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> > > Cafe Amigo

Cafe Amigo

Vasai West  

  • 02506065050, 02506055050, 08806444666, 09220786055
  • Shop No. 3,4 & 5, Shrine Plaza , Near Tamtalav, Next to Sagar Shet Petrol Pump, Vasai West, Thane
  • Seafood, Indian, Tandoori, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 500

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Cafe Amigo Reviews

swarajsb - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 05,2013







Imagine a place where you expect to get what you pay for but get not even half of the promised. This is one such place. Let me explain. A half non-veg platter costing Rs 200 has exactly 8 pieces of chicken in it but cooked in only 4 different variants. Despite this even a roadside Chinese stall will serve you food with better taste. And then they don't spare ripping you too. A chilled bottle of coca cola will cost you Rs 32 from a departmental store but here at Cafe Amigo you are set to loose nearly twice the amount (Rs 60) for exactly the same bottle. I still cannot understand what extra did they exactly charge you for? Because at 18 degree Celsius the AC behind you is throwing air thats warmer than your home ceiling fan, the service takes forever to reach you even though there are only a handfull of people enjoying the meal, the music plays records like Saturday Night and Macarena, the red colour draped furniture reminds you for a seedy eatery from a 1980s bollywood movie. I mean, if you leave out the generous parking space outside (though the restaurant does not own the parking lot), there is nothing worth liking about Cafe Amigo, especially when one considers the price one pays for the experience. Oh by the way the waiter wont ask you if you need a bottled water or regular, because he just assumes you will drink bottled water before thumping it on the table



my freind and myself entered the restaurant and went on the top floor ,
we were standing for like 20 minutes. for a table to be cleaned of the soiled plates and glasses , . but no one bother to clean it and let us sit for dinner .
we got fed-up and just left , we told the owner what is this .he told us that we are so busy , how can he run a restaurant like that if he is not going to attend to the customers,
i dont think i will recommend it to anyone .



Regular bar and restaurant

Nothing good or bad about this restaurant. The quality of food is average.