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Bling Reviews

AvgJoe30 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 24,2009


Not Worth It

Except for the Average DJ, all else was far below the mark...
1. Smoking inside the club is a put-off
2. Limited Menu
3. Menu Listed Items are also not available to order
4. Bartenders were not knowledgeable
5. Drinks are an eye-wash - their 'large' doesn't even feel like a small.
6. No Photography Inside - How am I supposed to capture my 'happy' moments there...



Bad experience at bling and definitely not going there again. Had a good ambience, but no place to sit as it was all reserved.... Not a very huge place and suddenly became too crowded for anyone to stand, forget dancing..

Music - horrible bollywood music, no punjabi.. it was only emraan hashmi music.. sounded like a tribute to him with the DJ shouting in her oh-so-horrible voice in between...

Drinks - very overpriced (300 for a beer??!!!) and was there alcohol in it?? i dont think so....



unfriendly and over priced

you don't need self important bouncers acting like they are doing you the biggest favour by letting you in....add to that overpriced drinks (way way overpriced)...just not friendly.....just does not give you the right feel



Plus point-open till 6 am

The crowd is a mix, the funniest part - if u want to get a table in this disco, you have to order worth 20 K. I thought it was a joke of the bartender or dont know what. Music is ok ok. I would rather prefer to see Aqeel in poison than here. Atleast crowd is better in poison.


Smug Alert

I don't have the courage to go again to this place after my last experience but looks like they have changed their name again. First it was Zaha then Amnesia then Bling. Used to be suffer from overdose of Aqeelish bollywood trash and now it seems (from the description) that they don't play any bollywood :)
Well you can change the name as many times as you want but you can't change the fact that this place is another one of those oversmug, dripping in their own arrogance places, which seem to plague Mumbai nowadays. Read the other reviews to get a clearer picture. Must avoid.


hype and hypocricy

Totally down place in good hotel like Leelas.people on the podium are most arrogant and appear to be bllodhound.Bar is slow and nothing new has been offered there.I dont think such overhyped night places can run merely in name of djs.The place like this may be running because of false hype created but once you visit , all seem to be an eyewash.Too costly and too much hyped to the public !!


samshad.ali - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 10,2008


Nothing great

I'm a regular clubber and the best way to talk about this place is as given below-

Music- Average. They just dont get out of the bollywood mixes
Crowd- Good. Mainly cause of the hype and the Bollywood deedaas!
Service- Bad. The staff thinks that the crowd is just a by-product...and they r gods!
Liqour- Over-priced.

I won't be here regularly....thats for sure


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

September 09,2008


Still a long way to go...

Went to Bling after hearing a lot of good things about it...I must say I was kind of disappointed..

Timings: Its open till 430 -5 on Sat atleast which is a huge plus point since you don't ending up reaching before 12

Music: Heard they would start better music after 1am but 1 am went and came and they only played a few good numbers...And from the looks of it I was not da only one not enjoyin it...Most people were just standing around and didn't look like they were really enjoying themselves...This is the biggest reason I would not recommend the place to anyone...

Drinks: I have not seen such expensive drinks anywhere..Two drinks easily set you back anywhere from Rs 1600 - 2500 which is a bit ridiculuos...A bacardi large with coke was Rs 800 and a pint of beer about Rs 350

Service: There are bouncers all over the place...You wanted to sit down (considering how sad the music was we thought to sit for a bit than just stand around) but were informed that you need to spend Rs30,000 if you want to sit. They have some private cubicles and I can understand if its for that but this was for just the sofas near the dance floor

Crowd & Ambience: Was good. Dance floor is bit so while there are a lot of people you still have space to dance

Entry: Rs 2000 per couple and they are kinda strict about couples only

Only reason I would go back is that it is open til late since you don't have too many options...Now if they were to do somthing about the music then this place would definately be at the top of my list..



Bad then Good

Well so i first went to Bling two weeks ago on a Saturday and reached later with another friend. The bouncers and the manager were doing their job (being jerks) and didnt let us in because we did have HOT girls with us. Well we waited, got pissed and then left.

Last Saturday we tried our luck again and with the help of some connection we got in without any problem (6 guys and 1 girl). We did not pay any entry fees but the drinks created a big hole in the pocket.

All in all it was an amazing club with a pretty young crowd and a nice lounge area too. Drinks are good and much better if you get double shots (beware its double the price too)

Expect to spend anywhere between 2-3k per person including entry and around 3 drinks.

Definitely Recommended and a lot of fun if you can get in.




As chickmagnet said, it a new club opened by DJ Aqueel, every one has attitude out there. At any given point of time there are handful of people out there. I also went for DJ Pearl’s gig. Which was good. But there was no crowd response. They are very strict for the entry policy in with respect to Stags will not be allowed.
It's been made good. Nice interiors and a good sound system.


Shiny Disco Balls

Well something about the management first. Its brand new, promoted by Dj Aqeel (and is not handled by the Leela Management).
I was at Bling for Dj Pearl's weekly house dosage on Wednesday night. Since the disc is in a hotel I think it can remain open till after 4 AM (thought I left at 3:30 AM)
The place is nicely decked up, I loved the ambiance there, almost lounge like though its a Disco. OH! they got a lot of balls (big balls) on the ceiling, almost faking the illusion of a chandelier hanging on top. They got lasers too! A blue laser beam from the left (if your facing the DJ console) stretches all the way across the place (as its quite small).
The DJ Console is closed box (with a plexi-glass so you can see through the DJ) Though the Console is on the same level as the dance floor from the outside, its raised from the inside (heck pearl is not taller than me!). Opposite the console is the bar which stocks quite a collection of booze.
The place can accomodate around 200-250 people. There is seating space too but the bouncers did not allow any to sit as they all had a 'reserved' tag on them which is a shame cause for the four hours I was there we did not see anyone sitting on the couch (Except for this couple that was making out right next to the DJ console)

The entry is pretty cheap Rs.500 per person (dunno rates for couples) They got guestlists too (and I was on one of em, so got in free). There was some fight a few nights ago outside Bling so those guys were a bit jittery to let us stags in which they eventually did after we talked to the manager (and being on Pearl's guestlist did help too) :D

The booze is quite costly, (offcourse, less the number of people costlier the booze). A pint of beer set us back by Rs.350. Vodka costs around Rs.500. Definitely not in my league (or the other way round!)

Bottomline - You gotta check out this new place atleast once. I think its open only on wed, thurs, fri and sat :).


Place sucks big time

I don't know what people like about this place. I judge a place by the kind of music it plays and this plays some cliched bollywood remixes. So if you like swingings to some thumka music this place might be good for you. Otherwise only if you have some kind of amnesia, should one ever go back to this place. Avoid at all cost.



love the bar!

This was the bar formerly known as Zaha, now called Amnesia. It is in the Leela and I just love this bar. Great hangout - check it out.