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> > > Bistro Grill - Global Cuisine - Juhu

Bistro Grill - Global Cuisine - Juhu



16 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Bistro Grill - Global Cuisine - Juhu Reviews


The Grillerss

A decent place with the desi tadka. A full on funjabi place to have the best north indian cuisine with the alcohol on which makes it the perfect place for a delicious party place and a must visit for the punjabi lovers




this place do provide a lot of deals on drinks they are just amazing on giving you discounts... goood crowd but a bit smalll.Then tooo u dont get everything in one package so just go and have fun



Terrible service/no ambience

I came here for a night of Karaoke with friends. It took 10 minutes to even be approached by a waiter. We ordered the beer town which included a tower of beer and two free appetizers. I asked the waiter to recommend a free appetizer which I accepted. Later on I was told that the appetizers recommended were not part of the "free" options and was charged 500 and 325 rupees respectively. the Karaoke only lasted 1 hour before being shut down. after complaining about the waiters dishonest/misleading conduct we were offered some free shots which tasted like medicine. Would high recommend that you do NOT go here.


It is not multi cuisine!!

I went for a Saturday Lunch. I asked waiter for suggestions in veg. He suggested me Veg Platter or Mezze Platter. I ordered Mezze platter costing 395 Rs, ordered a Paneer Tikka (295 Rs) and Garlic Bread with cheese (200 Rs). I asked for main course suggestion in Arabic and he suggested me Dal Bukhra. I dint know Dal Bukhra Is Arabic!! There were no pizzas available. Menu had only 3 to 4 items in veg main course. I decided to skip it. Mezze Platter had Hummus, it was bland. It also had Falafell, salad. It was ok. And french fries. Pita bread was tasteless. Paneer Tikka was ok, definately not worth the money. I decided not to order main course and to go in other restaurant to eat. All in all 3 items and damage of 1100. Even service was bad. Waiters were bit rude and standing next to us all the time to hear what we were saying..And top it all whole restaurant was empty.


mxh83 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 10,2012


Chef changed.

The chef has changed, and so has the whole menu. This place now sucks.



After much deliberation about where to feast this Sunday afternoon, I chose Arthur’s theme. Tragically I reached the location only to find out that it had been shut down permanently. My much anticipated journey into Arthur’s tale was cut short. I frantically asked friends for suggestions, and was met by many suggestions. However, I ignored advice to visit Mangi Ferra and Silver beach Cafe, and chose instead to visit Bistro Grill, a place I had passed several times. I should’ve followed the advice I received. What can I say, curiosity kills the cat !

To start with, the restaurant’s name is misleading. Bistro grill is an Arabic restaurant, that claims to serve a middle eastern buffet. It sounds tempting; a pint of beer and an meal for rs.399. But don’t be fooled, you will be offered Oriental salad, Cold slaw, Pasta and mini pizzas, all in the name of Arabic food. Much of the food was cold and things that should have been crisp were limp.

What was worse, was the ambiance. A very sad looking crooner sat in the corner belting out romantic songs. He was in tune and melodious, but far too loud and intrusive. The crowd that Bistro Grill attracts is much like it’s food; limp. My fellow dinners, like me seemed to have settled for this place out of either ignorance or convenience. I noticed no passionate patrons or enthusiastic eaters.

Avoid this place, unless you have a budget and want to eat large quantities, drink beer, and are not really in the mood for a refined experience. I suppose I am being harsh on the place, I’ve heard ordering off the menu is less disappointing.

Damages – Sunday buffet for Rs.399 + taxes

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Must try cocktails !!!

We had plans to have 1 drink and each place yesterday ....when v visited Bistro and saw the alcohol menu ...larrrggee ,took some time to decide what to have, eveything on d menu luks amazing and d bartender kept to our expectation...we had to drop our plan to go to the other place to drink as v thoroughly enjoyed the various cocktails v ordered the food matched with d drinks as well ,it defi reminded me of my trecent trip to Dubai. Its by far the best place to drink in Mumbai...amazing experience ,A must try people :-)




I visited this restaurant yesterday, and was slightly disappointed by the experience.
1. It is definitely not the most authentic Arabic cuisine as claimed by the restaurant.
2. Each and every dish and drink we ordered was absolutely bland. There was no salt in any of the dishes, and we had to request them to put more chocolate and sugar in the Nutella chocoshake.
3. The staff is very friendly, but we were not given any spoons or forks with any of the dishes served. No one bothered to serve us either. Only when we got burnt by the sizzler did someone rush to serve us.
4. The quantity of food in each dish is too less.
5. The cheese kibbeh were way too oily.
6. The saving grace was the baklava, though it was served cold, in tiny pieces, and with no honey or nuts on top.
7. The total taxes and charges at the end of the bill were higher than the cost of their main dish! A whopping 20%!

Good ambience, and friendly staff, but definitely not value for money.


There are better options on a saturday night

Few Disasters:
1. Poor serving standards: They seldom care. Not quick and not responsive. it took many requests for a sauce refill
2. Beer Pitcher: Expensive and we could get only 4 mugs filled from a pitcher. Who gulped the last 330ml??? :(
3. Music: The flow of music was crap. I dont see a sequence. You hear jazzy music following with rock and then random regular hip hops. Doesnt soothe your ears
Things that impress:
1. A wide range of hookah flavours. we tried the strawberry one. best part is they constantly recharge the coal as long as you stay which is quite welcome compared to other hookah bars with a time limit. Smoke Quality - 4/5
2. 15% discount on citi bank cards. some respite on your deep pockets :)

Things we tried:
Tawook Platter- A truly grilled platter with arabian spices. 3/5


mohaizmay - Burrp User


18 Reviews

September 16,2011


Excellent Habibi

- Food Quality 5
- Food quantity 5
- Service 5
- Ambiance 5
- Price 5 .... { 1300 for a meal for 2 , " HEAVY " Eaters without alcohol , }
... Authentic Middle Eastern Food , loved it { Burrp Burrrpppp Buuuurrrppp }



Delicious veg arabic fare

I was a little vary of the variety in veg food that an arabic restaurant would offer..but was pleasantly surprised by the items on the menu oter than the regular hummous n falafel...the veg sizzler, spinach fatayer n grilled veggies were so mouth watering...wud surely give this plc athumbs up for the veggies too



delectable arabic food at bistro

I am a fan of arabic food and never did find the perfect authentic shawarma in mumbai, untill bistro grill..the good thing is that its not only about the shawarma..the entire range of arabioc food on the menu like falafel, hummous, lebanese grilled chicken, shish tawouk, mince chicken pizza, and the prawn sizzler is equally tantalizing...the ambience is chilled out for friends or family to have an elaborate dinner..the food,music, warm and friendly staff make this place worth a visit


ellen7 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 08,2011


Expensive and Indifferent service

Went to Bistro Grill for lunch with friends and was sadly disappointed. The Shewarma platter was katoris of grilled chicken, finger chips, a onion-tomato salsa kind of thing with hummus (which wasn't too great either) and pita bread. The rest of the food was poorly presented and average tasting. I'm not even talking about the ambience. Now I know why we were the only ones there at lunch time.



Authentic and best Arabic food

All international cuisines have been tried in Mumbai. Arabic has been a challenge. Im a great fan and had been looking for a Arabic cuisine place that just felt right on the palate. Bistro did wonders.
Over and above the warm staff... Ambience .. Music... Is great
I have partied with friends, had a family dinner and also entertained business clients..
A must go place. Enjoy.. Cheers!



Awesome grilled chicken

I second the chicmagnet's comments as we feast together :-]


The Chicken in Juhu!

I have been to grill cottage a gazillion times and yet i still go there regularly.
To start with, first i order is the grilled chicken (might i add thats the best i have had so far) Yummy juicy meet to satiate my endless appetite!
Besides the white sauce they give (forgot its actually name) is the best i have had till now :D
Moving on, next is either Chiken Tikka Masala/Reshmi Kabab Masala with Rotis. The chicken always tastes fresh, the gravy very delicious and the quantity is good for the price paid.
I have also had the shorma roll and the chicken/prawn fried rice. Both items are filling and taste equally good. Nice hot rice with chicken/prawn pieces. Though i must add i have had better chicken fried rice else where. The shorma roll is as good as the one at grill cottage.
The place is only open after 8 PM i think. There are six tables and around 18-20 chairs, small place but very rarely have we had to wait for a seat especially since I go there around 9-10 PM. Oh did i mention, the place does not have a roof on top! its an open air joint!

The costs :
Grilled Chicken (Full) - Rs.200
Chicken Tikka Masala - Rs.90
Reshmi Kabab Masala - Rs.100
Shorma Roll - Rs.60-70

Bistro is a highly recommended place to eat. Good food at a Good price.