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Home/mumbai/Bombay Baking Co., JW Marriott Hotel

Bombay Baking Co., JW Marriott Hotel



12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Macaroons & Pralines Sep 01 - Sep 30

  • The crumble and aroma of a freshly baked dessert is irresistible. This month, Pastry Chef Savio Fernandes will surprise guests with a delightful collection of Macaroons and Pralines. Indulge in these heavenly bite-sized treats at JW Marriott Mumbai for the entire month.
    Savour the crunchiness of numerous macaroons and pralines like the delicious and fresh Basil Mascarpone, a tropical flavor Coconut Pineapple. A selection of exotic alcohol based macaroons like Bailey's Irish, Raspberry Vodka and Cointreau Macaroon will also be available. Bite into gorgeous hand crafted pralines made with unique flavors and soft centered sweets. Chef Savio takes this promotion a notch higher and prepares the pralines with exotic liqueurs like Vodka, Cognac and Champagne. An array delicious infusions like dry-fruit base, Vodka Chaorli, orange-flavored cognac liqueur, Grand Marnier, coffee-chocolate Mocha Mascarpone and the famous Strawberry Champagne will leave your taste buds tantalizing. An amalgamation of different flavours come together at this promotion and cannot be missed.

Bombay Baking Co., JW Marriott Hotel Reviews