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Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  


28 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Busaba Reviews







Ok Food but Poor Service

I went to Busaba, Lower Parel for lunch & had their lunch buffet. The restaurant has a good spread in terms in number of starters & main courses but is surprisingly disappointing on the desert spread. Also if you're going with the aim if tasting their famous south East Asian cuisine you might get disappointed. There are none if the special items in the menu., but having said that the food is on the whole delicious. I liked raw mango & papaya dish, tofu tikkas, etc. non veg spread was sad considering there was only a prawn toast ( soaked in oil ), Thai curry & chicken satay ( excessive shredded chicken )

Downside of the restaraunt is maybe a grumpy head waiter, who is really slow in service is, non veg spread & the noodles, tasted like over boiled plain maggi noodles tossed with vegetables.

Overall ok experience but if you ask me was I impressed, not likely. Will I return ? Not likely Global fusion has a better spread at the same price


November 8, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Thank you for your review of Busaba, lower parel.We have informed the kitchen and service staff about the inconvenience caused to you. Do give us another chance to welcome you back at Busaba.







Busaba is that super expensive restaurant which you occasion once in a blue moon. Although the Korean and Vietnamese spread it offers is delectable it could definitely do better with being reasonable priced considering the quantity. The only time I have specially enjoyed this place is when they were celebrating the Free drinks festival


November 8, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Hi Juilee,
Thank you for your review. We will soon be coming up with lots of food and drink festivals. Do log on to for more information.


Seat-down delight

Busaba’s corporate lunch for 600 bucks is the best thing to have happened to mankind, after chocolate of course. For a fan of Burmese and Thai food, it’s heaven! The momos, the yellow and green Thai gravies, the Khao Suey, everything. There is nothing you shouldn’t try on this changing menu. So be sure to go here every week of the day to get a taste of everything Southeast Asian!


August 12, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Thank you for sharing your view on our Busa unlimited lunch and recommending it to others. Thank you again and we do look forward to welcoming you once again at Busaba.

Among the Best Pan Asian Restaurants

My experiences with Busaba are a summation of 3 visits - 2 Dinners and 1 Lunch Buffet


1. Food Quality - What distinguishes a good restaurant from others is the taste and textures of food (quality) served. In this respect my experiences all the 3 times have been very good. The taste of all their dishes is greatly enhanced along with their 3 sauces. Some of dishes I have tried include:
a) Starters - Tibetian Momos (Excellent)
b) Starters - Potato Toastees (Excellent) -- Not mentioned in their menu
c) Salads - Som Tam (Very Good)
d) Salads - Korean Kimche (Very Good)
e) Main Course - Kaukswe (Excellent)
f) Main Course - Cambodian Curry (Excellent)
g) Main Course - Vietnamese Sizzling Vegetables (Excellent)

2. Menu Choice - Most Asian restaurants serve Thai food as their main staple of Asian dishes but Busaba has a good mix of several Asian dishes from various countries in South East Asia. The choice for Vegetarians too is quite large.

3. Service - One of the best we have seen in Mumbai. The waiters are knowledgeable about the dishes and provide good recommendations. The service too is prompt and waiters personally serve the dishes and take care of replenishments without intrusively hovering over your head all the time

4. Ambience - Both the Colaba and Lower Parel restaurants have an excellent ambience to suit all. Soft music plays at all times and is quite soothing. At Lower Parel restaurant there is an alcove on the Mezzanine floor with just 3 tables wherein one can have a romantic dinner but the general seating too is large enough to seat several people. The Bar in both places too is exclusive from the dining area, thus allowing the guests to enjoy their drinks and then proceed on to dining. Rest rooms too are clean

5. Food Quantity - The dishes have large portions and should be filing for most diners


1. Price (Expensive) - It is an expensive fine dining restaurant - no doubts about it. Though the lunch buffet spread they offer at 600/- inclusive of taxes is quite reasonable. The buffet spread changes from day to day as well

The excellent quality and choice of vegetarian Asian cuisines and super service have impressed me but being so expensive had me thinking whether to give it an overall rating of 4/5. I relented though since pricing is always a choice of customers. Will surely be visiting the restaurant again to try out the other dishes we haven't been able to try till date.


August 12, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Hi Anuraag,
Thank you for sharing such a detailed review. We are glad that you have enjoyed your meal and experience at Busaba. Thank you again and we do look forward to welcoming you once again at Busaba.



its just an amazing place to hang out with friends....the karaoke night was just at its best....
the food,ambiance & the feel its damn good....


May 6, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Thank you for the review. Our karaoke night was a success cos of you all. We are planning on the next karaoke night soon. Shall keep you all updated on our Facebook page. If you need more information on Busaba events, please email us on
Thank you again and we do look forward to welcoming you once again at Busaba.



The Busaba set lunch had been on my mind for a very long time and we finally went there a few days ago.

LOCATION- The place is hard to find.Located in mathuradas compound and once you go inside also there is no board or sign as to where to go ,after asking 3 people we reached busaba which is opposite blue frog.

AMBIANCE- the ambiance is pretty and feels cozy but i think the walls could do with a little painting

FOOD-We ordered the busaba set lunch which comes with a few appetizers and a main course of noodles ,rice,thai curry and chicken.There is a dessert served at the end of the meal.

STAFF- Is friendly but have absolutely no clue about what they are serving or about preparations or even generally anything.

- Put up a sign board right at the entrance of the mill compound.
- Have a well informed staff who know what they are serving and have a little knowledge about cuisine
-Have better options for vegetarians other than spinach and tofu
-The place tends to look very lonely as we were the only people there for lunch that day ,the strategy ,advertising should be better to attract a few more customers
-They can perhaps have some boards or pictures also which explain what sort of cuisines are available and from which part of the world it comes .
-Serve some mocktail or juice along with the set lunch

Overall its worth trying the set lunch but the restaurant has potential to do much better.


April 9, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. We have taken into account all the points shared by you and informed the management with respect to the advertising and the menu


Tuesday lunch - lime and lemony flavor day

This is my third promised trip to Busaba for their lunch. On paper (menu), the dishes look stellar. Promise much, but under-deliver.

Looking back, it feels like the flavor theme for the day was lime, lemony, and tangy. A bit too much of it. It's so lemon-themed, a pregnant woman with cravings would be satisfied.

Prawn tempura rolls - I've had much, much better, but they weren't bad for a hungry guy who wanted some food in asap. The tempura ought to be crispy. Here it had gone soft. Only the single element in the maki roll. You want more substance in that roll. Maybe some asparagus and cucumber to add bulk and dimension.
Chicken satay - Again, reasonable. The peanut sauce has something missing. It's a bit flat. One of the last skewers I got had the chewiest chicken hunk I had eaten in quite some time. Tenderiser, anyone?
Green papaya, raw mango sushi rolls - Ordinary
Salt and pepper tofu - It was too greasy for me, but I liked what I had. Would I order this a la carte? No.

Gado gado (veg) - OK. Not as good as the chicken gado gado from the Wed menu.
Sweet corn salad - I could make that at home. Seriously lemony
Sauteed chicken (on rice) in black bean sauce - Undersalted, no flavor that remained with me. Ho-hum sums it about right
Stir fried spinach and sesame tofu - Didn't see any spinach and the tofu was a bad rubbery texture tofu...the kind I hate. They gave me a small portion. Didn't have the heart to ask for more.
Thai steamed fish, lime, chili, garlic - They should call it the Seriously Lemony Fish. Seems like they added lime concentrate. After a bland stream of foods, the first pieces of this steamed rawas tasted really good what with the strong simple flavors. By the time I asked them for a second serving, I was beginning to regret my decision. The lime was overpowering. Is that how it's supposed to be? Did the chef taste it before sending it out?

Staples - the rice is super dry. The noodles are a lot better.
Dessert - guess what? Lemon tart. Simple stuff. I wouldn't get it a la carte. Fo sho.

All in all, I think, Busaba keeps most of its better dishes for the a la carte menu.
For the set lunch, visit the place on a Wednesday and focus on the prawn momos, goi cuon, and kaukswe. The first two were a revelation!


April 9, 2013response from management at Busaba:

Thank you for a detailed review. Shall inform the staff accordingly about this. And a big thank you for recommending our Busa Unlimited.


Thursday set lunch

I'm committed to trying at least three of Busaba's set lunches. It's excellent value for money and lot of different taste profiles. Tried Wed and Thur. Currently, Wed is the winner.
No, they aren't feeding me for free for writing reviews!

I did the Thursday set lunch today. Overall, a step down from the dishes on their Wed menu.
In order of preference -
Good stuff:
Salt and pepper prawns -- Busaba seems to get their prawn dishes right. Loved their prawn momos during the last visit and the salt and pepper prawns rock too. Plump, juicy, and flavorful. I could eat a large plateful of these with beer on a Friday night.
Sesame toast -- one of the veg appetizers was pretty good too. Fried, potato filled, and crusted with toasted sesame. What's not to like?
Sizzling fish (basa in a coconut milk, tamarind curry) -- it's batter fried basa with a unique taste profile. I think the beautifully flaky fish gets overcooked in the batter fry process. I'd have preferred a basic pan fry in the gravy. Fantastic? No. Interesting and good? Yes, definitely. Worth a shot.

Comme ci comme ca:
Tibetan chicken momos -- OK but no match for their prawn momos, which are outlandish good!
The gaeng kari (yellow curry), japchae (korean potato glass noodles), and gado gado (stir fried veggies with peanut sauce) were OK. Gado gado being the better of the three thanks to the peanut sauce.

tofu rolls/sushi -- they were out of asparagus so they used tofu. I wouldn't pay any money to buy this dish a la carte.
Cambodian curry -- taste profile didn't work for me at all. It was different...something new...but not something I liked. Not something I'd want to try again.

Service - It's noticeable how they don't ask you if you'd like more servings of any dish, especially their yummy starters (like momos, prawns), and there's a slightly uncomfortable silence when you ask for more. Gotta change that.



Delicious. Must visit.

First - This is 4 stars (more like 3.5) and not 5 stars because 5 stars are reserved for a restaurant that will take my breath away (maybe a Michelin star place when I can afford one) or a simple homely food place that has old comfort food value for me (i.e. I've been visiting it for 15+ yrs).
Two - I have open-minded taste buds, and I speak their mind

I'd been planning to visit Busaba for a very long time now but somehow plans never worked out. Today, a friend agreed to accompany me and we set about finding the place. Not very easy to find unless you go around asking for Blue Frog and Busaba is damn bang opp BF.

The place was almost empty when we went in (wed just past noon). Kitty party with pretentious 'high society' women at a center table. Prattled on but minimum nuisance value.

We asked for the set lunch and got asked 'veg or non-veg'. Non veg, of course (though they let us have either when the servers came in to serve so the Q seems a bit futile)

20 mins wait and no food. My friend was beginning to get irritated. He'd been 'kinda hungry' for an hr. Finally, they got the first two appetizers out - salt n pepper chicken and gui cuon (vietnamese cold spring rolls). The chicken was good - tender, flavored but too greasy for my taste.
What whacked the ball out the ballpark for me was the cold spring rolls. I tossed one in my mouth with a small dip in the sweet/sour sauce and expected little. What kills your mouth with joy is the coolness (there, I killed the surprise for you!). Not tooth pain evoking ice water coldness or 'the @#!$ gave me cold food''s subtler. The flavors of lemongrass, some mint (?), cilantro jump in. The carrot, daicon, green papaya (?) are thinly julienned and utterly enjoyable. I ate 10 of these (small sized) suckers over the course of the meal and had a stupid smile after every attempt.

Next up - thai glass noodles (ordinary), mushroom laab (very ordinary), and prawn tibetan momos (another hit over the fence!).
The momos have a very thin translucent skin so they never get too sticky or doughy in your mouth. They appear enough to hold the contents together, melt in your mouth and disappear. The filling is stellar. The prawn is very soft and tasty. Many flavors play in and all are immensely enjoyable. 10-12 of those (small suckers).

By now, me and my friend had our eyes spinning with the attack of flavors, and our taste buds were less willing to be surprised. A filling stomach also reduces the intensity of taste appreciation.

Main course - They brought the kaukswe in. It's very good. Supposed to be the best in town but my taste buds disagreed. They prefer the kaukswe on the buffet menu at Fifty-Five East (Grand Hyatt) and Miniwok (Pune).
The kaukswe here has a primarily turmeric single tone taste and is 'thin' (though not watery). The 'other' kaukswe had a dual tone - turmeric and peanut - flavor and was thicker. Won it for me.
That said, this version is perfectly reasonable and satisfying. Proof's in the pudding - I had two portions.
After the first round of kaukswe, I had a tiny portion of rice and some of the penang curry chicken (just so I could write a fair, complete review). It was very good (my friend said it was the best Thai type curry he ever had and brought red curry ahead of his favored yellow you know it was more than reasonable) but my taste buds were exhausted.

Dessert (Pavlova (meringue) and (chocolate) mousse were on offer. I asked for the mousse, half-heartedly, and left it half eaten (a small portion). My friend finished it (his and half of mine).

Service - The servers aren't very knowledgable. You can't have a conversation with them about the stuff they are serving but they were honest, and helpful and got me what I needed. Initially, the service was very slow. A weekday set lunch customer isn't expecting a 20 min wait before the first bit of food shows up.

Ambiance - Easy going. Not too fancy. Not too down market. Bright.

Let me put it this way - at Rs 600 (+ tip), the meal isn't cheap but it's excellent value for money. Excellent. Good job, Chef Chib, in a town where expensive lousy restaurants abound you have created something to be proud of.


Disappointing !

Had gone to Busaba for lunch! The ambiance wasn't impressive. We ordered a mocktail which tasted like medicine! Though the waiter was kind enough to change it, the second one wasn't that good either.
The thai curry was awful.
The glass noodles were okay but cold! The lemon tart wasn't good either!

Overall, a bad experience and a waste of 1500 bucks! Not worth it!


Non-existent home delivery!

Its says they do home delivery... but seems they try to make it as difficult as possible! Tried to get a delivery from Lower Parel to Worli, which is not that far. On more than one occasion told they were short-staffed, so thought I would try another occasion. Then told minimum spend Rs2000. Or I was asked to pay for a taxi or phone Meals on Wheels..! not what you would expect if they did actually offer home delivery service.... In short don't bother trying


Lovely ambience... good cocktails

Had reserved a table for two at the lounge seating on level 1. Ask the server for recommendations and he surely wouldn't disappoint except with the bangkok bomb which i thought was more of a mocktail...
For appetizers, we ordered tempura prawns which was heavenly and the chicken in banana leaves...
Did not have main course as i had to move to Irish House.
But will surely be back...



Overpriced for what they serve

Went to Busaba for the first time last evening for dinner, and liked the ambiance. Great weekend dinner place,with a nice bar area,good lounge music and a good crowd. I knew this place was expensive,but was not impressed with the food. It is over priced. And the main course, which I would assume comes with rice/ noodles on the side, were served without that. A small bowl of plain steamed rice touches Rs 200/-... my beef dish seemed similar to what one would eat at say a Five Spice. Not a knocker of a place, no.


Nothing different

May be I expected too much out of Busaba because I did not really find anything special about it. I was also a bit surprised to find it almost empty on a Sunday night. They have an extensive menu with lots of vegetarian and non vegetarian options. What I like is that they have stuck to traditional oriental cuisine and not allowed paneer and cream to enter the vegetarian menu.
We ordered a few starters and liked some but some (like the satay) were too sweet. They were being stingy with the alcohol in the cocktails. The main course we tried was the Burmese kaukswe and for some reason they only gave us one dish with the condiments even though we ordered four kaukswes. Imagine a table of 9 people and one plate of condiments. Only after we asked for another one did they bring it out

I have had better oriental food elsewhere so I'm not a fan.



Delicious food...

My friend and I were planning to go for brunch and ended up looking for a good place for lunch.. we decided to go to blue frog and thought we will try busaba.. the reason was the buffet being available at Rs 600... however they dont have this option available during weekends :( still we decided to go for it and the experience was awesome.. I loved the food here.. it was nicely cooked and the service was good :-))



Great lunch buffet

For a flat Rs. 600+tax, their lunch buffet is fantastic. Best choice of dishes from their menu and eat to your hearts content. Can get really busy on Fridays and Saturdays, so you may want to book ahead. Great option to take visitors especially if they haven't had Burmese/Thai food before.


sahil_mit - Burrp User


12 Reviews

December 12,2011


Delicious dinner

I went with a large group of friends for drinks and dinner. We were given a big table in a corner. We had a lot of privacy but excellent service. Very attentive waiters and every dish was good. Loved the lighting too! The only downside was the music. Its so loud that we couldn't hear ourselves talk. The music in busaba, colaba is much kinder to dinner conversation.


Good Times

I can't speak about the authenticity in taste of the cuisine, but I can say that we tried almost everything vegetarian on the menu as we were a group of 7 and I must say that everything was tasty, service was excellent and we had a fantastic time.



After having a rocking time at their Colaba Busaba,
I decided to check out the Busaba Lower parel with a few friends of my expat friends..
Amazing Music just like their Colaba Place.
And a great Value for Money, as we got served one of the east Alcohols and a few of the finest Wines...And the food was Mashaallaaa!!!
A great place and a very down to earth guy Nikhil Chib.
Keep up the good work..
This is a place one has to be if in Lower parel..
Exactly opposite to Blue Frog....But i would prefer going to Busaba then Blue Frog..


Anon2000 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 26,2011


Priave Party Clash - Disgraceful

A few weeks ago I booked this place for four of us having dinner on a Friday night. I rang two days in advance, confirmed the date, day, and time and gave them my phone number. When we arrived on the Friday night they had a private party on, so obviously we couldn't be accommodated. I was so angry, and spoke to a 'manager' who just looked at me blankly and didn't offer any explanation nor apologies.

Surely, my name and number would have appeared in their reservation book, and have clashed with their private party! I just can't believe they did this, and would never go back. Also they have never bothered to contact me afterwards to offer an explanation or apologies. Disgraceful.



Kind of ok.

Food was OK...not great..

Service was very good



Excellent experience

The ambiance is very cool and decent. The food is amazing. We tried veg Kaukswe, as recommended, and must say it was just outstanding. Even the service being Sunday was worth appreciating. Overall a lovely experience and had a nice time.

Looking forward to my next visit and want to try more veg. dishes :)



great experience

just been to this begin with we ordered 3 moctalis which were just about ok,
veg momos for starters which were outstanding and a thai papaya salad which was remarkably out of the world... huge portion must say.. the main course included a veg khowsuey which was outstanding..and finally we had a cointrou souffle which was soft and freshly baked but unfortunately had no taste of the cointrou...the service was excellent...the steward helped us to order correctly and waitresses were attentive and prompt..had a good time and will definitely go again to try more dishes...


Valentine Magic

We were at Busaba for a Valentine's day dinner last night. Made reservations in the morning for 7.45pm. When we arrived, only a couple of tables were occupied. We were led to a table for two. I asked if we could move to a bigger table, and they agreed immediately - full marks for courtesy.

We started by ordering martinis and Tibetean momos. I spotted the Valentine's Day menu a while after placing the order, and checked whether I could order the rest of our meal from that, and again, they obliged. So apart from the martinis, our food was from the V Day menu.

The martinis were amazing - my spicy dirty martini (350) had just the right amount of kick, and was garnished with yummy olives. The green apple martini was suitably fruity, with delicately sliced granny apples.

Interestingly, we picked almost the exact same dishes that the reviewer below mentioned! :) Tibetean momos & popcorn shrimp as starters - both were yummy. I loved the sauces with the momo.

We didn't have soup, as we wanted to save space for mains and dessert. The Burmese kaukswe was also very - with all the different condiments to spice it up. The thai steamed fish in a lemony sauce was yum too - although my husband found to too far out for his taste. We were really stuffed by then - but there was still dessert to be had.

I quite liked the strawberry meringue - it was really different, while the chocolate mousse was the average mousse you can have anywhere...

The Sula sparkling wine was okayish... after the superb martinis. The meal+sparkling wine along with 2 martinis was INR 3k.

It was a lovely, lazy 3 hour dinner.

If there was one crib, it would be the lighting. It was a little too dim to read the menu, and I had to ask for another candle. While I agree, dim lighting is romantic - the tables right at the back are in practical darkness.

Still, Busaba my new favorite in this side of town. Thanks for the awesome experience guys :)


valentine's day, spent well!

we landed in busaba because blue frog was closed. we had no reservations, yet a usher somehow managed to get us a nice place. i shall admit they have very warm, welcoming staff, good bar aria, nice choice of drinks.
as we were out for valentine's diner we chose there valentine special menu. they gave us choice of 5 appetizers from which we chose Tibetan momos(chicken) and popcorn shrimps, there starters were incredible! along with that they served us a bottle of sparkling wine as the valentine's day offer. i immensely enjoyed momos, ( i am going back for them :) shrimps were amazing too!
for soups they offered us tom yam chicken soup and Indonesian laska (vegetarian), as me and my partner are hard core non vegetarians we were left with no choice but to order tom yam soup. the soup was clearly disappointing for me, the lemon-grass was soo overpowering that it almost killed all other components.
then we ordered for kauskwe chicken curry and noodles pla neung manao. my food was served late. when it finely arrived we were served kauskwe first and then the fish dish (pla neung manao) the guy who was taking order politely asked us if we will prefer a fish in side plate and as we agreed to that i expected that they will serve it on the side plate.first, the guy who was serving actually spilled some hot noodles on my hand while serving kauskwe! second, he had no clue about the agreement and he served the fish above kauskwe! individually fish and kauskwe were an amazing dishes, but together they tasted really weird! i was surprised by the confidence he served it without even asking us for approval! clearly i was not impressed with the forced amalgamation of flavors.
then we ordered for deserts, and it took awful amount of time to arrive. we asked for Strawberry pavlova and chocolate mousse, we waited, we waited , we smoked, we finished sparkling wine, then the manager came and told us that the mousse was not available and therefor they will serve us some baked chocolate option, we agreed. then after a long wait we finally got our deserts, the lava cake like baked chocolate was awesome! absolute finger licking! but the pavlova was nowhere near to what i expected! it was absolutely dried out ,crunchy as cookie. yet the flavors were balanced and therefore my partner liked it.
i should admit, in spite of some mishaps the experience was good, the place offered quiet diner with candle light and light music, perfect ambiance for valentine's diner! all in all i enjoyed my evening. thanks Mr. Chib for a memorable evening :) and i am hoping to be served better next time i visit. (i reluctantly deduct one star for service)


kannanashar - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 10,2011


Busaba, means 'flower' in Thai.

Being a foodie and a hard core fan of Thai food, my lovely friends decided to take me to Busaba for my birthday dinner. I was not told where I will be taken. While entering Todi Mills, I thought we would be heading to Blue Frog but to my surprise we ended up in Busaba.

At first, I was quite shocked to see that Zenzi Mills was gone and replaced by Busaba but as you enter inside this place, you get a lovely warm and welcoming feel.

We started off with some scrumptious vegetarian and non- vegetarian starters. For the vegetarian we ordered the Tom Yum Soup, Rice Pancakes with Veggies inside and for the non vegetarian we ordered the Chicken Satay, and Pork Momos. The starters impressed us quite a bit I must say!

But what didn't catch my fancy was the overall ambiance of the restaurant. While walking up the stairway, you have a decent amount of light on your face, and once you reach the actual restaurant, it goes completely dim and very difficult to read the menu at times.

Being a well traveled person, I found the menu quite extensive with cuisines from all across Asia, but what struck me was that as always we never get a single authentic restaurant in the city that focuses on one unique cuisine type. That is slowly changing, but I have always seen that to be on the safer side, restaurateurs keep a variety of dishes to keep everyone happy, which in Mumbai works wonders for them.

For the main course, we ordered the Burmese Khowswey in vegetarian and non vegetarian, Thai Green Curry (Vegetarian), Thai Yellow Curry( Non-Vegetarian), Pork Ribs in BBQ sauce, Stir Fried Veggies and one serving of steamed Rice. In terms of authenticity, most of the dishes we ordered receive a 4 out of 5 from me! From the lovely aromas of Lemongrass and Galangal coming from the Tom Yum soup to the just right amount of Basil in the Yellow & Green Curry, we were delightfully content with our meal.

Just when we were about to call for the cheque, we received the amazing complimentary dessert. The chocolate mousse was utterly delicious and perfect to end our meal with! A special thanks to the Manager, Mr Uday for servicing us so kindly.

Overall, a big thank you to my lovely friends and a thumbs up to Busaba and its wonderful management.

Cheers :)


Chic and cool

Thank God Zensi is out and Busa is in! Todi Mills had slowly lost its charm with Blue Frog being the only joint there. Loved the cozy loungy setting with mouth-watering pad thai and saty tofu! The bar is not completely functional as its still quite new but the wines/hard liquor is all in place. The complimentary desserts we got served were delicious, especially the lemon cheesecake!

Just one word of caution - there is NO valet still so dont even think of venturing in a self-driven car!



Great Food and Excellent Service

Friends of ours managed to get a table for our group for Busaba's opening night. Have only heard rave reviews about their Colaba location - so had high expectations about this place. They did not disappoint.

Long menu includes variety of pan-asian cuisine from Burma, Korea, Thailand, Tibet & Malaysia. Our group ordered Momos, banh xeo - both excellent, and some veg sushi looking thing that I didn’t try. For main course, curries had the right amount of flavor, and though the pad thai could have been better - am only saying that because by that time my palette was just expecting nothing but pure bliss. Since we went on the opening night, dessert was complimentary.

The place has a good vibe, and their service was just about perfect. Expect to try them again as they are strategically placed right across Blue Frog entrance.