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> > > > Bombay Blue

Bombay Blue

Andheri WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 5 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02226232222, 02226237000
  • D-211, Shopper's Stop, S V Road, Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 700

21 Reviews / 22 Ratings

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Bombay Blue Reviews






An Average Performer

This outlet seems really tempting specially for Shopper's Stop, hoppers as it's located right inside the compound adjacent to the building. But a mediocre experience .The menu, though, moderate on variety is highly over priced. We had ordered Keema Pao, Papdi Chaat, Penne Arrabiata Pasta and some shakes. The food was delicious and spicy. Overall Bombay Blue is such a nice place with awesome ambiance.
We also ordered Fries Mexicana which appeared to be delicious but just in looks not in taste. The cheese sauce was indeed pale white and there was absolutely no salt added.

The waiter kept coming at our table asking what we wanted to order, I felt if it was their closing time and he was hurrying to get his last order @ 8.45 pm.


March 25, 2015response from management at Bombay Blue:

Dear Indulgenece Love,

Thank you so much for an amazing feedback. We are delighted to learn about your experience and wish to see you often. We are also pleased to know that you liked our Keema Pao, Papdi Chaat, Penne Arrabiata Pasta and our shakes along with our ambience. Do visit us, soon!

Thanks and Take Care,
Team Bombay Blue







Bad experience on a Sunday Lunch

Had gone for Lunch with my friend and my spouse at Bombay Blues - seeing the advertisements of it celebrating 13 years.

Had a bad experience in the lunch as below:
1) We had ordered Chole Bhatura - the Bhatura had hair below it
2) The staff did not give us the form to fill the contest which was published - fill the slogan and win. Nor was the same given to other tables near us
3) We were made to wait for more than 20-25 mins for the cheque to come and when we complained of the poor service we were told they did not enough staff to manage the crowd - this was when the restaurant was half empty.


October 16, 2014response from management at Bombay Blue:

Dear Aalok,

We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience at Bombay Blue. We take all feedback into serious consideration and will ensure that this isn't repeated. Do give us another chance as we ensure you won't be disappointed.Kindly share with us your contact details at to help us serve you better.

Thanks, team Bombay Blue.



Bombay blues is my favourite restaurant!! I must have visited it a thousand times :) The sizzling hot chocolate brownie and cheese corn balls are to die for! Pizzas are delicious too! It's ambience is excellent and the service and staff is very good. It's a little expensive but its totally worth it! Must visit it.



very tasty

their must have yummiee dishes:
1. bombay blues special nachos-lovely cheese sauce and beans
2.cholay bhaturas-pure punjab da taste
4. all their chaats are too good
their chocolate sundae is heavenly to end a good meal


Suprita  - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 04,2012


Good for Sizzlers

Bombay Blue has been around for a long time now and I have been here many times. This place is quite famous for all kind of age groups since I see diverse crowd here every time we visit.

Ambiance is very typical and simple in all Bombay Blue outlets. However, it's not so bad either. The staff is usually attentive and courteous but still do not understand why do they have to wear those hideous Hawaiian/Goan themed shirts as uniform when it is supposed to be Bombay Blue!

Food is awesome here. Try the garlic bread with cheese. The bread is so soft and fresh everytime we visit. Also their chholey and alu is good. Love their iced tea which comes in a tall glass enough for you to keep sipping through the entire meal and last but not the least, you have to try their sizzlers which I feel is their best dish. Since we are vegetarians, we always try the veg ones. The best among them is the satellite sizzler. Always fresh, aromatic and consistent.

I tried their cheese enchiladas which were a disappointment so I usually stick to the stuff that I have tried before over here. Even the pizzas are ok, nothing great.

Overall it's a good place to spend some time once in a while.

Food:- 4/5
Ambiance:- 3/5
Service:- 4/5
Pricing:- 4/5


Worthwhile Blue...

As a principle, I try and visit a place at least three times before writing a review, given the fact that everyone is humane and likely to suffer bad hair/time days.

I missed out reviewing this in spite of having actually visited it nearly 5 times in the past one year. This has in fact become our "Take NRI" restaurants. It solves the problem of shopping and food at one go.

In terms of personal and other preferences collated over the visits, here goes:

Maha Nachos are gujjuthentic whilst the cheese chilly toast is actually Garlic bread with cheese and chilly (read spicy). The onion rings and fries are good to munch on whilst trying out the watermelon & ginger juice.

From the chaat section, Dahi puri and sev puri are sterilized version but good with a bit of spicy chutney added. They have discontinued the very nicely made 'Bombay burger'.

The grilled spicy chicken and cheese sandwich as well as the kheema pav have been consistently good, whilst fish and chips is fine in a pinch.

The chana bhature is a consistently must have though I prefer kulcha/paratha instead of the bhatura.

The sizzlers are fairly ok, though the rice needs to be crisper and the barbeque sauce more authentic - their veg delite and sizzling mexican are the most ordered.

One of the most simple things to make - cheese and cream spaghetti - and most restaurants manage to mess it up, is made very nice, not too creamy or cheesy but just right.

To top it all, sizzling brownie with chocolate sauce is a must have.


Good Food but Noisy Ambience

Been there last Sat nite around 9.30 pm...we were 4 of us - made to wait for 10 mins. But meanwhile we had decided what we wanted to order.
So we had their speciality chole bature which was good..pindi chole was lovely, ragda pattice was bit spicy, Veg Arrabiatta pasta was good, but the french fries served with 3 sauces was awesum. The quality & quantitiy was good for the price. So it was great time...We left the restaurant at 11 - obviously overeaten. Wanted sum rabdi for desert which was not available...but it was ok.


dreviewer - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 24,2012


nice food.....can do better on service

good food....sizzlers are well served and good quantity.....very slow service, we were with kids and they got very cranky due to the wait....... can do better...all in all an ok experience!!!



Worst restaurant EVER!

I was there with my wife on a sunday.
I ordered and italian pasta. Soup and chicken makhni or afghani one of those
The pasta was alright.
The soup was extremely spicy for no reason.
And when ordered chicken makhni the waiting taking my order had no idea about anything.i asked him if it was spicy he said yes so i said can u tell the chef not make it too spicy. He said yes and when the dish came it was fire.. Like wtf??
And it came with one roti. So i had ordered 2 more.. Which btw were very small.
The roti didnt show up until 20-25 mins ... We were like looking at eachother. Like okay what are we suppose to do?
Then after half an hour i just called te guy which took forever to come to my table coz there was a cricket match on TV.
i felt like i came to a truck stop on an abondoned highway.i ask the waiter to forget abt the rotis as my appitite died after waiting this long. So the guy said the roti is on the way sir!! Lol
I said listen i m done it takes 30 mins to get 2 rotis???
Sorry just cancel it and bring my check.. By this time i m furious and just wanna get out of there.then he leaves and returns to tell me sorry sir we "caant" "cancil" the roti.
I said u r crazy lemme talk to the manager i was gonna whipp everybodies back in that restaurant.. If they tried to act stupid with me . So to my surprise the manager wasnt available.. Guess what he was doing? Watching cricket match on TV 3 tables next to me.
Now i just dont wanna pay for anything and get this restaurant out of business for thier filthy service.
The asst manager comes to me and says "yes sir" i dnt knw what that means and what to reply after u her yes sir. Like thats what u say at the end of the sentence he said it right in the beginning.
I explained what happened.he already knew the whole story he just wanted me to tell him again. Then he goes sorry sir we "kaant" take it off the bill can we give a complementary desert instead i said i dnt want anything just charge me for what i ate and thats it. Wait a minute he just said we can give u a complimentary desert INSTEAD" like wtf? How is it complimentary if its instead of the rotis and i will still be paying for of for the waiter he is just standing in the corner and staring at me like he wanna fight me lmao!
So i turned around with a serious face and a ready to punch fist. And said u got a problem?? To which he answer no no no sir...
Fucking clowns are running that place!!
They definately need better management there.. Coz the ones they have now sucks ass!!!in service!!
So finally they took it off the check and we left...
Bottom line its a horrible place to go for dinner..
I will never go there again.
And wont suggest anybody to go there either.
I hope it helps.



Just ab't average

Been there a couple of times... . but wdnt anymore. Would visit the place when they had just begun... the nachos were the constant favourite..the onion rings were simply amazing. Tried the sizzlers...nothing much to boast about..The one that i was having was extremely salty, asked for a replacement.. came back just about the same.

The kababs were good...but the biryani was bad... the quanity of food for its price unjustified.


abhhishekk - Burrp User


21 Reviews

November 22,2010



they have a decent ambiance but not very prompt service or good food.they have a very vast menu and there desserts are also good..
its good to go on a date..and also a bit over-priced



Good food & ambi, pricing moderately high

Just came across this website while searching for some good places to eat, and will be frequenting this website.

About this outlet now,The ambience does live up to the name.If you reach before 8pm even on a sunday,you will get a place to sit.

The staff is pretty neat and so is the service..those who want a person continously attending them, though will be disappointed (maybe because i went on a sunday).

Coming to the food, we had a mix of two punjabi dishes,a sizzler,and some nachos and for 4 ppl. the bill was around 1000 bucks.The mexican food is the best part of this rest. but the enchiladas is a no no.
Pricing to quantity ratio is quite high.



Great Food

I must say i didn't knew much about this place being new to mumbai, but it sure did exceeded my expectations. The first thing you'll notice when you enter are the bright and colorful interiors (heard they renovated recently). The food is very good, be it the sizzling brownie or punjabi non-veg thali, even the nachos and onion rings were amazing. Overall, the food and experience was really great. Service wasn't bad either. Great place to have food and burrp..:D



The best sizzling brownie

Just drop in to eat the best "Sizzling Brownie". We specially come to this place just for this particular dessert. I have tasted Sizzling Brownies elsewhere, but this is the place where the brownie has the best taste and the hot chocolate sauce is simply delicious.

For those who do not know what a Sizzling Brownie is:
It's a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on top of a chocolate/walnut brownie which itself is kept on a hot plate/pan brought along with hot chocolate sauce on the side. When this chocolate sauce is poured onto the ice cream, brownie and the hot pan, it sizzles.
For all chocolate lovers, this is a great "not to be missed dish". The taste is simply "out of the world" scrumptious.

Tip for fellow foodies - The hot pan is often too hot. This sometimes burns the chocolate sauce when the waiters pour it. So, what I do is just ask the waiter to keep the sauce by the side and wait for 2-3 minutes for the pan to cool a bit. Then pour all the chocolate sauce myself.

Since I find Bombay Blue (Andheri West) Sizzling Brownie the best, I have given it 4/5 stars. The one star less is due to - even though I have tried other dishes here, they are nothing that great to write about (better than average, is all I have to say). Service is a bit slow - You have to call them for everything.



Good food and service

I had a pleasant dining experience on Sat. We got in at 7:30 and were seated promptly.

The stewards were prompt with the initial service of water etc and the while placing order for the food, the head steward was knowledgeable about the ingredients etc.

the soup (tomato), kheema pav, chole bhatura were excellent. even the nachos mexicana combo (comes with the lemon ice tea) was good. only thing i did not like was their half and half enchildas. the sauce was pretty much added with some ketchup rather than giving it an authentic mexican flavor.
overall great food and dining experience.


Sub Par - South Indian Disaster

This was the South Indian Food Festival at Bombay Blues. Sticking to the adage, if you choose to eat specialty food, go to a specialty restaurant

Of the 5 combos in offer, the insufficiency in the quantity might have been pardoned but the combination was a sinister! They served Rasam, Sambar, pachidi but there was no rice! instead green peas fried rice was offered - Did the chef forget that south Indian food is incomplete without rice and Sambar and Rasam is not to be eaten with Green Peas Fried rice!

The ongoing Italian fest does not appear to be any great shakes - nothing impressive about the items in offer from the regular

The ambience is very ordinary, cramped for space - expensive for the quality and quantity offered

Would not recommend users to go with any expectations - that is, if you choose to go :)



Awful... hopefully they change for the better

Why is this place heading for disaster. Bombay blues at Andheri used to be good.It keeps getting worse now!
Years back when I went hooked on the amazing nachos. The nachos at their mall outlets are still good.
I had gone here few weeks back.Veg Au gratin sucked! I can understand bland.but this was beyond any taste! It tasted like dough with milk! The Penne Arrabiata was equally bad.
Last week I had gone again (why???) .They hav a bad waiting list policy. We were 2 people. So they kept us in a table-for-2 group. So when a table-for-4 got empty .the group of 4 who came in after me got that table. And we had to keep waiting till a table for 2 got empty. Wat shit!
Food: Started with the nachos. They sucked. Normally nachos cheese has a gorgeous golden colour. The cheese on my plate was ivory, and tasted like milk!
Next ordered veg lasagna. It came without salt! We told the maitre d' that the dish has absolutely NO salt. He took it to the kitchen,came back telling us.. there was minimum amount of salt in it! And he cannot change the dish as they cannot add salt to the layers.yeah, I know that. So why the minimum salt funda in the first place whn u know customers cannot add salt later?? Then he tells us that the lasagna we ordered was the only one made and we will have to order a different dish! WTF! Ordered Enchiladas which were very soggy. They had a rajasthani food festival going on,so we ordered one rajasthani thali. It was crap! Neither the pakoda, bhaji or dal had any taste!
Pretty pricey.all this cost 800 rs (the lasagna was removed from the bill)
So in all was crap.
But hav to say the service was good.very polite.
But food sucks! Bombay blues has lost all charm.and to be more like Udipi hotel now.just another Udipi restaurant serving crappy conti-Mexican fare.


burrp2020 - Burrp User


33 Reviews

February 20,2008


Good, but not value for money


- Try chicken in cheesy sauce with pasta (ask for extra sauce in a separate bowl - tell them you love it, and you don't like the pasta too dry..)
- or Veg cheesy sauce with pasta


purvit - Burrp User


10 Reviews

August 14,2007



all most all the places i reviwew have one common factor the title speaks bout the food!
inspite of all the hus -hah bout the whole ambiace etc things fod is still one of the main criteria !
ok as i said the food not only tastes well but leaves u feelin good.(unlike times wen u hog n feel like ukin later)neither is it balnd (for the cusine they have) the ambiace is good! well lt! and a good place to have a conversation wit a friend!