp...
Very Soon we are adding few more sandwiches and new products to our menu...

Chocolate Sandwich

I have visited a lot of restaurants and cafes in Mumbai, but was never offered a chocolate sandwich on the menu. It was one of the best sandwiches I have eaten, hats off to the chef! I would recommend everyone to go there once and after that you will surely become a regular :)


not jus another sandwich kiosk...!!!!!

Hey guys,

the sandwiches at this joint are really good and different, its for the people looking for different tastes and experiments with their taste buds.

But do try Big sandwich Co.'s chocolate sandwich, its definitely a treat for chocolate lovers. I guess this will bring about a change in the regular sandwich kiosks and provide variety.

shortly " AWESOME".. have a BIG bite at BIG SANDWICH CO...



A must try Amazing mexican sandwich..............cant resist...........and even the mayo S/W rocks big tym........even after eating 1ce i just need more and more of it...........


Dhwanidd - Burrp User


15 Reviews

October 25,2010


Decent enough

I liked the chocolate sandwich, but it could be better with more chocolate inside it. It had a good layer of chocolate on the outside and that was something awesome, but I think it should be similar to what the banner shows-- it would be much more tasty.

The American "something something" sandwich was tasteless, could be made much better, again. They have a good big menu and I would like to try some other sandwich next time.



read reviews on burpp and tried this place being in jb nagar...
their chocolate sandwich is such a waste of money ,how can u even think of havin a chocolate sandwich,i mean fusion without knowing the products can b a real disaster and this is a very good example


February 7, 2010response from management at Big Sandwich Company:

Sorry Ms. Rashmi, as you were not happy with our Chocolate Sandwich... but it is very much of personal choice as we have major demand for chocolate sandwich...
I would request you to try our some other sandwich like Mexican S/W, Mayo Cheese S/W, Hawaian S/W and many more options...
Would like to once again clarify that it all depands on ones taste buds.... any invension is never a disaster....


couldnt expect much

ordered for a vege cheese grill sandwich,
afew slices of cucumber,cheese,potatoe and full of cabbage just nt wht i expctd after reading the reviews on burpp!!!
tasteless and dissapointing



Bigieeee - i am coming back soon :)

as the name says "BIG SANDWICH VALA"
i was searching for a real big sandwich shop in JB nagar,

once i found the place , it was interesting , a small sandwich stall just outside bon bon supermarket

but guysssssssssss Quality , Quantiy , taste and Variety vise it justifies the name " Big Sandwich Vala"

that chocolate Sandwich was deliteee - heaven (YUMMMM).
they had made normal veg sandwich also interested with their unique preparation

total VFM :)
sasta and tikaooooo



Guys just go for the chocolate sandwich, omg u guys will just love it great idea for coming up with such sandwiches and I need to visit the store again because have heard that they have lauched some burgers aswell :D big sandwich company here I come again



This is something really diffrent.... guys try the sandwiches out here , neva eaten before.

Specially the choclate sandwich which is absolutely divine n treat for ur taste buds. AWSOME !!!!



For d BEST sandwiches

a must visit for all sandwich lovers....the best place for sandwiches in mumbai and plz try my fav the cheese garlic bread nd chocolate sandwich.......keep up the good work



Yummy!!!Very Good & Different from regular stuff

A am sure no one must have had or even read The Choclate Sandwich and The Margarita Sandwich before these people launched it, its just amazing.