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ColabaSouth Mumbai  


58 Reviews / 60 Ratings

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Happy Hours Jan 02 - Feb 28

  • Busaba brings to you Happy Hours. Buy 1 get 1 free on all domestic alcohol.

    Day: Monday - Friday

    Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Sunday Brunch Jan 03 - Feb 28

  • Busaba gives to you its grand Sunday Brunch with a spread seriously fit for a king. Choose from grilled salmon and teriyaki, Vietnamese spring rolls chicken or vegetables, yam wun sen Thai glass noodles, tofu or minced chicken, steamed fish with lime, chili and garlic, korean beef bulgogi with shaved garlic spring onions, lettuce and mushrooms, chocolate fondant callebaut chocolate, fresh juice sparklers pomegranate & black grape and more.

    Day: Every Sundays
    Time: 12pm - 3.30pm
    Non alcoholic brunch: Rs. 1450 (AI)
    Alcoholic brunch: Rs. 2200 (AI) (unlimited domestic drinks & imported liquors)

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Busaba Reviews






Great place

Ambiance is so awesome! Must visit place if you like posh place, especially on a date or for any romantic occasion! Service is great. Food quality is excellent. Expensive but worth it for special occasions. Tried thai salad, shitake mushrooms, pad thai noodles, banoffee pie and it was all great, portions are okay,could be better. Excellent place,reserved for special occasions in my diary!








Visited this place last week and had a very good experience. The ambiance is perfect for a date and the staff is courteous and polite. . We really enjoyed the Tibetean momos and Asparagus Maki Rolls.
The momos had a nice thin covering ,which i really loved. The tempura maki rolls on the other hand were just awesome, with a crunchy fried asparagus filling and a soft rice filling rolled in a smooth nori roll-this was the best veg sushi I have tasted till date!! The khau swey was just super delicious.
Definitely opt to visit this place over and over again !!!







focus on food

Had great veg momos and a passable pad Thai. Atmosphere was really nice. Nice small bar downstairs and also a lounge area which would make an awesome date spot.I liked raw mango & papaya dish, tofu tikkas, etc. non veg spread was sad considering there was only a prawn toast.The ambience is understated, the atmosphere is informal and the waiters know their menu enough to make excellent recommendations.The pace is slow and unhurried - you're meant to enjoy a leisurely meal, so avoid this place if you're in a hurry.







If its Burmese its gotta be Busaba

Nikhil Chib sure has perfected Pan Asian and Burmese Khous whey!
The great service and the unlimited weekday buffet giving you a choice of dumplings on select days, sushi and ofcourse khous Whey, which simply wants you coming back here for more.
The waitresses are prompt and helpful also advising you their best on the menu and from over ordering!


123eater - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 28,2013






Gr8 meal at a very reasonable price!!!!!!!!

I visited this place for the 'unlimited set lunch' this afternoon with 2 friends. It was truly a delightful exp. They have a fixed menu for each day of the week & this comprises of 4 veg & 4 non-veg dishes in unlimited quantities & is rounded off by a dessert that also varies each day. The cost right now is Rs. 600/- all inclusive. The food is well prepared & flavorful. We liked the veg as well as non-veg food & the staff attending to us were attentive & encouraged us to eat more of everything!!!!!! The fish was fresh & cooked to perfection & so too was the prawns. Chicken & veg momos were WONDERFUL!!!! A reasonable portion of lemon tart rounded off a gr8 meal. Will SURELY go again & recommend it to friends.







Good experience!!

Visited this place recently and had a good experience.!Though it is a little difficult to locate,kind of between Leopold and Taj and though the place is huge inside ,its entrance is easy to miss.The ambience is perfect for a date and the staff is courteous and polite.Though you can choose between A la carte and a fixed buffet (RS.600) ,the buffet menu on friday(the day i went )was not very inspiring.So we settled for tibetean momos and asparagus maki rolls.
The momos had a nice thin covering ,which i really loved but the veg.filling was just so-so.The tempura maki rolls on the other hand were just awesome!!with a crunchy fried asparagus filling and a soft rice filling rolled in a smooth nori roll-this was the best veg sushi I have tasted till date!!
Their khao -swe too was just delightful!
In and all ,this place definitely gets a second visit!


Comfort Food!

This is easily the restaurant my wife and I frequent the most, and pretty much order the same food every time we go.

Our standard order is a few orders of the Asparagus Tempura Rolls (sushi), Tibetian Momos and Kaukswe.

Each of them are very well made, and perfect. The rolls have crispy tempura, and and made well. The momos are steaming hot and the dipping sauces are great on taste.

The veg Kaukswe (we order it without mushrooms and cauliflower) is served with a plate full of condiments like caramelized onions, celery, spring onions, fried garlic, lime juice, fried noodles, etc, and the condiments are replenished if required.

The Kaukswe can be had with either rice or noodles, we prefer the noodles.

All in all a great meal!

PS: You must try their green thai curry as well!


November 8, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Hi Yashesh,
Thank you for your review here at We are glad you have enjoyed your meal and for recommending Busaba. Request you to please share your contact details on and you will be in for a delectable surprise.Please do mention that you reviewed Busaba on





Tuck into some delectable South East Asian fare

There’s a reason why Busaba, run by Chef Nikhil Chib is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, and you will understand exactly why only when you eat there. I’ve been longing to go for the Busa Unlimited lunch comprising of a different set menu from Monday to Friday at a great price of Rs 600, inclusive of all taxes. Except for Wednesday (best) and Thursday (second best), the menu for the remainder days seem boring/unexciting. The main reason why I opted going on a Wednesday is because of their Khow Suey, spelled as Kaukswe on their menu. Also, Busaba enjoys a reputation for making one of the best Khow Suey in the city.

My best friend and me went on a Wednesday afternoon and found it fishy that the restaurant was absolutely empty. The bar on the ground floor looked welcoming, sadly, not a soul was present. While being ushered to the dining area upstairs, I couldn’t help admiring the beautiful huge glass chandelier above, walking on the red carpeted stairs. The dining area had an air of serenity (because it was empty, I believe) having neatly arranged tables, with folded napkins, etc.

The two of us asked to be seated on a table closer to the glass window because of incoming natural light that brightened the table. Also, because I wanted to take pictures of the food. However, the manager didn’t allow us to sit on the four-seater table near the window (So what if it was a four-seater table? The place was empty except for the two of us!) and instead, he insisted we sit on a dimly-lit two-seater table in the corner. His reason being, they were anticipating customers. We arrived there at 1 pm and wrapped up by 3.30 pm. During this entire time, only two more customers came in at around 2 pm. So much for expecting a stampede of customers.

The set lunch did not include any beverages, so we ordered mocktails from their a la carte menu. My friend wanted something light and refreshing, so I suggested the Black Passion (Rs 175), made with grape juice, cranberry, lime and passion fruit syrup. And I wanted something thick and filling to keep me going throughout the afternoon, so I ordered the Hawaiin Twist (Rs 175) made with banana pineapple juice and coconut milk, instead of the good ol’ boring Pinacolada. The Black Passion was light, refreshing but average. The Hawaiin Twist was thick and not very sweet, just how I like it but sadly, tasted like a plain banana milkshake. The banana overpowered the pineapple juice and the coconut milk. On our bill we were charged Rs 227 for each drink.

Now for the food. The Salt and Pepper Chicken had batter-fried chicken pieces tossed in fried onions, garlic and chilli (where was the chilli?) and garnished with chopped spring onions. Two glitches here — firstly, the chicken pieces were overcooked and dry instead of being juicy and succulent. Secondly, there was barely any pepper, not justifying the dish’s name. So I ate the chicken with the dipping sauces — Red Chilli, Green Chilli and Sweet Chilli — and the result was smashingly good, especially the Red and Green Chilli sauce that delivered a spicy, tangy punch in my mouth. I began foodgasming. The Sweet Chilli sauce true to it’s name with a star anise flavour, was my least favourite.

The Red Chilli, Green Chilli and Sweet Chilli sauces are bottled and sold at a price of Rs 65 each.

Second to arrive was the Goi Cuon i.e. Vietnamese cold spring rolls that contained tofu, cabbage, julienned and pickled carrots, radish, and lettuce. Hard core non-vegetarians might turn up their nose at this “ghaas-phoos” dish, but I guess it’s their loss. Each bite was refreshing with the crunchy textures of the veggies accompanied with a hint of sweet and sour. The rolls are good to eat by themselves, however, when eaten with the dipping sauces, the rolls took on a whole new avatar.

The Tibetan Momos Vegetables were good — a little sweet, sour and crunchy from the tiny diced cabbage, carrots and other veggies.

My expectations began to soar by a few notches from the dishes to come and I was excited to have the Yam Wun Sen i.e. Thai glass noodle salad with tofu, cherry tomatoes, finely sliced onions, fresh red chillies, red, green and yellow bell peppers, lettuce, and leaves of holy basil aka Tulsi, instead of Thai basil. All the ingredients were as fresh as can be. Unfortunately, all the goodness of this would-be stellar salad was completely ruined by a copious amount of lime juice in it. Simply said, the salad OD-ed on the lime juice. I struggled to eat the salad, whereas my friend couldn’t eat beyond a couple of spoons.

The Tibetan Momos Prawns was hands down our favourite dish on their Wednesday menu and we asked for a second helping. The prawns were cooked just right and it making the momos irresistibly good. I refrained from using any dipping sauce while having these momos, so as not to interfere with the prawn flavour. Also, these momos salvaged our tastebuds from the Yam Wun Sen i.e. Thai glass noodle salad debacle.

The Mushroom Laab turned out to be a salad-like preparation than what I thought it would be — stir fried mushrooms. Finely chopped button mushrooms, onions, fresh red chillies, garlic, mint leaves and lime juice (phew! Thankfully no overdose this time!). Taste-wise, the Mushroom Laab was refreshingly different.

The waiters kept on bringing new dishes and tried to serve us while we were still eating previous dishes. I had to request the manager and the waiter to serve us the new dishes, only when we were done with the food already on our plates. I didn’t understand the reason for their hurry, it’s not like they were juggling hundreds of orders from just four dining customers.

Now for the main dishes that I was eagerly waiting to tuck into. The Gaeng Khiao Wan i.e. Thai Green Curry with coconut milk, button mushrooms, veggies like carrots, babycorn, cauliflower, zucchini and pea brinjals. Despite it being a vegetarian dish, it was exceptionally good. The gravy was creamy, a bit sweet and flavoursome due to the basil leaves and lemongrass. I immensely enjoyed eating this with rice, and highly recommend this dish.

The Penang Curry Chicken was a delicious orange-coloured gravy with chunky chicken pieces. Two problems here – the curry was salty and the chicken was overcooked and chewy. Having said that, I still loved it. So engrossed was I eating it that I forgot to take a picture.

I had been to Busaba a year ago, and was completely blown away by their Kaukswe. However, this time, they clearly seemed to have lost their midas touch. I added garnish of chopped boiled eggs, crispy fried onions and garlic, chopped celery, spring onions, coriander, a sprinkle of red chilli flakes and lastly, a squeeze of fresh lime to the bed of noodles and mustard-coloured gravy in a bowl. Sadly, it only looked scrumptious and I was quite disappointed as I took a few bites. The gravy wasn’t creamy, and the sweet deliciousness of the coconut milk was lost due to the excess Turmeric powder. Also, the chicken pieces were overcooked and a bit chewy, which now seems like a tradition they practise. Like I said earlier, I opted for the Wednesday lunch only because of the Kaukswe and it was a big let-down.

For desserts, they served us Chocolate Mousse in shot glasses with a twirl of whipped cream on top. I love chocolate but somehow I appreciate non-chocolate-based desserts more. And though Chocolate Mousse is considered a classic chocolate dessert, I find the idea boring and unexciting. But I had a change of heart when I ate it. Neither too sweet nor gooey-heavy, it was perfectly yummy and I asked for another one.

Despite the tragic overdose of lime juice in their Yam Wun Sen i.e. Thai glass noodle salad, the disappointing Kaukswe, their style of overcooking the chicken, and high-handedness of their staff, I had a good time eating there. I still look forward to visiting Busaba again hoping to find improvements in these areas.


August 12, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing your review here at Burrp. We really do appreciate, your honest views on the food. Would like to apologize for the disappointing kaukswe. We have already looked into this matter and we have sorted any short falls in the taste. We do hope you come back and enjoy your meal here at Busaba.



i have to admit its a little hard on the pocket but if you can afford it ..get ready for some amazing,flavour infused food!! one of the best in mumbai even though we went there with sky high expectations it did'nt disappoint.The Burmese Khowsuey and dumplings were delicious and the desserts were fantastic.if you have not been here hurry ..this is one place you cant afford to miss out on!


April 27, 2013response from management at Busaba:

WOW!Thanks a lot for this review. We really do appreciate, you recommending Busaba and our food. You should come and try our Busa unlimited lunch available Monday to Friday. Its features all our special dishes only at Rs 600 all inclusive. Hope to see you soon. Thanks again.


silent place

This place is so silent with beautiful ambiance a perfect place to get your favorite thai food with your beloved .I am sure you will really have quality time with the bar offering various kind of shots. your visit would be worth while...


April 9, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Hi Monil,

We are glad you had a good time at Busaba. Thank you for your review.


Good Place

Good place .. good ambiance.. but late service.
must try the sushi's out there :)


April 9, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Thank you for recommending the sushi. We have worked on our service and you wont have to worry about it anymore.

nadiaburrp - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 28,2012


great food! must try

lip smacking Japanese food, with awesome service...loved the ambiance.
Great place for a family dinner as well as for a cozy dinner date.
must try - lemon chicken curry, prawn in fried noodle starter and the choc cake and mud pie.



Give it a try !!!

This is a good place to fill you craving for good Oriental food. With the menu that in innovative and unique it make you wonder what to have. We had barbecue ribs maki roll and duck spring rolls for starters. For the main course we had the Kaukswe (check the menu for explanation). the starters were good specially the maki roll. The the ribs in the roll were juicy and tender and makes you want to order the Barbecue Spar Ribs that is on the menu.the Duck spring roll was also good. Two points for the spring rolls one the vegies in the spring roll overpowers the taste of the duck and the pastry of the roll was a bit rubbery. as for the main course it was good enough. I would have liked a little more taste in the gravy for the noodles but the condiments do a good job at enhancing the flavors. Cost for 2 persons 1800/-
Ambiance: Comfortable 4/5
Food: 5/5
Cost 4/5
Service: bit slow 4/5



A must try!!

the Sunday brunch at this restaurant is simply outstanding. the ambiance is comfortable and in a quaint place. the food just adds to the experience right from sushi to Vietnamese spring roll, thai curry, fish in lemon and coriander.
to top it all it was a gathering of 4 friends which lasted well over 5 hours!!!



Get Unlimited Khao Suey and Dim Sum Back !

Busaba, is definately one of the best places you can go to for a wonderful mix of pan asian delights ! With the well - crafted menu , this restaurant will be able to cater to different pallettes. The best is ofcourse Busaba's unlimited Dim Sum and Khao Suey ! (However, they seem to have discontinued this :( ! ) Urge you'll to get it back !! It's definately worth a visit !
Must Try - Kiwi Pavlova !



My favourite place.

This is definitely my favourite restaurant and bar! Love the food, love the ambiance and the vibe. They've got everything right.



great place for a small group

we had been there for a friend's birthday celebration. while they have a pretty neat offerings in terms of beverages - both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic, but they could surely do with adding some more varieties with food options - especially for non-vegetarians. the service was rather lax (could give them a pass on this since it was a Friday eve and a premier band playing a live gig). recommended for gang of friends looking for a decent party place, without having to shuttle between a 'pre-party binge' place and the dance floor!


Just awesome - Most romantic Pan-Asian restaurant

Went here on a date recently, and I have to say - this place scores over most Pan-Asian restaurants that I've visited in Mumbai.

We had reserved our tables in advance and were in for a surprise when the waiteress escorted us to a round table meant for 6 (and we were just 2!). The reserved area is kind of secluded (I assume it was an erstwhile terrace of the bunglow) and really separated from the noise and music.

Food wise - everything was just perfect. Both in terms of quantity as well as taste. Service was a bit slow, but I cant complain since they let us savoir each dish in a very relaxed manner. Each and every item was cooked to perfection, especially the Nasi Goreng. I found the Red Snapper a bit bland and slightly smelly though.

I would surely visit this restaurant again, more for the experience than the food!


Another wonderful evening with Thai delicacies..!

What brought me back to BUSABA was my last memorable meeting here with the evergreen person Gary. I am coining him as the “The Gardener” (Since ‘Busaba’ means flower in Thai & Gary keeps its freshness alive… hence the name.. :) Gary hope you like the name..!

So in true Saturday evening spirit, we went upstairs to find the perfect ambiance I was looking for my family & kid. And I got what I was looking for that too at a reasonable late evening hours. we had just settled and Gary in with his persona showed up, and we exchanged a few greetings and I requested him to recommends the bests for us.

I started with the beer pint I was allowed to… And the ladies began with soups “Tom Yam” Chicken & Prawn. The flavor was enticing, as usual and despite having chilled beer, I jumped & picked some soft warm prawn pieces from their soups… :)

Then we had the “Burmese Chicken curry” with noodles, while we were having the main course, just then another surprise dish “Steamed fish” was server in a typical fish shaped saucer, and that was liked very much. I think somehow the sauces here are really different & they taste truly yummy.

As we enjoyed our food the friendly staff were very attentive to the expression I was having, I liked that. Lastly we had the dessert a “Hot chocolate” with Vanilla and Coffee (I am missing the name). But who cares my evening was a success.
I recommend Busaba as a true Thai food restaurant in Colaba.

Thanks Gary.
And cheers,



We had dinner today at Busaba, its a lovely quiet place in the by lanes behind Taj Mahal. awesome ambiance. they have a lovely lounge at the ground floor and a formal sit down dinner at the top. we preferred the sofa type sitting on the ground floor, very romantic and mesmerizing with pretty candles lit all around. music is good and the footy match on the screen - just made for a perfect setting, really couldn't ask for anything better. Now we come to the food and drinks, drinks were just superbly made, just as we had asked for! we ordered Vietnamese tofu pancakes - good portions and taste was mind-blowing. Their salt and pepper chicken is a must have! Service is warm and friendly- and must say at lightening speed! :) then came in the Thai green curry- was decent and tasted rich with exotic veggies! Taxes are quite heavy, but on and on a great dining experience. Would definitely come back for more!
- Shiraz



Disappointing Sunday Brunch!

After reading stellar reviews on burrp and having seen Busaba featured in an article , the husband and I decided to go to Busaba for the Sunday brunch . Firstly .. The place was dead from 12-2 pm. We were the only people there till about 1pm when two more couples trickled in. Now the food .. The appetizers were not bad at all .. The chicken satay and pepper prawn were good . The momos were bad .. the veg momos which were served to us (despite not ordering) tasted old. And sushi was served in a chipped plate with ginger which seemed to have seen better days. The Burmese chicken was a good. The fish was way too sour as some one had way too much fun with lime.
Desert was the chocolate fondants which was decent but the ice-cream served with it felt more like a sorbet,candied ginger was incognito and creme anglais could have been anything.
The service was attentive and friendly. Also probably better to head to Busaba in the night time when the harsh sunlight does not show the decor in poor light.
Too expensive for what it is. Gave an extra point for the service.


Celebration Lunch

Went to Busaba this monday for lunch. Must say the set lunch menu celebrating their 10th anniversary was worth spending our money for our marriage anniversary lunch. The Vietnamese toast was awesome. And then came in the lovely papaya salad and the glass noodle tofu salad for which we asked for servings twice. But the star of the meal was the veg penang curry and the chicken thai curry. Couldn't help but asking for the penang curry two times more. There are good non veg options in the mains and starters menu but somehow we thought the star of the show of the Penang curry. The only downer was the dessert, chocolate mousse. We ordered a lemon souffle which is not their in the restaurant menu but you should order for it specially as soon as you walk in because they prepare it fresh and it takes a good 20 mins. At such a price its a total steal. Loved it.



Nikhil Chib and Natasha Chib's baby - The Busaba
I had one of the best evenings of my life at Busaba, when i had attended ASW's monthly gathering at Busaba.
Most recommended place for people who love to sway to the magical beats played by the in house DJ and for people who love to just chill and relax and de stress while sipping a variety of cocktails and beers and Wines...
Nikhil Chib Your place rocks..
We need a few more Busaba's....
Keep rocking...


Great Food

Loved the food at this place.... Vietnamese Pho soup, Bibambap and stir fried vegetable.. Great taste and presentation, good service and quiet if you get there eraly. A must try for anyone interested in East Asian Food


No Frills, Good Food, Great Service

Finally went to this place earlier this evening. Have been hearing a lot about it and read quite a bit about this restaurant on this forum.

Here are the good points:
1. Excellent service - attentive without being obtrusive. Honest to the point that the stewardesses will help you with the excellent recommendations and inform you if you are over ordering. One niggling point - I would expect that the menu card is also given to our child, instead of having to ask for it to be given - never underestimate the child, as they can become your biggest future fans and influencers.
2. The food is really very, very good. We ordered the banana leaf wrapped chicken, the bibimbap, a fresh water fish in lime, garlic and honey, and of course the chocolate fondant. All except the bibimbap, were superlative. In the bibimbap they seem to have forgotten the salt, so we had to ask for table salt and add that in. Not expected from a restaurant of this class.

The points where they can improve:
1. We need the upstairs section to be more interesting. At present, it is just too drab and more like a plain Jane eating house. There is a lot more character in the neighboring Indigo or a slightly distant Moshes. And please, never try to fit in 3 people into a table meant for 2 pax - looks cheap.
2. Get more transparency into the billing systems. The menu states that applicable taxes extra and so are the service charges. Which is fine, but when you get the bill, it is all rolled up into every single dish, instead of having seperate line items on the amount of tax and service charges I am paying. Why not add in the tax on the cost in the menu, so that we know exactly how much we are paying for. Else, change your billing system to reflect the cost as per the menu and add the tax seperately.
3. Tiny washrooms - the single washrooms for such a large restaurant and bar is really inadequate. Have mercy on the guys who are downing beers.

On the cost factor, the 4 items we had ordered cost us Rs. 2,050 for 3 of us - including service charges. That works out to the same per head cost as Moshe, Indigo Deli, Punjab Grill and similar ones in this genre of restaurants. So, I am expecting more from Busaba on the total dining experience.

I will be back, but may not be as frequently as I was hoping for.


Yesterday once more

Our previous experience at Busaba had just left us thirsting for more. So on the wife's bday we trooped back, about 2 weeks after we were last there.

It is easier to take a fort than to hold it, or so the saying goes. And it was with a bit of trepidation that we sat down since the mind blowing experience from 2 weeks earlier was fresh in our minds and we would rather not go back than realize it was all a flash in the pan.

I wont dwell too much on the food - which, inspite of our own standards reaching sky high - did complete justice to what our exaggerated sense of expectation now wanted delivered. There are two incidents which I thought are worth sharing.

The first was the Kimchi. We asked for kimchi waiting for our starter and what the waiter got us was an elaborate portion. Trust me, you may want to go there just to taste it. I can understand why they reserve it for customers who ask for it, because it would be a shame to waste it on those bred on cabbage in watery red sauce in other restaurants.

I was undecided between the bibimbaap and the veges in black bean sauce. So while we settled on the veges in black bean sauce, I did something which I am normally loathe to do at restaurants since answers that I have received back to this particular request have spanned the entire gamut of creative excuses. But buoyed by all the good which I had taken away from my previous visit, I asked the waiter if it would be possible to have a taste of the bimbimbaap. To my utter surprise (and even possibly shock) she dint stare at me liked I had landed from Mars. Instead she said she would check with the kitchen. Which she did, and returned stating that since there is no current order for bibimbaap, they would be unable to accede to my request. While I still dint get to taste it, I was overjoyed to note that Busaba still did try their best to accommodate me. There are times in your life when not getting your way still doesnt leave you feeling bitter or let down. Notch up one on that list.

Thank you again Busaba for an exquisite meal. I shall be returning for the bibimbaap shortly.........!


Been there, will remember that

So get this. I have been to Busaba on atleast two other occasions over the previous three years and its only now that I am moved to write a review. That can only lend itself to a-hard-to-believe-yet-oddly-logical truth. Which is this - The place has gotten better..........

My wife and I were treated to a superb dining experience which was the aggregate of a lovely ambiance, terrific service and food which (and I can go out on a limb here) was par excellence!! What is even more commendable that we are talking of an all-vegetarian-spread given that such is our food preference.

The ambiance is chic and contemporary - appealing and pleasing; though admittedly no more than what you would encounter in comparable places or expect to see in a restaurant of this grade.

The service is effective and efficient - courteous and friendly - but where they score (and highly) is that they are well informed, have a clear perspective and good judgment. Importantly, the service is attentive and prompt without being over-bearing or intrusive.

However, its the food which clearly takes the cake (if you would pardon the sorry pun). We wanted to stay away from deep fried starters, preferring something a little more calorie friendly (there were none except mushrooms which my wife doesnt prefer - which pretty much makes me a non-mushroom eater - something best left for a different conversation on another forum). Rosh (and you are doing a good job my friend) recommended the Indonesian stir fried salad. A single spoon clearly suggested that both Rosh as well as the chef were in fine form that evening. The portion was healthy (in every which way!) and we savored each morsel. I am the kind of restaurant patron who assigns a fairly large weight to the portion I see on my plate. In some subtle yet distinct manner, it seems to symbolize the management's orientation to customer-centricity. Busaba definitely scores! While all this was happening, we also ordered our main course which was a Burmese Kaukswe. It is of note that Rosh was pretty candid in mentioning that a single Kaukswe would suffice us both - a trait which is as rare in restaurants as it is commendable. And the assessment was clearly spot on.

We enjoyed a terrific meal rather than an inflated check to go along with a shrug of shoulders at the uneaten portions ordered in a waiter induced panic and the inevitable doggy bag routine.

Their chocolate fondant is delectable and if I gloss over it, it is merely because it is the equivalent of high sin for the calorie conscious. However, let that not detract from the superb creation which they rustle up. If you dont hop onto your weighing scales everyday, jump straight in.

All in all our meal at Busaba was a lovely relaxed evening and quite a gastronomic journey into the oriental world.......

Meal for 2 - Rs 1,500
Indonesian stir fried salad - Rs 300
Burmese Kaukswe - Rs 500
Chocolate Fondant - Rs 360
2 pints of KF - Rs 350

What I would watch out for going forward:

1. If the portions remain unchanged
2. If prices increase at regular intervals

I would go with 4.5 stars, cutting out 0.5 stars for affordability. Its not the place you can want to lose your way and land up in. But that doesnt detract from the good work they are doing. Kudos Busaba!!


deeplime - Burrp User


12 Reviews

February 14,2011


Wonderful! Total value for money!

Me and my husband had a dinner here on a Saturday night. We loved the decor - it's different and makes you feel very cozy. The lighting is too dark but you get used to it. The Lounge music they were playing was quite interesting.

We called for a Cosmopolitan and a Long Island Iced Tea - Both the drinks were well mixed.. however, the Long Island Iced Tea could have been "longer"..

The high point was the food! For starters, we had Japanese Tempura (with Squid) - basically squids fried with rice batter and served with a sauce. It was really nice and the portion was just right.

For the main course, we wanted to call for two dishes since we both have a healthy appetite but the waiter suggested we go only with 1 main dish and 1 portion of rice for accompaniment. When it was served, we realized that the waiter was so right because the portions were huge! Especially compared to any fine dining place! We had ordered for a crispy fried fish with 3 flavoured sauce and Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice). The fish was a fresh water fish.. it was fried just right and it was delicious! The sauces teased the tastebuds and we savoured it to the fullest. And I don't remember eating such a delicious fried rice ever before.

Busaba is now definitely one of our favorite places for dinner! We had a superb evening!



An almost flawless experience: Food+Service+Decor

From two experiences, over a period of a year, when both experiences are good and the second even better- it is definitely a good restaurant.

More so because, Busaba being a stand-alone South East Asian Restaurant has got it's basics simple and right. No frills, elegant and warm is how you may describe the ambiance and service. A Special Mention to the service: Always attentive, courteous, not clumsy(unlike 95% Mumbai restaurants) and sensitive and instinctive when understanding type of occasion and recommendations, immediate replacements if any. For me, no other restaurant has service as a plus point- but this definitely does!

And most importantly, all courses always have been wonderful, disappointment has never struck with the food here. Just right portions, simple yet delectable presentation, delicate flavours essential to south-e-asian preserved. And yes, surprisingly the khowsuey was even better the second time around! Even the dessert not being fancy, struck just the right note.

Wouldn't think twice about going here. Just hope the standards in all departments that impress are always maintained.


ACHILLE - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 03,2011


Excellent sushi at lunch buffet!

Elegant, fine flavours, quiet place. I went there on a week Friday for lunch. I loved their great sushis. The choice is limited but for the price, it is a great bargain!

Nice place & nice food!


jayghelani - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 20,2010


Pleasant surprise

Had always heard of Busaba but somehow had never ventured in to eat or hang out until saturday.
It is a lounge at the ground level where music is decent. The top floor has a nice comfortable/cosy restaurant serving great pan asian fare.
We were 4 of us and ordered wine with
1)Veg Tempuras 2)Veg Momos 3)Tofu/mushroom satay
Main course 1)Veg Kaukswe
2)Nasi goreng 3)Veg in black bean sauce with steamed rice
Was too stuffed to try the dessert!!
The rest of the menu also looked tempting.

Overall, the food was great..veg in blackbean sauce, kaukswe being the picks...though would have liked more gravy in the kaukswe!!
Service was good and attentive..good experience for sure...will come back !



Excellent food

Authentic pan asian food. Despite us being vegetarians, we went away satisfied and stuffed :). Everything we ordered was par excellence, the staff was friendly and not over bearing. Would definitely visit this place again and again....guys, please open up somewhere in Powai as well....else I need to keep traveling to Colaba.


Like the food. Love the ambiance.

In it's old avatar Busaba was a little watering hole with lots of loud music. But a few months back a few friends decided to do a Saturday lunch there and I was very impressed with the place. So for mom's birthday we decided to treat her a super dinner at Busaba.

This is a cosy little restaurant+lounge bar in one of the by-lanes behind Taj hotel, Colaba. A dim-light setting invites you and there are 2 areas, the outdoor [but covered] and the inside seating. Opt for the outside, it feels really nice there. Service levels are impressive and there was at least one steward who ensured we are attended to all the time.

Started with the Momos and assorted veg rolls. Veg was good so I am sure the chicken ones should be nice too. Must must order the Veg Satay.

Main course - Nasi Goreng & Mei Goreng is nice. The assorted vegetables in black bean sauce tastes nice and different from most of the other places we haven been. The khow suey wasn't all that nice and could do with a lot more of the soup. Gets too dry with the limited soup serving.

Wine collection is not too wide, specially if you want it by the glass.

One line - Must go for a romantic candle-lit dinner. limited seating ensures there is not much chaos on most nights.



3 cheers for Busaba, Nikhil and Gary!!!

It was my Dads bday and my 45 day old niece's first day out. I called to check with the restaurant if the music would be too loud and if they were fine with a small baby coming to the restaurant. I spoke to Gary the manager and assured us the music on the upper floor wont be too loud and that he would be stupid to turn away a 45 day old but a future customer of the restaurant :) - Full marks to you Gary

Cut to the restaurant, we were ushered to our table. They helped us with making the baby comfortable. The staff was polite. No dirty looks because of the baby.

The Ambiance is very good. Perfect for a dinner date with your loved one. Very quiet and serene.

We were famished and did not want to spend too much time at the restaurant because the baby had started to become cranky. We decided to attack the food.

For the starters we ordered

Momos- which were very very good, i wish we had ordered 2 portions. - 5/5

The tofu sushi was quite nice as well. - 4/5

The pumpkin and water chestnut starter was just class apart. Absolutely loved it and the lemon sauce with it was just perfect. - 6/5 :)

For the main course we called for the kaukswe. It was good. We loved it but it was a little too sweet for my personal liking. But that does not take the credit away from Nikhil (The owner and Chef). It was a very very good dish - 4.5/5

Thai Green Curry - Quite good but nothing spectacular. No faults as such. - 4/5

The sizzling Vietnamese veges - An outstanding dish. This dish was suggested by Gary and worth trying it was. 5/5

We decided to stick to plain rice to accompany the main course. I think we ordered about 2-3 portions.

Since the baby decided to throw a huge tantrum in the middle of the meal, we decided to skip the desserts. We promised the staff that we will be back.

A word on the staff and service. Very friendly. One of the staff members actually offered to look after the baby so that we could finish our meal in peace. Full marks to the staff. Just a small issue when the stewards are serving they mumble the name of the dish instead of being clear about it. But a well deserved 5/5 for the staff, one of the best services I have had in a long time.

I shall keep my promise and visit the place again.

Since you guys are a Pan asain restaurant Kamsahamnida, Xie Xie, Um goy, tirmaksi, Arigato, thank you for a wonderful evening.


September 23, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Yagnik,

I firstly would like to apologize for the late reply. Your comments on us have just space shuttled off the entire Busaba team to Andromeda. Need I say more on that? So kind of you for such inspiring comments.

We at Busaba are glad that you and your family had a nice time and all went out well and we look forward to your next visit wherein we'll see you all relishing the chocolate fondant, which you missed out earlier. With reagrds to your suggestions, Chef Chib is on it.

Take care and God Bless



review as a bar or restaurant???

In its defense, Busa serves the best Kaukswe in bombay. Thats where it ends. Yes, the place has its trickle of crowd that likes the music and a free drinks but the place in itself has created NO identity for itself. Nikhil is a talented chef and i agree that a majority of the dishes are definitely tasty. But...

Kitchen: The kitchen, that most staff wants you to NEVER enter, is something I wandered in to a few weeks ago. MY REACTION.......i really understood why the food must taste good. Its uncleen, many things running all over the place, hopefully not in our plates.
For me, thats a real put off. The food mostly tasted good but i couldnt help noticing the conditions it was made in and that put me really off.
Great for a drink, good music, good food too (AS long as you don't go in that kitchen) loved the drinks,....personally i am a bit more hygienic that they are so would not eat there again.


July 2, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Spy chase,

I’m delighted that you valued the Kaukswe enormously and have rated it extremely high as we have many competitors trying to out beat us to the number one spot. With regards to the crowd, I wouldn’t say that we have a trickle but certainly an adequate amount to stuff the place and keep people waiting in a huff for tables upstairs on the weekends.

The Kitchen…I notice that your “007” instincts were good on the “many things running all over the place”. To clarify the same, it was none other than “Buster t

4.5 Stars

This is a place you must pay a visit. Right from the reception to dining you will be assisted by extremely courteous staff. The Steward who took care of our table had good knowledge about the menu and also was able to cater to our taste! Fantastic place. Hats off to the staff for making it a memorable evening.


June 16, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Mohit,

I have taken out a print of your statement and have shared it with my staff and they were all smiles. Thank you so much for such a lovely review...

Gary Saldanha
General Manager

The best place to take that special someone

If you are from the suburbs, then finding Busaba will be a bit of a task, given the number of one-ways in Colaba. But once in you will actually forget the navigation hassles quickly.
This lounge bar-cum-restaurant was recommended to me by a friend and I did go with very high expectations. For once, these expectations weren't dashed.
The setting is perfect for a romantic meal and the wine list they have is extensive and worthy of this place.
I tried the salmon sushi and they were really good.
For the main course I tried the Korean sticky rice which was yummy with a spicy beef gravy. Yummy again. The portions were quite pleasantly large, so just this much is enough for two.
If you like dessert you must try the Korean pancake.
This is one of the best places I have been out dining to, for a very long time. I, for one, will definitely be back often - the hour-long drive from my place notwithstanding


June 15, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Vinita,

Thank you for your wonderful comments about us and we do look forward to serving you again, soon. Please do call on me whenever you drop by. My Number is 9833562165

Gary Saldanha
General Manager

3.5 stars ...

well i had heard a lot about this place. finally decided to check there crunch lunch funda ..... to a certain extent they lived upto the buzz ... the food was good the service was very attentive .... the tiramisu, the sushi, the prawns, some potato thing and the yellow chiken and Vietnamese fish was particularly delicious ..... only one major complaint, the main reason why i cut 1.5 stars .... guys when you arrange a buffet please don't forget to lite it .... the food was actually lukewarm... don't expect that from the great BUSABA ...


June 15, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Mustafa,

My sincere apologies for this. I assure you that on your next vist, this will not repeat. Please feel free to call on me at 9833562165 whenever you visit us again. Look forward to hearing from u soon

Gary Saldanha
General Manager


Boooo Saa Baah (the food is great!)

It was my birthday and since my friend promised to treat i was at Busaba in Colaba. It was the only place we knew served good burmese dishes and Kaukswe has been on my mind since ages. We called up the restaurant for directions and were politely asked if we had reservations. We declined, asked for the directions anyway and reached there. You know when its your birthday the last thing you would like is to get out of the place you have decided to go. And as i entered the dark room on the ground floor I figured that i wont trip or accidentally hit any fellow customers because there weren't any. Apparently it was the first floor that was full. The entire ground floor could be mine. If there was any more lighting and good music i would have danced.

We settled down in a nice corner, lit by tubelights hid behind sofas and 2 box candles. Pretty to look at if there was about 20% more light. We asked for more lights and candles so we could at least see each other and more importantly see what we were about to eat.

We ordered for veg dumplings and for the very first time ever i ordered for Sushi. To be on the less risky side i ordered for Tempura prawn sushi. And we called for a pint of KF and unfortunately as they don't have Fresh juice i had to settle for canned juice. As predicted the can juice was boring so i had to help my friend with the beer ( always a pleasure). The food did not take too long to arrive . Simple yet elegant presentation and the Dumplings were very yummy too. Softer covering and perfectly cooked/steamed veggies inside. Three sauces were available to choose from, out of which the red one was the best. Its not their fault I just almost never like the sauces served with dumplings or momos anywhere. Now coming to the Sushi ..again served simplistically 6 pieces in a plate with a little paste which was balled and placed alongside ( i suspect as much i regret it was based on Avacado) and served with fish sauce. Being my first time i wasnt sure what was wrong with the taste. After 3 iterations i realized that it tasted better without the fish sauce. All i can say is that Sushi is not for everyone and definitely not for takes a lot of evolution i guess.
Next on the list was my favourite part - the kaukswe. I just love the concept of Kaukswe so much and thank god Busaba got it right and how. Loved the platter used and the long dish in which all the condiments were served. I simply loved selecting what i wanted and mixing it all up. The coconut milk based gravy was yummmm..nice and creamy n gelled well with the noodles...and the temperature was just right...absolute pleasure.

What i disliked about busaba - to star with,the steward serving my table, though trying to be very helpful seemed very inexperienced.
I think they use Himalaya Mineral water which I absolutely detest and in spite of repeatedly asking for regular water , i think i was served Himalaya each time till i gave up and had beer instead.
The lights are too dim for even a couple who'd like to cosy up but can easy show that the walls (near the tube light atleast) needed a paint job.

I spotted a tiny cockroach under my table...but since i was overwhelmed with the Kaukswe i did not bring it to the Manager's notice. Chalo maaf kiya...
The kitchen is tooooooo noisy. I could practically picture the cooks working under great pressure under someone who was screaming to my irritation.
The flooring (am sure it is meant to be that way) was a bit too boring.

The good part is excellent food. The freshness is maintained to the T. The taste is simply awesome. There is a clear element of perfection that one expects from professionals only.
Although am not sure if I would go again very soon ( i got to give them time to make corrections) ..... I shall always remember the Kaukswe!!


Yes, it's worth it!

There are times when you hear a lot of things about a certain place, and you approach the place with a bit of trepidation. My friends and I generally have suffered a lot from what we call the “This place is so good you got to go” syndrome. Anything we recommend, or are indeed recommended as a “must go” turns out to be crap! And here was one more place screaming from the rooftops with such reviews – albeit one which has stood the test of time to a certain extent – Busaba. Celeb chef Nikhil Chib’s much reviewed restaurant. After much deliberation, we decided to go there in a group to celebrate a birthday. And boy, am I happy to say it SURPASSED our expectations. On to the review then!
The place is setup in an old bungalow in a cosy bylane behind the Taj (Right next to Indigo). Nice setup. The bar/lounge area is below, and the restaurant area is above split into two sections – one with a skyroof and the other fully enclosed. We sat in the area with the skyroof on a round table. Nice. Do something about the loos though – tiny and only enough for one person at a time! But then, we weren’t there to piddle, we were there to eat, drink and be merry – which we did, and how!
We were six people, so we were able to do justice to EVERYTHING! We started with cocktails. When we started ordering, we were initially aided by a lady who quickly grasped that we were slightly demanding as customers and immediately called the manager – who really did a wonderful job! We tried the following: aja (fantastic), king of hearts (good), good morning Vietnam (good, but a slightly acquired taste – cucumbery!), sugarcane & strawberry queen’s regime (ooh! Champagne, strawberry & sugarcane – fantastic), strawberry & basil margarita (what a nice twist that basil added!), cosmo (nice) and a nice hot cocktail whose name I totally forgot! So far, so good.
On to the starters then and we ordered QUITE a few. Good start with the drinks then, but here’s where rubber meets road we said ?. Black salt & pepper chicken – not bad, could’ve been better. The chicken pieces were tiny and it was a bit too saucy for my taste. Black salt & pepper vegetables – hmm once more, not so great....That’s the moment when we felt things could go wrong.... but then out popped the Tibetan momos (served more in the shape of dumplings here rather than the crescents one is used to) which were perfect. Not too wet, not too dry and with a great dip on the side. Sesame potato on toast (a fond memory for all of us from the days of Chopsticks in Khar) was ordered with some hesitation – and did it bring back the memories or what!! Perfect man, perfect. We also ordered the Som tam (thai papaya salaed with peanuts) which was divine, and some vegetarian Sushi which was great (Natural wasabi, not artificial, yay!) We were on a roll! We decided to try the Korean kimchi chi gae (quite a unique soup with the kimchis and tofu) which was also superb! The cocktails had us in raptures, and the starters were perfect foil ?
By this time we were grudgingly admitting that it was an exception to our “Must go” syndrome, and still thought the Mains would let us down. Were we in for a surprise though! They say that if you’re at Busaba, you MUST have the Khauswe (Burmese mish-mash I call it), so we did. I must admit – it was a great suggestion. Well presented, tasted just right and a nice large portion. For the remainders, we ordered the funny sounding pad krap row both in veggie & chicken (Gujju for fart, English for shit, and I guess row = row!) which was basically stir fried chicken/veggies with a nice tangy sauce. And then the true test – the Gaeng Khiao Wan (Green thai curry for all you non-thai people) which was AWESOME! Right next to Thai Pavilion in terms of the taste & presentation. We combined this with the kitchen special pot rice and the Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice). These were just right with the mains. Not too spiced/flavoured, but each with a unique taste of its own going very well with the dishes. The captain was bang-on in his suggestions. After such a great treat, we simply had to sample one dessert at least ? and so we did. The desserts sounded fantastic, but we stuck to the tried & tested chocolate mousse cake. The one at Busaba has a twist though – it’s drizzled with warm rum caramel. Loully I say. Loully.
Would I go there again? Ah, mais oui, I would. Did it live up to the expectations – you bet it did.


bhavinb - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 18,2010


Cut above the rest

I went to Busaba on the Valentines Day based on Burrps reccomendation and discovering their special menu for that night.

I am GLAD I did. We had an excellent evening. Everything went just right and the food was amazing. The service was outstanding - not rushing us unduly but making sure that courses were served just in time.

Our initial impression was a bit dull as the place looked deserted (we were early though at around 7) in the dining area. Once we were seated though, the nice bottle of bubbly set the mood. The prawns we had for starters were absolutely delicious. Perfectly cooked fish in lime and coriander based sauce followed and of course the Kawkse! That is a wonderful concoction that you must try if you visit this place.

The desert were also able to hold the high bar that was now set if not raise it a little more.

We will be surely visiting this place with friends again! and again.


February 18, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Bhavin,

We're glad that we were able to meet upto your expectations on V'Day. Thank you for holding us up high and we look forward to giving you many more memorable evening at Busaba

Gary Saldanha
Restaurant Manager

Extra-Oriental Extraordinaire'

Tired of trying oily chinese stuff (I won't reveal the name!), on one fine afternoon, me and my colleagues thought of trying off beat! My better half had recommended it to me many times so I recommended it to the mob and we decided to head towards 4, Mandlik Road, Colaba...or simply Busaba!
We had an unintentional hearty walk before reaching our destination which actually set the gastric juices on fire. The plot was perfectly set. It was quiet afternoon and only couple of tables were occupied at that time. Although the option of lunch buffet was available, we decided to stick to a la carte.
To accompany the gastric juice in our guts, we thought it would be a good idea to initiate with spicy Tom Yam soup as recommended by Busaba's staff. A special mention for Busaba's staff, very courteous and attentive people. Tom Yam soup tested as a distant cousin of our very South Indian RASSAM. The spices were perfectly blended to give a zingy texture to this soup.
Time for starters. We ordered Veg Momos and Satay-Tofu and Capsicum. Momos are dejected relatives of chinese dimsums (Dejected only because of tension between Tibet and China). Momos was my recommendation. They were perfectly steamed, translucent revealing the tasty contents inside. I believe that momos should not be halved but to be eaten like the way we eat Paani Puri or Rosogulla. I did that and it was pretty good. The outer thin steamed cover crushing crisp vegetables inside is a must feel experience. For India Trotters, a special mention for Momos available at The Lhasa Restaurant in Sri Nagar, J&K.
Satay of Tofu and Capsicum was also well prepared. It resembles to Paneer Seekh Kabab and tastes great. And further healthy value addition due to Tofu.
Let's turn to main course now...
After consultation with Busaba people as well as some pre-conceived ideas, we zeroed down on Thai Yellow Curry with steamed rice (as it has to be), burmese vegetable curry simply known as Kaukswey and veg version of Nasi Goreng.
And the star was ...BINGO...Kaukswey! First an assortment of many additives for the dish was was really well presented. The dried (or fried) garlic, green shallots, chillies, fried onions and many more. Then came the main serving ...the noodle portions were perfectly divided between us and then came the juicy burmese vegetable curry poured over it. We reached for our part of the additives and prepared an absolutely tantalising chaos...shall I call that heaven? :) I had earlier tasted kaukswey at Relish but this was way way above.....
I have a penchant for Thai Green Curry. However, we decided to go for a bit spicier version and ordered for Thai Yellow Curry. Very few dishes i have found absolutely aromatic and these lovely Thai Curries qualify for that. There generous use of coconut milk paired with sharp herbs makes this curry really delicious. The inseparable ingredients like broccoli, zucchini and other vegetables add to party. A must try stuff for all you calorie conscious guys. It has to be paired with steamed rice only and not with some FRIED rice.
Nasi Goreng is a veggie version of the spicy Indonesian rice. I may not be able to give a proper account of this dish since the originality lies in it being non-veg. :). By the time, we had gorged upon Kaukswey and Thai Yellow Curry, Nasi Goreng was treated as side dish only. Albeit, it was a good dish.
Time for dessert...mousse is common, tiramisu was tried and tasted hence i chose Fondant. I would say the main part is a pretty big brother of Chocolate Lava Cake being served by Domino's these days. The crust was spongy and the core was pure melted chocolate served with a portion of vanilla ice-cream and a small bowl of cold coffee. We were absolutely ill behaving while having that. I don't know what our fellow diners must be guessing! :)
Though we had bellyfull of lunch, it never felt heavy. So kudos to Chef. Please do not think too much while paying the bill. Very few places serve such lovely cuisine.
I pondered over giving a 5 star rating to it. Consulted with my fellow connoisseur and I got a clear Thumbs Up!


February 18, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Mr Amit,

We at Busaba are extremely pleased that you and your colleagues had an enjoyable time during lunch a few days ago. Your comments not only leaves us satisfied, but also pushes us to keep on…a real booster to our morale and self confidence.

Thank you and God Bless

Gary Saldanha
Restaurant Manager


Excellent food

This is my second time here after a very long time. Went there last night with my mother and brother. We had 5 drinks (all margaritas, yummy but not really frozen but potent which is always good)
We had the papaya salad which was really good but needed more peanuts and dried prawns. I lived in Thailand for 2 years and this papaya salad is the closest to the one there. We had the beef skewers which was superb, didnt even need the korean chilli paste. It was smoked to perfection.
For the main meal we had the Kaukswe- Excellent, recommend it to everyone (Busaba is known for it) The korean bibimbap (rice with your choice of meat and a fried egg on top) this was excellent as well accompanied with a beef broth soup. Also we had the morning glory a super veggi made simple and crispy.
On whole it was awesome food BUT the service was slow even though they were friendly and polite. So because of the slow service i took off one star, it was really annoying to ask the waiter 4 times where our drink was.
Def. will be back to eat some more...


January 8, 2010response from management at Busaba:

Dear Missyroti,

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on your visit. I'm so glad that the we were able to meet up to your expectations. With regards to the slow service, I do apologise for the same and assure you that on your next visit there will be a change for the better.

Gary saldanha
Restaurant Manager


Great Food

I went here after a long time a few days ago...

great food - really enjoyed the veg dim sums and their khoesway. My wife had their recommended Vietnamese soup which was very well made - very unlike any chinese/oriental/thai soup that we have ever eaten.

The only reason I take away a star is that we were charged rs 300 for dim sums (price could be acceptable) but were served 5 pint sized (xs) size dim sums which i thought was not value for money by any standards.

I hope the management takes the feedback and provides a larger portion of the same subsequently so as a customer i feel I am getting value for what i pay.


August 13, 2009response from management at Busaba:

Dear Mr Saraf,

I take this opportunity to thank you for your comments on the food and would also like to bring to your kind notice that I shall certainly take the issue of the dim sums to the Chef and make sure that on your next visit you will see a change for the better.

Yours sincerely

Gary Saldanha
Restaurant Manager

fun place but staff lacks politeness

A fun place to go for a few drinks on any night.

The food's decent too. I like the khawsway (cant figure out the spelling).

Slightly on the expensive side ,but it's all worth it if the food, service and ambiance match up.

As for Busaba, the service is a tad bit slow and drab. The waiters tend to look away every time you look at them to order something. That can be a pain. All though, the bartender's rather sweet and always has a smile.

overall, i like it and i'd totally recommend it.



best thai steamed fish in india

i have been to thailand upteen times and i have to say that busaba just get the thai steamed fish with lime chili garlic perfectly. i have eaten this dish in koh samui, chiang mai, phuket, koh phi phi, krabi and the one at busaba is near perfect. i don't think they use red snapper but the fish is very delicate and the sauce is amazing. i think it is perfectly authentic. Way to go. Wish more places in Bombay were authentic in taste.


to go or not to go.

had gone here on a date...after hearing a lot about this place
the ambiance was really nice..we were given comfy seating
thats where it gets the 2 stars...
the food was simply disappointing...
the viatnamese spring rolls were simply horrible ...a little raw
and the soup priced at 270 odd was simply disappointing
not that the price mattered so much..but considering that you are shelling out big bucks the VEGETERIAN food specially was a let down
the Non vegeterian food was good though...
the Thai steamed fish really had me licking my fingers and black pepper prawns were heavenly

Desserts were pretty ok...
the blueberry cheese cake was nothing special...

might consider going there for meat...but definitely not for veg ..and at the astronomical prices this place still left with the go or not to go.


June 23, 2009response from management at Busaba:

Dear Sir

This is in response to your review wherein you expressed your dissatisfaction towards the vegetarian food served at Busaba. Let me begin by explaining the Vietnamese Spring rolls wherein you found it not up to your expectation and was “raw”. The spring roll is an item which is neither fried nor steamed. It is supposed to be had cold. That’s the way they do it in Vietnam. The vegetables are cured in sweet vinegar and then wrapped in authentic Vietnamese rice paper and served with a sweet chili sauce. The soup is priced high



went there on Wednesday,first disappointment was after making reservations for an open terrace seating , i was not allocated a table there but in the A/C SECTION. the girl who took my reservations was sweet enough to apologies & was very sorry abt the mistake , no probs it happens . i ordered for the Tibetan momo's wow they were awesome , but for the main course i ordered for some dish called chilli with lime fish , but it was TOO WATERY , omg too much of lime in it couldn't get the taste of fish my friend was really disappointed with me ordering that , she loves dessert but refused to eat anything . i had to pay & scoot off. it's very average where the food is concerned



a bombay "must do"

busaba has the most authentic asian food in town..the tibetan momos are too die for and so is their thai steamed fish with lime chili and garlic...the food has soul and chef nikhil chib's passion for good food can be seen all over his menu. nestled in the bye lanes of colaba right behind the taj you can chill at the bar or lounge and listen to house or electronica over a cold stella or even better try the mojitos. they have an awesome crunch lunch deal all for Rs. 350 which lets you indulge in all the busaba favourites. It is a "must do" if you are in bombay.



Give me some more

I love this restaurant.

For one, the food and drinks are top notch. I crave the burmese kaukswey and chocolate fondant regularly. You can tell the food is made with a lot of care and expertise.

Secondly, the set up has a class yet is unpretentious feel. I went with a group of friends for a relaxing dinner upstairs and then we caught a drink in the cozy lounge while the DJ played some chilled out house tunes.

Oh ya, I can't forget the momo's! They were really fresh and delicious tasting too :)

Two Thumbs UP!



the way it should be

The food makes me happy! As does the cucumber martinis.

I love the dumplings, rolls & tempura...the kaukswey is good.

The chocolate fondant always gets me...but I think the blueberry mousse is becoming a favourite!

Nice break from pani puri and mediocre Italian joints. Need more places like this in the city.

This cozy place guarantees great food and nice vibes.



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Potential to do much better

Spent an evening with friends in the lounge area. We were supposed to have drinks there and head to Indigo for dinner, but ended up staying there the entire time.

Drinks - 5/5 - Special category for this place.
- Martini's in particular - they have 5 or 6 on the menu. We tried them all and they were really good. Most bars in Bombay struggle with the correct mixes - but these guys got it spot on. It was the drinks that prompted us to spend the rest of the night at Busaba over Indigo. In particular there was a spicy Vodka martini - don't remember the name - but this was excellent. Sweeter drinks were good too.

Food - 2/5
The biggest let down. Had heard many good things plus the fact that the chef has tv show of his own, our expectations rang high. The food however was a let down. Too salty, too sweet or too spicy. The sauces / spice's on everything were overbearing. Huge disappointment. Did not have dessert so no comment there.

Ambience - 3/5
The lounge is dark and the music is very very loud. DJ in the middle of the lounge. Selection of music is good, but a little too loud for the small place, I felt. Not inviting as a drinking joint.

Service - 3/5
Waiters seemed busy doing nothing. There were a lot of them but just couldn't get their attention. Maybe it was the darkness or the music being loud, but they seemed a little lost. My wife has a habit of ordering a sea food dish, and then asking if the sea food was fresh. Our waiter needed to have the manager come over to answer our question about the quality of sea food, which of coarse he said, was fresh. Other than that service was generally slow - but we weren't really in a rush so it didn't bother us much.

A nice place to have excellent drinks - a touch pricey here, but if your looking for nondescript place that's dark - this is it.


quayler - Burrp User


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January 23,2008


Good food

I have been to Busaba twice - the first time I really liked it, so recently when I was in Mumbai I decided take some friends there. I had the Khaushwe - which is a Burmese stew and that was pretty good. A friend had the Fillet Mignon -which is where the problem lay. It wasn't beef - it was lamb.

What upset us was that the maitre'd tried to claim that we were wrong and it was a fillet of beef. Well, then it must have been some muscular and tangy cow ! I was clearly lamb and not very good lamb at that. Finally he agreed to take it off the bill and suggested a dessert - a chocolate fondant - which gave us the impression that that would be complementary as a conciliatory gesture.

Well, it was excellent - but wasn't complementary. And very expensive. I can't think of too many places in the world where a dessert costs Rs. 337.50 - almost 10$. Its ridiculous !

Anyway, the worst part of all of this is that it ruined the mood of what was a rather pleasant evening out. So while the Khaushwe was pretty good, I can only recommend this place with some reservation. Apart from this - the service was incredibly slow - and given that when we entered there wasn't anyone else around, this was surprising.

I think this is indicative of a larger problem in India. With the Indian economy booming in the luxury or high end sector prices have skyrocketed. However, quality remains poor. Its just that a large section of the clientele are willing to pay money just for appearance - to show that they can. And this causes the suppliers to try to get away with poor service - and they often do.


Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

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September 12,2007


sexy vibe, good food, but...

...avoid the lamb chops! I genuinely like this place. I think they have a great, classy vibe, quiet, sexy undertones, and they pull in a sophisticated, well-to-do crowd of working professionals. Great place to grab a drink with friends after work. The menu, mostly pan-asian bistro-like dishes, is inventive, and most things I've had have been delicious. They have a seasonal specials menu some fantastic items - but again, the lamb chops, which looked very appetizing, were tough, rubbery, and just downright wrong. It could have been an off night for them, but I wouldn't put my money on the chops again.


fresh spring rolls - finally!

Just a few words about Busaba, which has done a great job maintaining quality and ambiance. Probably the only place in the city where you can get quality FRESH Vietnamese spring rolls! My favourite. I do not like fried foods, so this is a great start to have with your cosmo. Don't miss it!



Gado Gado - a must try

Busaba is located in the same lane as the Indigo in Colaba. The place has nicely done up interiors, which gives it a good ambiance. It was dimly lit and should be ideal for a date.

We tried their Gado Gado and Vietnamese spring rolls. The Gado Gado is an Indonesian dish comprising of vegetable salad served with peanut sauce. Both of these were lip smackingly delicious, the Gado Gado more so. I highly recommend it.



What a change!

I was pleasantly surprised when Busaba re-opened its doors to show Bombay its new avatar. The dingy old bar has now given way to a chic, clean, bright space that really looks like it belongs next to big brother, Indigo.

They have moved the bar closer towards the entrance making room in the back for five/six lounge tables - it now is truly a lounge with low, comfortable seating and plenty of space between tables. They have also enclosed the front portico that makes for a nice sit out area without having to experience the unsufferable heat as is at most times of the year.

The upstairs dining area has not changed much except for a lovely private dining room towards the rear of the building. This area, perfect for a party of ten, has a great ambiance. It has been enclosed with clear glass panes that provide a spectacular view of the trees outside that are lit up with spotlights.

Oh! by the way, the food has not changed much! It has retained the wonderful flavour and taste that Busaba has always been well loved for. A nice addition to the menu is a French steak, courtesy of the new head chef who hails from that country. The service is spectacular as usual!

All in all, a great change - Indigo's dingy little cousin is making its neighbour proud!