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> > > > Bong Adda

Bong Adda

CBD BelapurNavi Mumbai    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02265149666, 09820837515, 09819511221
  • Sai Sagar, Shop No. 9, Sector 15, Next to Hotel Corporate, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
  • Bengali, Mughlai
  • Meal for 2 - 800

20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Bong Adda Reviews






Pathetic Bengali Restaurant

Had my worst ever Food in Bong Adda !! totally highly priced and NO quality food and even there is no quantity as they charge for the food !!! The quality is so bad that my relative who came from US had to be hospitalized!! They are cheating Customer's!!!
Free advice - don't go even if invite you for free :(







‘Barir khabar’ (home food)...Bong style!!!

Congrats to the Bong Adda for providing its customers with authentic Bengali cuisine..proper ‘barir khabar’ (home food). Visit the joint once and you will keep on visiting. From their snacks like egg devil to their special thali. North Indian Mughlai cuisine is also available including the typical Chicken/Mutton Biriyani which we usually associate with a Shiraz or an Aminia or an Arselan in Kolkata....taste the biriyani here and you would not regret.







awesome...amazing....just too good....

If u r a true bengali at heart who loves "barir khabar", you should definitely visit Bong Adda once....visit the joint once and you will keep on visiting....kudos to the Bong Adda team for providing its customers with authentic bengali cuisine. You should try their special thali with multiple non-veg dishes. Their menu card itself speaks volumes about the variety available. It is really difficult to choose which item to try and which not to...if you are going in a bigger group then all the more better. Even the non-bongs have something for their taste buds as North Indian Mughlai cuisine is also available including the typical Chicken/Mutton Biriyani which we usually associate with a Shiraz or an Aminia or an Arselan....taste the biriyani here and you would not regret. Service is also very warm and homely. One thing which the Bong Adda Team should try is to start a non-veg platter. They have so much variety in the starter section that it is not possible to try every item, no matter how much you want to. A non-veg platter can be the perfect answer to this. Even the dessert speaks of our very own Kolkata with mishti doi and payesh....have visited the place thrice and waiting for my fourth time....Congrats team Bong Adda and all the very best for your future endeavours.....keep up the good work.


June 24, 2013response from management at Bong Adda:

Hi Abhijit,

Thank you very much for coming to Bong Adda. Its always good to know that you liked our food.
You have given a wonderful suggestion. We must try it & will ensure a mixed starter platter as soon as possible.

Hope to see you again.

Bong Adda Team





Pathetic Restaurant

had worst ever Food in Bong Adda !! totally highly priced and NO quality food and even there is no Quantity as they charge for the food !!!
free ADvice - dont go even they invites u for free :(


June 15, 2013response from management at Bong Adda:

Dear Arif,

Thank you for your feed back. Can you pls let me know what are the dishes you tried?

Bong Adda Team.

June 15, 2013response from management at Bong Adda:

Thank u for ur response, highly appreciated ur quick response, I tired non veg thali and egg mutton roll.

June 15, 2013response from management at Bong Adda:

Hi Arif,
We are into business of restaurant where we have to take care of our customers. Surprisingly, Non Veg Regular Thali is the top most selling items in Bong Adda & thats why we prefer to offer this to all our first time customers, so that they get a taste of 6-7 items together & decide his/ her fav one next time. Also, people say that this thali is too full for one person. Any way, if you allow me to speak to you tomorrow by sharing your number, would love to talk to you in detail to ensure your satisfaction.


great food

Dear sandip firstly i must congratulate u on the amazing bengali food that ure restuarant bong adda has to offer , simply put super se uppar ....its wonderful fresh and mindblowing .....thanks for bringing kolkata to mumbai for people who are like us who rarely go to kolkata ....thanks keep doing the great work ...welcome the world of good food at bong adda ....



For Food Lovers Only

Post my visit about last week, could not resist myself from visiting again on Tuesday. This time we thought of going for a main course directly. Without looking at the menu we told the manager to suggest. He suggested Kosha Mansho with Luchi first and then Rice with Daab Chingri. It was too too good and perfect for 3 of us. Kosha Mansho was brillient and Daab Chingri was just superb with rice. They actually served it inside a Daab (tender coconut), mild, tasty, full of tender coconut flavor... amazing.
Service was prompt for Luchi and Kosha Mansho. There was a little delay for Daab Chingri, but we understood that it takes time to make such a wonderful dish.

Comfortable seating for families. Cooling was just perfect.

If you love good food, Bong or non Bong, a must visit for everyone.


Mini Kolkata in CBD Belapur

I had lunch in Bong Adda and it was quite a satisfactory experience. Please do remember that to satisfy a bong with food is a challenging task, given their high expectation level when it comes to food taste. But, this resto was able to do it, hands down.

The main items I ordered were Veg Polao, Bhetki macher paruti and Chingri macher malaikari. Each of these delicacies, which take hours to prepare at home, were served to me within 20-30 mins. The fragrance and taste had the true spirit of authentic bong food. Ambience and service were also quite perfect for a family visit.

I keep travelling across India and across the globe. But I do miss Kolkata, especially the food of the city. This small & cosy resto made me feel like I am back in the city where I have grown up!! Kudos.....keep it up.


May 23, 2013response from management at Bong Adda:

Dear Sudipto,

First of all thank you very much for your review.
We will do our best to satisfy you each & every time you visit Bong Adda. Your review will surely encourage us keeping up and enhancing our quality day by day.

Bong calling

An experience to remember. Visited with my family from Airoli.

Ambience - Very nicely designed. Not a jazzy one. There is a feel good factor with comfortable sitting. Rarely you get an ambience like this in a Bengali Joint. Decent crowd. Was almost full.

Service - Young staffs. Homely approach with a smile on their face. Ready to do anything for you. And yes, the special l thali with chicken, mutton, prawns, ilish & Katla with 2-3 vegetables, chatni & payesh had been served in just 10 minutes flat.

Food - Just too good. We tried Fish fry and Muglai Paratha for starters. Let me tell you, one of the best I've had in a long time. Muglai Paratha was awasome, crispy, full of stuffing & quite heavy.
Next up was the specia thali as the owner suggested and I thanked him for an out of the world treat. It has everything starting from veg like Dhoka, Echor, dal, alu bhaja (Wow) and fish like Ilish, Katla, Prawns with Chicken in one & mutton in another one. Just Too good. Seen people relishing Biryani in the other table, but as we didn't have any room for more food in our tummy after that, kept the option for the next visit.

I must talk about the Menu also. One of the best designed . A haven for bengali food.

Wish Bong Adda all the best & keep the good quality & service like this going.
Recommended to everyone.


Pathetic Service and Bad Quality

I went day before yesterday and ordered chicken muglai ....they took 45 mins to serve .......I don't know which age they are living if we talk about the service factor....

Bad Quality of food......even after taking 45 minutes to serve the chicken was pathetic and useless.....I never visited such cheap restaurant who serves Bengali food.....

Ambiance....not at all good....I believe that they need to enhance on all the terms including waiting time and service

very bad experience I will never even think of it to go there again.....waste of money


May 14, 2013response from management at Bong Adda:

Hi Mam,

First of all thank u very much for your quality time to come to our restaurant, opening a Burrp account and reviewing it in just two days time. This being the first criticism about "Bong Adda" among 100 other "Excellent & Very Good" ratings in different medias, we are grateful to you for pointing out our inefficiencies to serve you late which will surely help us to improve our service quality. My number is 9819511221. Would love to talk to you & understand in more detail. Though there is very little thing that we can do on "che

amajumder60 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 06,2013


a taste of bengali food away from bengal WOOOOO!!!

very good taste of almost all bengali item,but the biryani both mutton and chicken tastes really good.
pricing is normal , good environment , neat and clean, well placed location in belapur cbd navi mumbai.anybody who loves bengali dish must go, if he /she stay in belapur.


Awsome authentic bengali cuisine

If you want to go for special Kolkata Biriyani and authentic Bengali dishes in Navi's definitely worth a try...
Though, the service part is not good at all since as we arrived no water was served...I had to tell the head waiter at least four times regarding the same and after that he got two empty glasses from the adjacent table and banged the jug of water and went on...
But, apart from all these...the food was awesome...The best bengali cuisine outlet in Navi Mumbai...go for food and the food is also affordable.


Too good ,worth a try...

If you want to go for special Kolkata Biriyani and authentic Bengali dishes in Navi's definitely worth a try...
Though, the service part is not good at all since as we arrived no water was served...I had to tell the head waiter at least four times regarding the same and after that he got two empty glasses from the adjacent table and banged the jug of water and went on...
But, apart from all these...the food was awesome...The best bengali cuisine outlet in Navi Mumbai...go for food and the food is also affordable.


Gautam234 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 05,2013


Bong Bang Bang !!!

What an experience !! A true jugal bandi of Kolkata Mughlai dishes and delicious bong plates. The hearty touches of owners & staff steal the heart. A team of specialists have created a Bengal in Belapur. I face the demand from my family for repeat visit and I love to succumb to this weekly pressure, haha !!. Suggest all to have a taste of this palatable Adda, not only of Bongs but of all Bong loving Indians in Navi Mumbai !!


Must try for Bengali Starters

Ambience: Good
Price: Good (@ 220/person for the menu given below excluding Biriyani)
Service: Good
Taste: Excellent

Tried: Fish Chop, Chicken Moghlai, Mutton Kosha & Luchi, Fish fry, Chicken Biriyani

Chicken Biriyani was an utter disappointment, thumbs up for the rest... Prawn chop & Kobiraji preps not recommended.


Puks1 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 11,2012



Sunday Lunch:
Rice, macher matha die dal, Alu posto, Begun Bhaja, Iliser Bhapa, Paturi, ektu amer chatni and 2-4 rosgolla.
Sunday Dinner:
Fish Fry, Kolkata Style Mutton Biryani, Chicken chap
Next Saturday Dinner:
Rice, Muro Gonto,Luchi, Mutton Kasha, Dab Chingri, Postor bora.

Believe me, that's what we did when we went there about 3 mnths back while coming back from Lonawala to our home at Chembur & became regular. Bong Adda's biggest problem is, everything they make - excellient, some times better than so called branded restaurant at a resonable price. So, its difficult to choose from the menu. You need to decide at home & come here to avoid family fight.
Very cozy family kind restaurent with smilling staff with no professionalism, but ensure to make a homely atmosf where you can pull his hand and say, "hay, what are you going to offer me today". One of the days, they said, "kuncho macher choccori khaben?" You feel like sitting in kolkata.
All the best team. I am sure you will make a brand very soon.


Anjum  - Burrp User


123 Reviews

September 05,2012

Expert Review 3.0

b! Review: Bong Adda @ CBD Belapur

For those who enjoy unique and unusual flavours, Bong Adda is well worth the long drive as Priya Fonseca found out. Warning: Overeating is a foregone conclusion here.

This little restaurant is located on a busy road that also serves as the ‘fine dining’ strip of the locality. The ‘adda’ for a Friday at lunch hour was very quiet but the collective welcome from four waiters and the manager assured us that they were open for business. Bong Adda in its brand new avatar at a new address seems like an upmarket udupi with the option of low sofa seating or hard but comfortable chairs on either side of a central aisle. We were one of two tables occupied for that afternoon and were treated to Bengali pop – we’re sure we heard Usha Uthup’s voice coming through – that even had the waiting staff bopping. The music was just the start of the treats.

Everything about this place spells ‘no frills’ from the basic decor (two 2’x2’ panels that depict collages of typical Kolkata street scenes) to the formica tabletops, plastic glasses and crockery. Thankfully, the cutlery that was well stocked in a holder on each table was not plastic. The menu is a laminated sheet that lists dishes like Vetki Jhol and Pabda Sorso – exotic sounds to a non Bengali ear. As we required urgent translation, head waiter Ashok Kar was happy to guide us with tips about the types of sweet water fish.

Our order included: Fish Fry (pheesh phrai is what we heard – all the staff including the chefs are from West Bengal), Vetki Sorso, Chicken Biryani, Laccha paratha and Mango chutni. On seeing our obvious excitement at the menu, Kar went on to tell us about dessert specials at this point too. While the menu only lists Rosogolla, we were also offered Mishti Doi and Chenna Jalebi. The latter we were told was a Bengali version made with paneer.

The crumb fried fillet of Bhekti was a revelation. A bottle of mustard sauce was placed on the table along with the rectangular cutlet. As we cut into the crispy outer layer, the fish was steaming and a delicious aroma of spices wafted up. The crunchiness of the outer layer along with the soft, well flavoured fish with a dash of mustard was enough to have us in culinary heaven. With a start such as this, we eagerly anticipated the next few dishes and were not let down. The Chicken Biryani – 1 piece of chicken, an egg and a potato – served with raita was unusual as the rice was slightly sweet. The rice with plenty of birishta- onions fried crisp- was well cooked; the chicken was tender and the masalas, mild but flavourful. Next up was the Vetki Sorso or Bhekti cooked in mustard sauce that we chose to have with the Laccha paratha. This dish was a letdown as the gravy was fairly tasteless except for the modest mustard notes. The fish itself was fresh but slightly difficult to get around with odd bones coming up when least expected. The paratha was fantastic – crisp, soft, oily and slightly sweet. However this sweet paratha did nothing to compliment the flavours of the curry. The sweet and sour warm Mango chutni that features on the vegetarian main course list would go excellently with a spicy biryani, although it was also delicious on its own.

Soon after this mini feast, our pre ordered Rosogolla and Chenna jalebi made an appearance. We were not sure whether the paneer jalebi was a gag or chef’s styling but once we got past its unappetising appearance, the flavour was Gulab jamun right through. The Rosogolla was a disappointment. Perhaps exposure to city-styled tinned rosogollas has lined our palates but what we tasted was different and not in a good way. The syrup was sticky and stringy while the texture of the ball itself was powdery.

Despite this dessert disappointment, we weren’t entirely put off by the food or the place. The service was excellent and food was refreshingly different. It would be great to head there with a Bengali friend who can assist with ordering items that pair well with each other. We overheard the other set of diners raving about their food as one said, “Keep the bill carefully so you know what you ordered for next time.” Oh yes there will be a next time for us too. While we might not order the same dishes but for the Pheesh Phrai, we certainly would like to try some of the other fare and perhaps give the desserts another chance. Mishit Doi here we come.

Meal for two: Approx Rs. 600



Biriyani with Benagali at Belapur Bong Adda

Atlast got a bengali taste in belapur Bong Adda.

What flavor of Bengal the combination with Kababs as starter and Biryani with Mutton Kasha and Chicken Chap is just too good.
Mouthwatering Macher Kari with Rice is simply awesome.

Feel like sitting at Kolkata resto ..... and getting a taste of the soil. wish to come on evry weekend.


Good place to get a taste of Bong food

Average ambiance, good food, friendly staff. Service could be better. They have a good variety on the menu. Veg Non-veg all dishes were quite well done, the sweet part was not up to the mark (payesh, mango chaatni).

If you wish to try out multiple dishes, can order the Bong adda spl thali (not seen in the menu section here). Had luchi, bhaat, begun bhaja, dal, 3 veg, 3 non veg side dishes, papad, chaatni, payesh. 600/-

To reach here, can take an auto (minimum fare distance) and ask for Corporate hotel/Ashwith hotel. Bong adda located next to them.


Amazing royalty even for Non Bengalis

I never thought that such nice royal extravaganza was awaiting me at bong adda - for a bong the food items make be a known cultural experience - but for a south indian like me this was pure royalty at its best - the chicken razala was one of the best that i have ever experienced in a chicken item - egg devil was the one that i would always want on weekends with my weekend round of drinks...........the best part, my appetetite went for a toss with staff being extremely courteous and making us feel at home ........


Most Amazing Bengali food.....

Its the best Bengali food I have tried in Navi mumbai...the best part is select dishes r made from herbs and fishes rgt from the east of India giving a perfect feeling of east Indian food....


food75 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

April 24,2012


An Adda to remember

Food - Excellent
Ambience - Excellent
Comfort - Excellent
Service - Can improve though there is a homely touch.
Price - Happy to pay for this kind of quality.

As the name goes, a place for adda with your friends & family. Very cozy, well decorated (I may die to have a roll sitting at kolkata rock style set up outside the restaurant under the tree if permitted !!!!). Nice & very comfortable lightings. Sitting is perfectly ok with privacy even in a small place like this. Good light music & a fantastic food. Bengali starters - just amazing. Bengali Thali - one should try to understand why bongs are so special in terms of cooking. Hilsa was too good even at this time. Had a biryani. A perfect aroma of kolkata. Gio bong adda. Amra aste thakbo. Just keep the good taste & focus on service a little to make it perfect joint for everybody.