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> > > > Brewer's Cafe

Brewer's Cafe

OshiwaraWestern Suburbs  


18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Brewer's Cafe Reviews

Mihir Shah - Burrp User

Mihir Shah

9 Reviews

December 10,2011



Hey Cafe,,, and mr. Rohit...

Do u still serve hookah .... let me know ... the coffee at your place is good..


I was disappointed

This place has been a favourite since quite sometime, but due to their renovation activities going on they highly disappointed me. Guys, if there is renovation going on why not close the cafe for that much time than to trouble customers?? Also, in this attempt of inceasing items in their menu they are loosing on their core speciality.. as the cook who made me my paneer dish was PATHETIC.. and the only reason i called for dat silly paneer dish was that my favourite coffee and burger was not available -- poor service


February 10, 2011response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Gurpreet,

I appreciate your reply and i apologise for the inconvienience caused to you due to the renovation. We did close down for a period of 10 days however we were trying out new menus for some customers and we were making customers aware of the situation.

Also, we are increasing the menu as we are changing the theme from just a cafe to a Resto Cafe, we are currently working on fine tuning our menu, we do have started Chinese, Tandoori and Shawarma,and Hukka and would kindly invite you to visit our cafe again. We are

ccncc - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 22,2010


3rd class cafe with 3rd class staff

Inappropriate service by staffs infact very poor service..
Staff are not properly dressed and with a wrong attitude. No smile on the face.
They speak road side language and use harsh word which is not fit for family and to any individuals.
Will grade them -1... Thats all. if owner of this cafe has read this please change the staff as soon as possible for the cafe's good health


December 23, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear ccnc,

I appreciate your comments regarding the cafe. The feedback will be very valuable to us. Could you please provide me with your contact number so i can personally get in touch with you to understand the matter.

Thanks and Regards
Rohith Tomar



I am so so dissapointed in this place because i was so looking forward to go to this place after reading the 2 reviews
so i go there twice in a rick wasting so much money only to find out both the times the place was CLOSED!!
it was so infuriating. The timing is written from 10am to 1 am
i went at 12 30 in the afternoon and the place was closed.
after wasting so much money on the rick and facing dissapointment i have lost my urge to go there


November 21, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Guest,

I sincerely apologise for the error. From last month, we had changed our timings to 04:00 pm to 01:00 am. It was a mistake from our side that the same information was not updated on this website. I apologise for the same and would like to invite you to out cafe during our working hours and we would be very glad to serve you.

Looking forward to your visit. We have recently also started Hookah!! We would be very happy to serve you the best Hookah and Coffee on your visit to our cafe.

Thanks and Regards

November 22, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

ya it was grave on ur part
well i might drop in tommorow or something...

bhatsushant - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 24,2010


Good food, Great Ambience

I had been to Brewer's about a week back. Tried the chicken burger and the chicken nuggets and simply loved it. Planning to head back often, my only problem is that they deliver only in oshiwara and not the surrounding places but apart from that I've only positive things to say about the place. Keep up the good work.



this time i was dissapointed...

i have been a big fan of brewers for a while now. however this time on a weekend i was very disappointed.
the cold coffee was awfully made- it tasted sort of bland even with ice cream chunk. the potato wedges were made like ghar ka affair. unevenly fried and tasteless.only the veg burger and hot chocolate was prepared well. even my cappuccino was too foamy. one waiter was very attentive and polite, after a while some other staff member took our other orders.he looked quite unfamiliar with the set up and options. though they were very accommodating with our group people...i hope they look into the suggestions quickly. (also sometimes when i ask for water i don't expect to be given a mineral bottled water unless i specifically ask for one)


August 6, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Lagna,

First of all, i sincerely apologise for the not so good experience that you had Brewers Cafe. We have looked into the matter regarding your order and i can personally assure you that the oversight by our staff has been put in order. This wont be repeated again.

I also thank you for visiting our cafe often.. i would sincerely request you to give us a chance to serve you again. I am confident that you wont be disappointed.

Once again on behalf of Brewers Team i apologise and sincerely looking forward to you

August 8, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

thanks i appreciate that....



I've been to the cafe around three times now, and do look forward to coming back again. I think the cafe has some great new ideas to offer, like the complimentary cookies with the beverages, the miniature shot cups in which they serve milk for the tea, and the chess board as well.
Anyway, the reason I am writing this review is, because I have a few suggestions to give.

Firstly, I think the cafe should add different flavours of green tea to the menu. I did not spot any variety of green tea on the menu. A hot cup of green tea is always a nice thing to have on any day. Also, certain types of tea, are not had with milk, for example, Earl Grey. And it would also be great if you'll serve Twinings, as compared to Tetley. Twinings offers a more natural and richer taste compared to the latter.

Secondly, as I read somewhere below, a dip for the cheesy french fries would also be a great idea! The last time I ordered them, the cheese dried up and it became difficult to have the fries. It would also be great if the pizza base was a little softer.

Thirdly, as I've mentioned before, I think the chess board is a great idea, and adding a few more board games would make it even better and make me want to come back even more :).

On the whole, I think the place is a nice change from all other standardized cafes that look the same. It offers a decent variety on the menu, and is fairly priced too. I'm definitely coming back here for more :).



I like it....

I visited this place on a weekend near my place. thank god a new cafe has opened because i was really bored of the boring ones close by. my friends loved the pizzas and pastas. i liked my cold coffee. the ambiance was perfect. laid back and relaxed. well behaved staff. i am definitely coming again!


June 13, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Lagna,

On behalf of the complete Brewers Team, i would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts about our place. Its sincerely our pleasure to see our happy customers increasing.. and i thank you for planning your visit again.

Looking forward to serve you again..


June 18, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

yes we had a good time.thanks a ton.
i just wish you to have some more dessert options so that we all can avail it post 7.30-8pm..

June 19, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Thank you Lagna,

Hope to see you soon @ Brewers Cafe, and we would definitely keep the desserts.\

Thanks and Regards
Rohith Tomar


Comfort is the first factor

Last Thursday night when I was driving past Winder mere I saw this new cafe opened. The place used to be my old hookah joint Qusba. I parked my car and got down just to check the place, and curiously went inside. Actually the blue lights attracted me. I went there and sat on a sofa which was very comfortable. The ambiance made me sit there and order for something.
I am not much of a coffee drinker, but when I have it, I like it strong. And trust me for all the strong coffee lovers "coffee on the rocks' here are the strongest ever coffee that I had. Not to forget the cheese french fries which I had with it. One suggestion that the cheese should come as a dip. not on it.

Ambiance : 8/10
Food: 7/10
Coffee: 10/10
Speed 6/10
OVERALL :7.5/10


June 13, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Victorinox,

Its a pleasure that you visited our cafe and furthermore thank you for your review. We really appreciate your reviews, we would definitely be looking into your suggestion regarding the cheesy Finger Fries. And i assure you that we will strive till we achieve a 10/10 on Overall. On behalf of our Brewers team Thank you once again for appreciating our efforts.

Looking forward to your visit @ our cafe.


June 23, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Victorinox,

I would like to sincerely apologise for the goof up during your recent visit @ our cafe. We have taken a serious look into the issue yesterday evening after your visit and we have corrected certain things which led to the goof up.

On behalf of my complete team we apologise and request you to give us a second opportunity along with your friends to serve you very best.

We hope you would visit our cafe soon.

Thanks and Regards
Rohith Tomar

Food is worth trying.

Its a small cafe with good ambiance. good place to hangout with friends for some coffee. I bought a voucher from mydala for this cafe and went there at around 11 in the morning. It was empty at that time. We ordered hot coffee, cold coffee, cheese french fries , pasta, sandwiches and all. they took lot of time, around 1 and half hour to serve the food because there were only 2 people who were making everything and serving as well. The taste was good but i feel the quantity was average. I even ordered a dark & tall (cold coffee) it wasn't tall at all , the size of the glass was very small, it could have been better.

worth trying,


June 13, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Gita,

Thank you very much for your reviews on our service and food. I sincerely apologize that it took a long time for us to serve you, its our sincere en devour to improve on this and with our efforts i can definitely say that we will improve on the speed of our serving. As far as the Tall and Dark goes, we will be looking into the issue pointed out and will correct it asap. On quantity i would like to express that currently we have always focussed on giving a god quatity, this is evident from the fact that @ other places, where


Coffee, Comfort, Value for Money!

Went to Brewer's Cafe on a Friday evening..It wasnt really packed and seemed like a good idea to chill there after work, and catch up.
The feel of the coffee shop is just like any other..they have the regular chairs and tables setting..and couches...we settled for the couch and started to unwind. Promptly attended to, but the staff wasnt too intrusive..Also observed how they gave the menu. It wasnt the usual 'shove ' but a more pleasant and controlled mannerism...felt nice to get that kind of etiquette at a coffee shop. Good.
Ordered a Hazelnut Cold coffee and Orange fizz, with a Cheese Burger. All items were up to the mark. The cod coffee was yum and the burger was really soft and nice. Would suggest tooth picks in them to hold the filling in place, though.

Another observation was that all desserts at the counter were gone by the time we reached...which is around 8.30 in the evening..I was reassured that all the brownies/pastries on the menu are available, but are not on display. Would suggest that, whatever is available be on display throughout. An empty counter does show that you're stuff is popular and already consumed, but when a patron walks in, he/she might want to be greeted by a dark chocolate pastry or a brownie right there!
Also noticed that the place isnt very expensive unnecesarily. Its priced just right which will attract a lot many coffee-lovers and people who want to just hang out. The cafe also has free wi-fi , so thats a plus point for someone who wants to grab a coffee on the go with some work to finish off..
The only difficulty was, the music was too loud..having a conversation was a little difficult. But otherwise no complaints...definitely coming back here...
Thank you for a 'nice' cafe though...shall transform into the regular hangout with the ease on pocket and treat for the tastebuds factor.


June 13, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Super Su,

Thank you for your reviews, your observation has been noted and we have started displaying the pastries and brownies on the shelf. Also about the music, we have toned down the volume to a much comfortable level, also please feel free during your visit to let us know if you would like to change the music volume.

I assure you our staff is always looking to make our customers feel relaxed and will do their utmost in their control to make your visit a very good one.

Looking forward to see you again.

Nice cafe + easy on pocket

I liked the cafe, actually i had never been to this place before and never knew about it too....
I am a member of mydala promotions site,their voucher came up so i bought plenty of them.Their cafe is good,
nice coffees and other drink.s
i liked the "tall and dark" shake and the others were also good
now i've been to this place twice,i like the ambiance and the music out there
The food too out there is good i like chicken nuggets and fingers
I liked the chopped chicken pasta too
never tried the brownies thought will do it next time
i hope some time in future your place gives out vouchers on my dala,so i buy loads of them again otherwise also i will visit your place and suggest it to friends too


May 20, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Karan,

I would like to thank you on behalf of the complete Brewer's Team for appreciating our coffee and food. Its always encouraging to see that we are improving and trying to serve the best. Do definitely try out our Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream.

As for the vouchers, unfortunately we wont be coming out with the vouchers due to limitations of Mydala until the next 2 Months. However, we will keep serving you the best without hitting the pocket.

Thank you once again for the Review, looking forward to


alright lets start with the positives....

1) staff is damn courteous....really really nice...
2) ordered coffee and pinklady (strawberry drink) was good
3) all the food was nice....
4) ambiance was also nice and no flies...went there around 9

1)chicken sheekh kabab were bad.....they seemed ready to cook kababs got from the market...i guess if you skip it from the menu wouldn't be a problem cause your a cafe not a restaurant....not an essential for a cafe to have it....

2)french fries with cheese....the cheese put was little. It was like a little bit of garnished cheese over the fries as a dressing..i dont blame you for that,in 56 rs you cant afford to put full cheese....but then i would appreciate if you can make it a little expensive and say have liquid cheese all over the fries...or else give liquid cheese separately like how you have domino's cheesy dip...

3)asked for pasta in red sauce came in white sauce.....he even showed me the bottle saying it says red sauce....they need to know the difference...and they don't even know the types of pasta....need to improve on it...

4) Mozilla cheese should be used on how its used in ccd or any pizza parlor....

5) sizzling brownie was awesome but a little more chocolate sauce would be appreciated...

6)at night i believe only the blue nights will give it even better if possible turn off those yellow lights.....

the staff was very courteous to even ask whether we did anything wrong but then i just told them about the pasta and nothing else as it could be seen that they were trying their best....

don't take anything personally...the negative points are just said as room for improvements.....


May 8, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear FirePlague,

Once again i thank you very much on behalf of our Cafe for visiting our cafe and given us your precious feedback. I apologies for the inconvenience. I would like to personally address your issues as follows.

1)Chicken Sheek Kabab: As of this very moment, we are taking this item off our menu and it wont be served in our cafe. Thank you for letting us know this.

2) French Fries: We will be immediately looking to serve it with Liquid Cheese. It might take us 2-3 days to source and get the preperation ri

May 9, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

hey thnx for the prompt reply....yup i had pasta n he served me penne...but when i asked him which pasta do u serve he dint know....and regardin the sauces as well red is tomato white is cheesy....he made the pasta in red sauce as he had shown the red sauce bottle but it was white in color....its k for me im not fussy about things til they are good to eat....just wanted to tell u so that u can educate the staff....and its not necessary what i like the rest also like regarding the blue lights....see what looks beter both the yellow and b

May 9, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Fireplaugue,

The Staff will be educated on the pasta, and as far as the lights go, we have seen the difference and interior without the yellow light looks better.
Appreciate your feedback very much.

Thank you once again and looking forward to serving you again

Rohith Tomar


Thankyou for taking my review into consideration. i sincerely appreciate the effort. I don't mind giving a second chance to your cafe, and i shall visit really soon and shall make sure, its in the evening!!


May 8, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Anu,

Thanks you very much!!!! will be looking forward to serve you.

I might just skip it the next time...

Based on the reviews, I gave a shot to BREWER’S CAFÉ! Honestly, it hasn’t been a very pleasant experience. From the outside, it looks like any another coffee shop. Inside too, it’s just about average. The ambience is not at all interesting and if wasn’t for good company, I probably wouldn’t be sitting there for over half an hour We ordered Coffee delight (an espresso shot with ice cream and whipped cream) was just about average. The Lemon and mint slush had a tooth pasty taste to it. Above all, the flies hovering above our order was a major turn-off. Though I must say, the staff was very courteous and I was slightly surprised by it.
But, overall, a very average place. I’m not sure, if I will be visiting this place again.


May 8, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Anu,

Firstly i would like to thank you for your review as it definitely lets us know the areas where we need to improve. We are committed to providing the best services to our customers.

Secondly, i sincerely regret your experience at our cafe. To address your concerns,

1) Ambiance: I would personally request to visit our cafe during the evening or Night. This is simply because of the reason that during the day we do not have the complete lighting for the cafe. The look of the cafe will definitely show in the e

May 8, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Thanks for taking my review into consideration. i sincerely appreciate the effort. I don't mind giving a second chance to your cafe, and i shall visit really soon and shall make sure, its in the evening!!
Thankyou once again....


I simply ...cannot stop myself to write this review...because i wanted people to know what a fabulous place this is...Brewers is indeed a fascinating 'COMBO' of a soothing ambiance..amazing food and a great service...all together..!!...varieties of foodstuffs like pizzas,burgers, coffee etc left me longing for more and more every time..and that has made me an ardent visitor of brewers...indeed a great place to hang out with friends and family..!


April 17, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Karishma,

Thank you for your review and your recommendation to all for our cafe. I would like to personally assure you that we will always keep providing the best food and the best service at our cafe. Hope to serve you soon again. :-)

Brewers Team

brewer's- you rock!!!!!!

this is a remarkable place with an unswerving dedication amidst all and deliciously cooked food that will instantly tickle your tastebuds.Not only is the staff quick in thier work but also is the management very responsible. the ambiance is very relaxing and cozy....finding all these assets at a single place is just amazing..besides, the food- frappes, burgers,rolls, pizzas and other relishing stuff tasted fresh and was cooked to order.. the spirit of the management and staff coupled with the splendid decor lending a superb aura to the cafe so common friends dont miss this one.. because opportunity never knocks twice... go ahead and enjoy to the fullest - at brewers...


April 16, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Antariksh,

ON behalf of the complete Brewer's Team, i would like to thank you for your appreciation of our Services and Food. We promise to keep improving in terms of our food quality and variety and maintaining our high service standards. Looking forward to see you again soon in the cafe.

Brewers Team.


Dont Miss it!!!!!!

Was shopping in Mega Mall with friends and we decided to eat something..but dint find anything interesting..everything was just same old drove out towards lokhandwaala and we came across this new place just 5 min walk fro Mega Mall.... it looked like a peaceful and cozy place with beautiful lighting done around... so we decided to try it out... and it was the right decision...

When we walked in.. we were personally treated like special guests although we visited the first time... the ambiance is so beautiful with a comfortable lounge kind seating inside.. the music was great... we sat down on the sofa while watching the IPL match on the screen...

We ordered pizza's, burgers, frappes and hot dogs.. and we were shocked to hear that all these items were not precooked and served but were freshly made when ordered...

The serving was fast and the food was delicious.. we liked everything from pizza's to hot dogs... the food was yummy!!!

although there was a birthday party going on in the cafe... we got very special attention from the staff....which was very good compared to the service offered at other cafe's where the staff doesn't really care about the customer..

anyways since i had some work to finish i was using the laptop and i was informed from the staff that i could use their free wifi.. perfect icing on the cake.....

finally after 2 hours when we decided to leave and we called for the cheque.... we received a bill with nice little wordings on it of thank you ..wish we serve you again soon!!!! very cute and innovative indeed...

and would you believe this, i paid only Rs.230 for all the above that we all hogged on!!!!

This place is so comfy that i have made up mind to make it my first choice of cafe in lokhandwala!!! you get the homey feeling when you enter this place with all the smiles around you!!!! totally thumbs up!!!! keep up the good work guys!!!

Brewers rocks!!!! see you guys soon!!!


April 12, 2010response from management at Brewer's Cafe:

Dear Food Lover!!! I would like to Thank you for your reviews!! and it does mean a lot to our staff that you have loved our service and our food!!! we hope to keep serving better and providing the best service!!! THANK YOU-- FROM BREWERS TEAM!!!