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By The Way

Grant RoadSouth Mumbai  

  • 02223803532, 02223808005
  • 30-31, Seva Sadan Society, Pandita Ramabai Road, Next To Gamdevi Police Station, Gamdevi, Grant Road,Mumbai
  • Parsi
  • Meal for 2 - 400

15 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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By The Way Reviews






Kem cho bawaji :)

A pretty neat & clean place right next to the Grant Road Police Station run by an all women staff serving very homely Parsi, Conti & Quick bites

Went there for my craving of authentic bawa food and must say, I wasn't disappointed (but can do better). Ordered the Vegetable Dhanshak with Kebab and Chicken Salli with pav. Good quantity and filling.

Dhanshak was amazing & true Parsi flavours coming out, kebabs a little tough to chew but overall tasted well with the brown rice.

Chicken salli (on the sweeter side), have tasted better ones. But no complaints. Would visit soon for their Conti fare which has rave reviews.

Perfect value for money!






Parsi and conti and there best ...

I dont remember how many meals i have head here ... but i just cant get enough pf this place ... i still remember i was just loofing around with a friend when i found this place ... and boy am i glad i stepped in ... it serves amazing parsi food and conti food .. there cheese lasagna is to dies for ... u can also request them to make in white sauce which makes it better ... and dont forget u dont have to feel guilty of spending ur money here ... because all proceeds from the restaurant go to the sneh sadan foundation ... but that apart the place has awesome food and one of the few places in south Mumbai with a high ceiling i just love tht about it ...


Ambiance adds to the flavour of this place

One would walk into this place not expecting anything. It's barely crowded and makes you think that why aren't there any people. The furniture is plain, the place is clean, it's quite minimalistic... everything you know. There are some frames hung around in the place that seem to be for sale and some paper products. So you think to yourself, hmm.. what's all this about.

First, this place is run by women who are deprived in the society. The NGO that runs this place work for women upliftment. Needless to say, most the food is cooked by such women. Eating there would be contributing to a good cause.

But that's not what this site is about.. lets talk about the food.

Being a veg, my reviews are strictly restricted to the veg items although I have heard my non veg colleagues rave about fish there. My experience, the dhansak is amazing. It's spicy and full of flavour. The masala omelette is exactly how you expect it to be. The punjabi food is quite wholesome.

After eating the food, you have eaten home food, only tastier.

The service could be bad since they are a bit short staffed, just depends on when you go there.

the restaurant is a place I go to frequently... especially for the dhansak.

Overall : 7/10


For good food, please take this way.....

The eating section inside although not so large, still been decorated tastefully with appropriate use of glass and warm hued colours. It exudes coziness without being overtly stylish or up market. There are not many tables around and most of them are for group sitting but none for couples or singles (sigh!).

We immediately got a table near the door and despite being lunch hour, we were thankfully didn’t get disturbed by too much of door traffic. The menu comprises of one single sheet – printed clearly and with limited options. No fuss around for elaborate menus or complicated food dishes (good!).

We ordered for Salli Chicken, Chapatis, Kheema-pav and Caramel Custard.

First to come was the neatly prepared and well presented Salli Chicken – Chicken curry + tiny bowl of Sallis (fried thin potato straws).The first bite and we were in heaven. Mind you that this is not a typical chicken curry. It’s semi-gravy and due to use of Apricot, it tends to be more on sweeter side. Nonetheless, the chicken was evenly cooked and curry was of a rightful consistency. This went well with our chapattis (with of course, second helpings!!).

Then to come was our much-awaited dish Kheema-pav. It was as we expected it to be – fragrant Kheema with two buttery pavs.Well, the Kheema for once was not at all sweet. Actually, after the much sweeter and thinner chicken curry; this was another jolt for our food senses. Heavy on spice especially garam masala and rich in texture. Neither too sweet nor overpoweringly spicy, it made a perfect accompaniment with the buttered pavs.

With very little space in our tummy, finally we agreed to share the dessert. So, we asked for the famed (must-have) Caramel Custard. Oh, since they had only one in stock (last of the batch it seems); we had to grab it.What came was a sorry state of custard. Instead of usual thick and sweetened brown mass, it was more like watery yellow mess.Even, being a hardcore fan of Caramel Custard I could not approve of this one. Thank god, we didn’t ask for two!!

I’ll go back for sure, but like most people who were frequenting them – just for a quick grub or take away.

Please check this link for detailed review:


Great Sunday

I had missed my morning flight to Ahmedabad and went to my Aunty's at Chowpatty..
And then we went here for Lunch..
Had the best Stuffed Parathas,Chicken and Lasagna...
I recommend this place as it is attached to the cause of Empowering Women & above all the Food is just fresh and great!



A beautiful Saturday lunch

My wife and I were looking for a new Parsi food place. We've both been struck by the salli-boti bug. While initially we made plans to go to Britannia, I 'burped' some info and we ended up going to By The Way instead. Best food-decision ever!

Had some difficulty finding the place because it didn't have a name-plate outside (apparently because they have recently renovated). My first impression when I entered honestly was mild disappointment. Here I was expecting old-world Parsi charm, with antique furniture and long-stemmed, slow rotating ceiling fans, and this place looked like a hip coffee shop. However, I'd read too many good reviews about the food at this place to turn back now.

The place was almost deserted - just 2 single chair occupants. Can't remember the last time we had such a quiet meal. Our 3.5 year old son too was surprisingly well behaved and calm - which doesn't happen too often. Since I smoke, I stepped into the space behind the restaurant for a quick one, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant's back entrance directly opened into the Seva Sadan school ground.

Got back and unanimously decided to go for the set-bhonu that included sali boti (chicken), patrani machi (pomfret), mutton cutlets, dhansak (mutton), browned rice, 2 chapatis and 1 Lagan nu custard. All this set us back INR 700. But the food was beautifully prepared, authentic and the portions could easily feed 3 hungry people.

Sali Boti - 5/5. Perfectly cooked chicken in the onion based gravy was my favourite. We ordered some extra sali (mostly for our son) and they charged us a little extra for that - INR 20.
Machi - 5/5. Huge portions of pomfret steamed in banana leaf. Once again - yum!
Mutton Cutlets - 4/5 More like (for want of a better word) balls. Very light and delicious.
Dhansak - 3/5 - My least favourite dish - but still quite good. The mutton was a little tough.
Custard - 4/5. Not too sweet, caramelised. We could barely finish it towards the end.

Would definitely recommend this place to lovers of Parsi food. The woman serving us was very polite and efficient. While I havent been to Jimmy Boy or Britannia, I have heard reviews that both places are overpriced. While BTW lacks the old-world Parsi charm, their food doesn't.

A great place for serious foodies.

PS - Thank you Burrp. Wouldn't have found this place without you guys.



By The Way

finally visited this place my friends once raved about. It totally lived up to my expectations! :D For the foodie that I am, I travelled from Matunga (W) to Gamdevi to pack food for home from this place. The ride was totally worth it. Packed some Mutton & Chicken Dhansak, Kheema Puff and Lagan Nu Custard! Rates are a bit on the higher side but honestly, I don't mind paying that much if the food is worth it .I was so full of awesomeness. Even though I was there for a take away, the lady managing over there was one superwoman! She was polite and even served me water!! so overall, two thumbs up from my side for By The Way! :)



Great Taste...Great Ambiance!!!

Nice place for authentic mutton dhansak ...clean place,friendly staff and decent portions!
Great place for a lazy sunday lunch date;)



Wow! What food

Food is amazing and price very reasonable. If you happen to pass by this side and want to have a peck, don't miss it. If you live in the suburbs but have ample time to travel and then want to hang around with friends then this is a must visit. This outlet is also for a cause - it is attached with women empowerment.
Went to this place on Christmas eve (our wedding anniversary) and we enjoyed the Fish Patrani (fish cooked in leaf), the sizzler, brown rice (is a caramel rice and not the hand pound one), fish curry and for desert we had apple pie, caramel custard and lagan nu custard. To top it all, there was a surprise Christmas gift for our daughter.


Worth a Lunch Visit

By the Way: the tale of this place begins in 2002(approx), but the genesis goes to 1908 with Shri Behramji Malabari and Divan Dayaram Gidumal. That year, the duo opened the Seva Sadan Society, a charitable trust for the emancipation of women and girls.

I assume this to be the reason why people are mostly friendly here. When I came here on a lunch-date with my BFF, I saw an old Aunty, I guess she is the manager here, showing over-hospitality to a Firang group. I said ‘typical’ at which me and my friend began our discussion on white skin fascination. It was after the group left, we were corrected. An elderly couple had come and all the waiters were occupied. So, she went there and to take the order! Well, eventually take the order as she first chatted for around 15 minutes with them first.

The food at this place is basic and better than it needs to be. The chef serves toothsome sandwiches, a fine brownie. He does great work with Parsi food.

The restaurant is a hit, if you work near Grant Road and want to catch a much needed lunch-break with your pals.

Unlike, most eating out joints you don’t feel bad about indulging in gluttony, after promising to self a healthy lifestyle. As here you are eating your way to a social cause.

I like this place, for it has an exclusive feel to it and aroma here makes me nostalgic for my maa’s rasoi. Overall it offers a pleasant dining experience without any loud music interfering with your conversation.

Even the crowd here is a visual relief from usual frat packers, men in distressed jeans aspiring to six-pack abs, women skating on the thin ice of tube-tops and hot pants and yapping into mobile phones.

The dining room soars of a European feel, with high ceiling and wooden table-chairs. Then, there is this corner where they put all the cute merchandise of the NGO guarded by two masks on the wall.

The bedlam of paintings on the wall is not there to evoke sympathy for the less fortunate but they genuinely contribute to the décor.

If that’s your glass of pinot, you can eat and drink herbal tea well enough, all the way through to an excellent dessert of sizzling brownie.

The staff is well trained and patient, versed in the menu. They don’t rub restaurant policy on your face when you request just two garlic bread in place of six or ask for butter to go with your parathas. They don’t even judge you, when you request to doggy-pack one-fourth of your left over paratha. What? I do have a dog and he is always hungry.


Good Food, Good Ambiance

The place is at Gamdevi. It is run by Seva Sadan Trust which works towards upliftment of underprivileged women. The food is good, the portions are neither too small not too much, just right, the food is reasonably priced and their service is prompt too.
Also it feels good that by eating here you are helping people. Nice Place , Must Visit.



What an AMAZING find!!!

I went to 'By The Way' last week for dinner. The inside of the restaurant is spacious and clean, and the waiters are very professional and quick. The food was served in a timely manner too. I ordered off their Parsi menu?they are one of the only restaurants in the area that serves Parsi food. I had Chicken Dhansakh Dal, which was served with a large bowl of brown rice and several vegetable kabobs. The portion was sizeable, more than enough for one person actually. For dessert I tried their lagan-nu custard which is as good as any that I?ve tried. My husband tried their new Chicken Stroganoff which came with some herb rice and said it was delicious. The prices are reasonable, with most entrees under 150 Rs. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone!



Great FOOD!!!!!!! Must try

I had the yummiest bhonu at 'By The Way' @ Grant Road Next to Gamdevi Police Station!

I am such a big fan of parsi food and it was a real treat to eat here. Besides the restaurant is run by an NGO and all its earnings are used to support the girls! Great great Food and its even better knowing that its cuisine for a cause. Still recovering from their lagan-nu-custard!

My friend had the Lasagne! It was yummy TOO! Great variety on the menu! Parsi, Continental, Indian! So your bound to find something you like!

A quiet nook in Bombay! Peacful.. and relaxed!


Pleasant lunch

A very close friend of mine invited me for lunch to this place. For a moment i wondered where this was because i had never heard of this place before, i was a pleasantly surprised to see this quiet and cozy place amidst the Mumbai chaos.

The fuscia coloured walls gives the decor a very simple and pleasant feel. Even though its not that large a space its well designed which gives it a very open feeling.

The food was delicious , especially the vegetarian biryani though i love non-veg. The food was out of the world. Everyone there enjoyed themselves and were well satisfied with the quantities. Though i should mention that the service is a little slow. Nevertheless its definitely worth spending a light relaxed afternoon.


Good food and good cause

This restaurant is run by the Seva Sadan Society, an institution which is dedicated to the empowerment of underprivileged girls and women in Mumbai.

The food consisting of some continental, parsi and Indian cuisine is simply delicious. Decor is good with comfortable seating and nice soft music in the background makes up for a peaceful environment.

My only grudge is their slow service though, they have improved a lot recently . So go there, relax, enjoy the amazing food and take no notice of the service.