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> > > > Britannia & Company Restaurant

Britannia & Company Restaurant

FortSouth Mumbai  

  • 02233133159
  • Wakefield House, 11 Sprott Road, 16 Ballard Estate, Fort,Mumbai
  • Irani, Parsi
  • Meal for 2 - 800

87 Reviews / 99 Ratings

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Britannia & Company Restaurant Reviews






loved it!

Went here about 2-3 months ago. Loved the veg berry pulao and caramel custard. It is like a legendary place in mumbai and you have got to visit it and be a part of the folklore. It feels like actually sitting in a Parsi friend's house and eating while chatting without any worry in the world. Classic place. Want to go back soon!


 - Burrp User

1 Reviews

October 12,2014







Expensive, too much hype,can be avoided

Heard a lot about Britannia. To be honest,was disappointed. Berry Chicken pulao was ok. While the flavour was nice, it is over priced,definitely not worth 450/-. Tried sali boti which was ok, caramel custard was average. Overall it was an ok experience. You can visit if its in your to do list but you will be disappointed if you are a foodie who enjoys his/her food. Can avoid.







Sublime Parsi Fare

It just doesn't get better than Britannia....the Sali Boti and the Pulav are to die for. Perhaps the best part is the overall feel of the restaurant - the owner who is over 90 years of age comes personally to each table and engages in a really interesting conversation....absolutely delightful.







Bright-ania !!!

I'm quite late in writing this review, but better late then never.

They say at times that "Time stands still". And I feel it is best manifest in this amazing place, a relic of Bombay's Colonial Era. A place that has not only retained its Parsi-ness & the extraordinary food that it serves, but also its old-world charm in the way of its ancient decor, cracked ceiling etc, all of which contributes to the amazing experience of dining here. And it would be a crime if I don't mention the amazing owners who are present to greet you, especially their senior-most member who still is sprightly at close to 100.

Chicken Berry Pulao with its amazing spices & I believe, imported Iranian berries is the highlight. The Chicken Dhansak that comes with its own flavoured rice is another favourite. The Raspberry Soda is the popular drink to wash down the food with.

The place is always milling with people, especially the office going crowd during lunchtime and one more often than not would have to wait for a fair amount of time to get a table. But the wait is definitely worth it.

All I'd like to say is visit this place to have a bite of Parsi food (an almost extinct entity in Bombay) as well as a bite of Bombay's history.






Quintessentially Parsi, Quintessentially yummy!

Well well, this restaurant is an example of how culture helps culinary traditions survive. About three generations of Parsi Irani food is somethign your tastebuds will witness here. The Chicken berry pulao is something you need to have without a doubt. It is an Irani delicacy with an slight indian twist to suit the Indian palate, the berries are imported from Iran. Patra ni machi another Irani delicacy, a fish steamed in green chutney not worth missing. Salli boti, chicken cutlets, bombay ducks are again some more recommendations. After such an appetising meal if you have a sweet tooth, you should never miss out on caramel custard.
Open only for lunch and often crowded are an indication of a good restaurant. Must visit for the quintessential parsi taste!







Tick off the bucket list

I visited Britannia some time back and it was my first trip there. How can a guy not visit an institution of food when one is a food lover, right? Had to fix that.
My friend had been there before but decided that he wanted his fix of the berry pulao and patra macchi so off we went on a Sat afternoon.

We waited outside for a good 20 mins and were told that there was a table for two on the mezzanine floor. Now, I wish I had pictures to show you but the mezzanine floor is something else. Super rickety and almost vertical staircase takes you to this floor with maybe 3 odd tables. You kinda feel like the servant made to eat in the godown because you're surrounded by large sacks of Lal Killa rice and the ceiling is so far gone that you can see the metal rods of the support structure. It's scary to think that your head hitting the ceiling can bring it down. That said, if you keep on looking outward, it is a good place to people-watch...i.e. the people sitting below.
So the ambience on that floor is not old-world. It's kinda rotten but it didn't bother me that much.

On to the food - for an Irani place, the prices are nose bleed high and portions small-medium size. A plate of Pulao for 400-500 bucks, lime soda for 70-80? This is not Khyber, you know! I don't think even Copper Chimney charges these prices.

We got the chicken berry pulao, patra ni maach, salli boti, and the in house raspberry soda.

First, the raspberry soda is atrocious. I have not the foggiest idea why people love it. It tastes like cough syrup (or worse).
I'm not much of a rice person so I didn't quite get the goosebumps that people seem to get with the berry pulao even though it seems like they go a long distance to prep it, like sourcing the zereshk berries from Iran and the rice from Pakistan. It was nice, and I can see why/how rice lovers would like it, but for me it was #3 in the food we ordered.

The numero uno, by far, was the patra maachi. Kinda strange to see it done in aluminum foil rather than in a banana leaf but no matter. The fish (pomfret) was well done and cooked just right, but what set it off was the chutney. My Dad said it right - get thoda tikha, thoda meetha, and thoda khatta into a dish and you can't go wrong. The chutney in that patra macchi is so good, I was willing to lick the leftover off the aluminum foil.

The second number dish was the salli boti. The tender meat, the tangy spicy sauce and the crispy salli on top just come together wonderfully. We got some pav to mop up the gravy. Dee-lish. I do want to get the salli kheema the next time I'm there!

All in all, a good meal was had and I got to tick 'a trip to Britannia' off my very long food bucket list. At 750+ bucks per head, it's not an inexpensive Irani place eat. It's more like going to a restaurant.

If you want to do an Irani food walk in the general area, my picks would be Britannia, Ideal Corner, and Military Cafe.

It's also the place where you're told that there is a fun old and when you do see an old man, you're told that THE old man is this gentleman's grandfather. First time I had a 90 yr old gentleman offer a chair to me!


foodangel - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 05,2014


must visit

nestled in the lanes of Ballard Estate, Britannia stil retains its old world charm. The elderly gentleman who runs the place is ever so wiling to share an anecdote or two. The famous berry pulao and the chocolate mousse are drool worthy. Tad overpriced but it's just one of those places you must visit in Mumbai.







Expensive & Not Worth The Noise!

It would be wrong saying everything was bad about the place so I would stick to my experience. I ordered a Chicken Berry Pulav from their special list from the menu. If you don't like sweetness in your Chicken Dish, please avoid. It cost me Rs 400 for a plate. The plate had hardly three thin strips of chicken hidden under a heap of mediocre rice & gravy combination. The only pretty thing was how it looked with the dried berries on top.

The food is expensive at this place. From the kind of food they serve it looks like the poor man's meal from an era that has passed by. Perhaps, the ingredients & the amount used remain the same but the prices are unreal & definitely not worth.

There's an old world charm to the place and the locality where Britannia gets its full points. The owner sits at the cash counter over looking the staff, ensuring the service is prompt. The cat would come in often and sit by the owner. How lovely! But that's where it ends!

A can of Pepsi would cost you 50/- and a fresh lime will pull you down by 80/-. My colleagues at work love the place but I found it to be rude & snooty for lesser reasons. And why is it listed as a cheap place at Burrp? Guys, I thought you're my friend, philosopher & guide!

There are boards all around that warn you of getting frisked/checked if something's found fishy (I don't know why is it written in bold) & that you can't argue with the management in almost as blunt a manner!

I think the place is for people who have a part of their lives lived eating at Britannia or then for some who're looking for some interesting instagram pictures from South Bombay of the 1940's.

Please do suggest me a Parsi place that you've found which is high on food and low on the hype!


Iconic Ballard Estate Landmark

This place got its name because in days of British Raj it was easier to get a license if you had a British name

If you go here on Saturday, you might end up waiting for 30 mins in peak hours. The Parsi Fare is spectacular. The signature dish Chicken Berry Pulao is a must try. The owner claims that they import Berries from Iran. I reckon these berries are softer than the berries i have had in Berry / Zeresh Pulao in other Parsi restaurants in the city.

Chicken Dhanksak is extremely good. The Mutton cutlets are spectacular. A lot of people love the Caramel Custard over here, i like the Chocolate Mousse. Rum Balls are pretty good too.

Britannia slightly expensive but its definitely more than worth a visit






A one of its kind place.

Who can contest this place? And what would it be known for anything else than their VERY VERY FAMOUS BERRY PULAO!! The friendly and chatterbox of an owner is another highlight which draws millions of foreigners to this place and even though is shuts off in the afternoon - everyone is dying to get a bite of that yummy pulao. Few other dishes that are not to be missed here are dhansak, caramel custard, mutton cutlets and the non alcoholic beer.


A part of history,famous for all the right reasons

At the outset, I urge you to at least eat here once in a lifetime (yours or theirs!). that coming from someone who has been here at least a 100 times if not more. Yes, I work close by and Britannia & co. has been of amusement value to friends, family, clients and colleagues all at par. My recent visits have gone down, but that is purely because their price tags keep going up ;) But this is a part of history, so make it a point to visit before its gone.

At the heart of Britannia & Co. is the man called Boman Kohinoor, whose dad opened up the restaurant the year he was born (1923). The 91- year old man is still at the helm of affairs, taking orders, joking with the patrons, and entertaining them while cross selling the limited menu on offer. The next generations are taking over, and you see his son, and the son's kids in the restaurant more and more.

You'd find Boman Kohinoor coming to your table, call you a good boy or girl (at his age you're still young you see!), and then proceed to tell you stories about the Queen of England and the invitation to attend the royal wedding and letters he's received from the Palace. I haven't been there since the #RoyalBaby was born, so I am not sure if there is a new spin now a days as well. While you order the berry pulav, their most famous recipe, he'd try and at least get you some fresh lime sodas "to beat the mumbai heat" (trademark move!)... and then some caramel custard after the food. Try asking him for the Raspberry, and see a very Parsi response (you ain't one, so you ain't getting the Raspberry sort!)

The restaurant itself is non-descript, and falling apart, if I may use the term. Get inside, and you'll see that maybe the place has looked the same since the 1950s. apart from adornments of faith, and pictures of the Royal family. No credit cards accepted, and management decision is final are the other two notices on the wall. Remember, they only open 12-4 Monday through Saturday.

Now to the food. It's become pricey over the years, but it is still worth it. The portions are quite a stomachful, and tread carefully instead of ordering by the droves. The Chicken Berry Pulav is my favourite, and I used to polish off a whole plate earlier, but now I prefer to share the love. Hey, I feel drowsy after at work! I've also tried the Keema and the Veg Berry pulav, and they all do the trick. Somehow the chicken is the most tangy one, and there is the secret sauce and the irani berries they use which complement each other very well.

Dhansak here is a li'l bland, so I don't prefer to have it too often. Maybe it is done good, but I can't do justice to it. The Bombay ducks, which is actually fried fish (gotcha!), is very very good if you can get your hands on it. After all, its seasonal. One of my other big favourite dishes is the Sali Chicken (Chicken gravy, served with Sali, i.e., potato crisps). Goes very well with their chapatis, and sometimes I get some bread as well. It works wonders with the Berry pulav as well, so try and sample that too. Amongst other things to have, the keema is good and so is the chicken cutlets.

For the drinks, the Fresh Lime soda is the usual, and tastes very well. There is also the Raspberry, which tastes like medication to me, but obviously, it has going value in the Parsi crowd that visits.

For desserts, if you're a first timer go with the Caramel Custard. Recently I've switched to having the Chocolate Ball, and it tastes darn nice too. Comes straight out of the refrigrator, a li'l cold, and makes my afternoon heavenly.

No amount of Jimmy Boy or Jumjoji in Bandra can do justice to parsi food like this establishment makes the difference. Have fun if you make it! You might just find me there ;)






Berry, Berry Delicious

So I can't believe I've only just discovered the pure awesomeness of this Persian food delight that is Berry Pulav!

A few weeks ago, at the start of the month, a friend and I decided to eat here as we were in the area. We managed to enter before closing-time, and place our orders some odd twenty minutes before the place would shut... phew! We ordered for a plate of the Sali chicken, Chicken Berry Pulav and two raspberry sodas (the bottles are dreamy - they're retro and oh-so-cool!).

Lots of things can be said but let's just say that I wasn't disappointed, my friend had eaten here before, this was my first time here but oh, I had a hearty, hearty meal indeed. What was sweet is that the grandfather-like owner comes bustling along in this sweet manner asking if we like our food and if the service was alright... muchly appreciated!

The rice was so delicious, those berries are little devils of delight! I, however, wished there were more pieces of the chicken cutlets and fried potatoes in the dish, makes the experience even more enjoyable. My advice, skip the curry order with rice, ask for an additional plate chicken cutlets to go with your pulav instead.

Now, the bill... expensive as it was - Rs. 800, it didn't pinch us as much! You see the quantity made us feel full to our stomachs. Good day, that was!

P.S. Go here sooner! I waited ten years after coming to Bombay to do so. That's right... 10. I'm stupid.



The ultimate berry pulao

If you visit the Britannia restaurant you have to try the ultimate Berry Pulao. It is the only place where this ultimate berry pulao is available. The restaurant is a Parsi restaurant and the berry's are also imported. The recipe is passed on from generation to generation and is a secret recipe. The caramel custard is also an attraction at the britannia's. The place has the oldish look with old furniture and pictures which suits it very nicely.







Fake Review


Britannia owners kin and relatives giving fake food reviews of Britannia is a very disappointing and misleading act! Please DON'T go by the 3 star/ 4 star/ 5 star reviews. The hygiene and FOOD in this restaurant is really bad!



A Classic For A Reason

Heard so much bout this place over the years. I was sure I'd be disappointed. But they blew me away! From the quirky details, like the sweet guy at the counter who treated us like family, the octogenarian owner even dispensing marital advice. And the food. Oh! My favourite bawa dishes, even yummier than I thought. From the stunningly smooth and flavourful mutton dhansak to the Sunday special patra ni macchi all washed down with the otherwise elusive raspberry soda, and then topped with a sweet note of the most silky lagan nu custard I've ever had. I'd wait in that endless line for the rest of my life if it meant one meal there before I die.



Overrated, Unhygienic and Pathetic!!

Weekend lunch turned to a disaster! This is one of the worst eating out experience we have had in a long time. The reasons are :
1). Unhygienic, Dirty, Crumbling, Broken interiors.
2). Famous berry Pulav is the most pathetic Pulav with just uncooked chicken gravy with a layer of rice, topped with fried onions and some berries served by a very unclean, unwashed cook from the kitchen
3). Sail kheema had a Foul smell. The kheema was not washed before cooking. We had to return the dish after 1 morsel as it was difficult to swallow the morsel itself.
4). Michelin STAR restaurant pricing for all the above.

Now u decide whether this restaurant should remain in service or SHUT SHOP and save a lot of first timers agony who visit due to past glories and SUPER HYPED ratings.


Classic! Vintage!

I had heard the legend of Britannia and Co over many years; I had read reviews and articles of the same. Finally this year, on the eve of the Kala Ghoda festival, after having finished one of the ever so pleasing Heritage walks, i headed straight to tick off one of my resolutions of this year- Lunch at Britannia!
The checkered green and white cloth, the neatly placed menu cards under the glass slab on each table, the curt yet amusing warning boards (Do not argue with waiters!), the high ceiling, heavyset wooden interiors and the lazy aura of the place was everything i had imagined it to be! Without thinking i went straight on to order the Mutton Berry Pulao! The quantity was perfect, the taste was mind blowing and the meat luscious! Although i must confess- my eyebrows did shoot up on reading Rs. 400/- for the puloa!! But once i dug in the food... it was bliss.
However, the most endearing and priceless part of the Britannia experience is the octogenarian owner- Mr. Kohinoor, going around the tables with a notepad and pen of his own- checking on every customer and urging them to eat and enjoy the food.
Britannia thus is not just an experience for your tummy and pallet but a "Vintage" outing for the soul too.


richas4u - Burrp User


22 Reviews

January 28,2013


Berry Pulav is on Mind

i tried veg berry pulav which is very famous along with Raspberry drink.. oh man it was heaven... one must try it along with caramel custard for sure on a good note..



The Mecca of Parsi Food

See no further as far as Parsi/Irani cuisine is concerned. Britannia not only has a lot of history attached to it, but in spite of all these years, the quality of the food has not changed. One of those rare places in Bombay where every item on the menu is a winner! Feels so very homely and old world to just sit over there and relish a tasty meal. Be prepared to wait for some time, because of its popularity and time constraints.


Berry Pulaav

Went with my office colleagues there this Sunday for Lunch. There was a massive waiting list there. Waited for almost an hour. But got through. The wait added to the hunger.
Had Chicken Berry Pulaav & Chicken Dhansaak. Must say personally I did not like the Dhansak but Berry Pulaav is awesome. Must try. Though some may find the portion size's pricing expensive but trust me Berry Pulaav is worth the try. Its Awesome.
And man what a lovely welcoming family and hats of to the old uncle. Men live life like him! Seriously.


sagheero - Burrp User


93 Reviews

December 22,2012


As good as it gets!

I am surprised I have never written a review about one of my favorite restaurants of all time! I will not write an elaborate review, just things which you should go for point wise. Lets start!
1. Old quaint other world Parsi charm, right from table chairs to the owner who personally suggests what to eat!
2. Raspberry Soda! Nowhere else will you get it!
3. Thick chicken cutlets with gooey sweet sauce...heaven!
4. Their uber famous Berry Pulao - a desi take on the Persian Zereshk Pilaf
5. Equally good mutton and chicken Dhanshak
6. Rich creamy caramel custards!



A different world

I think staying in the western suburbs makes one forget the charm of the old world.
I had recently gone to CST for some work and it was like discovering a whole new Mumbai ,the streets ,the offices ,the restaurants its all so very diffrent from the suburbs.
I had seen a show on tv where they showed Britannia and co. and i was eager to try it .
Its located in one of the lanes in Ballard estate near new Custom house.
Its a place where time seems to have stopped with its its old furniture ,paintings and walls.
Im sure it perhaps looked like this many many years ago as well ,its a different experience just the ambience itself.
We decided to have their famous Chicken Berry Pulao and it was absolutely delicious.,The rice perfectly cooked , the fried onions and sweet sour berries give it a yummy different taste .
It costs around rs 350 per plate but was more than filling for 2 people
Ambience-4/5(Rather the feel of the place)
,A definite must go place



Salute the institution!

Totally and truly in love with Britannia and the family behind it, I couldn't get enough of the mutton dhansak and brown rice with kachumber, raspberry soda and patra ni machi. Must go back to try the berry pulao!!! And mind you its super famous and always crowded!!


amrita  - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 11,2012


Fell in love with the berry pulao n the place

2 years of making plan to go to Britannia finally fell in place day before. I am now regrtting tht why didnt i come thr earlier. Love the Beryy pulao to T. beautifully cooked rice, flavorsome masala n that pop of berries in between. love.
Also must try is salli boti, a very home syle cooked mutton with fried potato chips/shavings n ohh so soft rotis. A must go to Restaurant




Respect mr kohinoor !!
Ambience 5/5
Food 5/5
Service 5/5
Price 3.5/5



loved the berry pulav and dhansak

The berry pulav is unbelievably awesome . The dhansak is very tasty .The quality of the meat is of the supreme order.Love the small round kebabs. The staff is kind and provides a polite and swift service.



love the berry pulav and dhansak

The berry pulav is unbelievably awesome . The dhansak is very tasty .The quality of the meat is of the supreme order.Love the small round kebabs. The staff is kind and provides a polite and swift service.



Highly overated

Very Expensive... Food is average.. Wont like to go again.. I had their flagship dishes.. Berry Pulav. Sali Boti ... but not worth the cost.. Ambience is pathetic.. You see cats and dogs sleeping inside the restaurant




On evening, a few days ago, my son told me that he was driving down from Pune to Mumbai for a day’s work.

“Where are you going?” I asked him.

"Ballard Estate," he said.

“I’m coming,” I said.

“Okay,” he said, “but you’ll have to spend a few hours by yourself.”

So we started from Pune in the morning, and after a few stops, we and reached Ballard Estate around noon. My son went for his work and I headed to Britannia and Company for my lunch – to relish a plate of my favorite Berry Pulao.

There’s only one place in India where you get the inimitable unique matchless Berry Pulao and that’s Britannia Restaurant in Ballard Estate Mumbai.

I read somewhere (I think it was Busybee who long time ago wrote in his foodie column in the Evening News of India – If it’s Berry Pulao, it must be Britannia.

The Evening News tabloid hasdisappeared long back but Britannia’s Berry Pulao is still going strong.

Britannia is a quaint restaurant. It is the same as it as so many years ago as if time stood still– the table-cloths with gingham checks with a glass on top and the menu card below the glass (one for each chair) with the restaurant’s motto written on top: There is no greater love than the love of eating

Dear fellow Foodie – if you’ve eaten and relished Berry Pulao at Britannia, my words will not be adequate to describe the unique gastronomic experience you’ve had.

If you haven’t ever eaten Berry Pulao at Britannia, read on - I will try my best to describe the delicious experience of eating Berry Pulao to you.

The Mutton Berry Pulao looks good.

A base of aromatic yellowish-orange basmati rice, topped with kebabs, crisp reddish-brown strips of fried onions, fried cashew nuts, and, of course, the dark red berries.

I start off with a tiny sweet and sour berry to stimulate my tongue and then pick out a kebab from the top layer of the pulao, pop it on my tongue, close mouth and my eyes, press the soft meat between my tongue and palate, roll it, let it disintegrate and savor the heavenly flavor.

My appetite whetted, I feel so ravenous, that I just can’t wait to devour the delicacy in front of me.

But I am not going to “devour” the pulao greedily. I am going to do full justice to my favorite pulao by eating it mindfully, with full awareness.

“Mindful eating” – that is the true art of eating, with all your senses fully focused inwards to derive total epicurean pleasure.

The mutton, the kebabs as well as the generous chunks of well marinated and superbly cooked pieces of prime meat, is boneless.

The mouthwatering succulent pieces of mutton, substantial in size, are soft and tender, and taste delicious and satisfying.

The soft spicy kebabs are nice and zesty. The basmati rice is fragrant and tasty. The cashew nuts crisp. The ultimate delight is the sweetish taste of the fried onions with a hint of umami taste from the sweet and sour tang of the berries.

The berry pulao is indeed a heavenly medley of the choice ingredients, blending the fusion and symbiosis of tastes, flavors and fragrances.

In its entirety, relishing a Berry Pulao is a matchless epicurean experience.

Many a greasy and spicy “Biryanis” and “Pulaos” leave you feeling heavy, acidic in the stomach, hot and pungent in your throat and with a tartish feeling on your tongue.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The proof of a pulao or biryani is in its aftertaste.

It’s that lovely wispy aftertaste that makes Berry Pulao my favorite.

Maybe that’s the secret of the “berries”.

As accompaniment I have a bottle of Roger’s inimitable Rasberry Soft Drink and I end my meal with a Caramel Custard Dessert.

I remember those glorius Mumbai days, when I have savored so many a “working” lunches of Berry Pulao at Britannia since I worked nearby.

Now I have to go all the way to Mumbai to enjoy a Berry Pulao. Yes, if you want to eat Berry Pulao you'll have to go to Britannia and Company in Ballard Estate Mumbai

Till then the only thing you can do is to enjoy this delectable dish vicariously in your mind’s eye.

If you ask me which is my favorite Biryani in Mumbai – well there are so many good Biryanis in Mumbai – Olympia, Delhi Durbar, Shalimar, Baghdadi, Lucky, and so many more. Yes, there is plenty to choose from as far as Biryani is concerned.

But if you ask me which my favorite Pulao is – there is a clear winner – there is no doubt about it – it is my all time favorite Britannia Berry Pulao.

By the way, can someone tell me the difference between a Biryani and a Pulao?

Of course, I know the answer. I am just trying to cross-check!

If you don't know the answer, if you don’t know the difference between and Biryani and Pulao, you just go down to your nearest “authentic” eatery, order one plate of biryani and also order one plate of pulao, then taste and test, compare and contrast, and find out the difference between a Biryani and Pulao for yourself.

Till then, dear fellow foodie, Happy Eating.

(And if you live in Mumbai, what are you waiting for – just head for Britannia and eat a Berry Pulao)


ruts pats - Burrp User

ruts pats

3 Reviews

September 11,2012


Nice place

best place in mumbai to have food in afternoon.


poojapujari9 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 10,2012


place for parsi food

awesome food.. especially cherry pulav.. they hardly have 30 dishes on menu card.. but all dishes tastes best


foodie1 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

August 31,2012


Overated, Expensive, Not really worth it.

I have been going to Britannia from the past many years. Right from the time a huge Rooster and a fat cat sat on the cash counter. I think the name of the rooster was Robin. I'm talking about the good old days when Busybee or Behram Contracter wrote about food and when he wrote people rushed to the place to eat with a passion.
The Britannia then was different. The place was as vibrant as is today and as crowded but the food was better, far far better.

I must have had every item on the menu and more than once. My palate does not allow me to eat food whose masalas are not cooked thoroughly when the recipe demands they be. Over the years, the food has deteriorated, the prices have gone exorbitantly up and the quality and service has gone down.

My top picks used to be, The Boti Pullao, The Kheema Pullao and the Bombay Duck or the Bombil. Sadly all of them now very average or if i might say, below average. The food often is served cold or luke warm. What surprises me is that this restaurant is only open for lunch (it shuts at 4:00pm and is not open for dinner) and i have been there in different times right from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, why on earth is the food cold everytime? When do they make it, the previous day?

If you are feeling not so hungry the Mutton Cutlets looks like a good option. What you get will scare you. A couple (or was it one?) flatly beaten to death piece of mutton more like a schnitzel, egg batter fried like a Farcha and served with chips on a bed of Pumpkinish tasting sauce. Seems like they emptied the pumpkin tomato sauce, added water and splashed it on the plate. YUCK!! Dont even order it.

The Bombil is the most consistent when available but its not up to the mark. The Patra fish also when available is missing the sweet chilly zing the real Patra ni Macchi should have. The Mutton Pullao is just Salli boti spooned in bet ween a layer of Yellow, Oily, rice known as Biryani Rice. No garnishing, no taste. Sometimes the Rice is cold and sometimes the Boti filling, most of the times both are cold and you are left with a bad taste in your mouth. For the money they charge, this ought to be a fine dining, not preheated food on a Melamine dish, as pols as the establishment. Same with the Kheema pullao/biryani. I dont know if they still serve that. One thing good for boneless loving people is that no meat here is served with bones. I asked the waiter once how they manage to keep the food so cold, whatever the time you come there. He took it and returned with a fresh plate. The rice was ice cold still but the mutton had been warmed. Not my kind of food anymore.

Someone please tell me what the fuss about the Berry Pullao is. I have never liked it from the first day, when food used to be served piping hot. The masala is uncooked, contains too much onion thus making it sweet and the addition of the sour berries imported from Iran does nothing to the dish but makes it more unpalatable. Sweet sour chillies are all elements to be used when they either compliment or contrast the flavours in a dish. I hate the Berry pullao even today and would never order it.

Enough said about the food. Lets move to the good points of the restaurant. The friendly Uncle who used to sut at the counter of Bastani and Company at Dhobi Talao (opp Kyani and Co) is here after Bastani downed its shutters. He still likes to greet his guests and take their orders. I find myself getting embarrassed seeing such an old man waiting at your table but i guess thats what restaurateurs like to do. He will sweet talk you and very politely take your order and execute it. Just because of that, one also does not feel like complaining that the food is cold. The waiters will serve you with a smile and you always get a "Thank you for coming Sir, See you again" wish when you are leaving. Then this is perhaps one of the few places one still gets a Roger's Raspberry drink and a Sosyo. Two of my favourites. The star of this place is their Caramel Custard. Only its gone smaller in size over a period of time. As soon as you enter ensure you ask your waiter to reserve one for you. I always ask for two to be kept aside for me. The caramel Custard here is smooth, thick and not eggy. Im sure he used Condensed Milk in his recipe. I can tell by the taste and consistency. Whatever hes using its one of the best i have had and worth going to Britannia only for the Caramel Custard alone. The food im not too sure i would want to write back home about it.
Expect a big fat bill because its not priced in proportion to its standard. Its way too expensive. Still for the sake of old times, for the nostalgia, i might go back someday again, if not for anything else, at least for the caramel custard.



My first review as a Burpper :D

I had heard a lot about Britannia and co and the Chicken berry pulao -I finally pestered my hubby to taking me here and he was wondering why did we not come here earlier - being the foodies that we are!
We ordered Chicken cutlets to start with - which were yummy - I also had a raspberry soda - which was way too strong for my taste - then we had mutton sali boti which was the best thing we had - the gravy was awesome and the mutton succulent and tender...Chiken berry pulao was different - the berries were khatta meeta - not quite a fan...

We ended on Caramel custard which was the best Ive had in a long time - totally yummy - creamy and does not leave tht eggy aftertaste whichmost of the hotels serve - it ws a lovely end to an awesome meal!

Also the service was super fast and the waiter was kind enough to explain the dishes and recommended what to eat - if you are a foodie - please do visit!



old is gold ..really???

first of all..service...come on if they give you food its more than anything for 4 hrs a day close by 4 pm ....till 2.30 u cant order snacks is greesy,berry pulao certainly not worth that much attitude by waiters.asked fr iced tea they gave nestea bottle.He didnt even bother to pour it in glass ...ambiance is the only thing.old chairs (world war 2) table and old place is good if you want to visit such places glimpse of the old world



dissappointing fare

went back after 5 years -
had chicken berry pulao,mutton berry pulao and bombay duck (bombil).Chicken and mutton berry pulao was very oily and sweet ,contained two small pieces of meat in each portion,oily fried onions and some hard berries ( presume they were cranberries)
bombil was soaked in oil not worth eating
decor was extremely poor with the walls and ceiling flaking out and always worried
whether something would fall on your head.
To sum it up: extremely pricey , poor food quality ,restaurant resting on its past laurels made it one of my experience to forget


medievel quirky

some restaurants are the sole culture and heritage of its city

thats what places like britannia are to mumbai
after reading reviews on burrp , i went to try it out

in the heart of lovely colonial finance district in ballard estate lies britannia which opened up way way before i was born ......... the paint has faded, the ceiling is peeling off, but it has that old world irani charm.....

had the chicken berry palao which was way to sweet for me , and the sali boti mutton...... which was interesting ., the best was the mishti doi[ sweet curd ].

being from Hyderabad and eating spicy biryani all my life my taste buds cannot get accustomed to sweet biryani....ever . but i never the less ate the berry palao.....

the owner is a pleasant eldery parsi gentleman who will welcome you and seat you . his son is the cashier come manager.not so friendly........
i liked the elderly gentleman's politeness and the way he so sweetly took our order , inquiring about where we were from and sharing little snippets about britannia's hey days and glorious sure it had a heavenly past .

apparently the american ambassador visited this place a week ago with the mumbai police commisioner, just to taste the mutton berry palao..... and the entire area was cordoned off for nearly 2 hours by security.......

the elderly gentlemen will regale you with interesting visits by VIPS and common folk alike.....

thats a perfect place for tourists and out of towners ....... i love this side of mumbai :)quiet streets, dutch and British men strutting around in uniform...

very reasonably priced.....go for the experience rather than the food


Good history, BAD food

Britannia was on my mind since times, long. And finally when we did manage to go there, I was as excited as a child on his first visit to the fair. And after all the strives, when we did reach the place, I sure was bowled over by this old, Iranian cafe'-kind of a place, which clearly mentioned "Do not argue with the management". And the menu card, painted outside, mentioned of those typical Parsi refreshments, like Rose soda and things. Wide eyed, as we entered and took our seats, all we expected was some awesome Parsi food and memories, galore.

Sad to say, our first dish, itself, proved us so wrong! We order for Patranu Macchi (Fish cooked in banana leaf). It was served in a foil, instead of the leaf. (sad sad).
The waiter expertly filleted the fish and served it with finesse. But the first bite was enough to crash our expectations.

The fish was sweet (the sugared variety), and the only flavours that one could experience, was the sight of the green masala, with barely any spice. That, later, the salli boti and salli chicken, yet again stood true to the sweetness. The berry pulav, though, was a nice experience, though yes, one has to be tolerant to the berries' sourness.

One wonders whether Parsi cuisine is supposed to be so sweet. Never, ever have I come across an experience, such. So while we walked in with high expectation, we walked out with pockets full of history, minus a significant sum from our wallets, and a taste that left me longing for some spice!



Finding the true Parsi Flavors

Heard a lot about this place from my parents and family but was not able to make it since last few years, but finally made it last week..When me and my friends reached at this place on a Saturday hot afternoon there were people queued up outside waiting for their number to come :O we didnt had to wait for long. A very old man came to take our order who was very polite to us. We had what all always try when they are here the much hyped chicken berry pulav which was upto the mark also fish patra with their soft hot chapatis as suggested by the old uncle, again which was awesome specially the green chutney stuffed in the fish also raspberry soda was perfect but the caramel custard was not a worth had better tasting custards then this.. this place has got old touch the lamps, chairs tables etc all has that golden era look.. Overall a good experience..Would love to come back to this place again and try some other items as well ..



Perfect Parsi Place

yummmmmmyy authentic parsi food. veg and non veg options. the place is clean and also very old adding to the authentic bawa juna type feeling. the berry pulav and dhanshak are the yummiest ever. Its well priced and has good big quantities. this place is a compulsory visit for people who want to try different food


mohaizmay - Burrp User


18 Reviews

September 19,2011


ekdum rocking bawa

I had the sali chicken and the chicken berry pulao , authentic parsi food love it , heard about this place 10 years back , finally i went there ..... worth a visit , service was quick too , quantity was perfect !!! .price was reasonable . Spent 530 on my meal .


Bite in a piece of History

This is a hard place to catch because of their "Only Lunch Timings", I even missed a lunch once since I couldn't get in time. The next time I made an extra effort to reach the restaurant in the less crowded streets of South Mumbai hidden like a gem.
This place does not only serve Awesome Food (Beryy Pulao, Salli Botti... etc etc...) but also you feel a part of history here. For those who have only heard about this place, it may come as a surprise that the furniture in the restaurant is as old as the restaurant itself, the tables and chairs are imported from Poland during the WWII era by the now old Uncle's mom. This place is a must visit for food lover, do not expect A/C rooms, ambient lighting etc.. the place has its own era, its own ambiance (flaked walls, antique ceiling fans, decade old photos and frames, furniture which has been made while most of us were not even born, and the hearty smiley uncle who visits each table to courteously ask "If we liked the food" ..... Do not miss the never seen "Rogers" drink exclusively available here....


Excellent food.. Berry Pulav

The Best.. Iranian food..



“Definitely not value for money”

Living in Bombay, I've always heard of Britannia and it wasn't until recently that I had a chance to visit. However, I think it would be safe to say that one visit was more than enough for me. The place is outrageously expensive and definitely did not provide enough bang for my buck. Berry Pulao for Rs 350, Bombay Duck fry for Rs 250 and Rs 200 for Mutton Cutlets in no way represent value for money. The food was strictly okay and I think it's more a case of a place trying to make as much as it can off its reputation.

While their owner, Boman Kohinoor is a pleasure to interact with, their wait staff can be rather annoying. Even though when we ordered a mutton berry pulao at the beginning of our meal when he said it was available, he came up to us a half hour later telling us it had been sold out, which was extremely off-putting.

I definitely would not recommend this restaurant and if it's good ol' Bombay nostalgia you're after, I'd recommend visiting Khyani's or Sassanian instead.


Good quality....high price

As a foodie i am always on lookout for places which have a specialty.....Britannia & co is known for its Iranian fare......i have eaten a lot of parsi food and i like it .......coming back to Britannia & co is like any other Iranian restaurant i.e Old chairs, no air conditioners,whole look is unchanged from the time it came into existence......Food is of excellent quality.........the much hyped mutton berry pulav is upto the mark though its little expensive.........i loved d salli boti {mutton} along with raspberry soda was perfect and caramel custard was nothing compared to delhi darbar.........Menu card is not very elaborate which is good and the bad thing is that its not open on sundays and in the timings are only from 12-3:30pm as it is located in the Office area.Price for two cannot be 300 even if u order a couple of dishes it will come upto 800 bucks.Overall a good experience and i would love to come back to this place again and try some other items as well.


Exquisite food

Being a vegetarian, I can't vouch for all the dishes on the menu but those that have touched my own palates, I can say the food is quite exquisite. But I also think it's quite expensive in relation to the ambiance it provides. The place has no ac (or at least there were none when I was there), it's one of those roomy places without doors and old styled tables and chair. You are welcome with an elderly gentleman (believe he is the owner), who will be happy to take your order and up sell you a lemonade. :)

On the food front, I haven't experimented much more than DhanShak. So, if you are in a mood to eat that, I would definitely recommend this place.


Classic Sali Boti and Berry Pulao

Britannia is just around the corner from my current office and is a period lunchtime haunt. My personal favorite is the sali boti, with two or three chapatis, but I enjoy the berry pulaos too.


The Best Things Come in Cheap Packaging

One look at the small, run-down place, and you will think this is just another sidey hole in the wall restaurant types, with dozens of people waiting outside for cheap oily grub in the middle of the day.

Then take a look again, at the clientele outside. They're some of the wealthiest, and most affluent people from the Who's Who of the world...You'll find celebrities, rich socialites, hungry student types, everybody here. For one thing only. Probably the best Iranian / Parsi food in Mumbai. If there's any doubt about that, there's no doubt about the speciality here : Berry Pulao. It's nothing like you've ever eaten before. Nothing anybody says can prepare you for an explosion of flavours in your mouth from the first morsel. Tangy, slightly sweet, a little bit of everything, it's genuinely mind-blowing. This is something you have to experience to believe it.

Keep in mind, they have a limited menu, at a very high price, but if you love your food, you know that every single rupee is worth it. The Patra-ni-macchi, is mild and subtle, yet flavourful and melt in your mouth soft. The mutton cutlets with gravy are great as well. But it's the berry pulao that you must try here. Everything else can wait. Preferably, go for the mutton pulao over the chicken pulao. And if you are a veggie-eater, don't frown. The veg berry pulao is equally amazing. So, make sure, you go to Britannia, between 12-4 on a weekday or a Saturday, and enjoy one of life's most memorable experiences.


No Love Can be greater than the love of eating!!!

The tag line of this place is what I have written in the title.... a visit there transports you back in time... the well mannered staff and the owner on the counter make it a pleasant experience.

The Menu is just one page, the chicken, mutton and Kheema Berry pulaos are the things one must try, the next best thing is their fried Bombay Ducks which are the best in town

The boti salli and the Mutton Dhansak are simply delicious.... add the Rogers or Pallonji Raspberry sodas for a meal of a life time....

Many may find the place expensive..... I think it is optimum and a premium should be allowed for such delicious food..... open Mon-sat between 12 noon and 4 pm

And not to forget the caramel custard which is again one of its kind


Awesome home cooked

After so many attempts finally able to get inside Britannia before 4 pm.
Amazing food..sali boti with roti, berry pulao and custard all were great!.
Didn't taste anything before like berry pulao and is a must eat.
Interaction with owner was also delightful.
Above all it feel like you eating and sitting at home.
Great place to eat ;)!!


H2K  - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 30,2011


Brittania...worth the hype?

My sister and i'd read so much about it, we had to check it out...
The Berry pulao is definitely worth a try, although it is expensive ( Rs.200 for the vegetarian one)....caramel custard is good too..
but the raspberry drink...i guess that is an acquired tastes like some cough syrup...Benadryl maybe...
But what irked me was the service, although it was quick...they expected us to finish our meal within minutes. The waiter was quite curt.
People should go to get a feel of the old-world charm and the berry pulao, but do not expect pleasant service.


HNK07 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 04,2011


A Time Capsule on your plate!!

As soon as you walk-in.....there is a feeling of having actually travelled back in time to see how simple yet amazing things reinstates the belief that a good restaurant doesn't need a bright colored ambience, loud music or a suave decor but just plain good food. The Berry Pulao is amazing and makes a great combo with the Raspberry soda....not to be missed


MumbaiLad25 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 02,2010



My experience here was not bad at all...but i seriously think its a bit hyped..... No doubt Berry Pulav was good so was da Saaliya Kheema but surely it was like any other good food available all over the city.... I do recommend it for the sheer fact that its the most celebrated heritage restaurants in the city :)


TheFoodist - Burrp User


10 Reviews

November 21,2010


Part of the City's experience

Britannia must be listed as one of the integral parts of what must be done when visiting the city.

First of all this restaurant opened up at a time when the city was at the heart of commerce of Asia - a jewel of the world's most powerful British Empire. It was set up by and largely for the Parsi folk who were at the heart of commerce of the city to catch a bite and mull over the affairs that concerned them.

Getting there you cross many of the banks and custom house buildings etc. Walk around a bit before getting there to soak in the magic that must have been eighty years back. Dont miss the experience in a hurry to reach the place.

The place is open only for lunch, fills up quickly and it would be good to get there by 12.30 or so.There is ample parking space in and around the area.

What you see of the restaurant is an old unkept building with a couple of old Parsi gentlemen running the show. Observe the photograph of its founder and do chat with the present owners who are always walking around the tables mingling and checking on things.

As mentioned by most reviewers, need I say that the Mutton Berry Pulao and the Salli Boti are an absolute "must try". Enjoy the large glass of Fresh Lime Soda, and the Caramel Custard is just not to be missed. The Dhansakh is good but I would rate it as part of perhaps a repeat visit.

Not much of a physical ambience - it is an old dilapidated building of a bygone era and perhaps aptly represents a romantic and fascinating age of the city that is dying with it. I've heard that its going to shut down after the current generation hangs their boots. So hurry before this too slips into the history books. Cheers!



Go for Chicken berry pulao & Caramel custard

I went to Cafe Britannia on a busy Saturday afternoon with my friend Mani. We wanted to visit this place for a long time and have heard lot about its legacy and heritage.

Place has lively ambiance and architecture is classic British style. The place we felt has been kept the same way since it was built originally in 1835.

We had Chicken berry pulao(250/- : Must have), Chicken dhansak(200/-) followed by caramel custard(60/-: Must have) and ice-cream soda(30/- : There are verity of sodas/drinks which you may not get anywhere else).

The meal for two would cost around Rs. 600/-( Plastic money is not accepted :( ), which we felt was on higher side. But the place is must visit for Parsi food experience.

The one thing we liked the most......their punch line " There is no love greater than love of eating".


mamtu87 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 12,2010


Must eat!

If you are in must pay visit to Britannia,not only because of he historical significance but the vibrancy of the place
takes u to an era very few places manage too

The best things to order here are chicken berry pulao and salli chicken. Tho a little on the higher side with each dish coming upto Rs 250,it's still worth a try as
no whr else will you get such cuisine.
The caramel custard too here is quite delectable.

The food is quite good and a meal for two costs about 500-600.



Enjoyed the food here. Limited menu but good authentic Parsi food. The food is very tasty though the prices are a little on the higher side. Loved the experience uncle puts it nicely.... "Drink fresh lime soda sweet to beat the mumbai heat!"


Nostalgia is an Expensive Experience

I was in Ballard Estate today and I just had to go to Britania. I was a regular here 20 yrs ago. And have the prices gone through the roof!!!! Nothing seems to have changed here in these years. Salli Chicken (180Rs) was excellent. Berry Pulao (250-chicken, 300- mutton) excellent again. Caramel Custard 60rs and raspberry Rogers was good. Overall 565 Rs for two. A little stiff but it got a lot of fond memories of the Ballard estate area and the restaurant.



Bahu fine che!!

I have been to Britannia, unfortunately, with poor eaters and those looking for "excellent ambiance"....tch tch, the wrong kind of people to go with. It is a place for those with good appetite and love for food that surpasses the other lesser senses!

The grand old owner, Mr Kohinoor, takes all the orders himself "Are you ready to order or do you need some more time?" If he's in a great mood, he will also tell you about his clientele. He shared with us the letters written to him by none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself!!

Fresh lime soda to "Beat the Mumbai Heat" is good.Pallonji's Raspberry, well I liked it, it had a refreshingly different taste, though my pals feel it tasted like cough syrup.

I have tried Sali Chicken-- good, Sali kheema-- fine, Patra ni macchi-- Superb, Chicken berry pulao/Mutton berry pulao-- Out of the world. The secret recipe with Iranian berries! Bliss.

Desserts are good too. Chocolate Mousse and caramel custard. I have yet to try mishti doi.

Prices are a bit steep, yes. And the timings make it difficult to visit often. How I wish the flour bags were in the kitchen, or a pantry maybe.

I hope the place is not closing down. It will be a great loss to the foodies of the city and around!



Excellent :)

Recently got take-away, for the first time... i loved the location: the area was very calm and quiet when i went there on a weekday afternoon. Ordered one chicken berry pulao, one salli boti and two portions of chocolate mousse... it was all delicious! The mousse was very dense and rich, more like a pudding than a mousse, but very very yummy :)

Earlier reviewers have complained about the prices, but the portions were enough for 3 of us with leftovers (and the total came to Rs. 600), so actually it was quite VFM... especially given the quality of the ingredients used... definitely plan to return very soon :)


Brittle, Britannia!!

Mutton Berry Pulao Great!! Rs 300/- not so great. Caramel custard Great!! Rs 60/- not great. Fresh lime soda not so good. Total bill Rs 410/- for one person for Lunch, NOT SO GOOD!! It would be fantastic if I was seated in an air conditioned atmosphere, come on I am not asking for too much. Lets say Let there be light, let there be paint on the walls, at least let the sign-age of the restaurant be readable. Then charge these rates. The Old Gentleman, the owner I suppose is doing a fine job. But one can guess from the messy interiors,he must be the only one of the owners who must be interested to run the place, so efficiently with great food and service. Wish he lives long long long enough so we do not lose another one of the best Landmark Parsi food serving Restaurant to the Land sharks and property brokers.



Good - but no longer value for money ?

Me and my son visited for lunch recently - had the following:

1 One veg Berry Pulao - Rs 150/-
2 One Veg Dhansak - Rs 150/-
3 One Fresh Lime Soda - Rs 50/-
4 One Caramel Custard - Rs 60/-
5 Plus 2 other drinks.

All food A+ - bill came to Rs 485/-. We both consider this to be a bit steep - especially for lunch in a non a/c place. For the pricing, the portion of the Berry Pulao was just adequate for one person.

At a nearby table, they were also complaining on the same - the Chicken Berry Pulao is an astonishing Rs 250/- !!!

We will not go here again - as we concluded that the place is simply no longer value for money. And many of our friends feel the same way. Maybe the fact that the place was actually only half full at 130pm (lunch time!) shows that it has become pricier.

Sad !



Lunch with a friend

This is one place I have been wanting to visit since long and finally had a good lunch during one of the week days. Th food is simply awesome, had ordered a chicken dish, rotis(were different than those served in other restaurants) and one rice dish. Chicken was tender and cooked to perfection. The interiors are perhaps not something that you will like, and yep, there are no AC's but only a fan which works fine. One of the best foods that I have eaten in Mumbai(much better than the food served in some of the finest restaurants).


Great Food amazing ambiance

Britannia was a name I had heard a lot from a Parsi friend of mine. It just so happened that I ended up at Britannia while on my way back home from my father’s office and decided to try out this place.

We were greeted by an old and friendly gentleman who took down our names (and even remembered our names while we were leaving from there! awesome stuff). If this friendliness wasn’t enough, we were served by another old man who was the darling of everyone there with nearly ever person in Britannia wanting to click a picture with him!.

He came over to take our order with a big broad smile. I can tell you, that made my day! We ordered for a Chicken Berry Pulav which seemed to be the preferred meal for most there. The Pulav was a first for me with berries in it. Though it looked like fried onions it was in fact berries and made for a unique combination with chicken and rice. The chicken itself was tender and juicy and cooked really well.

Though the rice was bit expensive for my liking, the experience, the service and food made up for it.

Britannia is most definitely worth visiting more than once but mind you, the place is only open during lunch hours (mostly from 1 PM to 4 PM).


chris_D666 - Burrp User


19 Reviews

December 11,2009



Well this is one of the few remaining irani joints in the city and this place Nails it on Every front!

Good people, Old World Ambiance and a finger licking' good Menu!

For fist timers, I'd recommend the berry pulao, a raspberry drink and caramel custard for desert. And a chat with the old man taking your orders about the pet rooster...


Berry Berry Good Pulao

Britannia is one of our families' favourite restaurants. But then, it's the favourite of so many people.

Made famous by the Berry pulao (the mutton one is the absolute best.....have also tried the chicken and the kheema but the mutton stands out), this restaurant has the BEST EVER chapatis I've ever had (and i really mean it.....I challenge anyone to tell me where you can get softer ones)

The best time to be there is at around 12-12.15 in the afternoon (it becomes quite crowded after that...and you'll need to wait outside for your table)'s best if you go there on a non-crowded get to enjoy the banter of the old man who comes to take your order....(some fresh lemonade "TO BEAT THE MUMBAI HEAT" his own words, along with a generous movement of his arms).....we last went on a monday holiday when it was almost empty....and the old man was a treat....showing us the pictures of famous clientele....among them, aapro Zubin Mehta.....who ate there in the afternoon, and got a few thousands worth Berry pulao packed for his evening meal.

Coming to the food, the sali-boti (mutton) is a must-try......the mutton melts in the mouth along with the chapatis.....the chicken cutlets are pretty good too, filled to the brim with lovely white chicken and fried in egg to perfection...

Then comes the star, the BERRY Pulao, the berries being imported from Iran, give a 'tangy' taste to the pulao, with the mutton again being cooked to perfection. The helpings are quite generous. The Dhan Sak is good too, but the Berry pulao takes the cake......however a word of caution.....this pulao is not ideal for the ones who come here expecting a fiery/oily biryani à la Delhi Darbar......this is sweet lil' ol' Britannia......

I haven't tried the Patra-ni-macchi or the Bombay Duck fry as yet....might try them the next time. The service too is good, the staff, friendly, the packing (for taking stuff home) is excellent.

To end off, all the 3 desserts (Mishti Doi, Caramel Custard and Chocolate Mousse) are excellent. Try any of them, you'll be satisfied.

The Drawbacks (yes, unfortunately, there are some):

1) There is hardly any ambiance, with the tables quite close to each other, and it can get noisy when full. There is the paint peeling off the walls, and the sacks of atta lined along the walls.

2) It could have more Parsi dishes (Chicken farcha, saas-ni-maccchi would be appreciated).

3) It is open only from 12 to 4 in the afternoons, and closed on Sundays, which makes it possible for working people only to go there on weekday holidays, or on Saturday.

4) The worst drawback of all, there are rumours that the restaurant will shut down once the two old brothers expire. This will be a big loss to the charm of South Mumbai. (so guys, rush to Britannia, and savour it while the going's good)

Here's wishing the two old men a long (very very looooong), healthy life so that the charm of Britannia continues to satisfy our stomachs for a long time to come.

In their own words, "There is no love greater than the love of eating".



Dhansak ahoy!

Situated in one of the most amazing areas of old Bombay is Britannia. It can be quite a task to find this place on your own if you don't exactly know where it is. But then again, its so famous that you are less likely to get lost because everyone knows of it!

Must try:
1. Dhasak with rice
2. Berry puloa
3. Lemonade.

Best time to go is 30 minutes before lunch hour. The staff is courteous. It's not very expensive. The quantities are good and the food is simply delicious.

Happy eating.

Overall 8 on 10.



nitishmd - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 20,2009



Well this is a place for hardcore non veggies..i love it..the food is awesome authentic Iranian cuisine..the ambiance and the waiter(old irani uncle) is good too, service is quick..its a must try for foodies.. we ordered a chicken berry pulav as usual and sali mutton chapatis and to end with a good fresh lime soda and caramel custard..The place is clean for those hygiene freaks and the food is well marinated n yummy.. A meal for one would cost 350/- max(payment by cash only) .. wanted to try their fish but was too full :D ..
GO Ahead Give it a Try



Bad choice for Spicy Food lovers

This is a place where I visited some 3 years back, after listening so much about it! For me its turns to a total disappointment I ordered mutton biryani & chicken masala whereas mutton biryani turns into 3 medium sizes of bonless meat pieces with sweet red colour gravy on it along with boild rice & prizing Rs. 170.
Chicken Masala was also sweet. It's a typical Irani hotel with a concern on hygiene parameters & with high cost.

Good for those who like parsi recipes or those who can digest non-veg with a sweet taste.


resbu - Burrp User


2 Reviews

July 19,2009


Best Restaurant in Mumbai

i have not been eating in much better place ever since my first time here only just 1 month back.

Though it is expensive for not having the aircondition and walls are not ever painted but still , i must say that the owner keeps the best food.

Everybody says the Iranian berry pulao is great but i dont think so at all. Others are beeter. Sali boti and Mutton Dhansak and the best of everything is the caramel custard .

i only wish the boss would only keep store items in the inside of the kistchen, but no worries - it is still something we can ignore once the food has come

The orderman is a very old parsi bawaji who is very sweet and makes you feel that you have come to real parsi place. Keep it up Brittania


Old city charm and awesome food

I went to Britannia yesterday afternoon for lunch and yes we had to order Chicken Berry Pulav after seeing all those reviews (maybe that's the reason we went there in the first place). Needless to say, it was awesome and am not going to tell you more. You wouldn't even go to this place if you haven't heard of this Berry Pulav.

The place catches the essence of an old city romance with its not so plush interiors. you could see the ceiling coming off at places and the tables are at best for utility purpose. We were greeted by very friendly people and the service is as good as that in a sandwich shop. It was raining heavily (Mumbai's first real rains of 2009 on July 4) and that could possibly be the reason why the staff was happy to see us with the place sparsely crowded on a Saturday afternoon.

One suggestion: If you are a vegetarian, don't even bother to go. There is no point in seeing why others around you look so happy around you and you can only wonder. Look elsewhere.

Further the Mutton Sali Boti was just about average. That said, my friend liked it and then again I am not exactly a sucker for Mutton as a choice of meat.

We ordered a tangy lemonade to drown our food and caramel custard (you shouldn't miss this one) for dessert.

Will I go to this place again? Once every couple of months when I am in South Mumbai.
And what would I eat there? Chicken Berry Pulav and something else that I don't care much about.


Sal  - Burrp User


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June 30,2009


Rating for Veggies Only

Ordered only the veg berry pulav in office since there aren't too many options for veg people and I'd heard the veg dhansak wasn't too good. Since it was take away we couldn't get the raspberry drink.

The pulav was nice but nothing to rave about. It was pretty dry and people who've been eating there mentioned it was a toned down version of the fare they used to eat previously.


Come here hungry ...

... and eat 'til your heart's content. Or until the owner has berated you sufficiently to finish everything on your plate.

Chicken berry pulao is by far the most famous dish on the small menu. Have a fresh lime soda and a creme caramel either side of the pulao, and then be sure to have somewhere in mind for an afternoon nap.

They also do parcels - the chicken pulao is quite suitable to keep in your freezer for a while. Especially useful if you're not a resident of South Bombay.



Suffering Withdrawal Symptoms

Have not been to the good old place for a while. The old man must be missing us. Difficult to write this because i am going mad thinking about the food. The entire family are Cafe Britannia junkies.

We have persuaded the old man that the daughter is a Parsi and so can rightfully have Pestonji's raspberry drink. I am the no good American asking for Coca Cola. The others are at least Bombayites wanting fresh lime soda.

The peeling walls, surreal banter with the old man, the crazy audacity of the management in piling sacks of atta and other provisions along the walls, knowing well that there will be a long queue outside, only to deepen the addiction.

Of course, there are the melt in your mouth chappattis with salli boti, the berry pulao and aaaaaaH - the caramel custard.

I have to be there this Saturday after writing this - if I survive that long, that is!! Pray I do not go crazy thinking about the food.


Simply the best!

With so many reviews i dont think that I need to write much about this place.

I simply enjoy the Chicken Berry Pulao, Salli Chicken & Patra ni machee.....Incidentally they told me that the berries they put are imported all the way from Iran!!!

I think its crazy to keep this place shut on Sundays & dinner time....but never the less Britannia has always been a fabulous place to enjoy Parsi food...

Though Prices are a bit steep but when its Britannia who cares....


Old Age Charm...

Have been dying for some Parsi food since I landed in Mumbai ... Britannia was #1 in the list but what do you do when you stay at Powai and the restaurant opens only on weekdays, by 11:30 and 3:30 pm ? Go there on a Saturday ofcourse - IF ONLY you are a die hard foodie. I am ...

The first sight and I knew I will love it ... good crowd, mostly foreigners enjoying Chicken Berry Pulav ... and more. I get a seat on the top section. Wall paint falling off, sacks and storage lying everywhere - but nobody seems to mind. The CBP was amazing - worth all the trouble. Ordered Mutton Dhansak - very average. The Patrani Macchi was excellent. Was quite full - wanted to try their Sali Mutton / Keema - will do it next time.

At 750 bucks for the above, not really cheap ! But I am not complaining ...


meonburrp - Burrp User


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October 22,2008


best chicken berry pulao ever!

i love this place. they make the best chicken berry pulao and you should always end your meal here with their yum caramel custard. i heard some rumors about it being shut down. i hope they're not true.




had gone to britannia for lunch yesterday. In my book this is one of the best restaurants in mumbai. The food that they serve is simply amazing. we ordered two fresh lime sodas,sali boti and berry chicken pulao. Both the dishes were excellent. for dessert we had caramel custard and misti doi. Total damages for two people including tip was 600 rupees. absolute value for money.


Rohit  - Burrp User


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September 11,2008


There is no love greater than the love of eating

Some places you wish you could freeze the moment and savoir it all your life and share it with your kids and everyone else... One such place is Britannia. I visited the place after a few years and it still brought back memories of Simple times when life was a little more forgiving, Simple great food, fun times with friends and a charming little place.

Though the place may be not be up to its previous high standards it still manages to give you a damn good meal..

We had the all time favorite, Berry Pulao and the Dhansak rice and boy was it something. Unfortunately they ran out of Patra ni machi - but that looked as good if nothing else.

The meal did not end there, if you want arguably the best Caramel Custard in town... Britannia it is.

The philosophy of the place is:
'There is no love greater than the love of eating'

Guys, if there was a way to preserve the charm of this place and share it with next many generations, I would do it.

Damages: About 300 per head

Go for it...




Excellent turns Average

Had an opportunity of visiting after years. And it was a serious let down. The Dhansak was oily, the famed berry pulao was with few berries, the chicken was rubbery.....only the pudding was as good as one remembered. Being a regular some years ago, shared these observations with the owner, who sagely nodded his head....did not know whether to say, we will take care of it or please carry on. there are a lot more yuppies to replace your kind of people. But all in all a bad experience. Would really think twice about returning.


bawa food

is it true this place is going to shut down?

i hope not

the patra ne macchi is to die for and so is the sali mutton and yummy chapptis

typical Irani ambiance but lip smacking food

hope its only a rumour that the place is pulling down its shutters for good -. the place is an institution in itself


Old world charms at new world prices

Now, this is the place my boss takes me to whenever he wants a working lunch and i readily agree, because its some very good food that they serve our there. You'd read enough praises about the "Chicken Berry Pulao" they have out here. This is the dish i order most days i get here, and it comes with some nice tangy irani berry on top, and some nice fried chicken patty along with it ;)

the place has all the old world charm in the world. i am presuming they would have never done up the place or invested a single paisa in maintianing the place every after opening it aeons years ago. the only investment they make every year is to revise the prices on the menu upwards and print new menucards with these rates ;) such is the level of their "take it or leave it" arrogance that they are only open on weekdays, and that too, only 11-4 for lunch hours. so i remember making a trip from the suburbs long years back to get some food from here on a weekday

but go here if you are experimental and like some nice tangy food. the fresh lime soda is also good, so do try it out!

Bon appetite!


Lovely Berry Pulao

My parents were visiting from Singapore and asked me where they could try Parsi food. So we landed up here on a Wednesday afternoon, waited 15 mins for a table and ordered chicken berry pulao, fish patra and veg dhansak. The berry pulao and fish were superb. The dhansak was average. Shared a misti doi for dessert which was sort of a caramelized sweet yogurt based sort of custard. A tad sweet for my taste but nice. The coolest thing was that it felt like you were going back in time and the place feels like time hasn't moved in 20 years.


Good Parsi Food

Name/Location: Brittania - Ballard Estate

Average Cost: around 200 a dish

Food: Brittania is famous among the office crowd and old parsi uncles. This place is famous for its Berry Pulao. I heard somewhere that the berries are imported from Iran though im not sure of this. Their chicken berry pulao is jsut amazing and is like nothing iv ever had before I lovve parsi food nd havent been able to find a berry pulao at any place except this one. Its a normal pulao with berries for garnish. Im not sure how they make it but its the best Their chicken cutlets are good too though the gravy with it is more of a tomato puree. I havent tried too many other dishes here because I always end up ordering the same thing.Another thing you should have here is a drink called Rogers(I think) which is a raspberry flavoured drink and a good change from the usual pepsi

Service: I think there are only two or three waiters for the entire restaurant but they somehow manage to handle all the customers. An old parsi gentleman will great you at the door and tell you where to sit. I think his sons also sit at the counter sometimes though a part of the charm of this place is the old man running his restaurant. Service is fast and I think it takes about ten minutes for you to be served. The waiters here know the menu and I think some of them have been working here for a long time. Theyre polite though they dont always give you too much bhaav.

Ambiance: This is the one place where this restaurant really needs to improve. The paint is peeling off the walls the furniture is rickety and the place has a very shabby look to it. I wish they would do something about it and restore the place as it would be really nice to see all the old furniture being used. I must warn you though. This place is strictly for foodies. If you are one of those people who need a good ambiance this place is definitely not for you.

Conclusion: Overall a nice place though I wish theyd become more competitive. Renovation is definitly due. as is extending their hours. Currently this place is only open for lunch and that too not on all days .However their food is so good that people keep comming here and you will always find this place full and might even have to wait for a table



Berry Berry Delicious

I cannot disagree more with the last reviewer and am totally surprised that he had a bad experience at Britannia. The only reason I can think of for this is that he is a vegetarian and Britannia is all about the goodness of non-veg Parsi bhonu.

Being fairly close to my office, I go to Britannia from time to time and I have to say that I am never disappointed. Their signature dish is the berry berry pulav which is sublime! Other than that, however, all the other dishes are also quite delectable. Among my favorites are the mutton dhansakh, the salli boti, the chicken farcha and the cutlets. All are REALLY authentic and superb!

As far as ambience goes, this place is nothing grand. It is basically like an old Irani restaraunt. The waitstaff however are really friendly and efficient.

As far as price is concerned, it is a little on the steep side, especially for the type of place it is.

Having said that though, I do and will keep going back to Britannia!


Pathetic Food and place

If you are a veggie don't even think about this place. They only have three Veg dishes - Veg Biryani (tasteless) Veg Berry Pulav (Absolute piece of shit) and Veg Dhansak (Didn't have the guts to try it)

Even the non vegetarians did not like the food as much. The ambiance is poor, the hotel interiors are in semi-dilapidated state, you never know when a piece of cement block from the ceiling might drop on you or your food.

The word customer service has no meaning here. The waiter brought chicken berry Pulav instead of chicken Biryani that my friend ordered, and he insisted that we have it since it would be wasted otherwise.

The desert- Misti Doi which I had, tasted somewhat better only because i was subjected to Veg Biryani and Berry Pulav before having it. Others who tried caramel custard weren't too impressed with it.

After visiting this place, I now understand why the Irani hotels in the city are closing down, if they don't change, they won't survive.


If it's Berry Pulao - It's Britannia

I’m feeling good. It’s four in the evening and I’ve just polished off a delicious Berry Pulao in Pune. Words cannot describe my state of supreme contentment and blissful non-alcoholic intoxication as I sit down to write this for you.

Berry Pulao in Pune? Not possible! There’s only one place in India where you get Berry Pulao and that’s Britannia Restaurant in Ballard Estate Mumbai. I read somewhere; Busybee, I think, who wrote – “If it’s Berry Pulao, it must be Britannia”.

That’s right. The Berry Pulao I relished just a few moments ago, was indeed from Britannia – my friend Sanjiv just drove down from Mumbai with a mutton berry pulao nicely packed in Britannia’s containers with the restaurant’s motto written on top: There is no greater love than the love of eating.

Dear fellow Foodie – if you’ve eaten and relished Berry Pulao at Britannia, my words will not be adequate to describe the unique gastronomic experience you’ve had. If you haven’t, read on.

The Mutton Berry Pulao looks good. A base of aromatic yellowish-orange basmati rice, topped with kababs, crisp reddish-brown strips of fried onions, fried cashew nuts, and, of course, the dark red berries. I start of with a tiny sweet and sour berry to stimulate my tongue and then pick out a kabab from the top layer of the pulao, pop it on my tongue, close mouth and my eyes, press the soft meat between my tongue and palate, roll it, let it disintegrate and savor the heavenly flavor; my appetite whetted, I feel so ravenous, that I just can’t wait to devour the delicacy in front of me. But I am not going to “devour” the pulao greedily, but do full justice to my favorite pulao by eating it mindfully. “Mindful eating”: that’s the art of eating, with all your senses fully focused inwards to derive total epicurean pleasure.

The mutton, the kababs as well as the generous chunks of well marinated and superbly cooked pieces of prime meat, is boneless. The mouthwatering succulent pieces of mutton, substantial in size, are soft and tender, and taste delicious and satisfying. The soft spicy kababs are nice and zesty. The basmati rice is fragrant and tasty. The cashew nuts crisp. And, of course, the sweetish taste of the fried onions combining with the sweet and sour tang of the berries. The berry pulao is indeed a heavenly medley of the choice ingredients, blending the symbiosis of tastes, fusion of flavors and bouquet of fragrances. In its entirety, relishing a Berry Pulao is a matchless epicurean experience.

Many a greasy and spicy “Biryanis” and “Pulaos” leave you feeling heavy, acidic in the stomach, hot and bitterish in your throat and with a tartish feeling on your tongue.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating; the proof of a pulao or biryani is in its aftertaste. It’s that lovely wispy aftertaste that makes Berry Pulao my favorite. Maybe that’s the secret of the “berries”.

Dear reader. What are you waiting for? If you are in Mumbai, head for Britannia and have a hearty lunch. (It closes in the evenings, I think). When I was in Mumbai, I’ve had many a “working” lunches there as I worked nearby. Now I have to depend on friends likes Sanjiv to drop a berry pulao at my house on the way back from their frequent drives to Mumbai. And if you are not in Mumbai, you know where to go whenever you’re there. Till then keep reading this and enjoy this delectable dish vicariously in you mind’s eye.