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> > > Brijwasi Pan Bhandar

Brijwasi Pan Bhandar


  • Behind Juhu Joggers Park, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
  • Oriental

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Brijwasi Pan Bhandar Reviews

justnomnom - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 02,2012


Ice Paan? Oh yes :D

As the phrase goes, Khaane ke baad kuch meetha ho jaye.. After our review of 'Sharma Chaat Bhandar', our curious minds decided to cross the road and wonder, why are so many people waiting outside a paan shop ? After going there, we realised that this was no ordinary paan shop.
As we read the board where the name was written, we noticed something that said, 'Ice Paan'.
Ice Paan ? We were baffled and wondered, what is an Ice Paan ?
We asked the man at the counter and he replied, "Why don't you try one?" .
We're always up to eat and we ordered for one.
We were so eager and excited to try out this Ice Paan. What could it possibly be?

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having a great time

its having a great time to be there . many people have some inovative ideas of making a simple thing to a very beauty. i m being here from my childhood and i loved to b there. if any one has any sought of regards for brijwasi then inform them so they can rectify them and make them form better to a perfect






Chocolate Ice Paan, anyone?

Last night I was with my wife at JW Mariott for a Sangeet Party. I had already told her about the Chocolate Paan at Juhu and yesterday, the timing could not be better. Post the party, I drove with wifey, mom-in-law and her relatives to Brijwasi Paan Bhandaar for them to try out the Chocolate Ice Paan

Chocolate Paan definitely is very innovative, but is quite simple. Meetha Paan with Hershey's (or an Indian equivalent in the same plastic squeezy-bottle) chocolate syrup and crushed ice in it. They hold the paan together with a toothpick and a helping of chocolate syrup on it. It is served in a paper plate and you will find bottles of water to wash your hands off the syrup and the melty paan-flavored-ice. If you are fussy with your hands getting dirty, this place is not for you. You need to hold the paan an arm's length away to avoid the syrup dripping on your clothes and literally indulge in the savory goodness.

The paan literally melts in your mouth and the chocolate-y taste stays for a long time in your mouth. Sells for 25 bucks a pop, but surely is worth the experience, if not worth the money. Not sure how good the water is, with which they make the ice, but you will not regret going there. Pics attached were clicked at night, so the clarity might not be the best :)


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

July 13,2009


Innovative Pans

They have some innovative pans like chocolate and ice pans. The regular pans are very good as well.

A bit on the higher side compared to other paanwallahs.