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> > > Bombay Baking Co., JW Marriott Hotel

Bombay Baking Co., JW Marriott Hotel


  • 66933399, 66933000
  • Ground Floor,JW Marriott Hotel,Juhu Tara Road,Juhu, Vile Parle West, Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Bombay Baking Co., JW Marriott Hotel Reviews






I love looking at the dessert counter leching at their cupcakes and cookies and drooling over their freshly baked breads which are put out (and rotated kudos to them) on a daily basis. The red velvet cupcake and chocolate cake is one of the best because it is moist and the icing is just the right amount.

It is situated at JW Marriott so expect a minimum bill of at least 1000 between two people but for me its been worth it every time. The option to make your own sandwich is also good as they have some of the choicest meats and fillings to choose from so i would also recommend that.


2nd time unlucky.

got a hazelnut cake on 23rd Feb and it was fantastic. never had anything like this in mumbai.

took the same cake today for my wife's birthday and it was a 100% letdown. very few hazelnuts this time. the cake was too dry and there was a taste of bitter stale nut. hopefully it was a one off but i'd be careful now getting the hazelnut cake from there.


Sesh T - Burrp User

Sesh T

9 Reviews

January 12,2011


My fav Ind sandwich place of all time

Custom build your sandwich...with umpteen options on fillings and bread. What more do you need, huh? If you need anything more than what they have on offer, you're nothin' but a high maintenance, hard-to-please egghead that I have no intention knowing. ;-). Seriously, go try it, it might be a li'l bit pricey, but it's worth it. And yeah, it's open in the wee hours too. And oh yeah, the chips. Their flavors. I found one I liked. And am gonna try the rest. Later. Hmmm.



A Good Hangout

Ambience: Its a great place to chill. Totally laid back with a small book store as well.

Food: Amore also has a kiosk here so you can have ice creams as well as bakery products. You can also make your own sandwich fro the options provided. We had an ice cream with brownie pieces and a healthy sandwich with hummus (don't remember the name). The ice cream was divine and double the usual quantity they serve outside. The sandwich sounded great but was just decent with a side of wafers and a bowl of salad. It was good but not exceptional.

Service: Of course given its a five star and Mariott at that I would expect nothing less. Good service but nothing extraordinary.

Damages: Paid Rs 750 for an ice cream (Rs 180), a sandwich (Rs 330) and a bottle of water (Rs 100). I don't think they serve regular water so you have no option but mineral water even if you just wanted a glass.

A nice place to go to but nothing exceptional.


Burrped - Burrp User


13 Reviews

December 27,2008


Sold Out !!!!

Christmas Plum cakes ..sold out on chirstmas day!!!!!!
hard to believe..but trust me ... reached there at 5.30 pm and got to hear " Sorry we are sold out! Chirstmas is over." ....excuse me... u get sold out in few hours ........(wake me up)

Had the Grillled Veggies, apasargus, mozerella cheese sandwich .. INR 210/- nothin great...

Cheese Croissant INR 60/- was nice...

took home Strawberry Jam & Sugar Donuts .. nice soft and yummy..INR 50/- each

Chocolate Milkshake was nice and thick! INR 180/-

They also stock imported energy drinks, sping water and areated drinks all reasonabaly priced...


The best service ever!

Little do people know that this is one of the best places for a quite Sunday morning breakfast. the price may be steep but it's well worth the food and the service. 'Service with a smile' and 'The customer is always right' are what the employees here seem to live by. It's also the most reliable place to get fresh fruit cause they get rid of all the left overs every night and use fresh fruits, vegetables, meat etc. every morning. Even the water served here is always packaged water. The staff is excellent and extremely well trained.

All in all a very pleasant experience.


Keep it baking

Have been there a couple of times, unfortunately always to meet somebody, so decency demanded that I have just a coffee accompanied by a cookie.

Love the ambiance(costa learn something) service & am going to go once again to try out the other delicious stuff that I have smelled & never touched/eaten.


Available here - Whole Wheat Bagels w/cream cheese

MMMM Delicious! Its my favorite place for a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese. Their soups and sandwiches are awesome too. One of the finer bakeries in town, you will also find various kinds of cheese and drinks here. They also sell some hair products from TIGI and good quality french press coffee makers.


Star Hangout

Want to see stars? or just want to grab a bite of the best salads in town ? or the best sandwich ? this is the place to go!! Interesting fact about this place is that its open for 24 hrs on monday. You can purchase wi-fi service and relax at the BBC. You can also get different juices and drinks that you might not get in the mumbai market elsewhere. Def a great place to grab lunch if you are in the Juhu area .. other interesting fact about this place is that the seating area is sperated in 3 area.. one is outside on is like a table with a bar and one inside BBC .. also the ambience is soothing because you are surrounded by the versace store that just opened up and other surrounding stores as well.. BBC mostly designed for the Hotel crowd but a great place to catch up !:)



Buy bread alongside whos who of mumbai!

Great place with good food and courteous service (cant be otherwise thanx to their location!). But unfortunately… the display is cluttered & confusing and on top of that the outlet is understaffed for rush hours resulting in lack of assistance (not all of us are born with a complete understanding of a dessert menu).

BUT their focaccia makes up for all the shortcomings.


Dhruti Shah - Burrp User

Dhruti Shah

26 Reviews

September 10,2006


My favourite cafe in Mumbai

Location- Its located next to the shopping arcade inside JW Marriot, Juhu
Ambience – Food lovers delight, seeing a variety of deserts and breads on display. A chef will also make your sandwich in front of you in the open kitchen. There also a sofa inside and library of books which you could just pull and read
Food- Sandwiches are undoubtedly the best priced at about 175 bucks and the deserts are just out of the world. They have a variety of cold cuts and cheese available. I love their muffins 75 bucks but really good, their croissants are also very good at 35 or 40 bucks
You should head there- If you are looking at relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with a book and some good coffee or chai



Good sandwiches

I went to the BBC (Bombay Baking Company) during one of the soccer world cup matches. I had one of their mushroom sandwiches with foccacia bread with soup. Both the sandwich and the soup were very well tasty. I would definitely go there again. The prices were a little steep, but hey this is located inside the JW Marriot. What else can you expect?